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  1. U.S. Politics: Feelings Trump Facts

    Sounds great. Maybe after warming up with an easy issue like replacing Obamacare, Congress can get to work on fixing the administrative state. Out of curiosity, what do you imagine "Congress taking back some of its powers" entails? I don't think overrturning Chevron, by itself, would change much. Agencies are subject matter experts and courts are not. The courts will still look to agencies for guidance and, most likely, follow their determination whether done under the guise of a de novo review or deferring to the agency's reasonable interpretation. If Congress has an issue with agency rulemaking, it could simply write complete statutes in the first place...
  2. U.S. Politics: Feelings Trump Facts

    And? This happens literally every day in this country. We have established civil courts to deal with, among other things, breach of contract cases. And you know what? Trump is about to head a Government that wrongs individuals and corporations so frequently that there are multiple courts that do nothing else but address claims against the Government. I guess Trump will fit right in, huh? Now, of course, we can feel bad for those small businesses that Trump's companies have stiffed, but should every bit of his business dealings intrude into the political realm? IMO, only if he is using the political office to enrich himself, his family, or friends. Otherwise, every time a Trump hotel gets a bad review, we will start hearing about how his hotel's failure to turn down the bed demonstrates his contempt for the little person. There is so much ammunition against Trump. Focusing on little shit blurs the message about how bad he is and simply makes liberals look petty.
  3. U.S. Politics: Feelings Trump Facts

    And water's wet. Politicians routinely court voters whom their actions have screwed. I believe Hillary called this having a "private vs public" position. Large corporations are being sued or threatened with suit every single day for very similar issues. If you impose some artificial requirement that a prospective president "not have screwed the little guy," then you are disqualifying most businessmen and a whole host of other people. If your gripe is simply that Trump doesn't truly represent the people he courted, then, again, water's wet. He's done to us what politicians have been doing forever.
  4. U.S. Politics: Feelings Trump Facts

    Eh, why is this news? Mechanics liens for unpaid services are commonly filed against property owned by corporations of all sizes. The liens appears to have been perfected, and if they are valid, the lienholders have a bankruptcy-proof secured asset to recover money owed to them. The mere fact that these liens involve the Trump brand hardly make this newsworthy.
  5. Masculinity

    I am not sure what your question about Hillary has to do with this discussion. We're not talking sexual assault here. If you truly believe that men are not expected to initiate sexual relationships more than women, we should just agree to disagree.
  6. U.S. Politics: Feelings Trump Facts

    Anyone who thought Trump would be creating federal jobs instead of private contracting jobs was sorely mistaken.
  7. Masculinity

    Why do you disagree? And I'm not suggesting the burden should fall disproportionately on women instead of men, I'm simply making an observation on how things might be if the roles were reversed.
  8. Masculinity

    I think most men learn some variation of "he who hesitates, masturbates." Still, I think you missed the point. Being proactive is disproportionately thrust upon men in the current system. So, to say that less forward/confident men need to stop "sitting on their ass" if they want to get laid simply reinforces the current system where less confident/forward men are disproportionately hindererd compared to similar women.
  9. Masculinity

    In the current regime, yes. Does that remain true if the roles are reversed?
  10. Masculinity

    I think lack of confidence/forwardness hinders men more (likely far more so) than women in "getting laid" because men disproportionately initiate sexual relationships in heterosexual couples. If the roles were reversed, why would less confidant/forward men continue to be hindered more than similar women?
  11. Masculinity

    Because women would be less reliant on confident men to ask them out. We don't see confident men asking out only confident women as they desire other traits, particularly in short term relationships. Why would we expect women to act differently than men in this regard? Of course, I think we have to assume in this hypothetical that our mating habits are entirely or mostly a social construct, which I am not sure is actually the case.
  12. Masculinity

    You obviously have something in mind. Why dont you enlighten me?
  13. Masculinity

    And? Generally, the bat, so speak, only has to leave the shoulder of the man because men are expected to initiate sexual relationships with women. If the role of initiating sexual relationships was more equitably split, then we would expect less confident/arrogant men to fare better (defined as "getting laid") because women would be exhibiting those traits instead. Thus, confident/arrogant men are disproportionately rewarded under the current regime. The real question is whether it's possible (or even preferable) for there to be a more equitable split between the sexes on initiating sexual relationships.
  14. U.S. Politics: Feelings Trump Facts

    Not a very excitng time to be a federal worker as Republicans are already planning to slash benefits. I guess they need to clear out space in the budget to overpay some federal contractors.
  15. Welp, the Russians just hacked Mariah Carey's New Year's Eve performance. Have they no shame??