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  1. I'd assume an emergency broadcast from aliens with FTL communication, who include an apology for not being able to do anything to save us?
  2. I'd call that an advantage. If you want to specify singular or plural, use "jedi knight(s)". And you can specify gender with pronouns, eg "the Jedi ignited their lightsaber" for a non-binary Jedi. Being forced to specify potentially irrelevant or unknown information whether you want to or not is more of a problem. Not that English doesn't have plenty of issues!
  3. I suspect it's more complicated than that. People there are happy despite the bad things the government does, but also because of the good things it does. I very much doubt they're genetically happier; ex-Cubans in Florida don't seem to be especially happy as far as I'm aware. And I doubt they'd stay very happy if the government entirely vanished overnight and left them in a state of anarchy. There's certainly room for improvement, but I think that's true of every country.
  4. What think tanks are those? It seems more likely to me that it's the other way round - democracy can't continue under capitalism, since it inherently concentrates wealth and power into a small elite who have the means and motivation to subvert democracy to advance their own interests. I guess "continue" is the key word? If you're talking about eliminating capitalism in an existing pseudo-democratic capitalist state, while simultaneously strengthening democracy, then yes, that's a very challenging goal. But if you had an existing non-capitalist democracy that was peaceful, prosperous, and not threatened by its neighbours, I don't see any reason it shouldn't be stable long-term. The tricky part is getting to that status in the first place.
  5. Yeah, I was a bit bothered by that conversation. There's more than enough (like, way, way more than enough!) to criticise Trump for without getting in to his appearance. The girther thing is tricky, though; it's very well deserved pun, and the issue isn't about what he actually weighs, it's about whether his medical report as a whole can be trusted or not (the claims about his mental health being of the most serious public interest), via an extremely easy-to-test indicator. But the legitimate concerns here clearly do overlap closely with unreasonable fat-shaming.
  6. That seems like a reasonable long-term goal, but exploring other "nearby" solar systems is going to take a loooong time, and sending a colony to one is likely to take a generation ship. Self-sufficient in-system colonies would be vital practice for an interstellar ship, if nothing else. It might be, but I don't think we should count on that ever being possible.
  7. The problem is not having a colony on Mars! Not the most pressing problem facing humanity right now, I admit, but I do think it is a problem on general principle (not just the backup thing). A million survivors scattered across a devastated planet dealing with the loss of all their infrastructure and whatever ongoing effects the catastrophe might have are going to be in much worse shape than a million people in a self-sufficient off-world colony that hasn't lost anything except contact with Earth. And I think you're underestimating how hostile the ocean floor can be, though I'll give you Antarctica. And it depends on the nature of the catastrophe, of course; in Interstellar there was no apparent justification for needing to launch a space station instead of building an enclosed biodome on Earth's surface.
  8. If by "appreciate" you mean "hire an assassin to kill me for suggesting it", then yes That's optimistic - a cataclysm that wipes out human civilisation on Earth doesn't seem likely to leave the place very habitable in just a couple of decades, and evacuating a million people back to Earth without any assistance from Earth is a pretty challenging task for a small colony with failing infrastructure.
  9. Massive solar-powered laser or heavy-duty concentrating mirror located close to the sun, focused continually on Mars? Though that's something to try before establishing a permanent colony, and after making very very sure there isn't any native life there.
  10. Normally, yes, but if the only available locations for backups are all highly unreliable, isn't the logical response to create more backups, rather than deciding not to bother with backups at all? Subject to cost-benefit analysis, of course, but we are dealing with something seriously mission-critical Given the cost of transporting supplies from Earth, there's certainly plenty of incentive to make them as self-sustaining as possible. That's not a small project, certainly, but I don't believe it's impossible. There are problems with that approach. Even aside from the risk of a catastrophe so severe that no amount of resilience is adequate, who is going to want to live in a fully self-contained environment long term without the cool factor of being in space or on another planet? If you don't have large numbers of people living there long term, it's not going to be adequately tested. And if there's any warning of an approaching extinction-level catastrophe, Earth-based shelters would be way too accessible to billions of desperate doomed people. Yep, that's going to be a major factor.
  11. On the bright side, at least you're not going to work at that ungodly hour while sick?
  12. He understands that there needs to be transparency about it! And since he's such a stable genius, he was able to figure out that the reason for transparency is to stop people being brained by falling bags of drugs, all by himself!
