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  1. Heh. He'd be great for if they adapted Interference!
  2. Best typo ever Presumably the giant bats are in control, the permanent night of a planet-spanning city with no outside suiting them perfectly, and humanity is enslaved by dependence on their milk. I don't believe it's impossible for humanity to survive in an entirely artificial environment, but we really really should ensure we know how to do so successfully and long-term before destroying the natural world, rather than making it up as we go along. Or, y'know, we could try not destroying the environment at all. In theory.
  3. Yeah, that's a great show! I like the way the closing theme is replaced once it becomes clear that it isn't going to be a typical magical girl show.
  4. The software or the people?
  5. I think that's still the same hand. The movie didn't go into much detail, but I think it's a reasonable assumption that the collapsed society didn't produce much in the way of new pop culture between the 2010s and the advent of the Oasis, with people being too busy dying and suchlike. And while the VR environment might be very different from real life in the 80s, it's not the reality of the 80s that's important. The Oasis would presumably have been full of 80s-inspired stuff at launch, and it seems natural that the post-collapse kids would go wild for it in comparison to their semi-post-apocalyptic real world. A lot of them probably aren't interested in the ancient source material the way the ghunters are, just the VR versions they've grown up with.
  6. How many people obsessed about 1950s pop culture in the 80s, compared to how many obsess about the 80s now?
  7. Doctors should be paid for their work just like anyone else. The for-profit hospital is just as disgusting a concept as the for-profit pharmaceutical industry.
  8. Indeed. The cat is fine, but I had a long day of intense work when I'd planned to take the day off and see a movie. But now drunk and watching Bagpuss, so all is good.
  9. The people down the street have an asphalt-coloured cat that likes to lie down in the middle of the road. Presumably it's smart enough to move if it hears a car coming, but I still find it slightly worrying.
  10. Hello! Winter is coming here. Will need to get out the heaters soon.
  11. That doesn't necessarily mean the problem is the white working class being unwilling to vote Democrat for racist reasons. It's theoretically possible that non-white voters are unwilling to vote for racist Republicans, no matter how unhappy they might be with their economic situation, and doing more to help the working class irrespective of race would be advantageous for the Democrats.
  12. Do we need an Extra-Long-Form Dramatic category? Or perhaps just increase the runtime for Short-Form to something like three hours, if we don't want an extra category? These days most of the best TV comes in season-long arcs, not individual episodes, and it's pretty hard for any TV show to compete directly against big budget movies.
  13. Yeah, I found it very entertaining. Not great art by any means, but an enjoyable way to kill a couple of hours. I knew very little about Lara going in (haven't played any of the games or seen the previous film), so I suspect I appreciated the first act more than fans of the franchise.
  14. It's odd for me too, even though we do the same thing here in at least a couple of places! I'd guess they used to be much more separated, but merged together as the population grew? Though calling them cities when they were small enough to be separate also seems weird. I get the impression the show shares your opinion. Though it is a country where you can be two days away from the beach.
  15. Have you tried Book Depository? It's owned by Amazon, but somehow they offer both cheap books and free international shipping.
  16. Takes a while to get going, but I'm enjoying it now.
  17. If you throw rocks at a precarious hillside until it starts an avalanche that kills someone underneath, I'd say you're directly responsible for the death. If you work to increase the profile and power of fascists until they kill someone...
  18. Freedom from is as important as freedom to, and freedom automatically ends for someone when two or more people's freedoms come into conflict. Eg my freedom to stab people in the face cannot coexist with other people's right to be free from being stabbed in the face by random lunatics. Managing these conflicts is what politics is for. "Moar freedom!" doesn't even address the issues.
  19. Depends on how you define "directly". Without Trumperdoo's election, Heather Heyer would probably still be alive, for example.
  20. Yay! The wait is probably worth it so you can pick the best offer, instead of getting them one at a time and feeling obliged to take whatever comes first because you don't know if there'll be another one or not.
  21. There is only one timeline, as far as we've been told so far. He doesn't remember choosing the ring, but he does remember the consequences of choosing it, ie seeing it again when he's a kid (in his personal past, so he can remember it, but in the world's future, so it can be the result of his present day actions). He chooses the ring because it looks familiar, and it looks familiar because he chose it.
  22. Sort of - Deke forced Daisy to go out and interact with the cops to get him out of trouble. Visiting a pawn shop would have been a very low-risk mission in comparison. If I recall correctly, Fitz's device was only a temporary fix for the rift. Destroying the planet might actually be a better option than letting it all get sucked into a horrific fear dimension...
  23. They spend most of the arc trying to figure out how to get back to their own time, and interacting with the people of the future because they don't really have any choice. They do bring Zeke back with them, along with a bunch of knowledge they didn't have at the start. And I'm still hoping (though not expecting) that they'll be unable to change the future, and Flint and the others surviving and gaining their freedom will actually matter. Maybe they come up with a way to evacuate a whole lot of people from the present to further into the future, after Flint has rebuilt the Earth, to reduce the death toll a bit.
  24. *LOL* The other thread is full of people with no taste.
  25. They made it clear that they were acting independently of the "official" Rebel Alliance, so it technically doesn't count as a Rebel victory. A bit of a stretch, but I can live with it. And I'm not entirely sure that removing two Jedi from the fight doesn't count as a net Imperial victory!