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  1. lots of awesome pics. and a great big thankyou to Horse for running this game. Oh I assume you are not coming to my party tomorrow? you did say you would get back to me. This is an open invite to all Pictionary players, but I think everyone else (apart from Cat who is allready going) and Helena who always blows me out live too far.
  2. as I said I have done this drawing, and now since the game is finished, I thought I'd post it all for you.
  3. my matches.
  4. I wonder if we are gonna get the reveal today?
  5. If they broke the rules and with the Russian involved, does that mean we can have another vote on this? maybe? Ok I know the answer, but I can pretend to have hope right?
  6. Done.
  7. you are only allowed to probe people once your pic/sentence has been submitted. and only until that persons pic has been done. and now mine is done and submitted.
  8. sorry guys I'm gonna be late with this one. Will try to get it done by lunchtime tomorrow.
  9. I do have this a a drawing, but needs to only be published after the game to avoid ingame spoilers.
  10. Bumping again. Its only 1 hour till the deadline and only 2 names are Bolded. *puts probes on charge*
  11. Bump. Can't believe I'm still the only one who has submitted a drawing this round.
  12. @rocksniffer, you only get to probe those who are currently late. not those who where late in a previous round. those be the rules. exceptions can be made for people who ask to be probed.
  13. Gah Sorry, things got really bussy and needed my attention that I pushed this back.] I have it half done, but won't be able to finish till I'm home from work. you will have it by 5pm promise.
  14. Please don't use the word "retarded" when discussing the validity of any argument. You are misusing it at best, and being rather insulting.
  15. I think it says bare arms. I support everyone's right to go sleeveless! I do hope I'm blocked. Its a cool club to be in.