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  1. Caw caw MFers!
  2. 1,000 points and one.
  3. You don't remember? It was epic.
  4. When I hosted, I never had these problems.
  5. Are we overthinking it or did the host under think it!?
  6. Dancing On Ice Will Strengthen Pack Invoking Winters Sacred Powers Intrepid Winter Storm Prevails
  7. Always interesting to see which entries do well and which don't. I often disagree with voting here to a degree greater than I would expect. Differences in perspective, so sharp and so consistent, fascinate me.
  8. Personally, Monday gives me more useful time. Weekends are more useful than weekdays.
  9. Give it a few more weeks, that liability will be almost worthless.
  10. Though he obeys Doran, not Arriane. Either way, not explicitly addressed seems to be the answer.
  11. First: 6 Second: 1 Third: 3 Fourth: 9
  12. I'm always watching.
  13. It's it explicitly explained why Areo stayed in Dorne and is devoted to Doran instead of returning with Mellario and being devoted to her? Background thoughts: Even entering the service of House Martel, it strikes me as odd that he wouldn't be a default assumption to go with her "on behalf" of the Martels but also just because he was hers and why would that change? Especially given that there wasn't peace in that marriage and psychology suggests he'd side with her (yes, serve & obey ... protect... but who?) and that would be a barrier. I'm thinking there should... or would be, if it was explicitly addressed... a stray thought or two of his that would indicate a rift or - ... something.
  14. Do we get to choose the letters?
  15. I like pairs.