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  1. Hope the Lions get destroyed by NZ.
  2. I know. When Australia went 19-17 in front I was convinced that would be the final score. It was a very good performance. Both attacking and defending.
  3. Great win over in Oz today. The winning try was a thing of beauty And it wasn't even a full strength Scottish team!
  4. Very unimpressed by that trailer. "The Federation doesn't fire first!" "We HAVE to!"
  5. Seems like we'll be seeing the adventures of everybody's favourite monster hunter in a Netflix show. The potential here is huge! Very exciting news!
  6. There is surely a case for the Gray brothers. Especially Johnny who has been in ridiculously good form. How the Scots players can be written off because of one game but the Welsh players can be forgiven because of terrible form in the whole Six Nations is embarrassing. Blatant favouritism from Gatland.
  7. Becoming?
  8. Thanks for reminding me about Senlin Ascends. Just picked it up on Amazon for 99p
  9. Can't see anything other than an England win. They're playing poorly and still winning. It's the mark of an excellent side.
  10. Great match tonight with Wales and Ireland. Big Saturday coming up!
  11. Excellent recommendations. I don't know much about baseball but have read a few books on the subject and have thoroughly enjoyed them.
  12. In respect to the repetition I read somewhere that it was meant to highlight Shanklys obsession which then contrasts later in the book with his boredom/emotions in retirement. How well that works though is open to debate!
  13. I've recently finished Red or Dead by David Peace a fictional account of the great football manager Bill Shankly and his time at Liverpool F.C. and subsequent retirement. It's better than it might sound! This kind of follows on from his 2006 book The Damned United about Brian Clough and his ill fated 44 days as the manager of Leeds United. I'm absolutely in love with these books but are they unique? I've struggled to find anything similar. Perhaps Michael Shaara comes close with For Love of the Game but it does have core differences as Peace is adding a fictional spin to real people, places and events. Are there other similar types of book out there? I've searched but haven't found anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. If it's OK for Jones to spout off about wanting 70 points and to take Italy "to the cleaners" then it's on by me for Italy to creatively try and stop it.