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  1. I actually don't think we'll see the remaining main cast slaughtered. Most of them will live, Cersei and/or Dany will die. Maybe Jaime. LF, Varys, and Melisandre sure. The rest live.
  2. I think Richard Dormer as Beric is really underrated but doesn't have enough screentime to be particularly memorable.
  3. Cuz there used to be other characters in KL for her to be witty against and scheme. Now she's there alone with a wizard, a zombie, and a lovesick puppy.
  4. She should marry Robb Stark and together they'll destroy the Lannisters. Ahh, good times.
  5. Yeah, I don't know where I read that the first 3 episodes of Season 8 will be the war against the NK but that would mean the last 3 episodes would be Cersei/Euron. So....plot armor for all the major characters until the series finale. Cuz Jon ain't going anywhere and Dany ain't dying after only a few eps in Westeros. I would have assumed Dany was 100% going to die against the NK in the series finale but she's not gonna miss the last 3 episodes of the series...which means she won't die to Cersei either. All signs are pointing at an epilogue childbirth death with Jon and Tyrion taking care of the baby. Eugh.
  6. Holy Hell, as someone who read the leaks, I expected this episode to be one of the weakest of the season plot-wise. But also dialogue wise it's really hammy. Thank God there are only 8 more episodes. I can't handle the butchering of ASOIAF anymore. Right now, HBO is with D&D like Warner Bros is with giving Zack Snyder the reins continuously bad movie after bad movie even though they have the resources to hire better writers/directors.
  7. Show me where in Season 6 it hinted at Arya was going to The Twins to kill Walder Frey, in 6x08 she just said she's going home. Her 6x10 scene felt shoehorned in and out of place.
  8. Arya is straight up revenge porn. The way she just plopped in as cook for Walder Frey and subsequently used his face to murder all the Frey men. No smooth transition, just an all-powerful entity of revenge with teleportation powers. I had hoped Winterfell would bring her back to some semblance of a character, possibly one with trauma and regrets over the dark things she's done growing up to survive (hahahaha), but according to the leaks -- that hardly seems the case. Plus, what role and character development could the Stark sisters even have in Season 8???
  9. Well most people seem to think its one of the best, IMDB is a good indicator. It's sitting at 9.9/10 there. Personally, the underwhelming Stark reunion is a blemish on an otherwise master-class episode. I was really looking forward to it, so I may have had too high expectations, but I'm still pretty sure the dialogue was just flat It had so much potential.. Seven years apart and they had nothing memorable to say to each other. The only memorable part was Arya carting Bran around as Sansa followed, beautiful moment of all 10 seconds. The rest was dull.
  10. I don't see all these book prophecies that have been barely touched on in the show coming to fruition. I actually see both Jon and Dany surviving the White Walker threat to come home and deal with Cersei/Euron ala the Scouring of the Shire. Now it begs the question in the War for the Dawn who will die - many secondary/tertiary characters, I suspect. Other than that who knows how they raise the stakes.
  11. Bronn should have died, but I knew that wasn't going to happen when they took him to Dorne without consequence. He'll have some D&D quip in the last episode's epilogue. I get why, though, they won't kill him. Other than the fact he's a fan-favorite and they loove him, Jaime doesn't have Illyn Payn or anyone else to talk to that isn't Cersei. The role is going to Bronn.
  12. I agree. The show is more popular than ever, just when its coming to an end. And it's only doing that because a) budget and b. D&D are tired and don't wanna hand it over. I never expected everyone to make it in the show, every Tyrell, Greyjoy, Dornish, Meereeneese, Northern Lord, Vale Lord, Aegon's troupe, misc Essos characters, Oldtown, Riverlands, etc. But there was so much potential with the characters they DID add in the show. Just look at the Stark children reunion last week - underwhelming because of underwhelming dialogue. I'd have sacrificed every million dollar battle scene for more tightly woven dialogue and story. After all, it wasn't the spectacle of GoT that made the show more popular - it was the political knife-cutting twists and heelturns that defined even the show. Stuff like Arianne's crown plot and The North Remembers (For real) should have made it in the show.
  13. No way. That was never going to happen. Just wouldn't be compelling TV. Will Dany choose the Dornish Prince or the handsome King in the North Jon Snow? Tune in next time.... Going with Cersei was their best and only option IMO. I don't think the southern conflict could have translated to the show, too many players and they weren't going to dramatically change the cast for the last few seasons. It was time to shrink the story. Which is why I propose Stannis as Cersei makes no sense.. at least he was in the show early on.
  14. Not sure what the purpose of Stannis is in the books (if he dies in TWOW losing at Winterfell, what was the point of keeping him around? I always thought he could be ADOS material). Anyway --- the show did a terrible job with Stannis and D&D were certainly no fans of the character they literally turned him into a villain and used him as filler in seasons 3,4, and 5. They shouldn't have done that. The show created problems by cutting important characters but also by under-utilizing characters they did cast in the show. I think Stannis could have made an interesting stand-in for Aegon and opposition to Daenerys. The rightful ruler, the Usurper's brother, finally claims the Throne. Stannis and Dany are polar opposites and it would have been a lot more interesting for KitN Jon Snow to pick a side.
  15. I agree completely, that they cut too many characters & Lannisters being a threat is ridiculous. But paying for it?? I hate to run to D&D's defense, but not even GRRM can figure out how his AFFC/ADWD characters tie in with the story. I'd like to see it, and I think it will make an epic tale, but all evidence points to the fact GRRM has bitten off more than any one person can chew - in fact, an eighth book is not only looking likely - but necessary IMO.