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  1. 20 years or more would work better for actor ages (I assume we'd want at least occasional guest appearances by TNG-era characters).
  2. What would have happened to you if you did have an unforseen illness or accident during that time?
  3. The problem is that if you compress them too much, you get nuclear fusion (and if you don't compress them too much, they can be compressed more so the rod isn't impossible to deform). Even if you somehow had enough energy to create it, and assuming there's enough matter in the universe, a single atomic nucleus a light year long would be... quite a long way up the periodic table. Elements tend to get more unstable the higher up they are, so this new element would probably not have the properties we'd want in a rod. Also, it would probably be a black hole, which would present additional difficulties in pushing on one end, and in determining whether or not the bell rang at the other end.
  4. Why can't the universe itself be necessary existent? And even allowing for a necessary existent outside the universe, why assume it's a sentient being?
  5. 5 minutes? Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Try once an hour in the evenings.
  6. I don't think there's any probing involved; I'm no expert, but I think it's typically more along the lines of "please stop using adblocker" being included by default for everyone, but loading the ads removes it. Stylish can also hide Facebook's annoying "please log in" message.
  7. The "Stylish" plugin for Firefox lets you add custom css to websites, eg "div.promoted-tweet {display: none !important;}"
  8. It gave him the ability to fight another god, it explained how he survived using the Infinity Stone in the first installment, and it may well have further ramifications down the track even if he can't reshape planets any more. And I'm not sure he really has lost all his power; if he didn't have power of his own, rather than merely access to Ego's, what use would he have been he to Ego?
  9. Try https://streamable.com/pmp54
  10. You believe he has any thoughts on how it actually works? I rather doubt his understanding is any deeper than "water pumps need priming, and the economy pumps money so it needs priming too".
  11. A dangerously powerful person with no emotional maturity throwing a horrific tantrum when things don't go their way?
  12. One thing that does remain limited in a UBI utopia is space. We can't all have beachfront summer homes unless we put massive skyscrapers along the entire coastline of the planet, which I don't think is really optimal. Though it should be possible for anyone who wants to to take the occasional vacation by the seaside, rationed according to demand.
  13. You can get free CAD/CAM software now, and it will only get better if open source programmers don't need day jobs. And in a few years, we should be able to print as many 3D-printers as we need with 3D-printers
  14. Yeah, they were great. I can't believe people walked out of the cinema during them! My favourite bit was Groot's toe.
  15. No, libraries are horrible - they make you give the books back! ...yes, there is that.
  16. I hope so!
  17. So what's the 42nd letter of the alphabet?
  18. Is there going to be any kid-saving in this one?
  19. And actual threads being woven together, not geometric patterns and runes appearing from nowhere. This is the best example I can find, though there should be more of a discernible pattern to how the threads come together. Weaves affecting an area rather than a point effect (eg wrapping someone in air) would look more like a loose net, with the sorts of patterns you can make with actual weaving on a loom.
  20. Only sometimes, when it's particularly relevant, eg someone learning how to weave something. To most people, the weaves are invisible (and nobody can see both saidar and saidin weaves), so they should only be depicted when the scene is showing the perspective of a channeller.
  21. Personally I'd prefer that it looked cheap and unrealistic but ambitious, rather than cutting out/down everything they can't afford to do movie-quality and making a show that's beautiful but small, with many elements of the books left out for budget reasons.
  22. Unless Luke had a cousin - that would explain why Uncle Owen is so hostile to Kenobi
  23. Winter/Crossroads/Knife can be done in one season easily. But that would still be 12 seasons, so I think some other volumes would also need to be merged to bring it down to a manageable length.