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  1. I will watch the show and enjoy it for what it is and be spoiled or whatev. I'm over it. Not like it's possible to remain unspoiled for the next 4-8 years until ADOS may or may not be released in any case.
  2. Yeah it's frustrating that they decided they needed a flashback now, but skipped so much other prophecy/backstory in past seasons.
  3. Overall, not a bad episode. Curious to see where the Brienne/Pod storyline is going given the lack of LSH. Some cringeworthy/on-the-nose dialogue. I liked Emilia Clarke's performance in the Daario scene. Maggy the Frog looked way too young and goth, and the cheesy maniacal laughter? Really?
  4. It's an 8 for me. The Meereen revolt was really rushed; I feel like it should have spanned a couple of episodes. Dany's detached, "blood of the dragon" delivery is really tedious. Loved the Ser Pounce cameo. Tommen's sexy/creepy Marg encounter worked, I think, and his smile afterward was just perfect. I can see why they recast him now. I'm digging Locke and his storyline and kinda wishing he was in the books. It did bug me that Jon couldn't mark him as a northman based on his speech or other clues. Though maybe Locke is not originally from the north. Karl drinking out of Mormont's perfectly clean and whitened skull was a bit much. Could definitely have done without the gratuitous rape. I'm sad that the show got to the Land of Always Winter first, but it's still awesome to see it and learn some more about the Others.