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  1. Magic dance?
  2. Is it wrong that I really want an E Nesbit crossover?
  3. It's depicting a racist, misogynist society... I'm not sure to what extent that makes it a racist, misogynist film. The murder of the new model seemed like the most egregious choice (I'm sure Wallace would have treated a male model just the same), but according to wikipedia, she was played by the same actress as Luv, which would make it a much less arbitrary decision. If that's the case (I didn't notice at the time), it's also a significant point in the "are there multiple identical replicants running around" debate. And on the plus side, it does have a relatively large number of important female characters. No evidence in the original film, sure; this is pure retcon. But it seems pretty clear that Wallace knew Rachael could be fertile from Tyrell records. Possibly that was the primary goal of the Nexus-7 line; and possibly the extended lifespan of the Nexus-8s was a response to the same inability to meet demand (If you can't sell all your customers a new model every four years, you may as well sell a version that will last longer). I got the impression that Stelline's memory implants were making the replicants less completely obedient than they were designed to be. Perhaps that's the reason giving them real memories was illegal.
  4. It grows on you if you give it a chance. Like some kind of fungus.
  5. On the other hand, both Wallace and Tyrell wanted replicants that could reproduce naturally because they couldn't manufacture them in sufficient quantities by the current methods, which implies it's not a straightforward mass-production process that can be scaled up. And rogue replicants can pass for human, which means there's a lot more diversity in appearance than with Cylons; if there was only a limited number of replicant faces, everyone would recognise them. It's certainly plausible that K has never seen another replicant that looks identical to him. Whatever Wallace is reviewing, it's obviously not what the new model looks like.
  6. If there are other replicants that look identical to K, I'd assume they'd be allocated to other cities/planets or at least departments. The human cops wouldn't like working with multiple identical replicants; they'd have too much trouble telling them apart. So K has probably never met a lookalike, if there is such a thing (adding a random factor to replicant faces doesn't seem like it would be difficult). They can make more-or-less identical replicants, but there's no evidence that it happens routinely (I suspect it probably does, but if a future movie establishes otherwise, it won't be contradicting anything we've seen so far). Perhaps, but living in human society is going to make him better at his job than keeping him in a box most of the time. And that's assuming keeping him in a box wouldn't drive him mad; the replicants aren't that different from humans. Also, the police union probably insists on replicants getting full pay, because otherwise the human cops would all be out of a job pretty soon (why pay a human when a replicant can do it for free?).
  7. I suspect it did end before, hence the emergency ceasarean. Replicants are tough; it doesn't seem that plausible to me that giving birth could kill one that wasn't already dying. Tyrell's plan for developing fertile replicants presumably didn't include his own murder and Rachael running away, so it wasn't happening on whatever timescale he'd intended, and there's no obvious need to give the 7s greater longevity. Roy's lifespan was slightly under four years; if Rachael had the same limit, her incept date would have been around August 2017, with her working for Tyrell for a couple of years before the first movie.
  8. Where do you get that from?
  9. I don't think that was established, outside the tacked-on happy ending of the theatrical release. It seems likely to me that her death during childbirth was due to having reached her expiry date. She died about 20 months after the first movie, so presumably she spent at least a year with Deckard before discovering she was pregnant and splitting up to protect the kid. The Nexus-8s seem to be the first without expiry dates; I don't think there are any confirmed 7s running around in 2049? Deckard might have been a Nexus-8 prototype, or he might have been a human who might have had his memories messed with. If he is a replicant, I do think he's newer than Rachael. I don't think Wallace knows; their records from the Tyrell era are fragmentary. I seem to recall mention of uprisings that resulted in replicants being banned altogether (until Wallace's new more obedient versions), so the fear of them isn't without foundation. Of course slave uprisings aren't exactly unjustified either. I'm pretty sure she was a Nexus-7 - we saw her serial number. The Nexus-8s seem to have had a wide release; maybe even on Earth.
  10. Was she jealous? I got the impression that she was reacting to the prostitute taking an interest in the horse, and wanted to get rid of her because of that. She/it was one of the most interesting things in the film.
  11. The first episode has already aired on UKTV Play - for some reason they release them online a week in advance of the broadcast. I thought it was pretty solid 8)
  12. No, definitely not reboots; the existing versions are too good. But Farscape in particular I think is so character-based that it really needs multiple original cast members back as regulars; the universe it's set in isn't all that well defined, so doesn't suit spinoffs with new characters in the same way something like Star Trek does. Otherwise, just make something entirely new in a Farscapey style instead of being beholden to the existing continuity. Absolutely!
  13. Not a very clear story, though. It's good, but not entirely to my taste. They should get the Galavant crew to make one!
  14. It starts to diverge in the first episode, but the differences grow more extreme over time; there's no clear dividing line. And there are at least two books of ASoIaF that haven't been published yet, so if you want to read the whole story before watching, you'll probably be waiting quite a while.
  15. Meh. Store-brand TNG with a heavy sprinkling of hit-and-miss comedy (I did like the Kermit joke) that frequently doesn't gel all that well. Entertaining enough, but so far I'm not going to care if it gets cancelled.
  16. You're probably at the point where characters other than Rand start getting PoV chapters? There's a lot more about characters other than Rand in future books, though it comes too late in at least one case.
  17. Force mind tricks? She's very young to be expressing that sort of power already!
  18. Either that or a full series of Saturday Morning Watchmen.
  19. Most of the long distance buses here don't have them, though some do. Indeed. Nice!
  20. Not really. An NZ First-Labour-Greens coalition would certainly be less awful than NZ First-National in the short term, but I'm not sure if it would help or hurt the chances of getting Labour-Greens over 50% next time. What I'd really like is a solo Greens government, but that's not going to happen till after the capital city gets flooded by rising sea levels if ever. Anyway, the Special Votes will be counted in a couple of weeks, and we'll probably find out who Winston will pick not too long after that. I mean, in theory, we could have a Labour-National coalition instead - far more practical than the National-Green coalition some have been advocating - but the two big parties are still essentially defined by their opposition to each other even after 21 years of MMP. Old and racist; he's the type who'd want to build a wall along the border if we weren't already surrounded by ocean.
  21. We have an election going on down here. Looks like Winston Peters is going to decide the government; he is unpredictable, so it might be weeks before we find out which way he'll jump. He's a populist who's base is mostly old people.
  22. Yep.
  23. Personally I don't find the first half to be that bad, but on the other hand, I don't find the second half to be that great. The finale is superb, though.
  24. Give it a bit longer to grab you. It's a seriously flawed series, but enjoyable. IMAO the Sanderson books finish it off pretty well, and come as something of a relief following the last couple of Jordan volumes (which are still fun if you like spending time with the characters, but do pretty much nothing to advance the plot).
  25. Just finished it. I'm afraid I enjoyed Honey more, but Wildeeps was certainly well worth reading. Took me a little while to really get into it, but the dialect wasn't as offputting as I'd feared. I know what you mean, but I thought Honey had enough else going on that I didn't have a problem with it.