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  1. Well I don't want to speak for Wert, but I think he's not talking about the speed it will happen, just that he thinks TTIP is inevitable no matter if we remain or leave. however I will let Wert explain his analogy since we have both interpreted it a very different way.
  2. You quoted me. And I'm rather sure Wert did not say anything about the speed we would get a trade deal with the US.
  3. I never said we will get it faster by leaving. Only once we have left, if we want a trade deal with the US we will either have to accept whatever the EU and US decide as their deal, without any input from us (note that trade deal is not done yet so we will still have to wait a bit). or wait a long long time until after all the other trade deals the US is currently negotiating and planning on negotiating have finished, before its our turn to start talks. These are not scare remain scare stories. If we leave we have 3 options. 1. Say fuck it we don't need or want a trade deal with the US. 2. Want a trade deal quickly - accept whatever terms the EU/US deal when its finally signed. - Even then the US may not agree. 3. Wait our turn and live without a trade deal while we wait. option 2 gets us a trade deal a little after the EU/US deal is signed. Option 3 will be years later. I do not even know which of the three options I prefer if we remain. I suspect we will try option 1 then accept option 2.
  4. Well it could work in a way. I mean if we have to accept the same deal as the EU with no say in the EU deal. And at the moment we are the ones pushing the corporate court clause, If we left, then the rest of the EU might be more likely to be able to drop that clause. Thus the deal we are force to accept may be better than if we stayed in the EU and at the TTIP negotiation table. Let me be clear I don't advise voting to leave to avoid any part of TTIP, but it just might work, I might even win the lottery tonight. Chaircat, of course we will be at the back of the queue if we leave. we will be a tiny country, deals with us are not going to take priority. If we want a trade deal faster, we will have to accept the terms of a trade deal already in place by another trading partner of the US without room to negotiate beyond walking away. Thus being forced to accept the same deal as the EU accepts.... or waiting many many years to even start talks.
  5. Pictionary XXXI - Summer Days, Drifting Away!

    the amount of effort is often inversely proportional to the quality of the image. Edit. Helena honey, can I ask you to put the player list, outside the spoiler tags please dearest?
  6. Pictionary XXXI - Summer Days, Drifting Away!

    crayons? thats so 2 pictionary's ago.... don't mind me, you can "draw" using any meduim you chose. I'm jut taking the piss out of myself.
  7. Pictionary XXXI - Summer Days, Drifting Away!

    Nah you can only have one of those spots not both.
  8. Downwarn pointing Sleeping Sperm whales are kinda freaky in a good way. Its always great to find imported products you want, when living in remote places.
  9. This is a thread for all the small little things you find interesting or think members of this community need to know, but really are not worthy of a dedicated thread. We have one for Questions. Dear Board, I would just like you all to know that I have not had a sex change, nor was I in Manchester last night.
  10. Pictionary XXXI - Summer Days, Drifting Away!

    I'm so in. Lany I certain that promotion is yours.
  11. Do we have any conlangers in this forum?

    try the Dothraki forum
  12. Chernobyl - 30 years later

    I am far from an expert, but I think the gardens and Forrest ect needed a lot less material to cover them (in depth), since although contaminated they where not producing more radiation. My understanding is the reactors are still hot and still emitting radiation. hence would need a lot more material covering it. I also think concrete (and lead?) they have in the sarcophagus is far better and blocking radiation than the same amount of soil would be. As for it being cleaned up by 2070 I hope your right. I won't be holding my breath. I'm thinking it will be 1000's of years maybe even 100's ot 1000's before its what I'll call cleaned up. (or where you meaning they should have the new Arch built by then?
  13. Chernobyl - 30 years later

    Well I guess its the sheer scale that makes it problematic to bury. The exclusion zone is approximately the same size as Italy. But if your just talking about the reactors themselves. well they still are very big. This is a Picture of the of the Sarcophagus taken just a few years ago And this is taken from Pripyat I imagine if your gonna bury it then it needs to a really thick layer on top. maybe like a mile or so. Not only that you want to make sure rain water doesn't penetrate and start eroding your Mountain of soil/whatever. The Sarcophagus is how they have buried it so far. They just need a new bigger one.
  14. TTTNE CDLXIV - You can't take the sky from me

    just keep me supplied with chocolate and all will be well.
  15. TTTNE CDLXIV - You can't take the sky from me

    *remembers my solo rulership* I have trained you well.