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  1. wish I had a decent protest vote candidate. but with Tory, UKIP or Labour and nothing else for council, not sure any of them count as a protest. I did turn up though and spoiled boththe ballots. Tory will win the local seat easily, but we will have a very mixed council if the past is anything to go by. I've only not turned up to vote once before, and I was very ill that day.
  2. What fun, I get to vote today. We have received one leaflet from the Conservatives and thats it. I have not been able to find information on the others standing apart from their names and party. - I really feel like they don't deserve my vote. and I won't vote Tory. as for the crime commissioner. - well I hate the idea of an elected crime commissioner anyway. and yes no info at all. Really not sure I can be bothered today. If I do go I guess I'm spoiling both ballets.
  3. Cryonics, anybody interested?

    I can respect your views. But I personally won't agree with them. I've seen too many people suffer not to consider that preserving life no matter what the situation is, may not be the best way in all circumstances. I do think we have to be very careful with all the safeguards ect, but I do believe in the right to die. Thank you for explaining your viewpoint. I understand why you would be against freezing the not quiet dead yet.
  4. Cryonics, anybody interested?

    But would it be so wrong? What if your living with something with no hope for a cure now and extremely low quality of life? What about if your Terminally ill, but choose to be frozen before you die. Maybe you need to actually be alive when they freeze you to be able to revive you later? What about those with some form or dementure? maybe they would like to be frozen before the disease progresses too far, so they have a better chance of having a working brain if they are revived? - What if they can't repair the damage but can stop anymore occurring? I get this one is a much more grey area, 1) They would have to be competent enough to make an informed decision. 2) If they are able to make the decision then I guess the dementure is not yet so bad....
  5. TTTNE 463 - A Thread for Craziness

    Hi thread how is everyone doing? Bucky, I normally assume that its an auto-correct error cos your English is so good. but I also believe your one who likes to be corrected. In that note I'm putting on my Grammar Nazi hat Its Random Internet FIND of the Day. /gramma nartzee
  6. I've always had to take my Kindle out of my bag. - At least while flying from the UK. I have a padded pouch I keep my laptop in while traveling, the kindle fits in that. and both fit side by side in one of the boxes. While in the queue I take my belt off and stuff it in my bag. My jeans don't fall down without it (maybe they would if I ran and jumped about) Go through my pockets and put anything in them in my coat pockets. Any liquids are in the very top of my bag all ready to pull out. (laptop and liquids can all be removed in less than a second) I have a bum bag I only use when traveling. I keep my purse, phone, pen, boarding pass and passport in that. As I near the front of the queue, the coat if I'm wearing it comes off, I open the top of my bag and I Unclip my bum bag and sling it over my shoulder. Get almost to the boxes and roll my eyes at the disorganised sod in front of me and wait about 10 mins until he/she has moved on allowing me access to the boxes. Bagin first box (in the UK they don't allow anything not in a box).Laptop and kindle in the nextbox. Coat and bum bag and liquids in 3rd box. Passport and boarding pass in hand. done in less than a min. Flash my trainers at the staff. I've never been asked to remove my trainers since the time I traveled just after the shoe bomber incident. although that wouldn't hold me up for long either. then walk through the metal detector, set it off about half the time due to my bra. - I'm considering taking the bra off in the queue just to speed things up a bit. although it wouldn't help that much cos that dissorganised sod is now taking up all the exit conveyor with his boxes while he faffs around and sorts himself out. which blocks the exit from the xray machine stopping my stuff from coming out. Then the bastard just leaves his empty boxes in a row and won't stack them in. (I know the box return thing is supposed to automatically take the boxes, but its a bit slow and seems to get full and stop collecting boxes whenever I go through. Finaly my boxes start coming though. Grab my bag put on floor, stack empty box in box net to it. Laptop and kindle in bag - stack box, grab coat bum bad and liquids, stack box. walk away past the dissorganised sod. finish sorting my stuff out while walking through duty free corridor.
  7. TTTNE 463 - A Thread for Craziness

    Or see the "Chat you fools" thread pinned in Forum Games.
  8. TTTNE 463 - A Thread for Craziness

