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  1. He killed Pycelle because Pycelle is the only person living and still in the politically influential circles of the realm. IE other than a handful of maids who cersei is highly unlikely to have kept around after she took up residence. That would have been familiar with the naked body of Aegon targaryen, and would know that it really was him who was presented to robert. Because Pycelle would have been the boys physician.
  2. So how do you interpret Varys's motivation?
  3. FFS
  4. Thank you
  5. Firstly, you do know these characters are not real people, right? I mean as much as each character has their own personality profile, It is one created by an author, he's called George R R martin. And as such everything which the characters say, do and discover is done so in order to tell a story to us the reader. A story which GRRM wishes to tell, he has a certain style of writing which is very immersive. But non the less everything in the books is there for the reader to evaluate. Varys is acting on GRRM's whim. His motivations are that GRRM wants us; the reader to read Varys's little speech, and it is then up to us to interpret why GRRM wrote that. There is a reason Villains reveal their plans to their victims. It is what we call plot facilitation. ie: the author has a bunch of information which they need to reveal to the reader in order to facilitate the plot going forward and the confession to the soon to be dead is a trope because it gives the creator of the story an opportunity to info dump for the reader/viewer whilst retaining secrecy from the other characters. Varys's doing this here has been done in such a manner that it is in keeping with his character profile. IE: he tells the truth, but misdirects the listener. It reveals more about Varys as a character than it does plot points though. So far Varys has remained quite aloof to us as readers. Because we don't have a direct POV from him, and his character profile is one of great secrecy and an astute player of the game. No one whom we have met in KL or Westeros knows his motivations only Illyrio. So; how does the author begin dropping breadcrumbs for his readers? Well here he has done just that, and it is hot on the heels of Illyrio letting small snippets slip to Tyrion in pentos too. So through this Epilogue, we learn Varys has strong feelings for Tywin, and not lovely dovey ones. He specifically targets his brother and uses the same murder weapon which was used on Tywin. telling us he thinks Kevan can be a Tywin stand in for him, by saying they share so much. he's equating Kevan with Tywin in our minds. I get the feeling Varys wishes he could have killed Tywin himself, but that they needed Tyrion for something, so they bought his loyalty by gifting him his freedom and his father, baited him with Shae's perceived betrayal and simultaneously burnt his bridges for him with his siblings and uncle & Aunt etc. So after letting us know Varys specifically disliked Tywin Lannister, to the extent he would gloat to his brother about his plan to bring down their dynasty. All that they had worked for these past 17 years. We also learn how Varys views Aegon, and if we as readers have paid attention this view does not align with the petulant boy Tyrion met on the Shy Maid. Which predicts trouble for Varys & Illyrio's carefully laid out plan. There are other snippets which hint at Varys's motivations and his and Illyrio's plans. You just have to read closely and connect the dots.
  6. Pretty sure Lady Roselyn Tully's child is due first, then Lady Walda Bolton's, followed by the maybe baby Cersei may or may not be carrying. Who would I think possibly be Moonboys. Then any potentially concieved in ADWD ie: Jeyne fArya Bolton-Poole and Gilly the Wildling. But we don't know that either of these women concieved yet. Asha however seems more likely to have concieved because we arespecifically told she intended to brew moontea but we see that she has not had the oportunity to do so. Also there is a potential storyline being set up for her to have a legitimate child through her proxy marriage. Arriane I very much doubt is dumb enough to not have been drinking Moontea whilst she ws shagging Arys Oakheart.
  7. The speech which Varys gives to Kevan reads like a lie of omission. Firstly Varys brags about how clever he is being in killing him. Pointing out how each party will assume the other is culpable. Rubbing Kevan's nose in how his death will affect the Lannister dynasty. By further destabilising the alliance with House Tyrell. But then Varys goes on to tell Kevan that Aegon will raise his banners above Storms End. Now. Varys does not at any time tell Kevan that Aegon is Aegon Targaryen, son of Rhaegar & Elia. Kevan says that he is dead, which means Varys now knows his goal of Kevan assuming he means Rhaegars son is achieved. But Varys still does not confirm this Aegon is Rhaegar & Elia's son, he simply answers that No he is here. And he is! The boy called Aegon who will raise his banners above Storms end is here. Varys thrives on telling misleading truths. Just look at how he handles Ned's search for Lord Jon Arryn's killer. He tells Ned a true story about Hugh of the Vale, Which on the surface appears to imply this boy is the killer. But Whilst the tale is true Hugh did not kill Jon Arryn, LF however did and when we apply the story Varys tells Ned to him we see that it is also true. A boy who arrived in KL with the Arryn household, and owes all that he has to Lord Arryn, that remained after Lysa took her household back to the Vale. And there are other occasions where whilst not technically lying Varys seeks to mislead. Varys has just demonstrated that he wishes to rub his outmanoeuvring of the Lannisters in Kevan's face. And he's doing it again by allowing Kevan to make the assumption that Aegon is Rhaegars so, because it makes it all for nought, If the dynasty his brother fought so hard to establish is crumbling and the Targaryen heir has returned then the last 17 years has been for nothing! Varys elaborates on how perfect Aegon will be as a King, again to run Kevan's face in it. Pointing out how much better his charge is than Tommen in this regard. Yes, he goes on to kill Kevan, so why lie? But he has not lied, and he says an awful lot to Kevan which makes no sense if his purpose is merely to get him out of the way so Cersei can implode some more. I suspect that what Varys says to Kevan is in fact what he'd have liked to have said to Tywin. After all, it is Tywin who Varys knew personally and he says at the start that he purposefully chose a crossbow to emulate Tywin's death and that the brothers shared so much. So he is likening Kevan to Tywin and placing him in his brother's role here. The next clue to the lie of omission is that Varys has also killed Maester Pycelle. who is possibly nay probably the only person alive in the realm who could confirm that the bloodied corpse presented to Robert was indeed Aegon Targaryen; son and heir of Rhaegar. As he was the boy's physician and would have known the child's body by sight. And birthmarks, freckling, moles, the shape of his feet, what his weight was, what side his penis fell on, if he had an inny or an outty, etc.
