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  1. I have a feeling that "Fight every battle always in your mind" will become a byword. And LF apparently has mysterious psychic powers in addition to teletransportation. I'll have to check this weekend to see what Sweetrobin, Brandon, and Chad have to say. That said, getting hyped.
  2. I don't know. I guess probably not. I confess I don't know what they are. Am I ... who saw an advertisement in the paper for a Game of Thrones dragon egg hunt? "Journey throughout King's Landing (aka the D.C. metro area) and collect one of the 10 Washington National GOT Night dragon eggs hidden throughout the region. Inside each egg, you'll find a special prize and instructions on how you can win your way to the Red Keep (aka Nationals Park) to sit on the Iron Throne." I'm not making this up. I couldn't. (And I'll pass; too busy/lazy.)
  3. I'm sorry; when I filled out the survey I was serious until it came to the information about me, then I started saying weird things like that I was South Canadian. If you want to delete it, I could take the survey over and this time not get "clever". My apologies!
  4. Oh no, I found some of his chapters dullish as well, although they did have the advantage of introducing Stannis and his dialogue. The character is perhaps simpler and more straightforward than some of the others, which is why one can both like him AND find him a tad boring. Am I ... who only recently discovered the Preston Jacobs GOT rant-reviews?
  5. Almost certainly not. I'd go for RR or Dunk and Egg; don't know how interesting the others would be. I'll probably watch anyway. Larry for ShowJaime is something I've seen in Ranting threads, also (I guess originally?) here: ("Larry Lannister: The second-oldest Lannister deserves our pity because he seems to have some kind of multiple personality disorder, or something") Am I ... who sometimes waits a while before responding to a thread when it's not very active, b/c I don't want to hog it?
  6. Who what where when why how? Are Asha and Yara the same person?
  7. I wonder vaguely if there's going to BE a WOW; but that's a good question, and the character who jumped immediately to mind was Cersei. A POV death for her could be pretty powerful, even if she isn't exactly the most sympathetic character. AITO.... who doesn't know -- and this is a horrible confession -- why Show!Jaime gets called "Larry" (as opposed to, say, Bob or Fred)?
  8. Anyone can die. Can you direct me to a red priest? I need resurrection therapy fast.
  9. Their parents, usually. Who are hotter, lady Others or lady COTF?
  10. No, although in my case it might be more than occasionally. (It is coming, yes?) I liked young Cersei, but have no very clear recollection of the young versions of other characters. I guess pre-Hodor Hodor was OK. Am I .... who would rather end up in Narnia than Westeros? The thing is that in Narnia some magic would probably keep me alive, and Westeros is scary. Probably someone would end up torturing me over there, just because. In Narnia, worst-case scenario is I get turned to stone.
  11. Something non-deadly. Also, no dog, please. Is Varys a mafia don?
  12. Is Southros anywhere near Sothoryos? Why does Sothoryos have a Y?
  13. Oh, Gods no. I've been getting some hype lately as well, even though I don't doubt that (a decent, or indecent, slice of) the storytelling will be rubbish. Am I ... who at first thought having a "Robert's Rebellion" spinoff would be boring ("We know that stuff already"; but do we?), and then said "Wait, we'd get Rhaegar, Lyanna, Varys (what was he up to?), Aerys ..." and told myself to come off it? Although I think I'd still prefer D&E.
  14. Probably not; I haven't done that myself, although I do talk to show-only people and will doubtless do so next week. They probably don't know HBO's planning spinoffs, as I don't think they follow this stuff very closely. Am I ... who finds out afterwards that he's perpetrated silly typos? Although I suppose I was technically correct, in the previous version of this thread, when I said 4425 posts were a lot. Just not correct that there were that many in the thread.
  15. I guess 4425 is rather a lot; I hadn't thought of it. New thread here: