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  1. Chicken see, Chicken do? Stark -> Arryn, Bolton -> Redfort Why do people learn a second language or college students study abroad? Why does the any country have diplomatic relations with a similarly powerful country? Bilateral relations are terrible! Bu seriously, why bother having friends right? The king and country will love you if you never leave your keep and no one knows who are you!
  2. Volantis hired a fleet of ships to get them out of Volantis
  3. That's basically what both WOIAF and the wiki say.
  4. Because it's really f*cking common for a son to be sent to a friend or ally to be a squire. Let's do a quick list from memory in a minute: Ned, Robert, LF, Jaime, Kevan, Quentyn, Brandon, Addam Marbrand, Harry the Heir, the Walders,
  5. Half a dozen or more houses held the white knife for an aggregate thousand years. The Manderlys were basically a no risk no brainer. No chance of ever winning the allegiance of the North but their success only built up the starks. Any failure would have been a continuance of everything that had been happening for eons.
  6. http://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Bastardy#Surnames
  7. By all means, a summary of said things is appreciated. I've read all of those. Hoster rode around a lot in the RL and fought in the Ninepenny kings war as either a knight or a squire* but no evidence with him as a commander *older than Ser Tywin but otherwise no indication
  8. We want him to get really ripped in prison. He'd have all sorts of free time. Finally got his bench press over 100 kilo
  9. Reputations. Do tell us about Hoster
  10. He surrendered his religious beliefs twice! THEN WENT WEAK RELIGIOUSLY Parents' death - Atheism Robert's death - Red Rahloo Big snowstorm - Won't burn the non-believers He might as well make himself an anti-high-septon and marrying a 2nd through 6th wife.
  11. What about the smaller chance they don't? Does Aerys burn everything? Is Bloodraven fire proof?
  12. Right so they would keep fighting? Aerys is not going to give them a reasonable offer. He is insane. That's the whole crux of the matter. If it were Jaehaerys or Aegon V, you'd be 100% on point. But it ain't them on the throne.
  13. Yeah that's what puzzles me. The Darklyns and Hollards surrendered. How'd that turn out?
  14. He had pretty reasonable success when he was leading the army. He did get outmaneuvered by Robb for sure but his command never crossed paths with Robb's command. Stannis is hands down the most versatile and experienced commander. I can't really see any faults of his except the forced march to WF but that is necessary for political reasons.
  15. You're fabricating words out of thin air. I honestly don't even know where you're going with this. All I said was the rebels have damn good reason to keep fighting even if SE is lost, because they will be facing punishment levied by an insane pyromaniac. Can we at least agree that Aerys is erratic and would likely kill the leaders?