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  1. I thought it was interesting that you didn’t include Quentyn Martel in your group of dead/dying at the end of Dance... especially since his is death by fire, as opposed to going cold.
  2. We’ve gotten sidetracked... probably due to our fields of work... sorry about the link, a google search of “opiod breast feeding oxford” turns up a number of articles... the first was what I was trying to cite. But fundamentally, of course high levels (especially sustained over the long term) of opioids will effect neonatal development. And more importantly this isn’t the place for us to give or debate medical advise. cheers
  3. Fair question, proof is clearly hard to come by in the series... but evidence, maybe... We’d have to look to the Maesters or someone else who would have been able to provide Lysa with the substances I’m suggesting. Like say, a gouty old man trying to impress her? Sorry in advance, in trying to find quotes I’ve run out of time for commentary for now, but I’ll be back! Sweetsleep is also associated with bleeding... Lord Hunter is older than Lord Arryn and yet Lysa pays attention to him... and his wine. We know gouty men take medicine for the pain, as we see wth Doran Martel. And just for fun: ... I’m not sure if this is based on science or fiction. They can experience crazy growth spurts, but usually the big kid turns into the big man, ditto the little sickly kid. I consider this likely one of those details we will likely only see hinted at, not proven, and left to the readers to make up their own mind.
  4. Just from a medical perspective, while many drugs will not appear in meaningful quantity in mother’s milk, what you are saying is at least highly debatable and possibly simply inaccurate... While short term risk to a baby may be very low in a modern controlled dosage, continued exposure would almost certainly be harmful. (Sorry about link, but it seemed the most relevant citation) If Lysa began taking something regularly after her first miscarriage, and continued through the time of her death, it could contribute to explaining Robert Arryn’s condition, and deterioration after his mother’s death.
  5. Unless the mother is taking drugs... then it can be incredibly physically harmful. Otherwise prolonged breastfeeding appears to only have psychological implications, there is no evidence that in itself would cause Sweetrobin may well suffer from withdrawal similar to the effects of opioid withdrawal. Does Lysa take a pinch of something in her wine? This actually could explain a lot... But it doesn’t sound like Robert Arryn is Littlefinger’s kid...
  6. I disagree, I think he was simply talking about Braavos, where the Iron Coin takes Arya. It seems clear that the no-one who kills Pate is wearing the same face as post-Jaqen-no-one. We’re not sure he would have brought Arya straight there anyway, or maybe he would have delayed his mission to escort Arya to the House of White and Black... it’s impossible to say.
  7. I completely agree with what you said, I was just suggesting he may have paid Balon a visit on his way to Old Town. Didn’t mean to imply brevity in no-one’s stay in Old Town, as you pointed out he is still there when Sam gets there.
  8. Am I the only one who thought Jon Arryn and the Blackfish were a cute couple? It goes unsaid, but may have explained a lot... Why Brynden didn’t want a wife. Why Holster didn’t attend the Tourney at Harrenhall. Why it took two weddings and a funeral to get the Tullys in on the Northern Alliance during Robert’s Rebelion. Even after Brandon’s death. Why the Blackfish went to serve in the Vale. Also this might belong on the foreshadowing post...
  9. It’s hard to know, doubly so since they, you know, keep changing their faces... I prefer the idea of having as few faceless men running around as possible, but that’s really just a personal preference for simplicity, not based in the text. Or the order to kill Balon is simply comunicated to an agent in Westeros. One who has perhaps been idling about playing with a little wolf/weasel/girl since his last task. If Euron paid with a dragon’s egg, as some suspect, it may also explain the no-one swinging through Old Town and “paying” Pate a visit afterwards.
