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  1. chili has beans in it
  3. @karaddin, yeah, i've been trying wrap my head around the terrorist attack in portland. that, along with the crazy tampa story, wondering if these right wing white supremacist events warrant their own thread
  4. yep. some of my dearest friends are people i've met through this board
  5. goddamn... my heart goes out to his family and friends, the world over
  6. and in some pretty good news: the newly passed spending bill lifts state dept restrictions on number of refugees admitted to u.s.
  7. there is a whole shit ton of badass compilations of under-appreciated stuff like this put out by some of those old specialty re-issue labels. if you ever want to get out and explore a little bit check out some of the comps put out by soul jazz and sound way -- some personal favorites include "panama! latin, calypso, and funk on the isthmus 1965-75" and the "tropicalia" series and go from there
  8. yeah, gotta repeat the hobbit/lotr... the one thing i can remember my father reading to my brother and i as kids, and actually the book i started to learn to read on. aside from that, the redwall books, and king's the wastelands, which was the first book i read more than once
  9. just meet up? buddy, if you're not into, at minimum, some sweaty necking, you've got the wrong place
  10. that was literally the first thing that came to mind when i read about that kushner thing
  11. man, before this who thing is done, we're going to read about some trump adjacent dipshit, shot dead in a georgetown townhouse closet
  12. voters in MT getting illegal robocalls from trump/pence tonight, meanwhile sheriffs office issues citation for misdemeanor assult
  13. well, either way this shakes out, guess we can take this race off the "potential weathervanes for 2018" list, huh
  14. aaaand... the sheriff investigating is a gianforte donor
  15. well then, hell yeah dude, extremely good