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  1. Moon tea is used to prevent or abort pregnancies and both maesters and woods witches know how to make it, even north of the Wall. So I have two questions - 1. Is it more acceptable for women in Westeros to use moon tea than it is for a woman in our world to have an abortion? Hoster Tully gave moon tea to Lysa. Was that preferably to his daughter giving birth to a bastard fathered by a very minor noble? The Faith damns bastards, so would the clergy support moon tea? Or is there a pro-life movement in Westeros? 2. Why are there so many bastards if moon tea were so widely available? For example, why wasn't Lollys Stokeworth or Delena Florent (mother of Edric Storm) or Ramsay's mother given moon tea?
  2. The Others are the things of nightmares, but why? What do they do that's so terrible? They kill? Are we reading the same books? Yes they kill but they don't steal, or rape, or torture. They turn their victims into wrights? I'd rather be a zombie than a slave. What if the Others are necessary for some kind of balance or are the Gods answer to a world that is too corrupt to be saved? Why should we not root for the Others?
  3. So a bunch of people are convinced that the dragon prince and the wolf maiden had this great lovd affair but I'm not sold. Let's look at some facts - I believe that Lyanna was our mysterious knight that Rhaegar found but there's no indication that the two spent any personal time together between then and when Lyanna was crowned Queen of Love and Beauty. Cut to roughly a year later when Lyanna was "kidnapped". First she must have already been heading south since she ended up in Dorne before Brandon rode to Kings Landing from Riverrun. My guess she was supposed to be going to Storms End although Riverrun and the Vale are other choices. Now let's keep in mind the timeline - Lyanna was 16 when she died, 15 when the war began and 14 at the tourney of Harrenhall. So it seems possible that she was infatuated with Rhaegar and might have turned to him to escape her unhappy engagement. Maybe during that year she fell in love but it wasn't that way at first. Now switching to the last dragon - most remember Rhaegar as a man who would have been a great king but I see something else - an obsession with the Prince that was Promised prophecy. From the House of the Undying vision, he was already looking to have another child, his third head, after Elia was advised not to get pregnant again. But why Lyanna? Well he already had a Rhaeyns and an Aegon so he needed a Visenya and who better to be the mother of the legendary warior woman than a girl who would secretly disguise herself as a knight? Also it would unite the blood of the dragon with the blood of the first men. Now Rhaegar would have had to have known that seemingly abducting the daughter of one great lord and the fiancee of another would cause a lot of problems but his obsession with the prophecy came first and it cost thousands their lives. Again, maybe he came to love he but that wasn't his original intent. Perhaps he didn't fully escape the Targaryen madness after all... Any thoughts?