  8. I'd decided with my lack of extensive knowledge about how these things work; that the comet is the remaining chunk of the moon. I have no idea if that is possible from the serspective of how this stuff works IRL though.
  9. Another thread which sounds as though it is bound to be fascinating Hiemal! I personally have thought ever since the world book came out that the black oily stone is, in fact, the fragmented second moon.
  10. This is basically weak as shit. Robert may not remember the women he bedded, but that is because Roberts beds everyone that has a skirt on. And I doubt he even asked many of them their names. But Ned isn't like that and if he had lost his virginity to one of the most beautiful maids in the realm who comes from a majorly important family then he likely would have confided that in his best mate, who is likely to remember it. I mean I know I can name the boys that my best few friends lost their virginity to and that was well over 20 odd years ago now. And trust me at the time I was smashed out of my brains on a mixture of booze, speed, LSD, magic mushrooms, grass & E. for like basically the entire 90's. With a fair bit of coke and a smattering of wobbly eggs, and various downers thrown in for good measure. Robert took part in one drinking game on one of the days of the tourney, which took place over several days and after which both Ned & Robert returned to the Eyrie together, where frankly had little Ned managed to bed Ashara Dayne I think even shy little Ned would have mentioned that to his best buddy.
  11. @hiemalSounds like good stuff to me. I wrote a shit ton of stuff about Perfect Knights and Galahad figures last year. In relation to Brienne, Galadon of Morne and House Dayne. Do you want me to repeat it here? or did you read it already?
  12. I am very interested in the idea of doing a study on sword hilts though. So count me in on that one.
  13. Interesting thread @Seams, I do love a good swords thread So, mystery swords hey! Firstly the silver warg killing swords, well I think it is indeed a nod to the real world silver killing weirwolves tradition. But that doesn't mean I don't think it is important. In fact we can take away the fact that GRRM included it in the books means that it is a thing in universe. Now wether it being something that smallfolks think works against wargs or if it is an actual effective weapon against them is another story. I guess time may tell. Do any of the Stark kids wear silver other than Sansa? might the tendancy for the Lannisters to put her in silver jewelry (when we look at sansa's jewels most have been gifts from Joffrey during their betrothal) have been deliberate? Obviously they are well aware that she no longer has Lady, but how much does Cersei or Tywin say, know about skinchangers? They're bound to know a few folktales. What I'm getting at is could wearing silver dampen a wargs power? Were the Lannisters deliberatly giving her silver to wear to prevent her forming a bond with any animals? I think I'm getting a bit tin foil hat here. So please don't infer too much certainty on my part here. i'm kinda spitballing. Sansa barely gets any oportunity in the RK to even have contact with animals. The only time she does is when she goes hawking with the Tyrells, and she chooses a Merlin. We are not given a chapter showing this ocasion, she recolects it later. I think personally that she will go hawking in the Vale too, maybe as a date with Harry? and once again choose a Merlin. Which is europes smallest bird of prey. I've seen them they're tiny compared to the rest. So it's a little bird and now that she is Alayne she doesn't wear much jewelry at all and chooses things such as a plain velver ribbon over all Lysa's finery. Do we see Bran or Jon wearing silver? my guess is Arya doesn't because she has not been in a posistion to wear any jewelry at all. I don't think Tywin was truly forging silver swords. But I think the rumour that he was is informative, as are the rumours of Robb turning into a wolf, and there being multiple Stark wargs in his army, and of course the rumour that Sansa turned into a wolf with bat wings and flew away. It is pretty clear that despite the Maesters seeming long term war on magic that the talk of magic has never abated in Westeros. Maesters only provide service to the high born, they have never influenced the smallfolk. Who seem to believe in magic well. remember Nimble Dick telling Brienne of his folk hero knight who had a woods witch wife that kissed the severed heads of his fallen foes. His telling of that story sounds like a man who believes it was true. Not of a man who tells it as a far fetched fairy tale. I'm afraid I can't search for silver being worn by Starks right now as my internet is fucking atrocious and not loading pages well at all. But I'd be interested if anyone else can look it up on A Search of Ice & Fire. So Illyn Paynes new sword. You know what that sword always struck me as crass and tasteless and thus I assumed commisioned by Tywin. Cos his taste is appalingly OTT. And again silver is not a metal which is effective as a weapon, but is one in which runes could be etched. i don't