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  1. As someone who was born in 1977 I can tell you I and no-one I know was killed or injured by the IRA. I can also say the same right now of Islamic Terrorism. However I personally felt far more threatened by the IRA and I felt it more likely that I might get blown up by the IRA during the time of the troubles than I do right now because of Islamic terrorism. I also felt that being Bombed by the IRA far more likely than being Nuked by Russia for that matter. I never visited Ireland, republic or Northern until several years after the good Friday agreement. This may be down to the fact that although most of the violence was happening in Northern Ireland, which meant I was mostly safe unless I just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time,, There were still regular bombing on mainland England. and far more bomb warnings. although the incidents may have been happening at approximatively the same frequency (I've no idea if this is correct) as Islamic Terrorism today in the Westeren world, those incidents are spread over a much greater percentage of the world, making my individual chances of being killed far less. Also although I don't personally know anyone who was killed or injured, I know several people who where caught up in the bomb warnings and evacuations and the chaos that caused. We where also far more likely to hear 3rd hand stories of other peoples experiences. For instance my cousin was almost shot by the IRA we think, lucky for him when he was stopped at a road block by masked gunman he was travelling in a car with his friend who had a strong Irish accent, and did the talking. So in short, It was always a fear in the background and something you where aware off but got on with things anyway. That fear went away after the peace process looked like it was actually working. and it didn't really come back certainly not as noticeably. I'm far more worried Brexit could lead to boarder controls back on the Irish boarder and that could trigger a new round of Troubles. than I personally worried about Islamic Terrorism.
  2. Its not really an option to just change the lock without also changing the locking mechanism (or you end up with it locking the exact same way) and in this circumstance that would mean changing the entire door and frame. and probably they windows either side as well. This is quiet standard in the uk, and with the key next to the lock in the pot grabbing the key and turning that really takes no longer than reaching up and sliding deadbolt at the top of the door then reaching down and sliding the other one. Our method is approved by the fire department, as we have a dedicated key kept right next to the door. And yes it could have been a real human intruder, although I think then they probably would have defeated the door lock somehow which would have meant I had an escape route and not needed a key. Also if they where the type to bash me, I'm such a slow runner even if I got out of the house unimpeded they would catch me easily. They would also I think normally be happy to let me go so they can make their own escape. Its really not as dangerous as you seem to feel, if you are aware and have planned for it.
  3. Due to past several incidents in my last address and my habit of charging out completely naked the board very strongly advised me to wear pj's. Our front door does not lock if you don't use a key. anyone can get in by just using the handle. Also I do shift work, which often means either husband or myself is in bed when the other comes home. leaving the key in the lock means they can't get in even with a key. We keep a key in the pot by the front door. You can't see the key from the outside so is not a target for thieves to try and fish the key out through the letterbox. It normally takes seconds to grab the key and unlock the door. If we are both in then we often leave a key in the lock. (we actually have 2 keys in that pot just in case we move one for some reason) Also a lot of PVC doors don't fully lock unless you use a key to double lock them. thieves can use a screw driver to pop the door out of the plastic frame. the security bolts top and bottom don't lock unless you turn a key. With our door they don't even need a screw driver.
  4. I too am glad it was just a Cat. I feel a bit stupid mind. but not as embarrassed as I would have been without the Pj's. But hey at least I would of had a lightsaber.
  5. Since I moved from my previous address I've had no crime related incidents of other excitement well until this morning. Hubby got up early and left me in Bed, He was going out to watch his friend race. He faffed around a bit as he loaded up the car, but once he'd left I went back to sleep. about an hour after (although I was not sure then what the time was) I was woken from my sleep by strange noises. some soft thunks as things where knocked or picked up and put down. I knew someone was in the house. In fact they where not just in the house they where just outside my bedroom door. I slunk down and hid between the bed and the window in the hope that if they do come in they would not see me. I waited here what felt like an hour but really could only have been a few mins, I could still here them, and then the door moved. I am now almost crapping myself. They where coming in, but they must of changed their minds cos the door only opened a fraction. then after a few mins I heard them in the next room. That was my chance, I grabbed an impromptu weapon and ran as fast as I could out of the room, down the stairs and to the front door. Fuck its still locked, as I fumble for the key I'm certain that they will be on to me any second. They must of heard me, but somehow I make it out of the house. My neighbour is outside, about to go shopping. but sees my panic and we go in her house and call the police. It wasn't long before the police arrive, and we think they are still in the house as we have not seen anyone leave. for some reason I'm certain its a they and not a singular individual. Well the Police go in my house and do manage to successfully apprehend the intruder. It was Elvis by neighbours furry cat. Yep, a sodding cat. After calming my nerves and actually taking in my surroundings, I was a silent thank you to the board for my nightwear. Then I wonder just how much use a plastic lightsaber really would have been if I had needed to use it in self defence.
  6. The Biggest problem Scotland will face if it is in the Schengen zone, is that at the moment open board with the rest of the UK. I'm assuming Scotland would like to keep that an open boarder as I assume its crossed a lot more often. But I guess what might happen there in a hypothetical future may end up being similar to what happens with the Northern Irish boarder.
  7. Daylight savings time sucks spring 2017!!!

    this thread always brings a smile to my face. Please Scott for the sake of all our sanity never do shift work. however as someone who's personal clock changes by 8 hours ever week, I'm just going to laugh at your 1 hour adjustment. You have it easy.
  8. I lost my cat....inside the apartment

    awesome. I suggest you put a cat bed in a dark corner of the kitchen and set up your camera in the kitchen then maybe also hang a small toy on a bit of string from a table or chair for Renly to bat.
  9. I lost my cat....inside the apartment

    You could try Meowing back? I dunno if it will work but it might encourage him to make more sounds. I would wait and listen in tonight till its about 9pm again. and see if he meows on his own first. then slowly and quietly, no sudden movements walk though the apartment and try to locate the room the meows are coming from. I would try to keep your distance as so not to freak him, but if you work out the approx area, you can then set food and water there, with your camera ect. I guess you could also try something like Feliway. also make sure you have several hiding places (you want the cat in) dotted around
  10. and I have now edited in the missing sentence.
  11. sorry for the delay in posting the final scores. 92 Horse of Kent 52 + 40 89 Helena 56 + 33 75 Bucky 42 + 33 69 Blackbear 39 + 30 62 TC 29 + 33 (-5 for lateness without notification) 29 Rocksniffer 29 (no sentence matching submitted) 11 Stunts 11 (no sentence matching submitted) So congratultions Horse of Kent. and double well done for getting top marks on the sentence matching.
  12. I could not work out what the C was for. but it sure looks like a letter to me. I'm normally more lenient, but I did start out this game saying I would strictly enforce the rules. mainly cos last time I got whinged at for not enforcing them. Ok that person happened not to play this game, but I did not know that when I wrote the rules.
  13. the green C below the message envelopes.
  14. right I think thats the formatting sorted. now you can let me know is there are any errors.
  15. Game 33 is Over. If you have not sent me your start/end sentence guesses Its too late you will not win points for it now. I still need to add up the last few scores and update. which may not happen until tomorrow. I hope you all had fun playing. enjoy these results. Prayers Poison and Money Singing birds and Chocked fathers Shelob and Frodo's cow Castro, Death and Money Harry Potter and the Hunger Games Kahl Drogo is Scottish Sun and beer int he tropics with the Pebbles Bonus chains Where did that hair come from? Bad behaviour will not be tollerated A bean farmer's eyebrows