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  1. Thanks for organising this. I think you can probably work out my E-mail.
  2. I remember you Blue. I still have Ser Fuzzy thing. I miss Bones, he was a friend of mine. And I'm finding it incredibly hard to find the words, Its really strange how someone you have never met in person can have such a personal and meaningful impact on you. He was one of the best of us and the world is a little darker and much sadder place without him. Bucky the towels where his speciality, I just desperately needed one.
  3. I have just read the newson FB. Bones was one of the first friends I made here. I never met him in person, but I always wanted too. now I never will. He will always have a place in my heart and the world is a little darker without him. I feel for him so much, its strange how someone who I only chatted with online can effect me so. I was honoured to know you and to be your friend. Love and peace.
  4. how are you going to grantee that both clocks are exactly synchronized? If my understanding of space time is correct the faster they travel the less time has passed relative to a stationary or slower moving object. Which means that if you sync the clocks next to each other, then move one to the other side of the world they will no longer be exactly synced. and you can't sync them when they are apart due to not being able to see both at the same time.
  5. for another perspective. I left school at 16. I got an apprenticeship in engineering maintenance. when I was 20 I got my first real job. I have been able to move sideways, but not UP. I will never get a promotion or paid any more (apart from the general annual union negotiated wage increases) because I will always be the same grade, until the day I retire in about 10 years time. I do not have a degree. I do however get paid a good rate for my job, and I was paid an extremely good wage for a 20 year old all those years ago when I was still living at my Parents. If I ever loose my job to redundancy or change company I will be paid far far less. I am in fact trapped in the company I work for, and have no real way of changing jobs for anything more. I was given bad advice at school. I was told for what I wanted to do I should get an apprenticeship and work my way up from there. I should of done A levels and an engineering degree. I don't regret my choices as I would not of met my Husband and would not of had the life I do now. When I left school there was no Uni fees. I have had a very good life, the extra money earned when I was younger I put to good use and was able to buy a house young before prices got silly. But that is all rather besides the point.
  6. Yes I meant 12th of June
  7. Do we not play pictionary anymore? although to be honest I can't play for the next two weeks. But I do have an awesomely evil sentence ready. But I could play on the 12th May or host then if no-one else does. (I'm away the week before so won't be online to check anything.)
  8. So I guess if you could somehow pre-compress all the atoms and keep them permanently compressed, it might just be possible. Although this I would like to point out this is still not a signal that travels at FTL. the signal travels at the speed this magic rod moves its just in theory the whole rod moved simultaneously. without somehow fracturing into millions of pieces. I myself am not yet ready to write of FTL as impossible. just impossible with how we understand things today. and highly improbable. It is nice to dream though.
  9. I didn't realise it was an Windows XP attack. We still use XP in a few of our machines. we have tried very hard to get totally rid of them, but with a few we just can't. these have been locked down tight with Solidcore. or running in embedded mode and on a separate NPN network with no outside access. Basically the ones we have that the outside world could potentially see if you can get past the firewall, you can't write to the hard drive to anyway. and where we need to write to the hard drive they are on a separate part of the network. Also all of our data is backed up every night. and the backups go back months so we can get stuff back even if we do loose it on the local PC's. + the PC's are encrypted already. however I am not surprised it happened to the NHS. with all the cuts being made, updating IT is one of the last priorities. Especially when the IT department is only seen as needed when things go wrong and invisible the rest of the time. Also I'm better the general computer knowledge of the Non IT staff is probably not that good. People don't know not to open strange e-mails and attachments It only takes one person. The last thing anyone should do in my opinion is to pay the ransom. you have no idea what else they may do to your PC while removing the encryption. that to me looks like a very dangerous thing. I guess if you really really need the data and have no other way. but then you need to re-stage the PC afterwards. but really no body should run a PC without some kind of back up strategy since Hard drives fail and then you can loose everything anyway.
  10. I am somewhat unconvinced May would go for a softer Brexit with a large majority. Her actions have me more convinced she wants to go hard. I do understand she may be playing to her audience, and that as a remoaner I'm not it. However I will not be voting Tory in this election. If may would like to ignore the Euroskeptics of her party, then I will happily do my bit and not vote for one as my local MP. Not that there is any realistic chance John Baron will loose his seat. I just hope my postal vote turns up before I go on holiday. this is the first time I'm trying to vote by post. normally I vote in person. Can people who have voted by post confirm that its normal to also receive the electoral card? and when I can expect the voting form. I'm on holiday from the 4th June.
  11. You are much more easy going in person and let things slide a bit more without "lawyering" eg over analysing each and every word used. I used to think you where kinda scary until I met you in person. I understand you better now and your posts are no longer scary. Your also shorter than I expected. I mean my default expectation is for even those who claim to be short to tower way above me.
  12. But we can't have migration to the level needed, cos people don't want like that word. Also how are the Tories gonna try to keep their immigration target they are putting in their election manifesto if they seek out foreign nurses? Its got to be better to say, "Hey we tried to get them, but there were not enough British nurses available, Oh look that means we don't have to pay for them. oooh look over there it will be 5 years before we might have to answer for this, and we will be in the post bexit shit then anyway no-one will remember"
  13. Its understandable, just not good enough. Can't you just win the lottery or somethink?
  14. My MIL in the last general election voted UKIP because "Fararge is a smiley shit, he's one of us and not a smarmy Etonian." And she is very proud to of voted for this reason.
  15. What? well thats just not good enough. You not coming will be like Malt doing Karaoke without his Brother. Awesome.