think you'd get much joy etching anything into steel. But am by no means an expert on mettal. The Obsidian skull just seems too cheesey to me. Especially when you add in the ruby eyes. Maybe I am wrong and it is old and came from Roberts armoury as others suggested. But it felt so tywinesque in it's OTT'ness. In which case I doubt the runes are significant. But more for show. I do like the idea that Tywin may have been also attempting to kill Joffrey. I agree he had motive and his wearing a glove does seem mighty odd. But I wonder what the pay off would be narativly to have the Tyrells be inncoent. Or rather that there were more people seeking to off Joff. If Illyn was delivering death via the swords hilt then he must have known as otherwise Tywin can not garuntee that he himself would not touch and be effected by the poison. Illyn dying too would be like pointing a great big sign to the murder weapon, as the sword would be the common denominator in the deaths, and it would be easily traced back to Tywin. Again he can not be assured that Marge won't grasp the hilt too. Which is too risky given the alliance with the Tyrells is so important. All together I just think the idea of contact poison is too risky, plus as far as I am aware we have never been told of any such poisons in world? I recall some years ago a thread on poisons and am pretty certain non acted in that manner. I'm most interested in the notion of a silver sword and of those runes in regard to Illyn's sword tbh. Other items which have runes on, include the crown of winter both past and present (I think) and the bronze dagger which the widow of the waterfront has on her table when Jorah gives her gloves. The Royces armour; which is bronze, but the younger Royces at the Tourney of the Hand have the same runes on their armour done in silver fillergie. And of course Tormunds gold arm bands and the enormous horn at the wall. As well as on stones throughout the land. All of these things are howether soft metals or stone. Which kinda backs up my feeling that Steel would be too hard to carve into. The younger Royces wear armour with the runes done on in fillergie, which again indicates steel is too hard to incise into. I'm of the mind that VS IS dragon steel. I used to think not, but again what point does that being the case serve the story? I don't see it as likely tbh. I'm pretty convinced now that the VS swords are important, mainly due to Curled Fingers threads. I think the horn found with the obsidian cache is just a horn made from a horn. It is not described as being carved with runes at all. I think that, and hope that one of teh wildlings will set about translating some of the runes, so that we can know what they say. There are some amongst them who speak the Old tongue and I hold out hope that some will read runes too, Rattleshirt tells Jon he'll use his teeth to cast his runes so I think that there is a good chance some Wildlings read runes still. I think the missing swords will mostly show up, Lammentation was lost in the Dragon pit, yes? So chances are some one picked it up and kept it, an opportunist smallfolk maybe? or a hedge knight caught up in the fray. Maybe the current owner has it stashed away, Maybe the person who took it or maybe they've sold it on. This was after all 200 years ago ish. It might have passed through several hands in that time. Orphan-maker. Unless it is officially missing is in my opinion where you'd expect it to be, in the hands of house Roxton.
  14. commenting for later.
  15. Wow! So many posts which show a lack of grasp upon how stories are structured, character development, the actual characters in the books as they currently and historically have been. It had been a while since I'd seen a thread with so much clear lack of understanding of the story. Anyone who thinks Dany or Jon are unimportant I'm gonna suggest doing some further reading of the genre and studying traditional tale-telling, mythology etc; just read more damn it! Sansa is a rich and full character who has a solid and unique characterisation and plot. Brienne is also a great character whose POV chapters whilst at first glance may seem uneventful but which in fact contain huge amounts of information about Westeros, the various factions within the lordly society, the situation of the smallfolk and what has been happening during the Wot5K to the population at large, there are also information drops about the history of magic in world as well as her tying Jaime back into the plot in an active manner through her relationship with him and the cliff hanger in AFFC where he goes with her. Bran, OMG. How can anyone find Bran's story boring? He's headed into the heart of darkness. With an eerie magical frightening fate awaiting him. I'll give people fascilitators such as Qynten (who I actually quite like) fAegon, Aeron, Areoh, and even even Victarion. But even these people have real roles to play which contribute to the plot or which in Areoh's case we suspect will provide a pivitol moment for other characters. I seriously wonder about a person's motivation for joining a dedicated forum when they miss so much about the story and characters?