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  1. It does kind of bug me Edmure isn't even so much as mentioned this season.
  2. Barristan dying was one of the worst mistakes this show made aside from Dorne and cutting Lady Stoneheart.
  3. Tyrion didn't know that Casterly Rock's mines had run dry. Even Cersei didn't know before Tywin told her in Season 4. Although it seems like Olenna did figure it out at some point, so why wouldn't she mention that in the war council "there's no point the mines have run dry" or something like that. It seemed to be a pretty well kept secret. Also taking an opponent's home base is a sound strategic move. Robb's move to raid the Westerlands put Tywin at a massive strategic disadvantage in the Wo5Ks, and may have even won the war if not for Edmure's stupidity.
  4. Nah in the show there were also plans. 4:12 he confides in Barristan that there would be changes at court after he returned from the Trident.
  5. I did like that Littlefinger died similarly to Brandon Stark. A hundred men sat in that throne room, watched, and did and said nothing. None even lifted a finger to help him. Although shockingly even I felt even some degree of pity for him as he pleaded to Sansa.
  6. Its possible that Lady Stoneheart & Arya end the Freys and go North of the Wall together. The Brotherhood & Lady Stoneheart, as well as Arya, not Coldhands save Bran in this Northern expedition. Like in Martin's original draft Catelyn dies in this expedition beyond the wall, but with the help of Coldhands they retrieve the Wight and save Bran and manage to make it back to Winterfell with the wight. Reunion of all the Starks happens after this expedition right before King Jon goes south to Dany and meets her with this Wight in hand much to the chagrin of Sansa. I predict that Viserion does die, but its in this second Dance of Dragons. The Ice Dragon may be separate entity in the Books, perhaps it will be under the wall or something of that nature. The two plot lines are consolidated because there is no fAegon in the show so they had to have an alternative way to kill Viserion.
  7. I was more highlighting the fact that they were horrified at the thought of killing the young Prince of their own lineage. Sure the Sandsnakes are psychopaths in the books to but to go as far as kinslaying the young prince it seems to be out of even what they'd do.
  8. Not to mention Tywin risking the capital to ride west just because Robb was plundering the areas around Casterly Rock not even at the Rock itself.
  9. Everytime I think of Dorne it makes my blood boil. Book Doran: “You cannot seriously intend to send Trystane and Myrcella to King’s Landing,” Obara said as she was pushing...“Do you take me for a fool, Obara?” The prince sighed. “There is much you do not know. Things best not discussed here, where anyone can hear. If you hold your tongue, I may enlighten you.” Show Doran: Trystane, go sit on the Small Council with the crazy woman. Book Sand Snakes on the potential assassination of Trystane: “Seven save us,” whispered Tyene. “Trystane? Why?” “The woman must be mad,” Obara said. “He’s just a boy.” Show Sand Snakes: Waaaa I wanna kill him, you bitch you stole my kill. Just such blatant character assassination for nothing. Gross.
  10. Should have left Doran alive and an active member of Dany's Council, and him pardoning the Sand Snakes as he always intended to go to war with the Lannisters: enter Varys. Trystane &/or Doran should be on Dany's council.