  10. There was also the whole bridge, drowned crow, Balon Greyjoy incident...
  11. This is actually a nice catch, I think. (Also @Ygrain no-one, lol) It seems to me that the Faceless men are up to more than just mercenary assasination. They seem to go to great lengths to gather information, be it as a customs agent or by breaking into the citadel (maybe even using little birds/mice/cat of the canals). To what end? That’s the question
  12. Especially with help from Varys (or Littlefinger), Ned had already signed the paperwork to send three prisoners with Yoren to the Wall, so on the day of the execution (or right before) a faceless man switches places with one. This leaves him poised to go north with Ned, and explains why Biter and Rorge are so scared of him. All that making bodies disappear in the Red Keep dungeons is just icing on the cake for this theory... since it explains away the body of the prisoner he switched with.
  13. Are you serious? Wow, just wow... besides loyalty and family and that it wouldn’t help him, just wow... Cat’s MO the whole series is blaming people for shit that isn’t their fault... Jon for his parentage, the Lannisters for Jon Arryn’s death, Tyrion for Bran’s assassin, the Frey fool for the Red Wedding, and basically everyone once she’s brought back from the dead. Does she lack good information? Yes. Has she been lied to? Yes. Does she have excuses? Of course. But this doesn’t change the facts. She absolutely got played by Littlefinger, but she also absolutely started the war. That’s ok, I tried explaining nicely, I supplied definitions, examples from classical literature, and quotes from the text. Disagreement is one thing, but to try and talk to people who deny history and simple definitions, without supplying any evidence, and who need to be corrected so frequently on everything from the fact that wars can be fought without a king’s permission, to denying Helen of Troy was an example of abduction starting a war, to the fact that Lord Tully’s bannermen were involved in abducting Tyrion, frankly gets boring. I’d rather seek an intelligent discussion. This debate isn’t going anywhere, and we never got past simple facts and on to what should be the more important question of the value of honor and justice vs the value of practical real world results. As in is it better to live or die honorably? Which I think is an interesting philosophical question, one could ponder using the text as a framework for discussion. Despite Robb’s attempts at being honorable and just, he lost and his kingdom and people suffer for it. But trying to explain what appears painfully obvious to me has lost its charm.
  14. Maybe... What do we know of Mikken’s life? Why would we expect him to be unable to make a rapier? Presumably Jon thought it would be the right kind of blade for Arya. Its not even like Braavos is that far from the North. Or we are talking about some non-western style blade. Sorry too busy asking about Valyrian Steel, Dragon steel, and Other blades... but of course you are right, how did that dastardly blacksmith learn to make a little sword! And out of castle forged steel no less! The only explanation is that he came with a great reputation... but if Syrio was just a disguise then you are jumping the gun on this one. Especially if we meet another Forrell... Unless he was there to kill Ned, and ended up with Yoren because Ned was supposed to go with Yoren, and Yoren found Arya in the crowd... so maybe not a coincidence at all, except for Yoren and Arya running into each other.
  15. Brackens and Blackwoods. The Blackwoods will never stomach the Brute of Bracken as a neighbor. It will mean war. Except it didn’t just stop there... are you saying the War of Five Kings wasn’t a war? War’s escalate, first it’s an abduction, then some pillaging, maybe a beheading, and soon enough sieges and full on battles. No, they go seeking vengeance. You can debate lawful and just, but it doesn’t take a king to declare a war. Just not the case. His son being abducted is textbook provocation. Well we agree it was stupid... she starts a war her family was unprepared for by abducting a man she had no right to abduct and accuses him of things he didn’t do. Pretense... knowing full well she did not... which is abduction. It might be honorable to announce yourself before attacking someone, but it’s stupid. Not so sure, he is furious because he wants the King’s Peace maintained... seems like he understood the repercussions here. He’s trying to end the fighting. Yes... They attack Lord Tully’s bannerman, Tyrion was abducted in Lord Tully’s name. Do you have a quote? I don’t know to what you are referring... Varys clearly saw what was coming, as, I believe, did many others. He won though, so in that sense he fought the war better... honestly I don’t even care any more this has been a preposterous debate. Tywin is a twisted fuck, no doubt. But Cat started the war