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  1. Submit, or speaking of drivel I shall made Sand Snake dialogue go through your brains for eternity!
  2. It's understandable that the showrunners want to make Cersei a credible threat. Unfortunately, they don't really succeed at this, since the blowing up of the sept and with it an important part of the Reach nobility (including the head of House Tyrell) ought hardly to be easily laughed off by the rest of the Reach nobility, and even if the Tyrells are weaker than the Lannisters, that would hardly make them a walkover, surely (and it's hard to believe they're extinct). I fear it's a repeat of Ramsay, where (I assume) in order to make him a plausible threat they made him almost invincible until the Plot willed that he could be defeated. The Plot willeth and it happeneth.
  3. The womb, presumably. What would happen if it turned out that the Night King was next in line in the Targaryen succession?
  4. Bother. I must sue Fake University for their useless (and expensive!) hacking class.
  5. I gave it a 6. It might have been higher; but ... well, I guess different people crack for different things, and in my case it was the KL smallfolk cheering Euron. So they're on Cersei's side now? Weren't they throwing stuff at her and insulting her during the Walk of Shame, and rioting for Margaery during the same season? To say nothing of the revolt during season 2. I know the vulgus is mobile ("fickle crowd") and that of course they want to make Cersei a more or less credible obstacle; but this is a bit much. Cersei appears to be the Teflon Queen. I guess this'll continue until she suddenly falls. On the plus side (still talking about KL), we're rid of Dorne (and I actually found myself sorry for Fauxllaria and Tyene; weird). Show-Cersei is a more interesting villain than Ramsay, and vastly more interesting than Euron. The final scene with Jaime and Olenna was, I thought, well acted; and I liked Olenna more than I have for a while. She may have been what someone called the Sasstress Dowager recently; but at least she went out with a certain style (although Jaime is being rather stupid: Cersei bring peace?). Is it established in the show that Braavos is very down on slavery, having been founded by escaped slaves? Or am I letting the books confuse me? Dragonstone: I didn't roll my eyes quite so muvh, here. I did wonder about Missandei being Dany's most trusted adviser. They like to keep it dark in Drsgonstone, or Dany has gone Goth. Never mind that, though. The sparring over titles: a little silly? Dany ignores the whole "Dead are coming" thing at first; but she's the one who notices the bit about Jon getting raised from the dead, and actually asks a kind of intelligent question about it. Also the decision to help Jon after all was a bit unprepared, yes? Davos finally gets to talk, but is shut up when he starts to tell Dany about Jon's being raised from dead. I'm not sure why, but guess it'll get revealed when the plot outline says so. The scene where Tyrion encourages Jon to try again wasn't too bad, and by and large I enjoyed watching this segment (partly by not focussing too much on sense). The hypothetical battles looked cool, although it's a little weird watching things that didn't happen. "WHERE ARE MY LANNISTERS????" Winterfell: Yes, it's nice that Sansa actually gets to act competent and intelligent. Bran's comment about the rape scene is rather weird. Maybe when you're a three-eyed raven, you lose some of your tact. Still not totally sure what the "everywhere always in your mind" bit means. Sam-Jorah scene was nice-ish; but Sam has teflon as well. I think it was Brandon Night-king who raised the question: How did Joran heal so fast? Aren't they going to observe him a little longer. But I bet he'll be at Drsgonstone in an episode or two.
  6. How did you guess? I thought I was being incredibly subtle. Almost as subtle as my plot to outlast everyone by placing viruses in their computers when they read this, so they can't pos.. I didn't say that last bit out loud.
  7. Almost certainly not. I only marginally care that much of the show is rubbish, and this is is it until GRRM finishes (or unless!). The sad thing is that I'll probably watch the successor shows, too. Am I .. who doesn't know who Ed Shieran (however he's spelt) is, and is too lazy to google him?
  8. To coin a phrase: This mummer's farce is almost done.
  9. Quite close! What's really happening is that the lady in the volcano is fireproof and is enjoying a nice refreshing fire-bath, while the boy burns his Mickey Mouse toy in preparation for burning humans when he's older. The little girl with the dragon and the chap with the "I love dragons" T-shirt are easy enough, I guess. The fish that's trying to get away from the weird people is a red herring--literally and figuratively. I don't know what's happening in the Sniffer's picture exactly, but guess they're in some kind of topless park. It looks like they're hanging out with demons as well. (And I have a thought for a sentence to draw, whenever that may be needed.)
  10. poll

    I decided to be merciful and give it a 7; there was enough enjoyable stuff and little enough revolting stuff to make me judge more mercifully. Some good stuff in Drsgonstone, like Dany not feeling like it's a homecoming and generally feeling a little let down and deflating all that stuff about everyone toasting to her etc. Also the quizzing of Varys (or Varx, as he's also called); that I thought was rather strong, and at least Varys actually had reasons for his less than ideal behaviour, which is more than LF could say when quizzed about marrying off Sansa to Rambo. Some of the council stuff was OK, like the bit about Jon Snow. And one nice thing about this episode is that there's actually some awareness of things happening in previous episodes. Less good things about Dragonstone: Didn't Dany say in season 3 that Valyrian was her native tongue? Then why is Missandei in a position to explain it to her? It would have been better to have someone else (Tyrion? although he already has enough to do, he is known not to speak Valyrian very well) raise the Prince question. Sand Snakes an Faullaria, blearghgghhgh (but see below). Olenna ... mheh, I suppose not bad. Missandei-GW: oh well. Euron was a bit more enjoyable in this episode; cartoon villainy seems to be his forte. He remains the least interesting major villain. But ... I will be eternally and everlastingly grateful to him for having reduced the numbers of the Dorne contingent> YES! Dorne I fear is unsalvageable since all the non-rubbish characters were killed off earlier. Winbterfell is also somewhat better. I still wonder, though, why Sansa (some people seem to call her "Sandra" now; is that to go with "Larry" and "Carol"?) keeps opposing Jon in public. Are we supposed to think she's empowered, or that she envies or resents the KITN thing? My random guess is that: 1. it gives her something to do; 2. someone ought to be opposing the Dany alliance, and she was handy. I'm still not quite convinced by the conflict thing. But Kit Harrington made some nice speeches, and we got the balcony scene. Another mystery is why Davos is so underemployed. I wouldn't have even known he was in the first episode if it hadn't been for Sweetrobin's "Davos Watch". Surely he'd be the one to tell them Dragonstone has dragonglass? Arya's two scenes were both touching. One just has to forget that she massacred several only mildly guilty people in the last episode, just as one has to forget Dany buried people alive in Quarkth. I suppose I'm glad enough for Jorah to be healed, but didn't really need the medical torture. Sam .. not to dis the character, and certainly not the actor, does seem to have more screen time than he needs. I'm still mystified as to why Jaime is with Cersei. It seems to the only person to react to the burning of the sept is ... Hot Pie?
  11. We'll probably just have to google them (the paint programmes, not the Pictionary drawings). I suspect some exist already. I'm too lazy to look until I have to.
  12. That's a trade secret. Not to pick on the Iron Islanders unduly, but rather than raid, wouldn't it be more profitable to run an offshore tax haven for dubious business enterprises?
  13. Has my horrible plot been found out? Bother.
  14. Oh yeah, I saw that in the newspaper the other day. I think I *will* stop updating, unless there's some other free thing. I don't just use Paint for Pictionary. It may be crude, but it's quite handy.
  15. *writes note to self to check up on Preston's dragon eggs this weekend*