  11. They were and they weren't. Renly's army is established to be 100,0000 strong and its stated all his bannermen join Stannis (20,000 men). Thus the Reach Army would be at least 80,000 strong. But later in Season 2 in conversation with Tywin, Littlefinger offhandedly states "aside from the Starks and the Lannisters the Tyrells have the largest army". But this can be interpreted in a few different ways. Robb's Kingdom composes of the Riverlands and the North, putting their max strength at 80-90k and the Lannister army in the Show is at least 60,000 strong + presumably 10,000 men at Oxcross and the Crownlands army. So its possible to still have a 70-90k Reach army. This is backed when Tywin's army (30,000 strong) is augmented by 30-40,000 Reachmen for a 60-70,000 strong march to Kings Landing at the Battle of Blackwater Bay. But then for some bizarre reason in Season 3 Olenna says they are supporting the Lannisters with 12,000 infantry, 1,800 cavalry, and 2,000 support. Now that too can be interpreted as House Tyrell's own personal levies or simply that that is the only portion of their army they've seen fit to deploy to fight in Joffrey's War as it would be unnecessarily expensive to mobilize 100,000 men to battle Robb's beleaguered 20,000. Finally in the last Season Jamie says to Mace that they have the second largest army in Westeros. This could again be interpreted as him talking to Kevan. Basically the size of the Reach army has greatly fluctuated throughout the series. Honestly its believable that many Tyrell bannermen would defect considering all the claims to Garth Greenhand's line. But the Redwynes and Hightowers would undoubtedly be loyal which should give Olenna as well as the Tyrell army at least 20-30k. Even with 10,000 Lannisters and (generously) 30-40k Reachmen that would be a huge battle with massive casualties on both sides. Especially considering Olenna should have already called her banners to marshal an army to strike at the capital.
  12. Season 7: I predict a few things: In the South: Willas/Garlan may be introduced as Tyrell cousins and lead the Tyrell army. Randyll Tarly will side with the Lannisters and there will be a Civil War in the Reach. Old Town will be sacked (Gilly may die in the ensuing sack) the Library will also burn imo (similar to the Library of Alexandria) Hightower will collapse in an Earthquake similar to the Lighthouse of Alexandria. Euron will take the Riverlands and declare himself King of the Trident and the Iron Islands. Euron will roast like Harren the Black after taking the Riverlands. A Second Field of Fire will occur with the Reach loyalist army and Jamie’s army. Jamie will retreat from the field with Dany’s army on his heel. Word of the defeat reaches Cersei and it is believe that Jamie has died. She destroys the Red Keep. Jamie arrives to see this and before the rest of the City is destroyed he kills her. Dany and Tyrion arrive at King’s Landing seeing Jamie clutching her corpse. Jamie is arrested for the Oathbreaking and Kingslaying. Arya helps Edmure and co. escape back to Winterfell. Melisandre pulls a Jorah and attempts to return to Jon’s good graces with Arya and Edmure. They all meet up with the Brotherhood. In the North: Frey's die and Sansa pleads with Jon to send forces to recapture the Riverlands now that Euron terrorizes it. Jon refuses and instead tells them they need to prepare for the Night King, Littlefinger uses this to turn Sansa against Jon. Jon realizes he needs more men and the rest of the Vale Army which is encamped at Moat Cailin. Jon leads the Vale Army South to aid the Riverlands and commands Sansa to remain in the North with the Northern Army (she is the Stark in Winterfell). Bran arrives back at Winterfell with Meera and tells Sansa how stupid she is for letting Jon go South and how important he is. LF will plot some shit to undermine Jon, but Sansa eventually comes to her senses thanks to Bran and sends Brienne or the Brotherhood Without Banners to stop LF's plot and the Brotherhood with the Hound arrests LF for crimes against the Hand of the King, he awaits trial but Arya kills him in his cell. Finale: Dany and Jon meet in the Riverlands with their two armies facing down in a massive red herring (as they will marry at the start of the next season) the Wall cracks. Season ends.
  13. By that logic why did they then intentionally show that Tormund and the Wildlings were not screaming "King in the North"?
  14. "Don't call him nephew he's your king!"-Blackfish Tully Yeah Robb was the King of Edmure Tully who in turn was Lord Paramount of the Trident. So yes he was King of the Trident and liege lord of the riverlands. Nah not true. The riverlords all pledged fealty to Robb without the permission of their liege lord (Hoster) or even his heir (Edmure) neither was present when the Mallisters or any of the other riverlords bent the knee.
  15. Interesting that in Feast for Crows instead of The Boy King or the King on the Iron Throne its listed as follows. The Queen Regent CERSEI LANNISTER, the First of Her Name, widow of {King Robert I Baratheon}, Queen Dowager, Protector of the Realm, Lady of Casterly Rock, and Queen Regent I always thought it odd, now it makes sense.