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  1. I started that chain. It was supposed to be the ParaOlympics, but ended up with my favourite drawing of GRRM.
  2. Sorry once a princess always a princess. And she was a princess at the beginning. this rule is proved that Diana remained a Princess even after she divorced Charlie. Or as my not fellow brexitiers would say. You lost, Get over it.
  3. Yay the Ice Queen wins
  4. and now its my turn *undo BB* Elsa 25 + Mulan 2 -
  5. I'm on nightshift, so I doubt your gonna outlast me
  6. you gonna be up in 2 hours? I am. score with BB vote Elsa 24 Mulan 3
  7. heal Elsa Hurt Mulan Elsa 25 + Mulan 2 -
  8. Hurt Mulan Elsa 25 Mulan 2 -
  9. Mulan 3 - - Elsa 25 +
  10. heal elsa, hurt mulan
  11. Heal Elsa Hurt Mulan
  12. heal Elsa, Hurt Mulan Mulan - 8 - Elsa - 25 +
  13. Heal Elsa Hurt Mulan
  14. Well they did tackle the saved by a non-consensual kiss thing (almost) with Frozen. But hey at least Anna liked the guy who kissed her, even if it didn't work, cos True loves kiss is not a kiss from someone you barely know, let alone someone you have never met who just thinks your petty. Heal Elsa, Hurt Mulan Mulan - 11 - Elsa - 25 +
  15. Maybe if they had locked Hitler in a tower and his only social interaction involved people climbing his moustache. He would never have been a gassed solider in ww1,who then felt a bit peeved with the surrender. It could of changed everything. Or he may just of tried to exterminate Gillette's