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  1. Yaayyyy! He tries to hide? And furthermore, fails to hide? #notmyrockson
  2. A visit to this magical place is now on my bucket list.
  3. What was that? I couldn't hear you over Marit Bjørgens awesomness! ETA:
  4. "Hey, I'm trying real hard, ok?" Boris' half a brain cell, probably.
  5. The whole idea that science, technology or productivity would grind to a halt without an underlying fear of "I can't lose this job!" is crazy to me. Most famous thinkers, inventors and scientists of history that I know of were independently wealthy, supported by patronage, or monks living on the church's dime*. Having one's needs covered doesn't seem to hinder curiosity or industry, and I would sooner argue the opposite. *Edit: Which isn't to say that fortunes weren't squandered and patronages taken away, but still. Nothing is perfect, including today's system.
  6. no, i am spartacus! traveller between worlds, your grammar is for shit!
  7. Now you're just milking it.
  8. Four episodes of everyone sniffing each other's butts before anything resembling plot progression kicks in, I bet. Still looking forward to this, though.
  9. Never! I choose death!
  10. This was "E.T. on Atari" bad. Thank you, good Llama!
  11. Wuuuuuuuuuuuutttttt...
  12. It's entirely possible that Viagra is red in Tairyland, so maybe?