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  1. Presumably smokers. Did the sourleaf industry challenge Grand Maester Pycelle to single combat after he issued his health warning?
  2. What would Westeros be like if it were modelled on Renaissance Italy as opposed to mediaeval England?
  3. Jezzie Bell finds the Night King dreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeamy.
  4. I don't think he's the musical type. What's the difference between Arys and Aerys?
  5. If you play the game of brooms, you clean or you die.
  6. That cave didn't have a bathroom, that I recall. Are there luxury hotels north of the Wall?
  7. It doesn't look it; but it took 21 hours to get my hair like this.
  8. What would Machiavelli say?
  9. How many letters SHOULD they have?
  10. It's time for a clean sweep. (With my luck, that was already used.)
  11. Are we critiquing GOT again?
  12. In answer to a question above, Aegon I was indeed crowned in Oldtown (the Starry Sept), according to WOIAF. So far as I know, nothing on the show contradicts that. Speaking of septs, if Cersei burnt down the sept, Daenerys could use this to her advantage by restoring the Faith and authorising a new election. (Pity Lancel's dead.)
  14. Winter is coming. (That's meant to be a direwolf ornament, and the Santa is meant to be a dragon.)