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  1. Didn't someone speculate upthread that Byron might be Harry Rivers, who supposedly died during the war in the Riverlands? Their appearances match. Harry was described as "fair-haired and comely." ETA: Or he could be one of Stannis's former knights who bent the knee after the BotB. Sansa is present in the throne room (she's mentioned going to the front of the crowd in this chapter, so quite visible to anyone approaching the throne) when honors are given and captives are made to bend the knee to Joffrey. She doesn't take note of him, but he may remember her. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Shadrich (supposedly) support Stannis at one time? Either way, as Brienne travels through the Crownlands and into the Riverlands, it seems many or most of the knights she meets are former Stannis supporters. It would be quite likely that Byron was also a former Stannis supporter.
  2. Royce as first family to be named meaningless or foreshadowing?

    Thenn probably stems from the Norse "þenngill" which means lord or king. Just my two cents. ETA: I used to think that the etymology of Royce had something to do with "king." (Roy means king; it stems from the French roi.) But it's actually a medieval variant of "rose."
  3. I see Sansa as ENFP and Arya as ISTJ. (No wonder they didn't get along. They're complete opposites. Haha!)
  4. Wow, I never noticed that v.15

    Isn't a cyclone only a tornado? Anyway, I noticed that they were in the eye of a hurricane in this scene on my very first read, but being from Louisiana, of course I would.
  5. I'm surprised no one has mentioned it, but Daena and Danae have a lot in common. Their names are even anagrams. Both were locked in a tower so they couldn't have children, in a sense, though for different reasons. They ended up conceiving sons anyway, and these sons would go on to become great warriors. The only thing missing in Daena's story is the "golden rain."
  6. There's another theory out there that Haldon Halfmaester is Walys Flowers, per some R+L=Young Griff believers anyway.
  7. Not possible, unless an affair was involved. Aurane is 22 and LF is 30-ish. LF's father died only a few years before Game, so "Widow Baelish" wouldn't have sired Aurane either. They could possibly be descendants (unknowingly) of Rohanne Weber, as she also had grey-green eyes and even had a dimpled chin like Aurane. More likely though is that grey-green eyes are a symbolism for something. I think something related to the Grey King and Garth the Green, death and life, the sea, and potentially greenseeing. And of course the author probably wants us to compare the two. Besides the similar eyes, they are both called "mischievous" and "sly" and (what do you know!) both want to screw over Cersei. LF would screw over anyone for power, but I think it's more personal with Aurane - his brother died on the Blackwater.
  8. I think Aurane Waters is a potential wordplay on "rain water," something to do with the three forgings of LB. (Gendry once tempers a sword in rainwater.) Au is also the chemical symbol for gold, so "gold rain." Zeus once impregnated a woman via golden rain. (Was is Perseus' conception?) I have a hunch that Aurane will ride Viserion, although all the symbolism around might just be just that, symbolic. Sort of how there's a lot of fire magic and old gods associated with Beric to foreshadow Jon's potential resurrection.
  9. The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    Yes, but nearly a page lamenting "his priorities" is not.
  10. The Ultimate Winds of Winter Resource

    Can we please keep this thread reduced to posting news, and not posting speculations and/or complaining that Winds is out yet?
  11. Puns and Wordplay

    I found a possible origin for Theon being named "Reek." I recently discovered the Icelandic legend of Arrow Odd. In his travels, he comes across two krakens. From Wiki: …these were two sea-monsters, one called Sea-Reek, and the other Heather-Back. The Sea-Reek is the biggest monster in the whole ocean. It swallows men and ships, and whales too, and anything else around. It stays underwater for days, then it puts up its mouth and nostrils, and when it does, it never stays on the surface for less than one tide. These creatures later described in an Old Norwegian scientific work Konungs skuggsjá(c. 1250), were to come to be understood as what the Norse regarded as the Kraken. This is seemingly one of the first references to the Kraken.
  12. Wow, I never noticed that v.15

    Seymour did try to marry Elizabeth and was beheaded for it. It was illegal to marry a princess without the king's permission, which Seymour didn't have. Sansa has a few parallels with Elizabeth I, though jumbled up. In addition to the step-father parallel, "Sweetrobin" was the nickname Elizabeth I had for Robert Dudley.
  13. Either the "mouth of a gate," or the "protection of a gate." Mund is the modern German term for mouth, but in Old German it meant "protection." Also note that Rosamund means "horse protection," and that if Rosamund and Myrcella were swapped, Rosamund (not Myrcella) would have been protected by a horse that shied when Darkstar slashed at her.
  14. I have no idea what animal she'll skinchange either. Maybe bats, like Danelle Lothston supposedly used to? Maybe birds? Maybe even a dragon? I dunno. I have a feeling that her renewed skinchanging ability will occur at or near Castle Darry, where Lady was executed, but it might potentially be at any godswood. We'll just have to wait for Winds to see.
  15. Perhaps (and I'm sure some of yall thought of this) the Heart of Winter that Bran sees is a comet/meteor. In another thread, I mention that Sansa's "chestnut" hair is a play on "chest nut," a potential for growth within her "chest," her heart. Lady is dead, but a part of Lady still lives within Sansa. The death/rebirth cycle that Sansa (as Alayne) is in the middle of has something to do with Lady's death and Sansa's "death" as a warg/skinchanger. Her dormant phase in the Vale is the apex of this "death." Somehow, she will (or rather her warging/skinchanging ability will) be reborn when she emerges as Sansa once again. Sansa isn't only the fire moon that is stuck in the ice moon (Sansa hidden in the Vale); she is the ice moon with a piece of fire moon herself (Sansa with a piece of Lady/potential to warg/skinchange). Additionally, this rebirth will somehow entail her "breaking away her crust" symbolically and becoming the fire moon/piece of fire moon again: Oathkeeper. Oathkeeper-comet promises to destroy the moon. The "moon" she destroys will be no literal moon, but the "moon" symbol within her arch: The Titan's Head/Petyr Baelish. The babe/bane wordplay that I discussed earlier reasserts this imagery. Alayne/Dormant-Sansa is the giant's babe; her transformation will turn her into giant's bane. (Jon jokingly calls Tormund "Giantsbabe" after hearing the story behind his nickname "Giantsbane.")