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  1. OK well I take back what I said about you being good humoured. Show me which of your quotes even hint that Ashara had a child with Rhaegar, if that's what you're still claiming.
  2. I read your other thread, and you still didn't provide any evidence. You quote a lot of stuff then you spin your own interpretation on it; that's not evidence. Why does Jaime think it's Rhaella if it's really Ashara, and how is the average reader supposed to figure that out? The Dustin/Darry theory has been around for a while and again, no evidence. You say I'm a broken record - show me something from the books that even hints at any of this, that isn't your wild speculation, and I'll stop asking. But you can't, because that's all it is - fan fiction. I've seen dozens of theories based on "I want this to be true so I'm going to make everything else fit, and if it doesn't then someone is misremembering or lying" and any time someone asks for evidence they get a bunch of waffle about "critical thinking" and "reading between the lines". There are enough lines already (five books' worth) without basing the story around lines that George didn't even write. And FWIW, it was Brandon who asked Ashara to dance, and she agreed. We don't know if she would have said yes if Ned had asked, or if Ned even wanted to dance with her - all we are told is "(he was) too shy to leave his bench". How do we know the whole thing wasn't Brandon's excuse to chat up Ashara? He was betrothed, so it's not like he could approach her himself. Ned was the smokescreen, and I bet Ashara never even looked twice at him.
  3. I’m not saying I want Jonsa to happen, but I could see it being a possibility. I would be grossed out if it ends up being Jon and Arya, precisely because they had such a strong sibling love. I would hate for Jon to reunite with 12 year old Arya after discovering his true identity and saying “hey we’re cousins, now we can fuck!”
  4. Out of those four, the only one I’d have a problem with is Arya. Apart from her still being a child, she was always Jon’s beloved little sister. Anything romantic/sexual developing between them is more disturbing to me than the idea of Jonsa, which I actually think could happen at the end of the series - Dany dies and Jon brings their child back home to be raised by the red haired Lady of Winterfell, who hopefully won’t be as big of a bitch as her mother was to the little dragonspawn Ned brought home all those years ago.
  5. I can't believe this thread has got to three pages. Based on a post that was basically "I heart Jonsa, do u?"
  6. That's funny, because all through this thread I've seen "facts" disproven using the actual text from the books. This was mentioned earlier in the thread: Which is an interesting claim, if they indeed made it - where is Ashara described as full breasted? I don't recall anyone in the books discussing her boob situation.
  7. No, I quoted his exact words. Where did he mention Ashara and Rhaegar? Where did anyone mention them? You're talking in circles and I'm not the only one who has trouble seeing what your argument is, so maybe if you could just put it in point form, from the text, and not just your speculation/interpretation? Just tell me where Ashara and Rhaegar are connected, in the five books so far.
  8. This is the book forum. If you want to talk about Jon and Sansa in the show, you should probably post there. Or are you talking about Jon and Sansa in the books?
  9. Do you really believe this, or are you just playing devil's advocate for a theory that you're working through? Because it's implied that the dishonour was "Stark" which is why Stark is named, not Rhaegar. You can't make claims that "it's implied" when the opposite is true, there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that Rhaegar had a thing with Ashara. Nothing. In five books. I feel like a broken record.
  10. Sorry, you've lost me. I'm not even sure what you're trying to argue now. You're still stuck on "dishonour means rape" when from the girl's perspective, she might never feel dishonoured. Hooking up with someone you love or have the hots for is not rape, even though she would have been seen as the "victim" of the dishonour (yet not surprisingly, in most cases she would also be the one stuck with the shame, especially if she fell pregnant as a result). If she was "mad with grief" potentially for "the man who had dishonoured her at Harrenhal" then it sounds consensual to me. I don't know why Ashara would "look to" Lyanna, and why Barristan wishes he had won so he could crown her QOLAB and then she might have "looked to" him instead. Looked to Lyanna for what? I'm confused about what you're trying to say. ETA: Barristan wouldn't have been on Ashara's radar as a potential love interest - he was a Kingsguard, sworn to celibacy. If he had won, and crowned her, then she would have known that he loved her. He was hoping that this might have influenced her somehow, although I think poor old romantic Barry's kidding himself here. The other thing that he laments is that if he had won then Rhaegar wouldn't, and the whole business with Lyanna might never have happened. He doesn't just regret not winning because of Ashara; it was Rhaegar winning that set off everything that led to the Rebellion.
  11. Historically, a woman who was "dishonoured" meant her virtue had been compromised. The dictionary even says "violate the chastity of a woman". Read any of those old Regency romances and the girls are always conscious of being put in a compromising position with a male and being "dishonoured". It didn't necessarily mean sex - if a young lady was alone with a male, she was dishonoured because the potential for sex was as good as the deed, as far as society was concerned. Why would Barristan wish that he could have won the tourney, so that Ashara would have "looked to me instead of Stark"? That makes no sense if it's Lyanna, or in any of these scenarios. As for N+A in general, another thing I rarely see addressed is - why would Ashara be interested in Ned? She's one of the most (if not the most) beautiful women in Westeros from an ancient house, and is lady-in-waiting to the future Queen. She could have any man in the Seven Kingdoms - why would she fall for shy, plain, second son Ned, who has nothing to offer but his honour? Would Ashara be satisfied with life as the lady of some second rate keep in the frozen North?
  12. Tyrion is described as having blonde hair so pale it looked white (don’t have the exact quote) and from memory it was only his beard that grew in black hairs. That happens to a lot of very fair-haired men.
  13. Firstly, you acknowledged that you did pull a quote out of thin air about Ned being seen with a pretty woman at Sisterton, despite that not being in the books. Yet you still insist that Ned was seen with a woman who definitely had his child, based on one quote that doesn't confirm any of that. Then you go and pull this out of thin air. Ned never says that; the actual quote is: This is all in the context of visiting Robert's bastards, thinking about Lyanna on her deathbed, having a vision of Jon Snow's face, and then comparing the characters of Robert (the man Lyanna was supposed to marry) and Rhaegar, and finding that Rhaegar comes off more favourably. He might have thought about Rhaegar a dozen times a day, whenever he saw Jon - but that's not the same as remembering someone, taking the time to reflect on the person they were. If these are the types of misconceptions that are used as solid evidence in this well-researched series, then I'll pass thanks anyway.
  14. We don't know who "they" are that saw the girl, the silver or the baby, but we also don't know if "they" ever saw Ned with the girl or if the girl even exists, let alone the silver or the baby. Most likely Ned gave the fisherman's daughter a bag of silver because of the loss of her father, but as Lord Godric's is the only mention of this story in five books, we don't know the answer without writing a lot of fan fiction to make it work as Ashara and Jon Snow. But did they? Are you getting that from what I quoted above? All we know is that "they" said the girl was given a bag of silver and was left with a baby in her belly, which she named Jon Snow. Who saw them together acting intimate, or at all?
  15. Is this in the books? All I can recall about the fisherman's daughter is what Godric Borrell said to Davos: Can you point to any other mentions or descriptions of the fisherman's daughter? Because I don't remember anything about the people of Sisterton seeing Ned Stark with a pretty woman.