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  1. What do people think of this most lovely religion?
  2. Who here runs? Do you run often? If so how has running helped you or made you feel good? Has it done neither of those things?
  3. Do they? I sort of regret being vaccinated and am trying to undo the damage by eating right and exercising.
  4. I would like to just do a quick survey of what everyone's favorite brand of stapler is? What stapler has the best grip/feel to it, and what do you believe helps get the job done in the best way? I myslef prefer Swingline. I adore the red version and the nice grip/feel. Favorite staplers?
  5. Betwen Tywin, Stannis and Randyll Tarly, who would you prefer to have as your father? None of them are easy to be around, and none Id particlarly want. Id have to prefer Stannis, since although he is grim, he seems the least cruel and viscious of the three. Tywin would be no fun, but Randyll seems like too much of an anti-iltellectual thug to be tolerated. Any thoughts?
  6. I am pleased to see this. I have waited so long, but it finally has been created! A brand new Starfox Cartoon series! Fun for the whole family!!!
  7. What will happen to Ellaria Sand, the paramour of Oberyn? We know that she killed Mycella with her "kiss of death" but Doran does not know that. Still though I believe he will suspect. Will she be executed? will she have a role to play?
  8. Thanks so much guys! There really is so much to see and do! County Donegal seems very interesting, but I think I would need a car to effectivly see and get around it (I will be carless!) I definitly will see the Giant's Causeway, but is Belfast worth an extended visit? I hear it is mostly an old, industrial city,similar to Liverpool England, or Detroit/Cleaveland. Ill definitly do Galway/Western Ireland, Dingle and Cork.
  9. I will be going to Ireland this summer to see a friend who lives in Dublin. I know there many majestic and fantastical sights in Ireland apart from Dublin. Do any of you have any idea of what those might be, or have any prior experience to go off of?
  10. This is an interesting article that reflects a story in Ireland : Apparently in Ireland schools can still discriminate against children who have not been baptised. Many people would critcize this, but at the same time, does Ireland have the right to defend it's unique Catholic cultural heritage from "non-believers?" Should Ireland be allowed to do this? Is it right? Your thoughts?
  11. HighGarden! The view and accomodations are superb :)!
  12. Do you guys sort of think it was a missed opprotunity that Taena and Cersei did not remain an "item?" Cersei seemed happy with that romantic relationship. Do you think the two of them had a future, and it was a "shame" they didn't "get back together?"
  13. She has to be practical/reasonable at some level. First, her father Selwyn declared for Renly. Second, she honestly likes Renly better than Stannis and loves him. She has nothing to gain from declaring for Stannis and everything to lose. She definitly got very self-righteous/full of herself in the show when she stated that Renly was "murdered" by his older brother ( can one murder another if they are in open rebellion against you?) but I don't think she was bad for doing what she did, nor even for failing to support/swear fealty to her "rightful" king, Joffrey. She is one of the few characters whose film version really grates on me compared to their book version (Ramsay is the other big one!)
  14. Then again there is Tyrion. I know he served as "hand of the king" but even during that period, and definitly for most of the series he has functioned as his "own man." Even when he was in his family's good graces, he seemed somewhat alone, almost like an independent operator of his own world. I like Tyrion and love his show portrayal, but he is no hero. He is certainly grey with definite tinges of blackness.
  15. Is there anything "grey" or ambiguous about Brienne of Tarth, from a moral perspective? She really seems like one of the most "moral" characters in the series, possibly ahead of even Jon Snow and Davos Seaworth. While both Jon and Davos are good people (more or less) Brienne's cause seems more unambiguously good, unpolitical than either of the above two. Brienne's cause (finding Arya and Sansa) isn't really political and few people can suffer from her pursuit of what she believes is right (except for Sansa/Arya.. if she ever found them. Heh.) In a world of grey characters, Brienne of Tarth stands out as unusually white. Is there any grey.. or even black to her? I do fear she may die soon. She will never locate Sansa and Arya.. and does she fill an essential role in the story?