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  1. Some snow would be nice; it's way too hot down on this side of the planet.
  2. And crucially, different sets of customers, and far more Clownbacks than Carusos. Say the blue coconuts are produced in bulk and eaten by Clownbacks, while the red coconuts are gourmet items that take a lot more resources to produce and are only eaten by Carusos. If the Clownbacks all get laid off and can't afford to buy cheap blue coconuts any more, then the first Caruso won't make any money, and will no longer be able to afford to buy the expensive red coconuts. So the second Caruso won't make any money either. And neither of them want blue coconuts, so there's no basis for trade.
  3. Ooh, it would be nice to get a new post-Voyager prime timeline film. Preferably not restricting the cast to the TNG regulars; DS9 and Voyager characters deserve a chance at the big screen too. Though the primary focus should probably be on new characters.
  4. It's the logo of the Empire from Star Wars. I saw the movie before I read the book, so I'm afraid that's the definitive version for me. I can certainly understand preferring the book with all the extra content, though!
  5. https://imgur.com/a/k05rB
  6. Aside from the people who can't afford human lawyers (like the growing crowds of unemployed), and will have to accept a virtual lawyer no matter how much they'd prefer a human one. And if the virtual lawyers start winning trials, attitudes towards them are likely to change.
  7. Except surely we want to raise the standard of living of the rest of the world's population to match that of the US, rather than reduce the US and Europe to third world states? Which is a huge problem resource-wise. In theory, I think humanity probably could turn things around. In practice, not gonna happen. The people who understand and care about the problems don't have the power to do anything, and those who do have power are more interested in protecting their own interests. English-speaking white people will probably do ok; US citizenship is unlikely to do much good for most other coastal refugees.
  8. That's very much a repeat of what's been done with the inhumans on TV, though. I think it would make more sense to keep the mutants in a separate universe. Or alternatively just stop pretending that Agents has anything to do with the movies.
  9. Certainly before 2021; it seems unlikely they were already rogue at the time of the original film, though, since the limited-lifespan Nexus-7 were still state-of-the-art. It seems like all (or at least many) of the unlimited Tyrell Nexus-8s went rogue pretty quickly; it's only Wallace's new Nexus-9s that appear to need the real memories to have a chance to break their conditioning.
  10. Getting up at 7:30am sucks. I don't want to even imagine 5am! US networks in general, not just the CW; they've always had random-seeming breaks in broadcast of new episodes, traditionally filled with repeats. And yeah, I think it's due to the ongoing filming (and occasional pre-empting for major sport things). The mid-season finale is a relatively new concept, though.
  11. You left out the future alt-right paramilitary that's usually* responsible for the eradication of every civilization in the galaxy (including their own), so it's not that idealistic. And human supremacists being one of the biggest threats to the galaxy is a pretty Left position. (* since Shepard gets killed by Cerberus a lot more often than she completes the game, in an average playthrough)
  12. Certainly. https://imgur.com/a/d3jH1
  13. That's my preference too, but it does require more constant attention to the screen to avoid missing anything, so isn't very compatible with multitasking like eating a meal in front of the TV.
  14. Ok, that's coming along nicely. Needs more tuna though. https://imgur.com/a/vuBGf
  15. So you'll have some time free for tree decorating?