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  1. Look I'm not really sure what you're trying to argue, rather than throwing a whole lot of stuff out there and seeing what sticks. I was just pointing out another quote you'd forgotten or ignored. I've seen these things argued a hundred times and no evidence has been enough to convince me. And FWIW no, I had no idea about R+L=J and I had already seen the first two seasons of the show before I read the books. I knew something was up with Jon's mother but there was so much to absorb that I lost the thread somewhere around AFFC and found out about Jon's parents on this forum and on reddit. After multiple re-reads the clues are right there and I see it clearly, but I still needed it spelled out for me. I did, however, pick up on my first read-through that the mystery of Ashara had to do with Brandon and not Ned, or at least not until towards the end. She may have had something to do with the TOJ (Wylla?) but I don't believe there were any baby swaps involving Dany, or Aerys raping Ashara. Nor do I think Ashara was helping out by breeding a spare PTWP with Rhaegar (just in case Lyanna's one turned out to be a dud).
  2. No, now it's one of two clues, along with crying at Rhaegar's song. As well as other hints about Lyanna's character and wilful nature, we know that she had a mind of her own. It seems that no matter what evidence is presented from the actual texts you disregard it as not significant, but your own theories are based on what's not in the books. It's just going around in circles because you still haven't shown any clues that Dany isn't the child of Aerys and Rhaella, born on Dragonstone nine moons or so after the Sack of KL.
  3. And this one wasn't a fever dream. Ned was wide awake and talking to Robert.
  4. ^I saw a comment you made in the Dayne/Valyrian thread but I didn't want to take that thread off topic. I've seen you state a couple of times that, apart from Lyanna crying when Rhaegar played the harp, there is nothing to indicate she loved him. However, Ned mentions that she was still clinging to the blue rose petals, which were dead and black (which would imply that she kept them for a long time) and only let them go as she died. I can't imagine she would treasure his crown of blue roses if she didn't love him.
  5. ^Yes that is true, it was Jaeherys who believed the woods witch but Aegon didn't stop them, which he could have done as King. He allowed the wedding to go ahead, according to the World Book "washed his hands of it in frustration, letting the prince have his way". And we don't know that Edric Dayne was named for Ned. Just because they're both nicknamed Ned doesn't mean the Daynes were honouring Eddard somehow. It's possible, but it doesn't say so in the text. That's just speculation that people now accept as canon.
  6. For starters you accused me and then Ygrain of claiming that Jon and Dany's kid can't be TPTWP (or can be, still not following your point) when I never said anything remotely like that. Youre also arguing that because Barristan may be vague about certain memories we should totally disregard everything he says. That's ridiculous. Barristan is a POV character so can we dismiss every single thing he says or witnesses? That's not the book I'm reading. And it was Aegon V and Jaeherys II who arranged for Aerys and Rhaella to be married against their will - or is Barristan making that up too? Just so we're clear, I believe Rhaegar + Lyanna = Jon, Aerys + Rhaella = Dany, and Ashara + Brandon = stillborn baby or possibly Allyria Dayne. Ashara never had the slightest interest in Ned romantically, only as a dance partner and all round nice guy.
  7. You're not making any sense. I 100% agree with what Ygrain says but your reply is baffling.
  8. I don't know what that has to do with anything I was saying, but so long as either Jon or Dany was from the line of Aerys and Rhaella (and they both are) then a child of Jon and Dany can certainly be TPTWP. As for the "unreliable narrator" argument you've been using (along with "misinterpretation") - yes, George has admitted it, in some instances, and also that he has made continuity errors. But not everything in the books can be misdirection. Of course I don't believe that Jon is Ned's son, just because that's the accepted story in-universe. There are enough clues in the text to lead to R+L=J. I also don't believe Ned and Ashara were an item, even though the Dayne family seem to think they were. But again, there are clues that lead to another potential suitor for Ashara, the one who "dishonoured" her and whose death may have contributed to the grief that drove her to suicide. Again, evidence isn't "well, it's not impossible". I need to see something in George's words.
  9. So this falls into the category of "ignoring what the text says". If something doesn't fit with your theory, it's either misinterpretation or an unreliable narrator. You're arguing that TPTWP didn't need to be from the line of both Aerys and Rhaella - based on what? What is in the books that makes you think the prophesy was misinterpreted? I suspect that there isn't anything, but in order for a particular theory to work it needs to be true. That's not evidence and it's not much fun to discuss either, IMO.
