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  1. just discovered kenny g's son is in a prog metal band and (albeit, not my usual territory, will defer to @Ferrum Aeternum, as this is his wheelhouse)... well, it kind of fucking shreds https://themantleband.bandcamp.com/
  2. ok, so what are some of the greater take always from last nights election? let's turn to josh barro: cripes, what a doofus
  3. northam: i am alt right now lol
  4. buddy, have i got news about the entire american electoral structure
  5. lol, considering this whole thing started with a foot stamping, someone-crashed-my-sweet-16 tantrum, you're gonna have to specify who you mean by "whining wing" but sure, who gives a shit about so-called liberals taking concrete and public anti- sanctuary area stances in this political climate, not like that is a pressing issue at all. but again, to all you perfectly frictionless sphere activists, the please explain the proper way to go about demonstrating y'all are this, but "woke"
  6. ok mr alinsky, say the issue of immigration and sanctuary cities is your primary political concern. what action do you take? vote for the even shittier gillespe? not vote when the polls show a potentially very tight race? sit quietly aside and let northam assume his basically "not a trumpist shitbag" mandate implies acceptance of his shitty stances regarding your political raison d'ĂȘtre? god forbid you disrupt the victory party oh no
  7. yes? please do explain
  8. because it's not a football game? winning elections is the means, not the end. do i really have to explain this?
  9. tough to tell over the shitty music, but I think it was "you borrowed our vote, sanctuary for all people" or something like that
  10. hell yeah, it actually is.
  11. also, lol
  12. catch these invisible hands
  13. too bad thread changed over tonight of all nights, coulda been some really great rand paul titles out there
  14. change for the sake of change...
  15. hell yeah baby! eta: lots of good news for the left all over