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  1. crazy and scary as hell. assume you've seen and passed along these number but just in case 202-778-0710 787-777-0940 877-976-2400
  2. i'll have you all know i already knew what dotard meant and didnt have to look it up becuase of fantasy literature
  3. puerto rico is pretty much 100% without electricity right now after maria, and people are saying it may be 4-6 MONTHS until power is fully restored puerto rico has a greater population than like, 20 actual states
  4. and people say there is no bipartisanship in washington these days
  5. shanah tovah yall
  6. http://www.newnownext.com/scout-schultz-georgia-tech-police-shooting/09/2017/ it never fucking stops
  7. oh no, i am coming down on the wrong side of the morality fence as altherion and lou thrawnbold, must be time for some serious self reflection eta: linking an op ed decrying violence by megen fucking mcardle lmfao
  8. the anti fascists are taking immediate protective action in standing up to a dangerous situtation, to whit the violence as a premediated political strategy inherent to fascism and white supremacy
  9. if that's your definition, it's so broad as to be meaningless. but, seeing as there are any number of defining traits that characterize nazis/fascists, beyond the simple use of or "enthusiasm for" violence, we can all agree that it is a wildly inaccurate statement and move on
  10. huh?
  11. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/ct-defense-policy-bill-20170918-story.html but, uh, how are we gonna pay for it
  12. lol buddy thats what we've been saying
  13. no, that's not all he is saying. he has repeatedly equated antifa or anyone willing to use violence against the far right nationalists as 'just as bad as nazis'
  14. remember how activists from ADAPT took incredibly effective direct actions to protest the last ghoulish healthcare atrocity, and basically helped galvanize the public backlash? well the house is now introducing a bill to weaken the ada.
  15. deez nutz, binch