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  1. Pretty sure Syrio knew Arya was a girl and just taunting her along with one of the lessons he was teaching her was to see things for what they were without preconception.
  2. Jon or Arya are basically the only choices.
  3. Nothing was wasted her P.O.V is informative to what's going on in her location but that's about it.
  4. Eddard Stark believes in doing the right thing he's gotten into trouble doing the right thing multiple times from Jon to Rebeling to not killing Daenerys. He's not the kind of person to punish someone for breaking the law to help save him and his people from death by starvation.
  5. Eh, most Nobility in the situation Stannis was in would of rewarded Davos a lot more without punishing him. They may not of lifted him up but they wouldn't of cut his fingers off at the knuckles for saving an entire castle from death.
  6. Tyrion also raped her.
  7. Don't waste castles.
  8. I'm kinda curious where Arya is going to top out as she gets depicted as short a lot, but she was just tiny because of age and not stature in the books. Hell I don't think she's depicted as short once she hits Braavos for her age. Pretty sure Sansa in the books isn't going to be a slight women either.
  9. Robb and Jon along with all of Eddards children are still growing if their alive. Robb never got to reach his full height.
  10. Nope it's possible if the Head of House says your out your out.
  11. Her marriage to House Lannister.
  12. If there are three great factions of Braavos it's the IB,Sea Lord and the HoBW. I don't think the IB has a direct hand in Arya being at the House or even if their aware she's there. But if anything get's the House involved it's most likely going to be the Others at which point they might put Arya forward to reach out in some manner.
  13. Think you nailed it on the head with this post. Not much to add beyond if she will have the backing and connections of the House of B&W when she sets out.
  14. They do not reward you for Heroic acts with mutilation in the North.
  15. I don't think he'd do well in the North but like was said he'd do better with Brothers like Eddard and Benjen. Stannis chopping off parts of Davos after he saves him and his entire castle is basically why I don't think he'd do well with the North. Stannis is so inside the box thinking that's he's outside of it.