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  1. People made fun of his lisp. Why did GRRM assassinate Tolkien?
  2. When I read bizarre theories, I deliver a stinging rebuke. Get it?
  3. PMN, you'll pay up the blackmail money.
  4. Spring is here! Time for a spring-cleaning of avatars.
  5. It's not polite to comment on people's linguistic oddities. Why are Braavosi so big on murder?
  6. I'm for dessert.
  7. No biggo. May have even helped since I was on holiday.
  8. I'm just as happy to do 9; but whatever people want.
  9. That's mean! Why won't people submit to my inexorable will? *sobs*
  10. Be at least 3,000 miles away and have a dragon. I've been captured by a desperate band of terrorists who are threatening to behead me if I don't tell them whether "Jojen paste" is real or not. Help! HELP!!!!!!!
  11. A dragon, because then I could massacre my enemies. Having diirewolves doesn't seem to have helped the Starks as much as one expect. Would you rather be eaten by a dragon or burnt by one?
  12. Jez Bell ghost-wrote FFC while GRRM was watching TV.
  13. Something with lots of letters and numbers and plus and minus signs, probably. Could that llame kid, Lemmy or whatever his name was (I'm too lazy to check) be far, far, FAR more important to the conclusion than we think??????