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  1. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    I think Jon and Dany will have a baby and Dany will die during/after the battle with the WW. Jon will bring the baby back home where the red-headed Lady of Winterfell will love the child as her own. Exactly like her mother (didn't). So maybe Jonsa will happen that way. I suspect they were hinting at something between them in S6 but that doesn't mean Jon and Dany won't see it through to the (almost) bitter(sweet) end.
  2. Which tells us nothing. If it happens IN A DIFFERENT WAY then it won't be Jon and Arya. Or are you claiming that even though every other storyline has either changed completely or been given to a different character, somehow Jon and Arya will still happen just as George planned? What you see as foreshadowing, I see as tender reflections on their closeness and love for each other as the only siblings who really "got" each other, or vague remarks taken out of context. I don't read them as hints at a future romance.
  3. The Child of Rheagar and Lyanna

    Why do people think lemons only grow in Dorne? Everyone makes a big deal about "lemons = Dorne" - yeah, if you're a Westerosi. In the Riverlands and the Vale it makes sense to associate lemons with Dorne, because it's the same continent. But why would someone in Essos get their lemons from Dorne if they can get them from Tyrosh or Lys or Myr or somewhere else with the same climate as Dorne? All I'm saying is, lemons does not always equal Dorne.
  4. Are Dragon Eggs made by Humans?

    What about Beric Dondarrion? Lady Stoneheart? What's the explanation for their reincarnation if it's not magic?
  5. No I don't think it's OK, I think it's skeevy. But if he has to hook up with one of his "sisters" then I'm less grossed out by J/S than J/A, because the relationship he had with Arya was a very protective and loving older brother/younger sister bond, whereas with Sansa he was more detached. The idea of Jon and Arya having sex is really disturbing to me.
  6. Small Questions v. 10105

    ^Thanks. Davos definitely knows it's Dany, judging by that entire passage. I was curious when re-reading the Oldtown Prologue with the mysterious glass candles and the sailors' stories from the East, and the enigmatic Alleras/Sarella Sand saying "the dragon has three heads". I remembered that Cersei was dismissive, but it got me wondering how everyone else reacted to the news, and of course Jon in particular.
  7. The Child of Rheagar and Lyanna

    As far as D&D are concerned, yes the story ends at S8E6. They're on record saying they won't be involved in any spin-offs, so they will finish telling their version of ASOIAF next year. Any D&E, Robert's Rebellion or Dance of Dragons movies/series made by HBO will be with entirely different producers.
  8. Yeah it does, to me. That kind of thing is purely subjective. What disturbs you might be nothing to me, and vice versa. Obviously, because I'm grossed out by the idea of Jon and Arya's sweet sibling relationship turning into something sexual, and you're not.
  9. The Child of Rheagar and Lyanna

    No, they're sure. It will end after Season 8, which will be 6 episodes, following 7 episodes in Season 7.
  10. Small Questions v. 10105

    Thanks so much, this is exactly what I'm looking for. What about the North? I'm interested in Jon's reaction, but I can't remember if he's even heard the rumours.
  11. Small Questions v. 10105

    This is probably the wrong thread (not exactly a "small" question") but I'm trying to find all the instances where the different characters first hear about Dany's dragons. The only ones I can definitively remember are Sam and Maester Aemon in Braavos, and the Prologue in Oldtown where they're discussing the sailors' stories. Can someone point me towards any others?
  12. Of course, I'm not clever or perceptive enough to understand the words I'm reading. Thanks for pointing that out in a not-at-all patronising way.
  13. R+L=J v.163

    I just read that essay again, from beginning to end, and I have to say - there's nothing. Just a bunch of "what if's" and "if this happened and this happened, might not this have also happened?" as well as drawing parallels between characters that are pretty thin. But not a scrap of actual evidence in George's own words. That's my contribution to the discussion.
  14. Ned's comments were wishful thinking IMO. He's saying "you won't always be a tomboy, one day when you're older you'll want to be married and have babies" and Arya is saying "no, that's Sansa". I'm really grossed out by the idea of Jon/Arya, more than any other incest pairing in this story. I think it's because they were raised together as brother and sister, and she was so young when they parted - the idea that he's going to develop romantic or sexual feelings towards her once she hits puberty is kind of icky. And yet I don't really have a problem with Jon/Dany or Targ incest in general, just these two. Even Jon/Sansa is less disturbing, mainly because she's older and had an entirely different relationship to Jon growing up than Arya did.
  15. The Child of Rheagar and Lyanna