  10. You're still not addressing the part where they were forced to marry against their wishes. Why marry them to each other if they don't need to produce TPTWP together? It makes no sense to go against Aegon V's own beliefs and force his grandchildren into a marriage to produce a prophesied heir, if either of them could have produced the heir with some other person.
  11. You're really not giving any evidence for your theories. You're working on the basis of: The books clearly state X; Nothing in the books says Y; I'm going with Y anyway based on my imagination. George is entirely capable of misdirection, but he leaves clues. He doesn't tell us one thing, for five books, then pull a fast one on us by revealing something that has NO clues in five books, making all the previous clues redundant. No he doesn't, he says "of their line". The full quote in context: That's not vague, that's precise. He didn't say "of their blood" or "their family" - TPTWP would be born of the line of Aerys & Rhaella, which is why their father commanded they get married. It's plainly there in the text.
  12. ^Because that's what the show told us was happening. Is the script wrong?
  13. None of the other houses needed to be there. Jon and Dany were trying to negotiate a ceasefire with Cersei so that they could go North and deal with the WW without Cersei's army taking everything after they'd gone - what does that have to do with the Tullys or the Reach, or anyone else except Cersei (and her allies) and Dany (and her allies) all of whom were represented? People find the weirdest things to get annoyed over.
  14. I thought it was Robb who played at being the Young Dragon? Jon was the Dragonknight and Ser Ryan Redwyne, and Robb was Daeron and Florian the Fool.
  15. I can't link to it from my phone but Emilia gave an interview where she talked about her dead dragon being named after her dead brother. So it is V that died.
  16. That's not the actual book cover. It's fan art. The Blackwater Rush is described as "deep and swift" with "wicked and treacherous" currents. So it's not implausible that Jaime and Bronn fell into a deep part of the river and the treacherous current carries them downstream somewhere.
  17. But I was responding to the claim that Jon calling himself Aemon the Dragonknight is foreshadowing for him LITERALLY being Aemon Targaryen. I was merely pointing out that he must also be Ryam Redwyne too, and Robb is Florian.
  18. He also says he's Ser Ryam Redwyne, and Robb calls himself the Young Dragon and Florian the Fool, which is also what Ser Dontos calls himself when he's scheming to smuggle Sansa out of KL. The upshot being, you can't cherrypick the bits that fit a pet theory and call them foreshadowing while ignoring all the others.
  19. I don't understand the point of spreading about a false story that Brandon threatened the Prince. Why is Jaime told a lie? Does Aerys think that's going to justify his subsequent torture and murder of the Starks? If you're going to burn someone alive in their armour while choking his son to death, you're obviously not playing by the rules so it's not really important to have a backup story. If Aerys was going to try to justify his horrific method of execution, he's going to blame Brandon for a much more treasonous act than what he's accused of. And why wouldn't Brandon go to KL instead of Dragonstone? He doesn't know where Rhaegar is, but the last place I'd expect a man to take the girl he abducted is back to the home he shares with his wife and children. And logistically, it's a lot easier to go to KL and find out where they are (if they're not hiding inside Maegor's) than it is to get a boat to take them to Dragonstone only to discover they were never there, and then kick himself for not stopping at the Red Keep first.
  20. I was replying to a claim that Lyanna wasn't described as being beautiful in the books, which she obviously was. Not sure whether you're trying to tell me I'm wrong? Quotes directly from the books don't lie.
  21. I was on board with Jaeherys being the name, but on a recent re-watch I saw Aegon. Maybe it's my new TV but now I'm Team Aegon - not because I particularly like it as his name, but I really think that's what she's saying.
  22. There's a thread for little questions (called "Little Questions") which might be a better place for all your little questions, rather than starting a new thread every time you want to ask a... little question.
  23. I don't think the Riverlands are as gung ho about the king as the northerners. They may not follow Jon as King in the North the way they did half-Tully Robb, but that's not to say they wouldn't remain allies or even a vassal territory, at least until the war was over. The scene where Robb was named King in the North doesn't say that the Riverlanders named him King of the Trident. It just says they drew their blades and bent their knees and shouted the old words "the King in the North" along with everyone else.
  24. True, which would be odd for the bastard of a Stark daughter, unless they sent her away to have the baby and afterwards brought it to live somewhere near Winterfell. But then it would be strange to have Nan become a servant in the household and nurse her potential siblings/cousins/nephews. It just seems odd that we are told specifically that she has brown hair. She could have been described any other way, without even mentioning hair colour. Or like I said, make her a blonde or a redhead or anything but Stark-brown.
  25. Maybe Nan is the result of the skinny girl and Duncan hooking up? I'd need to look at dates.