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  1. Do you accept imperial clothing as payment?
  2. Done as well.
  3. Oh, the judge was probably bribed. Wait, that doesn't really answer the question, does it? Well, he was also bribed to miscount the number of murdered black brothers. That wasn't helpful, was it?
  4. Me too. If anyone's confused, I change my avatar around. Sometimes it's the cat riding a dragon and holding a sword, sometimes it's the black cat in a red cape. Oh, right. She's thinking" I won Nanowrimo." Yes, that's rather literal. Sorry!
  5. Submitted late as well.
  6. Objectiom! Calls for speculation on the part of the witness. Sustained. I just had an awesome theory! Sansa and Raff the Sweetling are both called sweetling, so they must be the same person! Kind of a Jeckyll and Hyde thing. But are they a secret Targ?
  7. Whooooooooooooooah, this plotline is wacky!
  8. Promise me, Ned, you will repay this loan to the amount of GD2,107.05 WITHIN 30 DAYS, OR YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE CONSIDERED DELINQUENT. (GD = golden dragons,.)
  9. Oh yes, thee's also that. And the actresses look nothing alike. Maybe Ramsay and the Northern lords are really stupid and don't notice, because the plot said so. Not that anyone will want to increase that extra-logical element in the show.
  10. Stannis. Olenna. There are lots of cool minor characters. Sometimes characters who play a fairly small role in the narrative have more personality than more important characters. Some of these characters turn up in the last two books.
  11. I just had a bizarre thought. What if fake Arya is ... Brienne? There'd have to be some kind of reason, though. It's no good complaining the show doesn't make sense if one's fixes don't make sense either. Or perhaps fake Arya really is Arya. That'd require her leaving Braavos earlier.
  12. Yes, you'd have to put some of that in dialogue; you couldn't show much of it, really. You'd have someone (Tyrion or Varys on Dany's side? or Jaime) telling Dany or Cersei that that stuff was going on. Only a minimum could actually be shown.
  13. When I don't want something to be true, I jolly well expect it not to be true. Reality better not get no attitude on me.
  14. One thing that bothered me was LF, despite supposedly being a brilliant mastermind, knowing nothing of Ramsay's nature, even though the latter made iirc no particular effort to hide it. Unless the show meant for him to be incompetent? Also LF handing Sansa over to the Boltons makes little sense from either from a romantic(*) or a political perspective, unless he'd left an agent to watch over her. Even then, it seems he'd want to keep her in sight. Once Sansa got into Winterfell (assuming some realistic way of getting her there), I'd have liked to see a little more agency. Perhaps it's unreasonable for me to expect her to take a role like Manderly or the spearwives in the books; but something between that and near-complete passivity would have been nice. (*)I don't know that it's what most of us would consider genuinely romantic. A bizarre mixture of lust, unhealthy obsession, and political expediency.
  15. Something could be made of conflicts in Dany's side. The Dothraki want to raid, the Iron Islanders want to reave, the Reach and Dorne hate each other ... One problem is that there aren't any distinct Dothraki characters anymore. What I could see happening is that a lot of the nobles just don't get involved at all, and just wait it out. The show's idea of having Dany lose one of her dragons is I think a good one; just the way it was done didn't make much sense..
  16. Jabul had a thread where we were tossing around some ideas: Jabul had the premise that Cersei didn't blow up the sept, but caught the HS in a scandal (or mayhaps he was framed?), and ousted him and substituted a puppet. This loses the big climactic scene at the end of season 7, but gains in plausibility of Cersei having as much support and power as she does. Another thought we threw out was of Qyburn being in league w/ the Others, so he has some magic that can counteract the dragons, since Dany's overwhelming advantage having so little effect was one of the problems with the season, in terms of plausibility.
  17. And part 2 of PJ's version:
  18. PMN, you'll only say "honour" every third word as opposed to every other word.
  19. Strawman. If Westeros had web fora, would Internet debates end with single combat?
  20. I'm a solipsist, so no one else exists, so they aren't posting, so I win by default.
  21. Promise me, Ned, you`ll stop switching the keyboard on Rhaegar`s computer to `Valyrian glyphs``. It really isn`t funny.
  22. *bows* I can't take credit; Pebbles made it. There are a couple of others I might alternate with this one.,
  23. [Did he really say that? Come to think of it, it'd make a good Pictionary sentence.]
  24. I have to agree that it's still enjoyable. Nonsensical, no doubt; but enjoyable.
  25. Sentence sent. Hedged my bets on the theme. With my luck, it'll be neither Halloween nor GFD, and I'll have to come up with a completely different version.