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  1. Another Kennedy? Is anyone else disturbed at the way the same families keep coming up with presidential candidates? The US isn't supposed to be a hereditary monarchy.
  2. That is good news. We'll be starting season 4 soon. It's hard to believe all Tatiana's characters are played by the same person! That sucks I've managed to avoid spoilers so far, and we're almost caught up - just one more to go.
  3. Theoretically possible, but highly unlikely.
  4. Hell is full of souls, not physical people; under normal circumstances, when people die, their bodies remain behind on Earth. Though I guess in this universe they probably do get new physical bodies in Hell or Heaven, the same way angels get new bodies when they die. But season 1 Eugene has no way of knowing Hell is a physical place, and no way of knowing how to get there. Other than just killing himself, I guess, which leaves the question of where his original body ended up. How the Saint of Killers works is another question. He has no soul, and his original physical body was killed, so how did he end up in Hell? Maybe there's a proper explanation of that still to come, but I doubt it.
  5. I am wearing a bra.... (I is also very drunk)
  6. So you are wearing mascara and bra?
  7. He works for the Grail, a powerful secret organisation that has the direct descendants of Jesus Christ in its care. It looks like Starr is in charge of dealing with any potential rivals to the Grail, ie potential Messiahs other than the ones in the Grail's custody. I expect we'll find out more in due course.
  8. How about one bus stop per suburb, with on-demand minibuses that transport people between the bus stop and any destination within the suburb? (Or between any two points within the suburb, for that matter.) Wouldn't that be much more efficient than every house in the suburb having a car or two of their own? With a massive increase in public transport usage, frequency of buses can be increased to make the service much better. And during low demand periods when the high-capacity buses aren't running, the minibuses can do longer trips.
  9. That's because reality is currently looking like something out of Mad magazine.
  10. People are largely attached to the information stored on their phones, not the physical hardware; they're usually happy to toss out their old phones without a second thought when they get a better, newer model. And while phones might be unused the majority of the time, they're used frequently and unpredictably. And it's not that unusual for people to let someone borrow their phone to make a call, without charging anything. Some people are attached to some cars, but most people most of the time just want a reliable way to get from one place to another. The time cost of commuting doesn't go down, so long distances are still undesirable. And the most practical option is probably local shuttles that take people to and from the nearest train station or express bus hub, making many trips every rush hour. No, it's an incredible waste. It would be far more efficient for most of those people to use public transport instead.
  11. They can get used to it. There are certainly advantages, like not having to be away from their families for extended periods, and more time for recreation and hobbies. Reduce the length of the working week as more jobs get replaced by automation, to keep the available work distributed fairly - how does a three-day weekend every week sound, for a start? Automation isn't a problem, the problem is taking jobs away without adding UBI and other such measures to compensate.
  12. Hello! *waves*
  13. Huh. The title didn't grab my attention, but that show looks like it might be worth a try...
  14. The problem with mail-in (and online voting) is that actually filling in the ballot is entirely unregulated. There's nothing to ensure people get to vote freely without being watched and pressured by anyone. Or even that people get to fill in their own ballots at all.
  15. Yay! The board will let me quote now. More or less, yeah. I'm a programmer, so I take breaks from my job staring at a screen to read the forum by staring at the same screen