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  1. Doesn't that entail an awful lot of cholesterol?
  2. I will use my cute powers to destroy you!
  3. Bother.
  4. PMN, you'll find someone really alluring and interesting to be his fake mother. Don't pick Cersei, whatever you do. Ugh.
  5. Back pay. Although I think mostly used of rent? I'm ... Secret Agent Gal!
  6. Does the name have a zo or a mo?
  7. Please buy all the stuff in the Google ads because I owe Hodor arrears on his salary.
  8. When I detonate my dragon-powered nuclear device, I'll be the only one left alive!
  9. And we're back to Ariane Martell. Or a sand snake, but I'll go w/ Ariane. Even in the books the SS aren't of the most brilliant, IMO and that.
  10. Margaery Tyrell.
  11. Jez Bell is always trying to find ways of cashing in on people's Targ/Dragon fantasies, to the point of offering to sell people the Iron Throne. She has workers dress up in dragon costumes and offers to "sell" them to random people. Occasionally this even works.
  12. Why do they call it a citadel, aqnyway?
  13. My face is too fetching for the entirety of it to be revealed to mortal soul.
  14. PMN, you'll read him THE SPIFFY BOOK OF WAY COOL THINGS TARGS HAVE DONE by I.M. Notbiassed.