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  1. so, i had to interview a young lady today looking to join our firm, and my question is: does asking her about her sexual history during the interview count as cheating on my wife?
  2. sorry, unrelated and unimportant, but just thought I'd share that my brother recently joined twitter and he is a anime nazi maga chud... lol, this is extremely funny,,, too me
  3. lmao
  4. so, as some of you may know, my wife and i have had this thing of ours going on for quite a while now. (and i mean a while, nahimean fellas?) it's been just the two of us for what seems like an eternity. so, basically, the problem is as follows: we're still operating under the same rules we agreed to when this began, o so long ago, but i am finding myself more and more frustrated with how things have been going. i mean, she seems to always have the upper hand, and i can never seem to catch a break or get any relief. after what seems to have been an eternity, i've decided i just can't take it anymore, and i simply no longer give a fuck. flipping over the table type shit. my attitude has noticeably worsened; my otherwise jolly and cheerful disposition has turned sullen, despondent and angry. i have even sought the advice of friends and various message boards, and the overwhelming consensus seems to be "never get trapped in this kind of situation with just one other person" most have recommended a minimum of three, even four people for proper balance and stability. so, despite my best intentions and instincts, i am ashamed to admit i have stooped to cheating. it's terrible, and i always feel like shit after the fact, but in that moment there is such a rush of excitement (of the taboo, maybe) and a brief but overwhelming sense of relief.... the sense that i am my own man, i can control my own destiny, i have agency and... *sigh* it rarely lasts, however. and, worst of all, she has yet to confront me (for lack of proof most likely) yet i fear she suspects. she is no fool after all. i think of myself as an overall good guy, and i not only worry i cannot keep up the charade, but deep down i truly don't want to. but this is the kind of thing that tears people apart and destroys marriages, I've seen it happen. so, my question to the board; how do i get out of this? do i come clean and admit all?do i, next time she goes to the bathroom, surreptitiously replace her armies i had previously swapped with mine when she wasn't in the room? do i simply do and say nothing, and resolve to do better next time? do we, despite all the trials and tribulations and hardships, try and start over? i mean, the sheer amount of time and emotional energy you put into a game of Risk is nothing to scoff at, and i worry the shattered trust may be too much to overcome. i may just end up throwing the goddamn game away, it's probably not worth it
  5. question for the board: in a committed and monogamous relationship, is achieving self-succ considered cheating? asking for a friend.... unrelated, anyone recommend any good yoga studios? i've been kicked out of mine for, uh, creative differences
  6. small brain: staying true to your partner big brain: its not a crime if no one finds out genious brain: everyone just fucking everyone else, all the time galaxy brain: stay alone and volcel forever, keep your precious fluids and energies for yourself
  7. thanks for that... just got outta work and wondering what the hell happened today. so (sorry) just to be clear... an "aye" majority for this 'point of order' just would have meant the bcra could have been debated and ultimately voted on?
  8. everyone talking about john mccain possibly retiring this term.... i hear he has a "two more" in him,,,
  9. its a bad avi, dude sorry winky smiley
  10. @dmc515thanks for the thoughtful response, will reply tomorrow but in the meantime for anyone hanging their hopes on gillibrand as the great lib hope....
  11. ps you guys are amazing
  12. how is this thread still going on?
  13. its a shitty policy based on cops supposed right to privacy; but instead of only being able to turn them off in certain, short intervals like when they use the bathroom, they are supposed to actively turn them on before they shoot a citizen or plant drug evidence... totally makes sense. maybe now that they killed a white lady that might change, as it should. you wanna be a cop, have the power of life and death over anyone you meet? fuck it we all get to see the hog (or equivalent, hog-type analogue) eta: what kind of weirdo points their dang chest down towards their junk when using the can? no one should see your shit anyway, jfc
  14. not gonna break this quote up, but: first of all, i think we determined previously that i am older than you; so show some damn respect you little punk, get off my lawn and cut your hair. the political class has a duty and obligation to press the moral high ground, and present effective messaging to bring the (maybe not recalcitrant, but perhaps... prevaricating?) section of the base around: single payer/uhc/m4a is the morally right plank to stump on, as well as having a fairly good chunk of electorate behind the idea. you asked a few posts back what's to keep the right from taking it away? the fact that has been brought up many times: its hard as hell to take away good entitlements once they are granted. too many of the white shit heel liberals i talk about today are straight up saying "single payer is never going to happen", and don't just caution against it "now", but actively fight it. those anthony rendon's of the party who fight against it without aknowledging and working to overcome its obstacles should be jettisoned from the party as anchors that only serve to drag the platform to the right. as to "how gleaned from the content quoted": its simple. was fighting, actively and vociferously, for the franchise and equal rights of those disenfranchised and oppressed by the u.s. government the morally correct position to take? if yes, then anything less is simply a craven concession to the reactionaries of the right. i say fuck that, i'd rather be on the right side of history. thats how you get shit like "separate but equal" or "dadt". fuck that. its not the coward politicians that are slowly dragging this shit into cceptance; its the radicals and activists that keep fighting, agitating, and working against the ossified politicos that get this shit to be widely accepted by the public and slowly the fuckers come around. i want, for once, some somewhat forward thinking politicians to actually try and be halfway ahead of a critical issue and drag the 'big tent' along with them, and this, along with climate change, is the fucking issue of our time, and it needs to be goddamn treated as such ps if you want me to capitalize, get a damn avi. i cant tell you from damn borbasil or whatever the fuck he is now
  15. fairly certain the progress those radicals were pushing for was not incremental; the shitheel white liberals (et al) forced incrementalism, to all of our shame no. we are strictly anti capitalist, the state of your petty booj eyes are not my concern so you are saying it wasnt better to achieve more equitable and egalitarian rights for african americans, women, and other disenfranchised and oppressed persons because the timing wasn't right, politically? cool, cool... sounds like something we should really strive for edit: was my last post deleted? or did the board eat it?