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  1. I'd prefer this one: https://www.thebrickfan.com/lego-star-wars-ultimate-collector-series-millennium-falcon-75192-officially-announced/
  2. Yeah. I think a big part of the problem was the lack of antagonists - L'Rell saves the Federation by giving a speech to a bunch of extras, while a Klingon fleet with nobody we know aboard approaches Earth but doesn't get too close.
  3. I prefer the idea that their propulsion systems work by latching on to some kind of aether (perhaps the boundary between real space and hyperspace?) which results in the movement characteristics we see on-screen. There's certainly no visible indication of how they're manoeuvering like rocket exhaust or rudders, which you'd get with any means of propulsion know to modern science, atmosphere or not. Leia survived using the Force. Some others on the bridge presumably also survived the explosion, but had no way to keep hold of their air or stop flying away from the ship, so died shortly after.
  4. The thing is, even in the more recent seasons they're still getting an awful lot from GRRM, with the characters, settings, and situations they're starting from, and at least some idea of where it's all supposed to end up. Even if you think they're still doing a good job (and it's not just book fans who have reservations), it's not much of an indication of what they're capable of as writers. They could probably do a good job of realising someone else's story, but can they come up with something decent on their own, with only essentially cosmetic elements of the Star Wars universe? I guess we'll find out...
  5. Yep - it's a pity the model wasn't lit and shot like that more often! The flight deck is also very nice.
  6. That's an odd choice. They don't exactly have much of a track record at coming up with their own stories to tell!
  7. Isn't it supposed to be a sequel to the books, rather than an adaptation? I'm pretty sure there was a reference to book events early on, though I don't recall the details. Dirk himself isn't much like I imagined him (the BBC series Dirk is closer), but I'm not sure it isn't a valid interpretation of the character as written; I'd need to reread the books.
  8. You don't need private ownership of the means of production to have decentralised markets. I'd say pure capitalism doesn't actually have a political system, as suggested by the most pro-capitalist parties' calls for smaller government. Any political decision is about how to interfere in the free market, and to the extent such interference happens at all, the system isn't pure capitalism. Though as long as there is a government, I'd agree strong capitalism will tend towards authoritarianism as the wealthy and powerful seek to preserve and improve their own positions. The more the economic system moves towards socialism, the more important the government is, and that government can be anywhere on the democratic-authoritarian spectrum. The big problem with "authoritarian" governments is when they interfere in people's non-economic lives, and the issue there isn't a lack of democracy - if minorities are legally persecuted, it doesn't make any difference whether that's imposed by a single absolute monarch or democratically approved by a bigoted majority. Which is another reason for more authoritarianism under extreme capitalism - the government doesn't have anything better to do if it's not allowed to interfere with the markets.
  9. Which movie?
  10. Some people objected to it because it didn't fit the Star Trek formula established by TOS and TNG closely enough, being set on a space station instead of a starship. That was always a very silly objection. She has already been instrumental in saving all life in every possible universe; if that doesn't earn you a bit of redemption, I don't know what does! Though that doesn't give them much room to up the stakes in future seasons...
  11. May's belief isn't particularly strong evidence of anything, compared with Fitz's understanding of the science and the fact we've had two previous multi-story arcs involving inhuman precogs seeing the future and not being able to change it (Raina and Robin's father).
  12. Yep. From the trailer they appear to have cloaking technology, so not being detected seems entirely plausible.
  13. Sure; if you enjoy the original, I don't see why you wouldn't appreciate the rest. TNG does take a couple of seasons to hit its stride; start with the pilot (Encounter at Farpoint), but if that doesn't leave you wanting to watch everything, then it's fine to skip ahead and only watch the most highly regarded episodes. Deep Space Nine is the best series, and has a lot more ongoing plot and character development - you can't watch episodes at random so much, especially in later seasons. Voyager largely squanders its potential, but the Doctor is great. Enterprise has the least engaging crew, but gets quite good by its final season.
  14. Unless his powers get amplified by the same thing that makes Quake strong enough to destroy the planet in the first place? Probably, but it would be a massive copout, since they've established that knowing the future doesn't allow you to change it, and they appear to remember having travelled into the future in the flashbacks(forwards?) to the early days of the Lighthouse. I find it hard to see how they can unhappen it all in a satisfying manner.
  15. I generally prefer Firefox, but the recent major update broke the Tabmix Plus add-on, which is a real downer (it lets you have multiple rows of tabs instead of a single sideways-scrolling row, amongst other things).