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  1. I'd say most vehicles don't have cruise control, especially the lower value models. And I work in the car industry.
  2. well the video was a bit over the top to say the least. but it is a proven fact that slow drivers in the passing lanes does encourage undertaking. which in turn also increases the chance of accidents. But yes driving with a complete disregard to your safety and others is far more likely to cause an accident than someone driving slow in the wrong lane. What freaked me out the most when I was driving in Florida was the Left turns on multi lane roads. On this side of the pond our duel carriageways and mortorways all the junctions are on the same side of the road (left).
  3. Scot, You do know where I'm from? and what side of the road we drive on?
  4. Ok Scot, I drive in the left lane because and pass in the right or middle lanes because 1. Its how I was taught to drive. 2. Its whats stated in the highway code. 3. I am not a dick. I could go on, but I really don't think I need to.
  5. Pictionary game 32 Sign up thread.

    Bumping to get sign ups. and to say we have enough people now for a mini game if the worst happens. but we still have loads of room. Oh and there will be scoring this game. 10 points for 1st, 9for 2nd, 8 for 3rd ect. 0 points for 11th + + 3 points for every bonus description. + 5 points for every bonus drawing. -1 point for every rejected drawing. -3 for every rejected sentence due to sentences really being paragraphs. - 5 points for being late without giving advance notification. (penelty repeated every 12 hours until submission or sentence/drawing or replacement) You have been warned!
  6. Pictionary game 32 Sign up thread.

    congratulations Helena on being the first person to Send me a correctly titled PM without further promoting than that which is in this thread. (although I did make it bigger and put a kidnap threat, since people where not noticing.)
  7. Pictionary game 32 Sign up thread.

    It was an awesome picture with Mr Bunny ears.
  8. Pictionary game 32 Sign up thread.

    I start the way I mean to go on. I run a tight disciplined game. but I will give you a non-bolded name, since I know you are playing.
  9. Pictionary game 32 Sign up thread.

    Bolded names are only for those that have completed the current task. like sending me a PM with your start sentence.
  10. thats why things cross the line if it makes you blush for real. - pretend blushing is a lot easyier
  11. Pictionary game 32 Sign up thread. A big thank you to all the previous hosts and especially our wonderful Helena who hosted the last game in the distant past. Its been months since the last game ended. this is not acceptable. A new game will start mon 5th September at the latest. (provided we have 5 players) Would really be nice to make the magic 9 or heavens above 12) If you have time constraints please let me know ASAP. There is no theme, but if you are stuck for sentences I can provide suggestions. I'll post rules and stuff later, but really you all know them by now. draw and describe. please be aware, I will be strict on sentences. Its supposed to be a sentence not a paragraph. I will reject long rambling submissions that grammatically should be multi sentences. Try to keep pictures and sentences moderately clean and inoffensive. Making a flower pretend to blush is one thing, but a really blushing flower is often going too far. It would be nice if you can all try to complete your rounds promptly and early. Please be aware that if we are still playing at the end of September, there will be a break in play while your host has fun in Belfast. Bonus rounds are available for those that complete the current task. Current task. Sign up and submit starting sentences. (bolded names have completed the task) Please ensure all Sign up PM's are titled "Your Name - Pictionary" Failure to do so, may result in your PM being rejected and finding yourself kidnapped, Gagged, Tied to a chair and forced to endure my ex-aunts attempts at a musical career. On constant replay for 78 hours. and no, you don't get comfort breaks or a nappy or any food / water. 1 Emmit 2 Stonned Heart / Deistiel 3 Raisin(g) Bran 2 Greenseer 4 Lanny 5 Helena 6 Bucky (bonus chain 1) 7 BlackBear
  12. And I with TitatainCat and ManCat are away the end of September / beginning of October. (but only for a weekendish) there are still memberships available...... and coach tickets..... and I believe hotel rooms (although not many rooms left) It will be awesome. Come to Belfast.
  13. anyone up for a new game? its been a while........
  14. TitanCon 2016: Fri 30 Sept - Sun 2 Oct

    MG. Please check your Ttiancon Admin email. I sent you an important one yesterday, and I want to make sure you got it. I also sent you a not very important one last week. You don't need to reply to me. I'm passing the message along. also I'm not gonna be here for 3 weeks.
  15. Alton Sterling shooting.

    I take it that Nestor thinks you have a brain and can use it in a logical manor to evaluate the situation carefully, and will not be easily lead.