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  1. Do you seriously think the show are working towards a Jon/Arya ending? That would come from nowhere and would gross a lot of people out. The last time they saw each other Arya was a flat-chested child who spent most of her screen time since dressed as a little boy. I know you Jon/Arya shippers think you have the books all figured out, but you can't really believe the show is hinting at it too?
  2. No I doubt the Lyseni have the power to start a new dynasty of dragonlords. That's kind of my point - the Lyseni (some of them) are descended from vacationing dragonlords, but their heritage is of no use or benefit to them because they're so far removed from the magic and power of the days of the Freehold. Just as the current day Baratheons/Durrandons are descended from gods - that doesn't make them gods, or anything special really. It just gives them great tales to tell of their legendary past. But the Targaryens still had (have) dragons, so no amount of posturing from First Men or Durrandons about their heroic ancestry is going to impress the people who control fire-breathing monsters.
  3. Why do you say that? My understanding is they are Valyrians, just not dragonriding Valyrians. What do you know about them that makes you say they're not pure blooded Valyrians? I don't believe the theory that Aegon was sterile and Rhaenys was impregnated by one of her "admirers". I don't think it adds anything to the story for Dany to not be directly descended from the Conqueror. That's what makes her strong, remembering who she is.
  4. Why would the Velaryons have dragon sigils if they never had dragons?
  5. The First Men might have had magic genes and the Durrandons descended from gods, but what good has it done them? Where are their magic wolves? (OK, granted), but what godlike power do the present day Baratheons have from their Durrandon heritage? Half of Lys probably has a drop or more of dragonlord blood, but it's redundant if they don't have any dragons. I'm not sure of your point - should the dragonriders be all humble because the people they conquered say they once had magic powers too? The Targs wanted to rule over the common people because they had the power and obviously thought they'd be good at it. Having a few dragons around the house would probably be good for one's self-esteem.
  6. Yes I believe you're right, Rhaegar's eyes were described in a similar way to Jon's. Exactly. Jon is no doubt a Stark because of his resemblance to Ned, and he looks like Arya, who is noted to resemble Lyanna. The connection is there for a reason (if you believe R+L=J). And there was no need for any of the other Tully-Starks kids to take after Ned - they had their direwolves, nobody would ever doubt they were truly from the North.
  7. Because the only other Valyrians we meet aren't dragonlords. The Targaryens are the last of them, hence why they identify as dragons and use them as their sigils and transport and weapons etc. The only Velaryons with dragons were offspring of Targ dragonlords; they never had dragons of their own.
  8. How far is "far from the most powerful"? The "most powerful" would be say the top three or top five, so "far from" could be as high as 35-40 or as low as ten. If they were in the top twenty most powerful dragonlord families, they would still be "far from the most powerful" but I would hardly call that lower nobility or minor dragonlords. Even if they scraped in at number 40, they're doing better than 41 (because there is no 41, and anyone with dragons is more powerful than those without dragons, i.e. the rest of the population ). Still not lower nobility.
  9. If they didn't have magic genes and were just like everyone else, then where are everyone else's dragons? Whether it was genetic or magic or even just perception, the fact that they had dragons and nobody else did gives them superiority over the rest of the population (and that's an understatement). Throw in ethereal beauty and they're about as uber-human as you can get.
  10. Yeah sorry I was answering the first part but not necessarily the bit where they left Valyria together. I remember reading that they were already on Driftmark before the Targaryens came, but they may still have been in service to whichever Valyrians were on Dragonstone. And who were those Valyrians? SOMEBODY built that freaky dragon castle with its magic stonework. It wasn't the Targaryens, because they've only been there 400-ish years. Do we know anything about the pre-Targs who were manning the Valyrian outpost?
  11. But Westeros is a large continent with only a handful of cities, even less pre-Conquest. Uniting the kingdoms and opening up trade brought prosperity and population growth, which the Free Cities already had since the days of the Valyrian Freehold. Only Oldtown pre-Conquest could compare with any of the Free Cities with respect to arts, science and learning; at best, the rest of the continent was wide and relatively empty with only pockets of culture at the seats of high lords. If Westeros wanted to drag itself out of the Dark Ages it needed to be united, even temporarily.
  12. Yes, that's what they were. Targaryens were dragonlords, and Velaryons and Celtigars were minor houses under the Targaryens.
  13. They didn't force the population into incest, so it's not a part of the culture outside their House. That has no bearing on Westerosi civilisation.
  14. I love the Targaryens but I wouldn't go so far as to say they're the good guys. They have some rock stars and some bad eggs, and because of the whole dragon thing they have the potential to be the deadliest of all the Houses. Considering they have the monopoly on magical flying firebombs, I'd say they've been pretty benevolent for the most part.
  15. I don't think the Baratheons were already on Dragonstone when the Targaryens arrived, I was responding to the OP's suggestion that the first Valyrians who arrived there found a Westerosi lord named Baratheon. I don't know where the name comes from but Orys is the first Baratheon we know of and he was Valyrian (or at least of Valyrian heritage) so until George tells us otherwise I'm going to assume it's either his bastard name, his mother's/stepfather's name or a name he took for himself.