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  1. The secondary title held by the eldest son is usually the next highest title held by the family. ie: If a Marquess is elevated to Duke eldest sons there after will be known as the Marquess of Tral'alala land. But if an Earl is elevated to a Duke the sons would thereafter be the Earl of Tral'alala land. With the title also being that of the former highest estate. What you call people in our system is quite complicated. The wife of certain titles is referred to as Lady Tra'lala' land. And doesn't use the actual family name at all. And often the bloke is referred to simply as Tra'lala land. Where as a daughter of say a Duke or Marquess would be Lady Pandora. And a younger son a Lord. These are courtesy titles. Earls, Viscounts and barons sons get The Honourable. I don't think ASOIAF has the same level of bewildering peerage as we do. Which makes things a lot more simple for an author. When you have to make sure your reader can keep track of who is who whilst accurately representing the peerage system it can be rather difficult to create an easily followable narrative.
  2. She was the rightful heir and Aegon should have stuck with his initial instinct that taking the crown was morally wrong. But then we'd not have the story and I like TP&TQ
  3. Is this a book thread? or a show thread? there is no current Nights King in the books? I only ask as clarifying this will alter greatly the direction of the discussion. And having it clear will prevent a lot of confused misunderstanding.
  4. Totally agree.
  5. I agree, and hey I'm quite open about the fact I have PTSD. My family has a LONG and varied history of mental illness too, some really severe; I have a brother with schizophrenia. Some debilitating but socially considered not so bad; husband with Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Two out of my three kids are special needs. My father was basically a sociopath; no I'm not using hyperbole he really was why do you think I have PTSD lol. And believe me your post is in no way offensive or making light of mental health issues. On the other hand people who decide with fuck all understanding or decent indication that characters are suffering mental illness really get on my tits. There are indeed a few characters in ASOIAF who can quite plausibly be described as having certain conditions. But Sansa ain't one of them. Indeed this is a fantasy story people are mostly just hanging around waiting to save the world.
  6. And don't forget whilst GRRM may not be a Dad, he does have siblings! He Anyone who has can see their own experiences in the stories told of by the Starks about their childhoods and in these exchanges between the sisters too. I might record my 10 and 8 year old who are turning 9 & 11 each within the next two months.Next time they are fighting to illustrate the point a bit more. lol They'd even be in a thick North Yorkshire accent so you could all close your eyes and imagine the Stark kids.
  7. Cont; She isn't lying to preserve her well being here, she's just being vile to her little sister who she is angry with Likewise Arya is being vile to her big sister who she is angry with. She lied at the trial to preserve her wellbeing and security. That was to maintain a good relationship with her new family. To ensure the success of her marriage. She claimed at the trial that she didn't see, not that Mycah attacked Joffrey. This is simply about being nasty to Arya. Here we can see Sansa never mentioned Mycah at the trial. She's just being nasty to her little sister, as Arya is being nasty to her, and again I reiterate this is NORMAL sibling behaviour for their age group. Gosh if I had a pound for every time I told my sister I hated her growing up!
  8. Hmm, well given that the previous poster; Houseofthedirewolves spent rather a long time trying to insist that Sansa is mentally deranged I'd disagree. But OK, they were using an awful lot of hyperbole so perhaps they just meant she's not actually crazy. ? I dunno. New posters are often hard to read. TBH given their post in the worst theories thread it might be the case that the true issue is with the people who are fans of SanSan and not with the actual theory. And that given their habit of making massive unfounded assumptions about the thoughts, feelings, and motivations of said fans that the issue is more, ahem. Internal. I have, given the tremendous amount of rudeness and nonsensical argument decided that it may be best to assume trolling. The thing with the scene between Arya & Sansa is that it is a scene between two siblings who are children. Sansa is furious with Arya, blames her for Lady's death, blames her for spoiling everything as she puts it. And Arya is fuming with Sansa because Mycah died, and Nymeria had to be ran off. Both girls are blaming the other for things out of their control. Arya can no more prevent Cersei from insisting Lady is killed than she could Joffrey's psychotic (that's a correct labelling f a character as opposed to a ridiculous unwarranted one.) outburst. And Sansa could not prevent the Hound from killing Mycah not could she prevent Cersei insisting on having Nymeria's pelt, thus necessitating running her off. Now to be fair Sansa has got a true reason to be pissed off given her innocent wolf had to die, and Nymeria though separated from Arya is alive. But this is ultimately a childish spat, both should work through their emotions and look at the situation logically and conclude neither truly meant to hurt the other and the fault laid with Joffrey and the adults who used the situation to play power games with each other. But at 9 & 11 that wasn't going to happen. So instead we get the stubborn and realistic portrayal of two sisters determined to blame each other. Mycah being blamed is a part of that. He was there because of Arya therefore his part in it is her fault in Sansa's mind. If Arya had not been acting inappropriately he'd never have been there. He can be scapegoated because he's dead and Sansa doesn't have to acknowledge Joffrey's bad behaviour. The speech Ned gives Arya after highlights the situation. They need to stick by one-another not fight. This isn't about Sansa being exceptionally duplicitous. She's 11 years old and she wants to be right my kids are the same sorts of ages and believe me they'd swear black was white if it meant getting one over each other in arguments. That is normal sibling behaviour for this age group.
  9. How do, thank you for the tag. I will indeed to be interested in this. My interest in Sansa grew as the story progressed and the more you read her, the better her story gets!
  10. That is a very interesting idea! Thank you.
  11. Interesting because as a shadow binder you'd think her medium would be shadow. But of course shadow is not elemental in itself. There is a blog post about Magic on my blog too btw if you fancy reading it. Mel too uses shadow binding but that is unrelated to her use of fire they are two separate skills.
  12. Oh do please I will look forward to reading it!
  13. Thanks. I'm trying to keep in in terms of Westeros but I see your point.
  14. Oh, it is very new. And only has three posts so far. I am hoping to write up some more soon. But I get easily distracted. The Woodswitch essay is mostly just that thread I did on here's OP with yours and the others points added.
  15. Oh I love The Fattest Leech, she has brilliant ideas and is interested in most of the same aspects of the story as I am.