  13. a.) Lots of people did raise a stink, so same story. b.) Far more people were deported under Bush than under Obama; the difference is the type of deportation. Up until a couple of decades ago, the overwhelming majority of deportations were "returns", but since then there's been a steadily increasing number of "removals"; total deportations dropped steadily under Obama. Trump has been deporting a lot more people who already lived in the US, which is a change for the worse, but deporting fewer people at the border because nobody actually wants to get into the US any more (also a change for the worse).
  14. Yeah, it takes a lot from ESB. The main plot is basically the assault on Hoth, but mostly taking place on spaceships and stretched out across the whole movie, and with far, far higher rebel casualties before the rest escape. Meanwhile Rey is on Dagobah Island, seeking training from a Jedi master (though she doesn't get any to speak of) and visiting a dark side cave (though what the vision is supposed to mean is far less clear) before going off to face Vader's grandson, getting a revelation about her family and failing in her goal (though this confrontation obviously borrows a great deal from RotJ as well). And the final fight is strongly reminiscent of Kenobi vs Vader in ANH. The Canto Bight section is the most original part, though DJ's role is a bit Lando-ish minus the redemption. It lacks any equivalent of the main characters interacting with each other on Hoth, and again on Bespin, instead keeping Rey's story entirely independent which I think is a serious flaw.
  15. Really. I think she actually looked more like the Waif, but I could tell she was definitely disguised as him. Oh, it's fun. My partner isn't too keen on the musical aspect, but it's a sufficiently small percentage of the show that they're willing to put up with it for the characters and story, while for me it's the highlight.
  16. Bingo! We've only watched the first three episodes so far.
  17. I had a dream that I was Arya Stark trying to escape from some castle, but I had to be careful because the Waif was after me disguised as a minor character from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. My plan involved possibly disguising myself as a fish and swimming away, which I suspect is beyond the actual capabilities of the Faceless Men. People in the castle were watching a very low-budget version of Game of Thrones on TV, that used obviously modern off-the-shelf props and costumes, a very poor imitation of the "real" world the castle was in. And I don't think the TV actually existed, because that wouldn't be authentically pseudo-medieval, but people were watching it anyway.
  18. Any bets on when he'll drop out of this one? As I recall, huge chunks of the novels are flashbacks to different historical periods. I don't think chronological or publication order would be practical. It could take place in the present day with extensive flashbacks gradually filling in the backstory, but I don't think there's all that much to the present day bits of the books to work with, at least early on. I think they'd have to come up with a lot of new material to make a viable series.
  19. A vacuum is a really good insulator, so it takes time to cool down. And if you're close to a star, then that will be heating you faster than you're cooling (nobody is going to freeze sharing Mercury's orbit). Leia was presumably already in Crait's solar system, since they weren't using Lightspeed.
  20. Hmm... you'd think he'd come up with a plan that didn't involve being locked up in an agony booth indefinitely if that were the case!
  21. The tricky part is getting to him again with the entire Republic fleet and an army of clone troopers in the way. And Sidious would probably be able to sense them coming. That runs in the family There's a deleted scene I hadn't seen before:
  22. Yoda is very old, and spends the last 2-3% of his life on Dagobah after facing Sidious directly and losing - equivalent to a 78 year old human retiring and dying at 80; and he does train Luke in the last half a percent of his life. Kenobi retires to Tatooine to keep an eye on Luke while still in his prime, but Sidious has basically already won at this point, and there's nothing he can do on his own. But when the rebels ask him for help, he sets off to join them without hesitation. Luke, on the other hand, runs away to hide and actually cuts himself off from the Force while Snoke and the First Order are still a growing threat, abandoning his friends and family, and as far as we know never takes any action against Snoke; then he refuses to help when the rebels come asking, and only takes any action when Yoda gives him a pep talk after Rey has already left without him. It's different.
  23. Somebody has sung a few of them:
  24. They acknowledge that she's not strong enough to do it yet in the show. Though back when she was first learning to use her powers, she shook a mountain enough to start an avalanche, so her power wasn't exactly weak to start off with. Either something is going to amplify her powers to the point where she can do it, or she's going to be blamed for something else; I'm not fussed as long as the planet does get shaken apart for real.