    Of course Obi is to more to blame than Shmi. In Phantom Anni is just rather annoying, but is a nice kid. He's only pouty and emo once left in Obi's care. Also if thats anything to go by, your Grandseed's are going to turn out alright*, but maybe you should have them neutered. *despite a worryingspate ofbulls eyeing wamp rats in beggars canyon and a tendency to dream of incest. + some whining and moping. Maybe just ensure any seeds you to breed are girls.
  9. TTTNE 463 - A Thread for Craziness

    Oh I know something thats worthy of a rumor, but I can't tell you guys. Sorry.
  10. TTTNE 463 - A Thread for Craziness

    Pebbles definitions of Argument = Involves 2 or more people. often involves shouting, name calling and and stating "your opinion / facts" in an obnoxious manor. Often talking/shouting over the over people. and refusing to listen / consider the other side. Debate = Involves 2 or more people / sides. An intense discussion of an idea. each side is give respect, and is listened to. The statements of each sides are fully considered. Often the debater do not necessarily agree with the opinion they have taken in the debate. But are debating in good faith to fully explore the issue. - think playing devils advocate. Discussion - Involves 2 or more peoplea friendly talk about something. The discussion could be between people all on the same side or different sides. Discussions mix well with beer and or neither are necessary. discussions can be about anything, and the dissucssee's can have a range of feelings on the matter, from intense passion to mah, I kinda feel Rant = Like an argument, but only one person / side is engaged in the rant. - often uses the work "fuck" at least once in every sentence. Statement = Like Rant, again using one one person / side. but more polite. probably doesn't use the word Fuck as frequently as a rant. The Statement maker is not looking for a response, and will often ignore one. Fight = :box: something Arguments can turn into if they involve too much and or get out of hand. The above definitions are Pebbles own opinions, and the examples given best fit in person events. Not online. they can be applied online. This post is a statement by Pebble. How these definition apply to what AB posted, well thats up to AB. He can use my defintions if he wants or his own.
  11. TTTNE 463 - A Thread for Craziness

    ok, I've just read there is unhappiness with our proposed spoiler policy. maybe we are being too harsh, We are just trying to er on the cautious side. I propose the following 1. We will fully abide by any rules Ran or the Mods post about the subject. This part is non-negotiable - I don't think that's happened yet. Until 1. happens, or where there is some leeway 2. All Season 6 posts must be spoiler tagged and clearly marked as Season 6 Thrones spoilers. This includes general feelings about episodes and events. - please pay it safe. 3. in depth episode discussion should be discouragedthread (to prevent accidents and slips). Go to the show forums or use a group PM. - I think its a great idea to set one up in advance. I think someone who is active and responsible (this person is able to ban people from the thread so they can't be re-added) should take the lead on this and create one. All members can add new people so if you want in on that group PM then you need to post clearly saying so. - You can set the notifications on that so you stop receiving any when someone posts there without effecting your normal PM notifications. 4. discussion of previous seasons should be kept to a minimum. specific Changes from the books (or stuff thats not yet happened) must be spoiler tagged and marked. Stuff that directly relates season 6 episodes also need to be in spoilers Hows that?
  12. TTTNE 463 - A Thread for Craziness

    1. NHAW - The Woods. 2. NHAW 3. Donald Trump. (How can you go bankrupt 4 times and still come back + everything else) 4. ok its not a Corgi but Hi thread, Hi spammers, sorry for being absent, life is just keeping me occupied and its very busy here are work even on night shift. I've only had time to read the first page of this thread. :hangs head: I do hope you are all well, much love and hugs to you all. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you. I feel like I have been neglecting my queenly duties, perhaps It was unwise of me to have run for the position. I will try to do better.
  13. Mazel tov Inigima!

  14. Maybe there is a limited supply of demons. Thus if a lady does summon a demon that attaches itself to her, then she just has to wait till some other person masturbates and the demon is summoned. This does raise the question, Can Sex demons pass on STD's? After all they are getting passed round from Vagina to Vagina probably without even passing though hell between summonings.
  15. So erm, When is the next game? Its been a while since this one ended. or are you all scared of my Plasticine creations?