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  1. Ok, I bought two Supporting memberships to lock in the current price. This is an excellent option, and thank you for offering it. Two major conventions so close together, both in time and place, really have helped me decide on when to make our one visit from the States to see the various GoT locations in NI. I've got two years to save enough for the trip...
  2. The Red Wedding The Purple Wedding The Green De-Sept-tion
  3. I've viewed it as Ned's choosing to take 'credit' for killing Dayne, and not mentioning Reed's act, as an attempt to shield Reed from being seen as dishonorable. So Ned made sure that part of the story was never explicitly told, and then felt guilt at making himself seem a better fighter than the greatest fighter that ever lived.
  4. "How would Davos know what happened to Shireen?" He searched around Castle Black, and everyone just kept saying "You're getting warmer..."
  5. anon76returns, on 08 Jun 2015 - 02:13 AM, said: Cmon kids, let's play Count The Harpies! About 60 or so in the ring, an undetermined number still in the stands. Based on the arc, the ones in the stands were later throwing spears at the dragon.. which makes an active brain wonder why they didn't just throw those spears at a clearly-visible Dany..
  6. Right, if they got *to* the ships southerly via The Gift, then returning *from* the ships the same way was obviously an option.
  7. If only the visible area were affected, then lopping off an arm would cure the disease. But it was said in the books that a person who sacrificed a limb would often end up with nothing left to chop off, and then die anyway.
  8. 2/10. Brutally bad. Every scene had holes and broken logic.. and the last scene in the pit sparked outright laughter. Jorah, please be sure to manhandle the person you're sworn to protect, so that there is every chance of passing on that fatal disease you have. Harpies.. only one attack at a time, please! No reason to use your numbers to overwhelm a smaller force. And if you're going to throw your spears.. remember, at the dragon only! Under no circumstances shall you throw them at the one person you're trying to kill.
  9. 10/10. Spectacular. This may be the best that TV gets.
  10. Could be a temporary antidote.. which locks him into helping the Sand Snakes escape. For either business or pleasure, at some point his heart is going to speed up again...
  11. 9 of 10. It was great to see a well-choreographed fight again, and Ser Friendstone looked every bit the pit-fighting champion I expect him to be.. without even killing anyone. I adored the part where he took out the swirling ball-and-chain guy by tossing a sword at his face. Kinda hard to keep the rhythm while flinching, apparently. Sam can take a punch, but he really should have tossed the sword to Gilly. Yes, the Dorne scenes are useless. The acting is bad, no characterization, there's no way those plans could have worked out, and every other reason why the Dornish plotline has been a shambles.. but Lord of Light, Tyene has a sweet rack. Unless Doran has something useful to say to everyone, they may be the one thing.. er, two things.. that justify the Sand Snakes inclusion. Reek is Reek. There is no one named Theon here. If your plans depend on a brainwashed Greyjoy, you're going to have a bad time. Hi, Cersei.. may we introduce you to your new friend (and cellmate), Karma? I know you've probably never met.. the world of GRRM doesn't normally include "What goes around, comes around". But in your case, we've made an exception. One smirk too many, I'm afraid. I hope those "satisfactory conditions" work out for you and that dress. If you need anything.. like a punch to the face, or some hair pulled out.. just ring for the Septa.
  12. 4. Arya +4, Tyrion/Jorah +2, Loras 0, Sansa/Winterfell +2.. and the Dorne scene was worth a series-low MINUS 4.
  13. It was pretty apparent what was going to happen when Jon sent for his sword.
  14. No, we heard all three questions. 1. I'm promised to the prince. When will we marry? 2. But I will be queen? 3. Will the king and I have children? It would be kind of funny if, after seasons of avoiding flashbacks, they end up needing to show this one twice.
  15. 6/10. It felt more like an episode 10 "clean-up the plot after all the excitement", which I suppose makes sense because of the way the last season ended without one. Lil Cersei asked three questions. I'm promised to the prince. When will we marry? But I will be queen? Will the king and I have children?