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  1. Pictionary XIX - The one after the Spamsmoot

    psst    I'm teasing
  2. Pictionary XIX - The one after the Spamsmoot

    Of course its an Alt account.  after all the Real TitanCat's cute boyfriend wanted to replace Mr Pebble so I did not get lonely.   Therefore the real one not the fake alt account would have chosen a different board name.   Possibly the board name Mr Pebble joined up with (that maybe only Lany knows) since he er got banned from the board.   also         I also approve of this drawing, although RS has given hubby far too much hair.
  3. Pictionary XIX - The one after the Spamsmoot

    i could use the shock probes, but I fear that will not encourage our sniffer of rocks.   *removes all alcoholic beverages and plant based stimulants*     Get your pic in today or watch me poor the stuff down the drain.
  4. Breath.   Must keep smiling.   Must keep smiling.   Late pictures make it hard.  Must keep smiling.  Listen to the voices.   Breath,  Keep smiling, Plant spouting seeds inside the soon to be mutilated bodies of defifent players.     Must keep smiling.    If I keep smiling they will never suspect.
  5. Pictionary XIX - The one after the Spamsmoot

    You can Bold my name now dearest flower.   RS  - I do look forward to your drawing of my bonus round challange.  I shall be very dissapointed if it is safe for work.
  6. BWB London Meet up - Thurs 3 Dec

    I'd highly recommend a new thread, with the dates you are thinking of.
  7. Sunday of the New Martyrs: Soviet Persecution of Theists

      ok.   I personally consider blind faith as a form of madness.   - Blind faith is when you believe something so strongly despite physical evidence to the contry.  - eg young eathers, intelligent design.  Its also when there is no evidence for something and not being able to acknowledge the possibility of that something not existing.     I would combat this with education, and some ridicule if i'm honest. I have no problem with faith,    choosing to believe despite there being no evidence and understanding you could be wrong in your beliefs is what faith is.   Raising a child in a religious house is not child abuse on its own.   Raising a child in a hostile environment is child abuse.  Religion can (not always) create a hostile environment if the child does not conform to the demands or beliefs demanded.   I believe a caring religious house would put the physical and mental needs of a child before the demands of the parents beliefs.    I don't know what I would do to combat this though, since its a much more nusansed problem.  - People are entitled to their beliefs.   Raising children in a way that limits their education and influences so to create blind faith is not child abuse per say (as long as the beliefs fit with the child)  but its certainly very far from ok.   again minimum mandated education standards should be employed and exam's checks in home schooled children be made.     Scott my bible knowledge is very limited so please forgive me if I get a few things wrong here God told Abraham to sacrifice his son, because God was jealous and thought Abraham loved his son more than he loved God.   Ok yes God stopped Abraham from going through with it cos it was just a test, and Abe passed showing obedience.   This bible story has been told to me many times by people trying to tell me what a wonderful being God is, How much he loves us and we should all try to follow Abe's example and be obedient. Personally I would consider what Abe did as Child Abuse at the very minimum.   Attempted Murder possibly reduced to manslaughter due to diminished responsibility  - After all he did hear voices telling him to do it.    Yes this is an extreme example I am aware.  But I do kind of wonder what a modern day Christian would do if faced with Abe's choice.   - Questioning your sanity is a get out here - In Abe's position you are 100% without doubt God exists and tells you do it.     I actually thing you Scott would tell God to F off, knowing full well God could strike him down at any moment and burn him in hell for eternity for disobedience.  You would still believe in God (the 100% without doubt thing from before)  but I guess you would question weather God deserves your love and worship.   But then I am projecting my Non-believing views, I don't believe in Hell or Heaven so my choice is easy.   I like to think that if that story is true Abe failed the test God set him.
  8. Sunday of the New Martyrs: Soviet Persecution of Theists

    Your right, we can't know how many there where a few, a lot or hardly any. We do know there where some because of court records Karaddin linked a few up thread.   If I was to guess I'd say Atheists where a tiny minority.    But was the numbers so low because they couldn't freely talk about their beliefs so others never considered Atheism because they did not encounter it.    If this is so then there was an effective Atheist agenda that if nothing else suppressed the idea of Atheism.
  9. Sunday of the New Martyrs: Soviet Persecution of Theists

    I don't know enough about this time period to discuss it with any more than I think / guess. But I doubt all Neanderthal's where what I'd call 100% nomadic.  I believe (again I don't really know) that they had some caves or shelters that they would regularly use particularly over winter when they would rely on stored food.  thus they would spend a long period of time in one place.   but this is really derailing your thread, particularly when you've agreed that burring the dead does not have to indicate religious belief. As to how much Atheism in the past was suppressed.  You won't ever get exact numbers or even rough numbers.  there was a lot of pressure to be a christian (and to be the right kind of christian depending on the time)  Not being of the right faith left you more open to prosecution and charges of witchcraft / heresy.   I would guess you were also more likely to get on with day to day life in the community if it wasn't openly known you didn't go to church.  I think it possible you could have been shunned.   Is the reason there was so few open atheists because they where all afraid of coming out?  or where there in fact so few - possibly because those that did faced such prejudice  that they where unable to spread their idea's and contaminate the god fearing local community.   After all the church was power, one person not believing is not really a problem, but a few people can easily turn into many and that threatens the churches power. You will never get an answer to how many atheists there where, but I doubt you can deny that there wasn't an agenda against them.   the fact you can't put a value on the number to me suggests that the anti-atheist regime was rather successful.  
  10. Sunday of the New Martyrs: Soviet Persecution of Theists

    I'm not sure of this, but I think burying the dead may have happened more as a response to being setteled in one place, instead of being completely nomadic.    I'm not saying settled as always in the same location but in one location long enough in one spot that they won't be able to avoid the spot they dump uncle Ugg.   Even without an afterlife I'm sure they wouldn't want to watch the body of a loved one rotting or being devoured by scavangers.  What to do with the dead becomes an issue to be solved.   this may itself have helped the need for an afterlife to be real.  But I don't think its a diect response to understanding death.
  11. Sunday of the New Martyrs: Soviet Persecution of Theists

    Please don't make your viewpoint the only one thats correct.   There are many people out there including me who are very comfortable that death = we cease to exsist.  Many of us find it a great comfort.   to suggest that we are somehow lacking in our comprehension capabilities is rather insulting.   I don't fear being dead,  I do fear dying - that may hurt and I have a lot of reasons to live.   I have no doubt that a lot of people feel the need for there to be something else afterwards so invent an afterlife or find comfort in relligion as a crutch to cling to as a defensce againt non-exsistants.   One could argue if fear of death is your only reason you belive in God then perhaps it is your comprehension that is flawed. Before someone jumps on me,   I know there are a lot of reason people belive in God(s)  and afterlife ect.  and most of them have nothing to do with the fear of non-existance.  I am not saying your comprehension is flawed for beliving if it is for other reasons than fear of something.
  12. Pictionary XIX - The one after the Spamsmoot

    Helena TitanCat  Sent you a PM.   Bucky,    Count Dunckular is a british cartoon with lots of humour about a vegetiarian vampire duck,  his Nanny (staff not relative) and Igor the Buttler.   
  13. Pictionary XIX - The one after the Spamsmoot

    I've sent her a gentle FB prod.   Rock  for you  if you want an unoffically one    
  14. Sunday of the New Martyrs: Soviet Persecution of Theists

    Think it might be Corrie V Eastenders V couldn't care less   And I think I already know what side you are on.     or it might be  Single Malt V those Abomination's who would add mixers.
  15. Pictionary XIX - The one after the Spamsmoot

    well she is in Rome.   Or maybe she is back now?