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  1. Was thinking about you the other day. Hope things are going alright with life and all that surrounds it. Still not on Facebook? I'm getting my old ass married in May. Marrying someone that also loves peanut butter and is actually letting me play some Buckethead during the reception after the ceremony. Take care, I'd love to chat with you some time. 

    Seth Davis 

    Bangor Maine




  2. Hey, babe. Been way too long. I would love to hear how you are doing. I don't come here that often, but you are free to message me or find me on Facebook. Getting married in May. Hope life is treating you well.

    Seth Davis



  3. Greetings TTTN'enders. Been a crazy week, but I wanted to update those who are not friends with me on the Facebook that probably won't end either: Bandito is getting married. I was introduced to this awesome girl at a beer festival several years ago. We went on one date afterwards and I politely told her I wasn't really up for dating. Many excuses from still dealing with the loss of my father, to probably still chasing after an ex. About 7 months later, we literally bumped into each other again at a beer festival. Things took off from there. I soon spent a night or two at her house, to a week or two, only going home to feed my cats. I told myself the whole time we were just friends. I eventually gave that up when a "I love you" slipped out last Fall. No beers were involved. I think I was just tired. That or an old bachelor was kind of liking how letting your guard down for love was working. I tell her now, I just want to be friends with her - For the rest of my life. She is just fun to be a partner with. From beerfests to life stress, she adds an awesome balance of intellect and humor. I am far from tamed, just adjusted . . . to the fun of sharing all love has to offer. I want to thank TTTNE, and all its awesome people. For keeping me entertained so long ago. For helping me realize sanity was overrated. For dealing with a drunken rant or a Buckethead album or two. For providing me with so many laughs. And being a thread full of the many paths and pitfalls of life. This thread has dealt with death, love, puberty, peanut butter, and so much more. Thank you guys. If you are not friends with me on Facebook and want to be drop a message here . Pretty busy now planning a wedding in the Central America/Caribbean area next Spring. As well as continuing to defend Tom Brady, but If you are ever in the New England area and need a laugh or want a Bandito certified hug, I will do my best to provide. Keep on, "Spamming". Seth Davis
  4. Can't I vote for a king and a queen or is that no more? If only I had a GIF of you dancing.
  5. Rooting for Cincinnati. For the simple reasons that I think the Kansas City defense is scary and the Steeler offense scarier. I have no clue what kind of offensive line play the Patriots will have. Horrible or hopefully functional.
  6. You can insert GIFS now? Back in my day we only had links and you had to carry them back to the thread. Oh and I vote for Pebs. Happy New Year never ending threadies
  7. We will meet in alternate dimensions LOL

  8. I am going to find you some day and then we will fight highlander style.

    There can be only one.

  9. For a good Spam Job call 555 - Games.

  10. Awesome name. Drop by lit, entertainment or games for some fun when you get board with the book discussions.

  11. Your gender is not set? Yet there is not a single person on this board who does not excude more feminine sexiness than you. Much love and even more respect.

    El Bandito

  12. I just gave you four stars. If you want five you have to cheer for Tom Brady.