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  1. Tyrion's strategy was to use the attack on Casterly Rock to force Cersei out of Kings Landing. Makes sense. The loss of Highgarden was the result of Sam's father being a turncoat. The queen of thorns didn't have her bannermen behind her.
  2. If GRRM stuck to his original plot then Arya and Jon are not related by blood. Lyanna probably didn't exist at all until mid way through the first draft. R+L=J is only proven in the show, the books may be different and even if the show is following the books, the books are not following the outline. Jamie was originally the mad king pretty much. Tyrion may be upset at the idea that if Jon and Danny have children, the wheel will turn again. Cersei is going to get a shock then because Jamie is off to warn Jon and Danny of Cersei's treachery. And I bet that he gets to Winterfell first so that Arya and the assassin's team can head south to finish off his evil sister. I can't see any need for Cersei to know anything for this plot. Arguably she did for the previous moves against Dorne and Highgarden but that is in the past now. I am pretty sure that Tyrion understands his sister is likely to by lying but they all know that they have to go north and then fight Cersei after.
  3. Once for love in the show would be surely Doreah who betrays her to Xaro Xhoan Daxos. The empty vault bit. I suspected at the time that had been put in because in the books, the other betrayal involved a character that was cut. In the books, Danny hasn't left Essos yet. Plenty of other opportunities for betrayal. Well there is that. But also, how about we have to tell Jon so he knows he can ride dragons.
  4. Bran knows he has to tell Jon because the Three Eyed Crow showed him who Jon was at the ToJ. Obviously the TEC had a reason. Besides, Jon should know his parentage or he might end up boinking his aunt or something.
  5. He ended up with his throat slit. QED.
  6. Also, realize that it is totally fair for the audience to be caught off guard because Littlefinger is. Whether we could see it coming is irrelevant. Littlefinger was so wrapped up in his plotting that he never would. Like Boris never saw Gove's knife till it ended up in his back.
  7. The fact that she showed up at all. Seriously, Sansa has to talk to Arya first because only an idiot tries to pull a surprise on a faceless man. And she has to talk to Bran to know the charges. As a rule, it is not 'bad writing' to fail to spell out every detail. In fact doing so is considered to be tedious and crap. You know that Bran is a the three eyed crow. You know that Sansa has suddenly worked all this stuff. It does not take a degree in nuclear physics to work out how.
  8. Or the scene was shot for the 'extended edition' coming soon to Blu-Ray and DVD. It was obvious that the scene had to be presented the way it was. Otherwise the reveal is shit. You only care how LF gets the slicy-slicy after you know he is done.
  9. No, Tywin was playing the LittleFinger game from the start to being down Aerys. Remember that the mad thing thought Tywin had come to save him. He hated all of them. Well that is why R+L=J is a silly plot but the show is giving people what they want. The show has dropped the part about Rheagar and Aerys being opposed and Rheagar being disinherited. So what? That is what the books are for
  10. It is clear that Ned knows that Robert's rebellion is a fraud in the books. His interactions with Robert demonstrate that he found out something really important at the ToJ that changed his mind but only after it was too late. We are not going to get any more backstory out of the show. That is clear, D&D are leaving that unsaid for GRRM to fill in. They are telling us that it was a lie but no more. My theory is that Tywin played the role of Littlefinger and deliberately set Areys against Rheagar, Robert against Areys, Areys against the Starks, etc. And he did so because he believed Areys cuckolded him. Which is probably right in the case of C+L.
  11. Sam's reaction is perfectly logical. Gilly is reading back what he has written so he already knows it. His response to her reading it back is to get angry and leave the citadel. It is irrelevant to Sam because what he is concerned about is the White Walkers while Cersei and co are fighting the war of five kings instead. And realizing that the whole war is based on a lie is only making him angrier. He does not want to explain this to Gilly because it is all stupid.
  12. Jamie is carrying widow's wail so the two halves of Ice have returned to Winterfell. The truce holds as far as Jamie is concerned. Bron has said he will stick to Jamie till he gets his money. So he is following. I don't think the show has revealed that prophecy. Sansa and Arya missed a trick by executing LF in public. Cersei will know he is dead so Arya can hardly use his face.
  13. We are obviously done with backstory in the show. That is all you are going to get unless HBO decides to make a show on Robert's Rebellion after the books finally come out. As far as the books go, I think it is clear that Tywin orchestrated Roberts rebellion in the same way LF orchestrated the war of five kings. And he got what he wanted. His motive being believing Aerys cuckolded him and Tyrion is his son. My suspicion is that Tyrion is his only legitimate son and it is Jamie and Cersei that are Targ bastards and that this will be the reason Jamie sits of the throne after killing the mad king, the prophecy being that the son will murder the king. Looks like we are now getting a Jamie redemption arc. Faced with a choice between his sister and fighting a zombie hoard, he chooses the latter.
  14. It totally made sense. LF was trying to plot for the sake of plotting. I have seen my Oxford acquaintances do the same in OUCA, we used to say 'a plot so clever it is stupid'. These days they are mostly tory MPs. Well they don't have much choice because there is nobody in the castle who is going to disarm her. Here is what I think the implied chronology is: There is no discussion between Sansa and Arya until after the last Sansa/LF scene in which he tells her to think the worst. Sansa knows that Arya can be her or anyone she chooses, that if Arya wanted her dead, she would be dead already. So THAT is the point where she decided to move on LF and not before. Once she decides to move against LF, her next priority would be to talk to Bran and Arya. The thing with Bran is that he can only answer questions he knows to ask. He actually gets one of the charges wrong because he saw LF tell Cat that the dagger belonged to him and not Joffrey hiring the mercenary. Well probably not as important as her reaction to knowing that Jon is Aegon which changes everything. The Jon/Danny marriage means Sansa is probably Warden of the North in the future regardless because Jon would be with Danny in KL. Being prince consort means giving up the wardenship. And so does being king.
  15. So here is the thing. Bran only knows what he sees in his visions. So he has seen LF say the dagger belonged to him and he has seen LF deny knowing whose it was it to his face. Oh put some effort into the show. Some of us don't need every detail served up on a platter with a bow on top.