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  1. hugs So sorry you have to deal with this shit. It sounds like you are better off without those friends. Could you not just post them a Cheque? If you write down the cheque number you can see it show up on your bank statement. and if your that worried take a photo of the cheque before posting so you have proof of who its made out too. I don't see how they can possibly sue your parents, unless they acted as guarantor for you. Your legally an adult now and legally a separate entity from your parents - although I do know nothing about Israeli law so could be wrong. Although if you do wait till you are back, then its probably best to just go round with the money and a receipt written out just needing signing for the $100 and some wording that this covers everything you owe and is the final settlement of any rent/ fees owed by you. Yes this means going round there and speaking to them, bring a friend to witness everything.
  2. So er BB you gonna start a new thread or what?
  3. make it a weekend, and I might be able to make it.
  4. well gee BB do you even need to ask? thats an AYE if you are unsure.
  5. Thanks everyone for a great game. So Helena, You still worried that I though you would appreciate the Chuck Tingle starting sentence, now you read it?
  6. I only allowed it cos it an obscure fictional language, and BB told me exactly what it said. Also I was certain Lany (the next and last person in the chain) would not understand or even try to work it out.
  7. well someone did miss the white part of the flag. Corrected again
  8. Only if someone else hosts one soon. You will be very welcome to join us.
  9. Game 32 The Big Reveal. First I want to thank all players for an enjoyable game and our wonderful replancements for stepping in when needed. You've all made me laugh so much. Chain 1 Hairdo's of Europe Chain 2 Writers block and the blank page of gushing words Chain 3 Just what animals are these? Chain 4 A Perfect Date Chain 5 - Religous Mice and Pizza Chain 6 - All grown up, now. Chain 7 - Harry Potter and the wirlwind hooker Chain 8 - A Bird in the hand equals depression Chain 9 - Rocksniffer enjoys Art Bonus Chain 1 - This is Not a Chuck Tingle Tingler.... yet. Warning NSFW Bonus Chain 2 - Dispicable Be Be Chain 3 - Rocksniffer ponders Philosifical Godzilla Bonus Chain 4 - Chistmas Politics or there is always a GRRM if only briefly Bonus Chain 5 - Freaky Zombie Post - psst Pebble don't live in the US! Bonus Chain 6 - World War Penguins
  10. Are you ready for a big reveal with pictures? There is a very special challenge for Bucky in one of the chains. Reveal coming up in a few mins.
  11. to answer one of your questions. No I never found out who sent it
  12. If I was truly evil I'd have mixed all sentences together and let you work out which are start sentences and which are end. besides you have hours to figure this out.
  13. Start Sentences Three church mice have a spirited discussion about cheeses. Lemurs colonised Madagascar by raft. Pebble is freaked out by something strange she gets in the post, and wonders who sent it. The FBI investigates the disappearance of multiple sheep around Mereen. After discovering her favourite another released his new book a few days earlier in the US, Pebble plots revenge by ensuing the Hamster on Donald Trump's head will be elected President. Lany is very sad to realize her baby is nearly a man now Jane thought Matt was dreamy until he picked his nose halfway through their first date. A suspiciously blank page. Harry Potter sneaks off to look up Cho Chang's holiday pictures on Facebook. After escaping the slaughterhouse five sheep plot revenge on humanity with the help of the penguins from Madagascar. True Buckeroo Pebbles kisses the sky and is heroically saved from a pack of Rabid Puppies after Chuck Tingles Raptor shares love.A bird in the hand is probably shitting (or pooping, if you prefer) on you. Evil genius Blackbear's plot to destroy the New York stock exchange is accidentally foiled by incompetent North Korean Minions. Alison, Helena, Cosima, Sarah and Krystal meet Felix in a bar, much to the surprise of Tatiana Maslany who didn't realise Orphan Black was shooting today Godzilla is chasing butterfly's while the little dog is wonders why everyone is running in terror and screaming. End Sentences Some sheep see one of their number being slaughtered, so go to the Madagascar penguins and discuss getting rid of all the people and cities in the world, so a penguin on a wheelie chair hatches a plot for war. An Indian mouse and an American mouse argue in front of a church as to which country is better At 8pm, a couple in formal dress are about to enjoy a fine dinner, however by 8:10, the man has talked enough shit that the woman is highly annoyed. While Mistress Pebbles cheerfully disciplines Rocksniffer with whip and electric cattle prod, the geico from the geico commercials stealthily sneaks up behind her with a hypodermic needle with the apparent intent of drugging her and turning her into his bikini- wearing love toy. A South African Monkey, Bull and Cat are sailing from the giant chefs hat,towards the white twiglet, as all know this is the route to the Provisional Ural Government. Pebble (still in her Irish costume) hits Black Bear with a wrench just when he is about to blow up a city with the help of three minions. Rocksniffer counterfeits Dali's melting clocks like a pro, but when it come to miniatures, what he sees in his minds eye - a beautiful green-eyed Dany Targaryen - is, in reality, just a crudely drawn stick figure. Marge Simpson is sitting at her desk wondering what to write; she has written "I must write something" on many pages. Sniffer, after having consumed certain herbal products, thinks a 100m tall Godzilla is better than a 1m tall Godzilla who sparkles with butterflies. A mother once loved her baby boy, but now the mother can only think back to her days as a new mom while the teenage brat complains about money, car, booze, and canned cheese. Harry Potter has sex with a prostitute, loses his sock and sulks when he has to work in Father Christmas' present factory alongside dwarves. The pregnant lady in the purple dress is sad despite the bird singing on her arm. Pebble panics when an undead postman delivers her a sealed letter. The time has come for the Targaryen girl with the braided hair to break out her dragons and put a stop to the madness. Pebble is sitting on a flying carpet and crying thinking of having a happy Christmas with a blond suited king. The more observant among you will work out that this is more than 9 chains. I've included the bonus chain start end sentences in the mix.