    Another misconception. Nowhere does it say Rhaella sailed in the morning. Let's say "the day she left for Dragonstone" was a Monday. On "the morning of the day she left" i.e. Monday morning, she departed the Red Keep in her royal wheelhouse and made her way down Aegon's High Hill to the waiting ship. We don't know what time in the morning it was, but "morning" is anything up to 11.59 am. So she drives down the steep hill in her creaky wheelhouse, has all of her things loaded (and presumably her son and his things) onto the ship, settles into her cabin to no doubt rest after her brutal treatment the previous night, and then waits for the tide. All of that needn't have happened in the morning. Her departure from the Red Keep was in the morning, but that doesn't mean she couldn't have sailed from King's Landing later in the day. And with the news from the Trident, she's better off sitting on the ship ready to make a quick getaway than trapped in the Red Keep.
  16. Speculations, news, theories for season 7. (includes leaks )

    Jon looks like he's on Dragonstone. I don't think the Winterfell crypts have windows.
  17. The Child of Rheagar and Lyanna

    "Hearsay" - so who spread the story? How did the rest of Westeros know about Rhaella giving birth and the huge storm that smashed the Targaryen fleet and Viserys and the newborn Dany being whisked away by Darry? I don't understand how Kevan Lannister knows her as Daenerys Stormborn if it's all a lie - whose lie? And can someone clarify - earlier in the thread there is reference to Dany "running on grass with bare feet" (and how that couldn't possibly be Braavos) but IIRC those are two different memories/visions - one where she's running on bare feet towards the house with the red door, and the other the green grass of her home (and the stone castles and whatever else she uses to describe what I took to be Westeros, the "home" she's never seen but believes is her birthright). Is there some instance where she's running on grass with bare feet?
  18. Did Brandon Stark rape Ashara Dayne?

    Brandon was a ladies' man but I don't think there's anything to suggest he was a rapist. He and Ashara would have been two of the most beautiful people at the Tourney, and the hottest ones always pair off. We don't know much about Ashara other than she was Dornish, which implies she was more open to pre-marital sex than other highborn young ladies. She must have known he was betrothed, yet she hooked up with him anyway, so I believe (or maybe hope) she actually cared for him and wasn't just having a Tourney fling. Ned was merely Brandon's "in" with Ashara, an excuse to talk to her. And it worked, because all these years later it's still Ned and Ashara who are gossiped about, and nobody ever mentions her with Brandon. Barristan knows, though.
  19. The Child of Rheagar and Lyanna

    Drink from the goblet of saltiness.
  20. The Child of Rheagar and Lyanna

    IIRC a legitimised son would still come after the trueborn children, even if he's older.
  21. The Child of Rheagar and Lyanna

    Can you provide this "fucking evidence"? Preferably in point form. I imagine it must be pretty convincing if it made you change your mind about RLJ. You claim you didn't invent a new Dany yet at the end of the same paragraph you talk of a baby swap. Not sure what that's all about but again, some evidence would be good. Something other than "it's possible".
  22. The Child of Rheagar and Lyanna

    They had spent that year apart - not "that 17 months" or "more than a year" or "a year and a half". Within a year the war ended, Ned travelled to Storm's End, ToJ and then Starfall, and returned to Winterfell with baby Jon "and his wet nurse" in tow, all before he was reunited with Catelyn. (Jon can't be significantly older than Robb, or Catelyn would never believe that Ned "had fathered a child on some girl chance met on campaign.") So where are you getting 17 months?
  23. The Child of Rheagar and Lyanna

    The war didn't last 17 months. Cat says that Ned was gone for a year, so where are you getting 17 months? And if you think that George is being tricky because the "Dany" we are reading about isn't the real Dany, even though there is nothing in his story to suggest she is an imposter, sorry but that's just rubbish. If there was some huge mystery about her birth, George wouldn't flat out lie - he'd give some vague reply or his standard "you'll have to wait for the book".
  24. The Child of Rheagar and Lyanna

    It's not an assumption, they're the author's words. I'm not making a case for N+A because I'm not buying that they even had a fling, I'm just pointing out that Lyanna was long dead by the time Dany was born.
  25. R+L=J v.163

    But the books don't "hint" at R+L. Multiple characters flat out talk about them, and Robert even acknowledges they had sex. At the very least it's common knowledge among the main players at the time that they had something going on. I read your essay a while back, and skimmed through it again recently - and I'm not seeing any hints. Your main argument seems to be D/T/J are main characters and D+T were born of incest (though cousin marriages is another issue entirely) therefore J must be the product of incest. The three families of T/L/S are the main Houses in the story, and if T+L practice incest then it stands to reason S also practices incest. Those aren't hints. A hint would be Ned remembering Lyanna's embrace and feeling guilty about it, or Benjen showing anguished remorse whenever he talks to Jon. I'm not seeing any Starks showing the slightest inkling that there is an incest secret in the family. My fingers are firmly out of my ears. Bring on your hints.