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  1. Well, to be pedantic, Edmure waited for Tywin to attack him. I don't have to point to the passage as we know Edmure and his vassals fortified all the known crossings. But the most likely outcome is that Stannis takes KL. I doubt that ends the war and there is always the remaining chance the Tyrells still take Stannis from behind due to LF's negotiations.
  2. My spanish is rusty but yes I believe so. Am I missing something? This seems to be a pretty basic concept of presenting.
  3. I don't know even know how to address this. I mean, I already did, but let me try again. Speaking in one language and then abruptly switching to another for the last word of a sentence, one you emphasize, clearly draws attention to it. You can think it's coincidental all you want, but the guy is clearly trying to put on a show and his actions and words fall in line with it lock step, like the old legions of Ghis!
  4. No but we know exactly what he does when he is on it, so it's irrelevant to know what he's like off it. And who cares if the poppies are different? We know exactly what they do in Westeros too.
  5. Because it's foreign? Is that a serious question? Sounds more exotic. A little flair verbally is perfectly in line with the very ornate chest he's got "Tyrion's" head in. He is, after all, addressing the queen
  6. I burn everything down and move to Dorne
  7. He uses valonqar because it's valyrian for little brother and he wants to emphasize that?
  8. Well no. It wouldn't. We know exactly what happens to him when he takes too much milk of the poppy, which is basically all of the time.
  9. Yup it literally just means little brother. I never thought it to mean Tyrion either but that is just my sense of the book
  10. Sure. Sounds like a plan
  11. I have now. I'll make sure not to next time.
  12. I can't explain this much more. King Robert: "It was not me, my lady," he said in a sulky sullen tone, like a child caught stealing apple cakes from the kitchen. "It was the wine. I drink too much wine." Gregor: Ser Gregor is overly accustomed to the poppy, I fear. His squire tells me that he is plagued by blinding headaches and oft quaffs the milk of the poppy as lesser men quaff ale. It's all just a big understanding. Gregor doesn't do all the raping, pillaging, murdering, and killing. It's the milk of the poppy!
  13. Subtlety is an art lost on the masses
  14. Why am I inserting myself in Baelish? Not really my bag, yo. Surely I can snag a noble's daughter, even a merchant daughter, right?
  15. Burn everything down and march to the wall. Then burn the wall down and march to the haunted forest. Then burn the haunted forest down and march north to the frostfangs. There start a a Bed n Breakfast catering to Thenns, White Walkers, and giants. Then move this thread to the games subforum.