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  1. For Myshkin: Labyrinth Remake in the Works

    Is there going to be any kid-saving in this one?
  2. And actual threads being woven together, not geometric patterns and runes appearing from nowhere. This is the best example I can find, though there should be more of a discernible pattern to how the threads come together. Weaves affecting an area rather than a point effect (eg wrapping someone in air) would look more like a loose net, with the sorts of patterns you can make with actual weaving on a loom.
  3. Only sometimes, when it's particularly relevant, eg someone learning how to weave something. To most people, the weaves are invisible (and nobody can see both saidar and saidin weaves), so they should only be depicted when the scene is showing the perspective of a channeller.
  4. Personally I'd prefer that it looked cheap and unrealistic but ambitious, rather than cutting out/down everything they can't afford to do movie-quality and making a show that's beautiful but small, with many elements of the books left out for budget reasons.
  5. Star Wars: Episode VIII predictions

    Unless Luke had a cousin - that would explain why Uncle Owen is so hostile to Kenobi
  6. Winter/Crossroads/Knife can be done in one season easily. But that would still be 12 seasons, so I think some other volumes would also need to be merged to bring it down to a manageable length.
  7. Perhaps it might be wise to wait till the final season has finished before you recommend it?
  8. Star Wars: Episode VIII predictions

    But Luke himself plays no role in the film; BB-8 may as well have being carrying a recipe for the best chocolate cake in the galaxy. It's not at all clear why anyone cares about finding him (until the end when Rey presumably needs training), or whether it makes any difference to the First Order's attack on the Republic (building the starkiller obviously wasn't a response to BB-8 escaping). You could substitute any macguffin without changing the rest of the film, which compares unfavourably to the Death Star plans that play a vital role in the original. Or even no macguffin - Finn's defection is enough to drive the plot on its own, since he knows about the starkiller.
  9. Star Wars: Episode VIII predictions

    Not exactly; they jump to hyperspace, then it cuts to the surface of Endor and the interior of the Death Star for six minutes of screen time before the fleet arrives. They could have been in hyperspace for hours in real time, and the staging point for the attack was presumably chosen to be conveniently close to Endor rather than on the other side of the galaxy. To me it feels like an awkwardly hacked up version of the original's structure, with old and new elements badly integrated. Eg the planet killer being demonstrated and the rebels needing to launch a desperate assault before it can fire again and destroy their base still takes up a big chunk of the movie, but all the establishment of the planetkiller before it's used is lost, and instead of the droid being hunted by the bad guys having the data needed to destroy the planetkiller, they can just see where its weak spot is, and an ex-janitor happens to know who to threaten to turn off the shields. The hunt for Luke is basically irrelevant to the plot; sending Rey to him at the end would make just as much sense if Leia had known where he was all along.
  10. The Movellan cameo was nice, though!
  11. Sort of. It's Aida's projection of how the world would have turned out, manipulated to suit her needs. As far as I'm aware it plays out in real time, so the real people were dropped into the roles Aida prepared for them, rather than actually living through all the events between their "fix" and the present and making their own decisions. Plenty of opportunity for Aida to make choices for people that they'd never have made in real life (starting with removing their regrets in the first place, since we know the real people didn't make the regret-avoiding choice outside the framework). I don't think Fitz regrets meeting Simmons 8)
  12. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    No, it'll go in my next order, but I won't actually get it in my hands till some time next month
  13. For Myshkin: Labyrinth Remake in the Works

    Sounds like it's actually a sequel/spinoff rather than a remake, which is a much less awful idea, though I still have strong reservations. I hope they understand how much of the original Labyrinth was taken from Sarah's memories/imagination, so if they have a different human interacting with the goblins then the Labyrinth should have a very different appearance.
  14. TTTNE 469- A New Order of Imperial entanglement

    ...are you still talking about spanking there? Try LibreOffice? It's perfectly adequate for my needs, though I don't do anything fancy. Ooh, yay! (about Saga, not the studying - I hope that gets better!) Hmm... from a non-religious perspective, I've generally seen Christmas as the more important Christian holiday, but perhaps that's just because it's more important as a secular holiday while still having strong connections to religion. For us, Easter is basically just about eating chocolate eggs on a long weekend, so I guess there's a much bigger difference in importance as seen by Christians and non-Christians.
  15. Anime

    The first Rebuild film is essentially a slightly cut-down remake of the first six episodes with better animation, but #2 diverges more from the series, and #3 takes things in a totally different direction. We've still got no idea when the final film will actually be released, so if you want a complete story, the TV series is definitely the way to go for now. End of Evangelion will at best lack the impact it should have, if not be totally incomprehensible, if you don't watch the series first.