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  1. Why wouldn't the Rebels consider breaking up the Targaryen kingdom?

    There is less than no evidence saying the Vale or Crownlands. We know the vale is "famously fertile" and has the ability to grow wheat, barley, and corn as well as pumpkins and fruit to rival the Reach. The Crownlands feed KL so if they were dependent on the Reach for food, KL would cease to exist. There's no evidence of the Reach ever sending anything to North with any regularity and only a chance they sent food north when Aegon asked them to. There is no harbor for their ships to anchor on the west side of the North. Any food would have to come up the roseroad, which wouldn't work because of the amount of food the oxen/horses need to consume, or around Dorne and up the narrow sea. There is a very real danger of food spoilage in that scenario, and the Vale is less than a week's sale from White Harbor. with places like Maidenpool and Duskendale only another few days sailing away. As to the North being in shambles, well we just have to disagree there. MC has clearly been a ruin far longer than the Targs have been in charge. We know the keep rotted away a 1000 years ago, yet the north hasn't been invaded at any point through it. In fact MC was strong enough to throw back a much larger Northern force under the Ryswells and Dustins 3 times, and Theon thought they would kill another 3x their number in a battle, despite starving and being under siege for months. The NW being a shadow of itself is not ideal but WF never required the entire North to put down an invasion. If the NW hadn't been completely gutted by the great ranging, it's highly unlikely mance would have even gotten close to breaching the wall. The North not having a fleet would be an issue, but we see WH built a fleet of nearly 50 boats inside a year.
  2. Would fAegons invasion work against a united Baratheon regime?

    He was bringing 10K dothraki over and fAegon is no less a fable than the dothraki horde, who will savage westeros and enslave people, coming across the narrow sea.
  3. Why wouldn't the Rebels consider breaking up the Targaryen kingdom?

    When did the North suffer from invasions? Sure the Greyjoys had harried the coast for a while, but they continued to do that after the Targs took power. The North and the Vale fought over the Sisters but that ended ~700 years before Aegon's Conquest.
  4. Would fAegons invasion work against a united Baratheon regime?

    Right that's why Robert himself was worried about what would happen in a Targaryen (Dany or Viserys) came back to Westeros: “There are still those in the Seven Kingdoms who call me Usurper. Do you forget how many houses fought for Targaryen in the war? They bide their time for now, but give them half a chance, they will murder me in my bed, and my sons with me. If the beggar king crosses with a Dothraki horde at his back, the traitors will join him.” So we know that Doran is willing to spearhead Westerosi aid in a rebellion against Robert. We know Robert thinks the loyalists will fight against his regime. Darry still keeps/kept Targaryen banners in their castle. Viserys, fool though he is, rattles off 5-6 houses that would have plenty of reason to either stay neutral or fight with him. As much and more can apply to fAegon and JonCon. I don't pretend to know if they'd succeed but tossing out Dorne as a viable ally and landing option is beyond foolish.
  5. Would fAegons invasion work against a united Baratheon regime?

    Right. Even though he's actively planning to aid a rebellion against the crown and per the OP Dany is staying in Slavers Bay. Critical thinking is so much more enjoyable when you dismiss outright things you don't want to happen!
  6. Would fAegons invasion work against a united Baratheon regime?

    Once again, landing in Dorne is predicated on reaching out to Doran beforehand.
  7. Would fAegons invasion work against a united Baratheon regime?

    Why? Why would they turn against Faegon? Did they magically discover he's fake or something? As to JonCon, he was banished by Aerys, not Robert. He's also suspected dead, so I fail to see why Doran, who's already planning on supporting the overthrow ofRobert anyway, would want either of the mdead.
  8. Would fAegons invasion work against a united Baratheon regime?

    If Dany is staying in Westeros, landing in Dorne is going to be a better option than landing in the definitely hostile SL. Essentially I am relying on JonCon to have negotiated a landing wherever he wants to land
  9. Would fAegons invasion work against a united Baratheon regime?

    That assumes he'd land in the SL. What does he say about that in ADwD: “Only a few years ago, he would never have dared attempt a landing on Cape Wrath; the storm lords were too fiercely loyal to House Baratheon and to King Robert. But with both Robert and his brother Renly slain, everything was changed. ” He'd almost certainly land in Dorne, but he'd have the same issues crossing that Dany would have. Moving that many men and ships is fucking hard and Stannis and the Royal Fleet are on the narrow sea. Unless they get the Redwynes to run interference, they have no chance at opposing it at sea.
  10. North Noble House Scenario

    Kill everyone and start over.
  11. House Frey fans... bad news :(

    Rivers take a long long time to silt up or change course. Pi-Ramses (sp?) was on a branch of the Nile that silted up. They moved that capital to Tanis later but it was hundreds of thousands of years later (don't remember which). Short of a large earthquake or another hammer of the waters, I don't see the river changing course. There doesn't seem to be much volcanic activity in the area.
  12. Would fAegons invasion work against a united Baratheon regime?

    They would lose at a slightly slower pace than the Blackfyres had lost in the last few generations.
  13. Bran vs. Jaime

    Jaime wins that battle 10 times out of 10. A 7 year old is realistically never going to win a contest against a grown man, and his possible transformation into a tree won't help. Oh wait you meant the character arcs. Well I can and harshly judge Jaime for his actions and the actions that necessitated his decision, I will unabashedly and I would do the exact same thing given his circumstances. Well let's amend that to "kill a child to save my non-incestual family".
  14. Sansa knew about Jeynes faith

    You're not wrong. It's probably less LF poisoning him and more just not caring what happens
  15. Sansa knew about Jeynes faith

    Well given that she has was just lectured about HtH, her potential betrothed, I'd have to say it's both that SR needs to be under control and it doesn't really matter if he dies because Harry exists and it only makes her more powerful sooner.