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  1. NFL 2016 Offseason: THIS Is The Year!

    I've been the biggest Kaepernick homer since his very first game against Chicago. I'm finally done. I'm not surprised by the incident given that his social media accounts over the past 10 months look like they were taken over by a wannabe black panther. While I generally could care less about his personal political leanings, this is a transparent attempt to distract people from his poor play. When he is benched and ultimately cut, we'll hear about how racist Chip KKKelly and Trent BalKKKe were towards poor Kap. Saw this tweet which pretty much sums up the controversy: 'If your not good enough to start over Blaine Gabbert you shouldnt be aloud to stand for the national anthem anyways. USA is for winners"
  2. Yes, left lane cruisers force other drivers to weave in and out of traffic in a reckless manner. Brilliant video. Scot, what do you believe is the maximum speed should be for a driver on the Interstate in a non-emergency situation with normal road conditions? Left, middle or right lane. Edit: cause WWTR.
  3. 2016 Olympics - Opening Ceremony and beyond....

    Bolt could lose his gold from the 2008 4x100m relay after one of his teammate's, Nesta Carter's, A sample came back positive for a banned substance. http://m.nzherald.co.nz/sport/news/article.cfm?c_id=4&objectid=11698071
  4. 2016 Olympics - Opening Ceremony and beyond....

    Massive win for US in women's 4x100 from lane 1!
  5. 2016 Olympics - Opening Ceremony and beyond....

    Van Nekerk shattered Michael Johnson's 400m WR...from lane 8. Maybe the most impressive WR in the Games.
  6. 2016 Olympics - Opening Ceremony and beyond....

    Not sure whether it would be worse if they washed their hands with Rio water...
  7. US elections - may the polls be ever in your favor

    Ok? I never argued that "selected not elected" stemmed from race based animus. The question is whether some democrats and Republicans have taken positions that call into question the eligibility of the president to serve in office. Undeniably both parties have done so. You can argue the birther conspiracy was worse than the "selected not elected" shit. I'd probably agree. The other stuff Dante mention amounted to little more than partisan bickering and did not delegitimize the president. As I earlier said that I would drop this issue for being off topic, I'll respond only to concede that I misspoke about Estrada. I intended to have a a different comment about him having the dubious distinction of being the first court of appeals nominee to be successfully filibustered, which we now know was, at least partially, race based to keep Estrada from later ascending to SCOTUS as the first Hispanic justice. In my haste, I lumped him into a group of nominees blocked in committee. My bad.
  8. US elections - may the polls be ever in your favor

    Birther inquiries were ridiculous and racist. No questions about that. Your other examples are of an entirely different character and nature. OMG, Republicans tried to impeach Clinton for obstructing justice and perjury when he lied under oath in a sexual harassment case filed against him. (He lost his bar license for that BTW. Surely part of the vast right wing conspiracy, though.) Or TEH HORROR of Republicans investigating why ATF was allowing guns to be sold illegally, which resulted in the death of an ATF agent. Or god forbid republicans investigate the legality of a loan made to a company that cost the Government hundreds of millions of dollars and was raided by the FBI. Can you believe the temerity of Republicans? The "selected not elected" mantra that many democrats took towards Bush is the only the similar example to the birther conspiracy when it comes to truly delegitimizing a sitting president. Also, are you questioning my qualifications as a democratic voter because I won't join your echo chamber? Really?
  9. US elections - may the polls be ever in your favor

    The only Obama judicial nominee that the Republicans can block without the support of Democrats is Merrick Garland. Of course, Harry Reid invoked the "nuclear" option to get around Republican obstructionism. Under Bush, Republicans had to threaten the nuclear option to get some of Bush nominees confirmed. Did you also forget that the "blockading" of the DC Court occurred under Democrats, too? John Roberts seat was left vacant for years until Obama got Judge Millett confirmed. Bush's successful DC Court nominees only made after the nuclear option threat. Miguel Estrada, Peter Kessler, Robert Conrad, and Steven Matthews to name but a few were all blocked in committee. God knows how many others would have been blocked but were not nominated after Arlene Specter said that Democrats would not act on Bush nominees during the (lame duck) session of the 109th Congress. As this isn't related to the current election, I'll end this discussion here.
  10. US elections - may the polls be ever in your favor

    So, like, totally different. Got it! As for an example of congressmen attempting to delegitimize Bush? Look no further than the obstructionism surrounding Bush's judicial nominees, which is often cited as an example of Republicans delegitimizing Obama. That's very different, too, right?
  11. US elections - may the polls be ever in your favor

    Agreed. Unfortunately, Clinton made an even less subtle suggestion or desire for the assassination of Obama in 2008. http://www.politico.com/blogs/jonathanmartin/0508/Hillary_cites_RFK_assasination_in_explaining_why_shes_still_in_race.html Why are any of these clowns in the running for the presidency? Did you forget the eight years we had to listen to comments about Bush being "selected not elected"? Seems like delegitimizing the opponent is a common political strategy. But I am sure it's very different when Democrats do it.
  12. 2016 Olympics - Opening Ceremony and beyond....

    Perhaps adding a little spunk would make the GB team run faster. Also, why are you posting a video from a different competition?
  13. What to look for in a new bank

    This. I would also keep my bank account at a separate bank from one with which I have a credit relationship.
  14. US Elections - From Russia with Love

    Surprised you weren't turned off by the "MURICA, FUCK YEAH!!!" theme. Generally, you want to wretch when Republicans talk about American Exceptionalism, America being the Greatest country in the world, and Americans not being afraid of anybody. Does that make you a partisan hack or have your thoughts on such naked jingoism evolved? As someone who has twice voted for Obama and will (begrudgingly) vote for Hillary, your comment makes no sense with regards to me.
  15. US Elections - From Russia with Love

    Did someone at the DNC forget it's 2016 and not 2012? Obama can't run again folks.