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  1. I'm tempted to steal one or both of the dragonrider cat pictures for my avatar; although they're copyrighted and i wouldn't want a lawsuit. They're messy. Bother.
  2. Hmmm... he's taking orders from bran, but looks Targaryen-ish somehow. I'll say (F?)aegon. I'm sorry; mine is hard. I'm thinking of changing it.
  3. BOther. (My puns get worse and worse.)
  4. The pen really is mightier than the sword!:-)
  5. I sound chic. Next time I'll give the enormous cat feather and a beak.
  6. Ah, I don't know all the avatars yet, or don't remember them. I think using my avatar would be illegal, because it has letters, and nothing but letters. So I'd be invisible.
  7. Promise me, Ned, you'll bring up my child as a bastard and have him get low social status and develop an inferiority complex and incidentally cause dissension in your family because your wife thinks you're being a jerk by bringing him up at Winterfell and she gets hateful and wishes he had been pushed out a window and he joins the Night's Watch and tries to reform it so as not to be anti-Wildling and gets killed but comes to life again, so that your fat ugly lecher creep pal doesn't kill him.
  8. I've just gone and had fun looking at the pictures and sentences. I liked what people did with the conquering cat-hero. I don't necessarily know all the hieroglyphics; e.g., didn't know TitanCat is actually a bird. All to the good, though.
  9. Some things are not meant to end, but to endure for ever. Hey dudes, where's the happenin' hot spots in Meereen? (Or "the 'Reen", as cool people say.)
  10. These aren't the same Others, though; or at least, that's what they told me. "We're other Others," they said. Others wouldn't lie, would they? GRRM didn't say they did.
  11. PMN, you'll fill out the form properly this time; this is the 6th time I've sent it back for corrections!
  12. Errare humanum est; sed si realiter wantas res messatae up, usa computerum--Cicero.
  13. Darcy never struck me as the playful sort. How's my tie? Would Emilia Clarke like it?
  14. My next plan: to spread a scare about an invasion of Others, so everyone will hide in their cellars and be too frightened to post! Brilliant! There's no way THAT can fail.
  15. Squishers and whatnot? I haven't given it much thought. I do like ND, though. Am I .. who thinks Tyrion was being a little unfair when he accused his father of giving him less than nothing? He did try to give T various opportunities to do things, and Winterfell may not be CR, but it does after all control half a continent, and he invited him to secret councils, even if all decisions had been made beforehand. Not to mention being the reason Tyrion can keep bragging about how much money he has.So when allowance is made for the fact Tywin despised him, and yes there was that unfortunate Tysha incident (which I would admit is appalling) , but otherwise he didn't treat him THAT badly, did he? (Being a bit devil's advocate here, and I don't terribly like Tywin.)