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  1. Sending good vibes to Bonesy and his family.
  2. I'm glad your daughter is safe, Mormont. My thoughts and prayers to everyone else still waiting to hear from their friends and family.
  3. Uh, federal lawyers (one's with litigating authority) have very broad prosecutorial discretion in all but a few hot button topics. I would also suggest that you review the voting alignments in 8-1, 7-2, and 6-3 cases because they don't line up to your suppositions. For example, Roberts drafted the opinion for only 1 of the 8 cases decided 7-2 during the October 2014 term (the last full term in which the Court had nine justices). And Roberts "went left" in the way you describe in only 2 out of 11 cases decided 6-3. Even for 5-4 decisions, over 30% didn't involve the typical 5-4 split with Kennedy being the swing vote.
  4. The Obama/Trump administrations may very well be wrong but i don't see how this case is a bellwether on Gorsuch. Was the district judge that denaturalized Maslenjak an "all-the-way-gone conservative"? The circuit judges that unanimously affirmed the district court's order? The other circuit judges that didn't grant an en banc review of the panel's opinion? The line attorneys that sought denaturalization? The appellate lawyers? The SG's office that defended the denaturalization at SCOTUS? All these actions occurred under Democratic and Republican administrations and appointees. Legal decisions, particularly ones that make it to the Supreme Court, are generally very complex and cannot easily be boiled down to liberal vs conservative positions (with maybe a handful of exceptions like abortion). Even if you could, I am not sure how citizenship stripping would fall on the conservative side, which often eschews expansive powers of the federal government.
  5. How would Gorsuch voting in favor of the position taken by the Obama/Trump administrations demonstrate that he is an "all-the-way-gone conservative"?
  6. In your previous comment, you said, "The law says passengers should be offered up to 400% of a one way ticket, with a cap of $1350. Not, passengers can be offered up to $1350." I pointed out that your statement isn't accurate because there is no cap (per DOT regulations) on how much compensation can be offered to a passenger for being voluntarily bumped. The cap only applies to how much an airline must compensate a passenger who is involuntarily bumped (thus, airlines are not liable for compensatory damages beyond the capped amount). Not sure how you can miss the relevance of my comment...
  7. There is no cap on how much an airline can offer for a voluntary bump. For an involuntary bump, DOT regulations cap airline liability.
  8. Indeed, I don't see anything in the rules that would have prevented United from providing free tickets on future flights in lieu of cash compensation. That's how airlines used to handle overlooking by providing free tickets anywhere in CONUS or region (for international flights).
  9. How does extending Reid's Rule to SCOTUS make the Republicans look extreme? Democrats have filibustered or attempted to filibuster the last two Republican SCOTUS nominees. Gorsuch is a vanilla SCOTUS nominees and, yet, the Democrats blocked him from the bench merely for political reasons. Democrats were thrown a bone with Gorsuch. The next Trump nominee will be considerably more conservative and the Democrats foolishly threw away the filibuster over Gorsuch. Almost as dumb an idea as when Biden suggested a lame duck president should not nominate anyone to SCOTUS in the waning months of his presidency.
  10. Look how well Bernie Sanders did on the Democrats' side. Despite media collusion and near unanimous establishment support for Hillary, the Democrats were almost swept away by a populist movement, too.
  11. No, they aren't. Personally, I think democrats are better off pushing for automatic registration, a voting holiday, early voting initiatives, etc, then fighting the ID laws, which are wildly popular.
  12. Automatic registration and ID laws aren't mutually exclusive. I am in favor of everyone being automatically registered upon their 18th birthday.
  13. People who complain about the 'challenges' of obtaining ID cards by some individuals are really only criticizing the implementation process. There are means of providing an ID card to anyone facing a reasonable challenge by extending office hours, having an option to obtain a card by mail, offering a no-cost option, etc. Of course, those who oppose ID laws know that no amount of reasonable accommodation will encourage a certain unmotivated segment to obtain ID cards. And, since Democrats perceive that unmotivated segment as potential Democratic voters, the Democrats will fight tooth and nail over what is seen as common sense in many/most democracies.
  14. Tyree. That whole play was more improbable but Amendola was crazy concentration.
  15. It's more than a feel and simply reality.