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  1. Do we hear of any direwolves north of the Wall? I don't remember Jon seeing any with Mance's army, and if the Stark pups were so easy to bond with you'd imagine some of the free folk would have domesticated them by now. Even a wight-direwolf could cause a lot of damage, so you'd think the WW would have a few in their zombie army. Sorry if this has been asked a million times already but I get lost in this thread.
  2. Where does he forbid anyone? He says "Never ask me about Jon" and then Cat notes the whispering stopped and Ashara's name was never mentioned again. But she doesn't say anything about Ned forbidding them to talk about Ashara. Because Brandon was already betrothed, but Ned was single. Ashara being dishonoured would be bad enough, but getting knocked up by a man already promised to someone else would be even more shameful. And that's not even taking into consideration the mystery surrounding Ashara's potential role at the TOJ. We don't know what (if anything) Arthur/Rhaegar/Ned roped her into. The Daynes may or may not even be aware of the truth. There may be other reasons to cover it up, that will be revealed in later books.
  3. In Barbrey's own words: Brandon had a thing for deflowering virgins.
  4. I would take that even further and suggest that it was all Brandon's idea, and Ned was his cover to go and chat up Ashara for himself. He's apparently doing his shy, plain brother a favour by asking her to dance, so to everyone else there (including Ashara) he looks like a good guy. Ned was just a smokescreen all along for Brandon to secretly hook up with her.
  5. No, the tourney at HH was in 281 and Jon was born in 283.
  6. Firstly, it’s a house of horrors, so a lot of people might refuse to live there if they consider it (and the Boltons) cursed. Best thing to do would be to raze it to the ground, or at best use it for storage. Also, unlike the Umbers and Karstarks, there are no Bolton heirs, so there would be no need to discuss loyalty and sins of the fathers etc when deciding who should become lord of the Dreadfort. They might have even given it to someone already. Do we really need to see Jon stamping property deeds? And of course technically it belongs to Sansa anyway, and she likely wouldn’t want to go near the place, at least not until they’d cleaned it up and removed all the human skin and body parts.
  7. That’s your assumption, not George’s words. The books don’t say she turned to “Stark” for emotional support, the text says: Nothing about comfort or support. Barristan wishes he could have won her over (by crowning her the QOLAB) then she wouldn’t have looked to Stark and been “dishonoured” (and it’s Barristan that thinks that - we don’t know how Ashara felt about it, other than Barry suspecting that grief over the man who dishonoured her was a factor in her suicide).
  8. No, that's not confirmed. He was only looking at the Baratheon/Lannister offspring. So it's not correct to say Baratheon genes are dominant, eg Jocelyne Baratheon's children should have had black hair, because unless she married a Lannister it's not relevant to Ned's investigations.
  9. Too good a catch - she wouldn’t have looked twice at Ned, not when hot studly Brandon was around. She agreed to dance with Ned - because Brandon asked her.
  10. But that’s not the point - Ned was only checking the Baratheon/Lannister unions, not every Baratheon ever born. We don’t know about the other couplings (eg Targaryen/Baratheon) because that’s not what Ned was researching:
  11. I don't think any of the technicalities will matter, nor who sits on the IT, once Jon jumps on a dragon's back. Jon riding Rhaegal is all that people, including Dany, will need to acknowledge the truth about Jon's heritage. When ice zombies are on the march, not many people are going to care about whether some septon left written records of marriages taking place/being annulled.
  12. And you don't think the tales she tells are messed up? Old Nan loves gruesome stories that frighten the children. When she tells him about the NK she's teasing Bran, she pinches his nose then says that he and the NK potentially have the same name. It's all part of her schtick.
  13. I thought "all Baratheons have black hair" was from the show, and in the books it's "all Baratheons who were the product of a marriage WITH A LANNISTER have black hair". Am I not remembering that correctly?
  14. I stopped reading after not very much scrolling because there were already so many unsubstantiated claims that I couldn't be bothered going any further. So this question may have been answered above, but none of the proponents of the "Ned and Ashara were in love" theories have ever given a satisfactory response: Why would Ashara fall for Ned? She's one of the most beautiful girls in the 7K, from an ancient house, and is lady in waiting to the Crown Princess. A girl like that could pick and choose from the available noblemen. Why would she be interested in plain faced, dull, second son Ned? He has nothing to offer but a life in the cold North in some second-rate keep that he holds for Lord Brandon, or at best living at Winterfell and serving in his brother's household. That's not a promising prospect for a beautiful young girl like Ashara. I can see why Ned might fall for Ashara, yet nowhere in his chapters does he think about her, even once. So much for great romance, if all of his dreams and regrets are about his dying sister, yet for the woman he supposedly loved and secretly married and had a child with, he doesn't spare a single passing thought?
  15. No, “fair” doesn’t mean any of those things. Fair hair is light coloured.
  16. You've already used the example of Baelor Breakspear, who looked Dornish, and his son who looked slightly less Dornish. Yet Baelor's brother Maekar, who was also half-Dornish, had the Targaryen looks and passed them on to some of his children. So yes, George is ignoring real world genetics because he can.
  17. "Self-imposed exile" is a more accurate description IMO. They left voluntarily, and while technically they lived in exile (and had no choice but to after the Doom, because they couldn't return) they weren't "exiled" from Valyria because of anything they did, other than Daenys' foretelling of the coming disaster. But Aenar the Exile is catchier than Aenar the Self-Imposed Exile or Aenar the Expatriate.
  18. The Targaryens weren’t exiled - they left prior to the Doom because of Daenys the Dreamer’s visions, and took up residence on the Valyrian outpost of Dragonstone. “Exile” implies they were banished or had to flee to escape justice/persecution. I don’t recall reading anything about the Targs not being in good standing with the Freehold.
  19. And I'm a compulsive tidier, so I can't help myself. I like things to be neat and tidy, with everything put away - including tiny question threads.
  20. I'm not curating, or modding. But this poster starts a lot of threads with a single sentence, usually a question, and never promotes a discussion, quite often not returning for days and then only to offer another one-liner, so the thread dies. Just pointing out as someone who only gets the opportunity to check in briefly at irregular times, it's frustrating when I'm looking for new content to have to scroll through pages of question threads with 2 or 3 replies that could have been asked and answered in the thread that's pinned for that very purpose.
  21. The Valyrians used sorcery to build the castle, which includes the gargoyles. The gargoyle outside the "weathered little inn" isn't going to be forged from magic Valyrian stone (and neither is the inn), and the gargoyle is sitting on the waterfront, exposed to the sea and salt and rain and wind, so of course it's going to erode. No mystery, no link to Winterfell. But I was also very curious about Dragonstone, up until TWOIAF was published and answered most of my questions. And the castle is 600 years old, not 400 - "some two hundred years before the Doom".
  22. There is a small questions thread, for small questions, which is where small questions should probably go, rather than starting a new thread every time a small question pops into your head, and attracting maybe 2 or 3 replies before it disappears with all the other small threads containing small questions that should have probably gone in the small questions thread. Small questions, long sentences.
  23. So now we're just throwing random scenarios into the ring? Podrick Payne invents the robot factory worker. How do you think that would affect the economy of Slaver's Bay?
  24. Double post, sorry.
  25. Do you mean Edward IV? Henry VII wasn't his son. Henry IV was Henry Bolingbroke, the son of John of Gaunt, who was generations before Edward/Richard and Henry Tudor. He could, if the author decides he could. George makes the rules here.