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  1. sent.
  2. If the names are not bolded how do I know who to Probe/not Probe?
  3. the only people who refer to each other as moon of my life and Sun and Stars are Dany and Drogo. And I'm sure that was never said during their wedding (although it won't take much to check). I think its 99% likely to not be in the books or show. Also this really belongs in General (ASOIaF) not General Chatter (Gen Chat is for non-book or show stuff) Welcome to the board.
  4. Gah I thought the deadline was today not yesteray. Sorry Pic sent now.
  5. If it came down to a choice of Rees-Mogg or Boris as PM I think I would prefer Rees-Mogg. Although this is not something I've actually thought about before and really really don't want to happen.
  6. I can play, just sent you a sentence I can play, just sent you a sentence. @TitanCat you up for this now?
  7. I know we kinda have a thing about Coach Calamities, but I think we should try to give that one a miss.
  8. I'm at work now so don't have the box in front of me. I don't remember reading the word Tar flavored. The Lady in the Airport shop was very worried that I might be buying something I would find disgusting and urged me and Wolfgang (and presumably any non-Finish looking person) not to buy them unless we had already tasted these kind of confectionery. She was greatly relieved and laughed when I said "Oh they are not for me, I have a friend who buys weird stuff for people" Wolfgang actually likes the stuff, but did claim the small packet he bought was a years supply.
  9. Not all orcs are Scottish. Oh and we (your coach tour hosts) apologized for the blatant anti orc sentiment that came from the front of the bus and the effects of King Aragon's economic policy on the orc race two years ago. We vowed to learn and mend our ways. Last year in an effort to mend race relations one of us even sat at the very back to be with all the orcs and show solidarity. This year we would like to apologize for the Biological Agent that may have been accidentally released. and for all the Orc and non Orc casualties. We wish to assure you that your hosts strongly condone any form of Biological warfare, and to dispel any unfounded rumours that the resultant plague was not part of an anti Orc or Orc sympathizer plan.
  10. You are right, I was remembering a slightly earlier reply (your was rather unique) Don't know how I missed not sending you the payment confirmation by me. - I've done that now.
  11. I sent you e-mail confirmation of your coach tour and you replied to it, so yeah I know you have that. If you mean confirmation of your TitanCon Membership - well there was transitional issues as Phil Stepped down. We are not able to send a 2nd confirmation E-mail after you buy your membership only the automated receipt. We have changed the wording of the Auto-email to reflect this - but that did take some time. However every member should have received an E-mail from TitanCon today. (mine was hidden in my promotions folder) I have also checked you are member number 62.
  12. You have the 15th spot on the coach. Guess you are forgetting that you paid me money...... Oh I have some Finish Fish for you. Allegedly they are bit of an acquired taste so thats something a bit weird for you. On the subject of Coach Tours. Someone has dropped out this morning meaning there is a spare spot and I currently have no0-one in the reserve list to fill it.
  13. for those who missed not having an official worldcon BWB t-shirt this year, I offer you your chance to obtain a TitanCon 3 eyed raven, T-shirt, Hoodie or tote bag in a range of colours. Ok so its not a Woldcon 75 BWB one, but it is the very next best thing. to suit Sorry for the late notice but orders close on Thursday 30th August. All you need to do is place your order and find someone going to the convention who is prepared to post your goodies to you. I am willing to post some. I have limited suitcase space and won't be posting from belfast, so exactly how many depends on what is ordered (hoodies take more space) But you need to ask me.
  14. We could do a Goat song phone in?
  15. I arrive Thursday at 14:15 International and leave on Monday evening. There is even a nasty rumour going round that we will have pre-made badges this year