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  1. Well that was a pretty stressful match against Italy! Got there in the end though Big congratulations to Ireland. Very well deserved Grand Slam.
  2. With the way that Rick treated Jadis.......could he have just inadvertently made the leader of the Whisperers?
  3. Fantastic stuff from Scotland! Owens showing how to ref a match. Especially with the constant moaning at him from Hartley and Farrell. All the big decisions were called correctly. Finn can be absolutely world class when he's on it.
  4. If it's a children's book. Written by a celebrity.
  5. Don't care anymore. Watching it is such a chore now.
  6. The result was the most important thing today. The form of Finn Russell is a big worry though.
  7. This could be the most competitive 6 Nations for years! Or England could run away with it.....
  8. I'm not sure if I loved Adrian Brody or not......I'm quite conflicted. I also feel sorry for Lizzie.
  9. Things are really clicking at the moment. It seems that we have the right coach with a good bunch of players. Worth noting that wasn't our strongest team as well. They were possibly judging the card on intent and it was definitely dangerous in my opinion. It'll still end in glorious failure at the 6 Nations though I'm sure!
  10. Record win over the Aussies!
  11. It's maybe more to do with the fact he's a distant relative of the character he portrayed so he's got an interest in the history.