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  1. Never! I choose death!
  2. This was "E.T. on Atari" bad. Thank you, good Llama!
  3. Wuuuuuuuuuuuutttttt...
  4. It's entirely possible that Viagra is red in Tairyland, so maybe?
  5. Where Dick takes the blue pill, and rises again!
  6. Using the "Block element" function with Adblock Plus worked for me.
  7. We can neither confirm nor deny that Operation Trickle Down is in effect.
  8. Madagascar, as always...
  9. I think there are loads of problems surrounding basic income, but everyone suddenly being grafted to the couch isn't one, IMO. Basic income would be basic, i.e. enough for medicals, modest housing and food, and not much else. Most, or at least many, aren't satisfied with that, and would still sacrifice some of their couch time for extra money. What you'll never be rid of is people with a burning passion for education/medicine/architecture/astrophysics. They can still become educators/medical practitioners/architects/astrophysicists. People who just want a little extra spending money would pick up some job that they don't really live for, but don't totally hate. And if they end up doing so, their lives won't fall off the rails waiting for something more suitable to arrive. Innovation and entrepreneurship wouldn't stagnate, I think. How much scientific advance comes from people being desperate for money, anyway? Besides, many great innovators keep on going long after they've made enough to be set for life. The main problem is human nature, and all the shitty things we do, to each other and ourselves.
  10. It is basically vodka infused with caraway. I don't know what that is, but it does not taste well with vodka.
  11. I see a lot of people describing similar problems here, so what do we do, and how far do we go? Caps on tuition fees/student housing prices, regulation against "predatory" banking luring people into debt, increase minimum wage, better job security for entry level, combat the idea that college/uni is essential, (I was recently looking into switching jobs, and I swear, you need a bachelor's degree to mop the floor at Burger King these days)... I had more examples when I was thinking about this yesterday, but now they've gone into hiding. Anyways, more people are working past retirement age, and automation is reducing the need for new hirings in many professions, with a lot more to come I think. Soon the only solution I see is either to create a shit-ton of makework-jobs to prevent mass unemployment, or go for a basic income thing, with the controversial redistribution of wealth that goes with it. For sure, young people have to become educated voters, as well as involving themselves in the political process (he said, hypocritically.)
  12. I've only tasted lutefisk once, 15 years ago, so forgive me if I'm hazy on the details, but what I remember most about it was its utter lack of flavor. There's a hint of the fish that it once was if you really look for it, but it tastes more like a damp rag that has been used to wipe fish leftovers from plates, then rinsed and wrung out. There's a mild, chemical aftertaste (like the smell of WD40, but not quite as strong) and the texture is that of slightly flaky jello. Often served with mustard on some lefse (a kind of potato-based tortilla), accompanied by aquavit, which is also disgusting. I've tasted both Vegemite and Marmite, neither impressed me much.
  13. And this is a grown man we're talking about here? I don't know whether to cringe or vomit.