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  1. Always good to learn! I find the Greek meaning fits Mel better, darkness, but who knows, maybe it’s all about the melons... Well we know she isn’t right literally all the time. But I do agree that she seems to be right about a lot of stuff, and seems to know more history than the Maesters, even Nan contradicts herself about when she came to winterfell... And I doubt Dagmar Cleftjaw cannot be killed. while I was intrigued by the notion of Brandons being connected through time originally as well, I think it falls apart once you start thinking about it... I’m not saying it’s impossible, but I don’t think it’s likely or terribly satisfying. He also said he could convert to the faith of the seven and be High Septon... I actually think the sneaky important bit about his paragraph is that we learn Bran can’t have children anymore. Nan never said all the Brandon’s are one person, Cat said she gets confused sometimes, neither of these sound like convincing explanations to me, I find it more probable that she has been waiting for the right Brandon Stark, just like Bloodraven. And I don’t think for a second Nan gets the story wrong... the tale of Brandon the builder is the tale of the last hero and is probably a story about a crow too. She isn’t nearly as confused as Bran thinks. Also, be aware that there may be a pun on raise castles... raze castles... or raise the wall? And raze the Wall? It’s probably related to the “walls” instead of “Wall” in the Nights Watch Oath, and that Brandon the Builder is credited for the construction of the Hightower on Battle Isle, Winterfell, and Storms End. The Last Hero sought out the Children and learned their language. TWoIaF tells us Brandon learned their language as well to try and “raise” the wall. The Last Hero hoped the magic of the Children might succeed where the armies of Men had failed. The Nights Watch supposedly fought the battle for the dawn and pushed the Other’s back ending the Long Night. I think this is a lie, after all, all crows are liars. The Last hero fought with a dragonsteel sword, long before the founding of Valyria. Azor Ahai forges lightbringer in Nissa Nissa’s heart, presumably killing her. The Night King chased a corpse bride, loved her, gave up his soul, and crowned her his queen (Nissa Nissa). I believe all these stories are about the same man, the OG, Brandon Stark. Its not that all the Brandon’s are the same, but that all the stories are about Brandon... If I had to guess, there is a Weirwood on Battle Isle inside the Hightower. So it wouldn’t surprise me at all if there were Hightower Greenseers... maybe that includes the Mad Maid. But given that this is supposedly the same generation as the construction of the Hightower, Long Night, founding of the Nights Watch, and founding of the Citadel, I would imagine that they are all related. While the role, religion, and beliefs of Maester’s has changed a lot over the years, it’s worth noting that their founding long predates the Andals. I still don’t by the time travel, and would much prefer if the old tales are simply reflected again instead of people hopping back and forth. It’s about the unreliability of the histories we’ve been told, especially in regard to Brandon the Builder, the Night’s King, and Old Star-Eyes (who I suspect was an Other wandering Westeros before the Wall went up)... the list of Lord Commanders only goes back 600ish names instead of a thousand... Again, there is a lack of written history from before the Andal’s came. But the key detail to me that was repeated wasn’t part of your quote, the Last Hero fought with a Dragonsteel sword long before the founding of Valyria. Of course this screams Dawn.
  2. But presumably still wearing the monks robes and cowl, not to mention he was just one of many novices clearing plates, it’s not clear how close Brienne was to him... but he certainly wasn’t holding her wrist while speaking to her, so I’m not sure it’s at all a fair comparison. I get that a lot of people are sold on Qaithe-Seastar, but the popular opinion used to be Qaithe was Ashara Dayne (also connected to stars and supposedly dove into the sea to kill herself) so I’m not sure I find the stars/wet eyes a sure fire connection. But I really can’t get over how you could tell someone’s eyes are wet (wetter than normal) but not notice the colors are different. And to be fair, I thought it was a problem when people suggested Ashara too (haunting purple eyes) but at least there are examples of purple eyes being mistaken for blue or near black...
  3. If Targs can’t get sick, How did so many of them die during the Great Spring Sickness?
  4. I cannot imagine someone’s eyes where I could see them well enough to tell they are watery but can’t notice they are different colors... especially if she was holding my wrist. And eye color is sort of a thing in this series. So, maybe it’s just me, but the fact that Qaithe’s eyes are used repeatedly as her sole identifying feature, while Shiera Seastar also had unique eyes, and this little incredibly obvious and remarkable trait wasn’t mentioned at all, rules her out fairly definitely.
  5. Where did do you find the apple derivation? What language is it from if not Greek, I’m genuinely curious... The Weirwood paste and the Shade of the evening appear to be functionally the same. Crippled? There are a lot of Brandons in Stark history, but is there evidence for them being crippled? There are a lot of Aegons and Walders too... I need more to go on to convince me of time travel.
  6. You are making assumptions, we do not know what happened to Nan except that we heard women and children were taken to the Dreadfort. This is just wrong. Bloodraven is mentioned once in Feast and Twice in Dance... You are entitled to an opinion, but a prequel series to provide backstory on setting and characters is a pretty standard literary method... Its clearly happening here, wether you like it or not, the Golden Company has once again crossed the narrow sea, and even I don’t doubt that the pale lord in the Weirwood is Brynden Rivers.
  7. I have no idea what you mean here... I don’t understand the question. And you lost me... sry I’m eyeing that pregnant woman seeking vengeance as Nan more than the brown haired little one kissing the probably Dunk. It could have been a Stark or a Blackwood easily, and we know Dunk kisses the future Lady Lannister, and defeated Lord Baratheon in a duel, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he pissed off some other Major Lords along the way too. That’s the problem, if the same feature is used to identify two characters isn’t the same then they are probably different characters. Shadowbinders wear masks, Mel’s mask is a glamor, indicated by her ruby neckless. It does appear possible, but Why would she bother? It clearly isn’t easy to make glamors... as Mel explains, she just tries to make it look easy for effect. She’s wearing an actual mask... Wait, so you are trying to tell me Dany could see how wet Qaithe’s eyes were, but couldn’t tell the color? Sounds like a stretch.
