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  1. The whole idea that science, technology or productivity would grind to a halt without an underlying fear of "I can't lose this job!" is crazy to me. Most famous thinkers, inventors and scientists of history that I know of were independently wealthy, supported by patronage, or monks living on the church's dime*. Having one's needs covered doesn't seem to hinder curiosity or industry, and I would sooner argue the opposite. *Edit: Which isn't to say that fortunes weren't squandered and patronages taken away, but still. Nothing is perfect, including today's system.
  2. no, i am spartacus! traveller between worlds, your grammar is for shit!
  3. Now you're just milking it.
  4. Four episodes of everyone sniffing each other's butts before anything resembling plot progression kicks in, I bet. Still looking forward to this, though.
  5. Commiedore in a few hours
  6. Never! I choose death!
  7. This was "E.T. on Atari" bad. Thank you, good Llama!
  8. Wuuuuuuuuuuuutttttt...
  9. It's entirely possible that Viagra is red in Tairyland, so maybe?
  10. Where Dick takes the blue pill, and rises again!
  11. Using the "Block element" function with Adblock Plus worked for me.
  12. We can neither confirm nor deny that Operation Trickle Down is in effect.
  13. Madagascar, as always...