  8. That’s ok. Disagreements make the world go round! Thank you
  9. I tried to argue my way into this belief once, but I have to be honest I just don’t like the timetraveling Bran idea no matter how much I wrestled with it. I don’t think it’s impossible, I just think there’s a better explanation. I dug up my copy of Game of Thrones from like 20 years ago and the 3EC talks in italics, like the Undying do. So I’ve come down that I agree it is non-verbal communication, but I think Old Nan at Bran’s bedside makes the most sense to me right now. But not in on the House of the Undying. With Rob dead, Bran is King of the North and rightful lord of Winterfell.
  10. The story will continue to grow forward in time following the characters in ASoIaF but will also grow backwards to fill in the “historical” holes. That these additions should have overlapping characters/backstories/plots only makes sense. I agree... and it helps explain this From Bran 2 GoT: He raced across the godswood, taking the long way around to avoid the pool where the heart tree grew. The heart tree had always frightened him; trees ought not have eyes, Bran thought, or leaves that looked like hands. Again I would suggest for consideration that Qaithe is the Sea (or the refection of celestial bodies in the sea) and Mel the Star, both children of Old Nan, Seastar. Mel’s real name appears to be Melony: One day, Melisandre prayed, she would not sleep at all. One day she would be free of dreams. Melony, she thought. Lot Seven. Melonie - comes from the Greek, melas, meaning Darkness Made popular in America as a name because of The Sound of Music. Historically it’s Latin form was used by two saints: Melania the Elder and her granddaughter, Melania the Younger. Melania the Elder was a Desert Mother of early Christianity, known as ammas, “spiritual mothers”, these early Christians from the generations following Roman adoption of Christianity, philosophy is remarkably paralleled by Mel. Her husband and two out of three sons died before she was 22. A quote just for fun: "In the beginning there are a great many battles and a good deal of suffering for those who are advancing towards God and afterwards, ineffable joy. It is like those who wish to light a fire; at first they are choked by the smoke and cry, and by this means obtain what they seek ... so we must also kindle the divine fire in ourselves through tears and hard work." Melania the Younger was a descendent of Marcus Aurelius, a famous Roman Emperor. She married her paternal cousin, one of the richest men in the Roman Empire, but their two children died. Why is Mel so afraid of sleep? Is she scared of being visited by a little bird? I think the Moon in Jon’s dream (the old Nan on the Moon!) and that Quaith is her descendent (the fact that she speaks common means she’s almost certainly born/raised Westerosi. In all the stories the little boy died at three of a summer chill, but Old Nan stayed on at Winterfell with her own children. She had lost both her sons to the war when King Robert won the throne, and her grandson was killed on the walls of Pyke during Balon Greyjoy's rebellion. Her daughters had long ago married and moved away and died. All that was left of her own blood was Hodor, the simpleminded giant who worked in the stables, but Old Nan just lived on and on, doing her needlework and telling her stories.
  11. Why the hell didn’t Dany notice her eyes were different colors when she was looking at them
  12. Why the hell didn’t Dany notice her eyes were different colors when she was looking at them
  13. If it ain’t broke then, well, never mind... Yes, I do believe she is calling herself a liar... She is the first one to mention crows coming to peck Bran: And then after Bran falls she agrees with him all crows are liars, since she’s the one who told him he could fly, and then right after we get her backstory about coming to nurse some Brandon Stark... Sometimes Old Nan told it one way and sometimes another. Two normal eyes plus the one spirit eye... 100% closer than Bloodraven is to having three eyes! Also, why I’m not surprised to see Bloodraven appear as a two eyed tree, one real eye and one spirit eye. Let’s be clear though, the story isn’t finished and this is a detail which hasn’t emerged yet... this is an attempt to jump the gun, and we don’t have even the whole D&E story yet, so it’s no surprise we know next to nothing about Seastar. Given how it sure seems like Dunk will be making his way to Winterfell, and we know the dragons took part in defeating the Greyjoy’s at that time, it’s not like it’s crazy to think we’ll be learning more. It’s possible, his shield ended up on Tarth, but there is something appealing about him being Hodor’s forefather. Although there isn’t really evidence for this either. I will say that I’m suspicious of Nan’s swatting of Hodor given what the three eyed crows buffeting of Bran did to his memory! Except that she is one of the great bastards... Bloodraven, Bittersteel, and Blackfyre have been mentioned relatively few times all together, but those of us paying attention know they, or their legacies, are still playing major roles in the plot... Also on a more practice note, these characters have been written to fill in history and plot, none of them are mentioned early in the series because they hadn’t been fully conceived. There is nothing crazy about introducing a small bit player in the prequel series so that she can end up being the Old Mystery Woman in the main books. One last note on Seastar/Qaithe and my biggest problem with this theory... the eyes... it is the single most defining feature for both women, but not in the same way. If the author has a character focusing on Qaithe’s eyes to notice how unusually wet they are, they should notice if they are remarkably different colors. It makes no sense that a character wouldn’t notice this remarkable trait. Now if the woman was super old, almost blind, and had eyes covered in filmy cataracts, it would make more sense.
  14. I completely agree this points to the three eyed crow being a woman, not just that, but one who was sitting by Bran’s bedside.
  15. I think Old Nan is Seastar, and Mel may be her and Bloodraven’s child. Quaith May be Nan’s and Bittersteel’s.