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  1. Things that are scarce and expensive become less expensive when they are a market where supply far outstrips the demand. Some 2nd son in the Westerlands isn't going to be able to buy cheap armor because of a battle 1000 miles away
  2. If he wanted to lose all his support from the Reach, then yes he could have done that.
  3. We have no idea why Mace stayed at SE. If Aerys commanded him to do it, he'd be stupid not to given how much burning Aerys liked to do
  4. I didn't say everyone brought horses. If they had horses, they brought their own. Please do not put words into my mouth. Clearly most did not have horses. That's why they were called "infantry" instead of "mounted XXXXXX." I linked to that thread for a reason.
  5. If you look at the formations the northmen are able to march in during combat, that indicates a lot more training than just standing with their captains behind them. Obviously the levies aren't professional soldiers -- we agree there -- but they have a lot more training than most people expect.
  6. They weren't pressed into service and they brought their own arms, armor, and horses to the campaign. Read this: http://asoiaf.westeros.org/index.php?/topic/91171-come-into-my-castle-the-ways-of-warfare-in-westeros-updated-and-psa-regarding-troop-quality/
  7. Why not all 3? Nothing in BPD or NPD accounts for murdering your best friend.
  8. Personally I prefer whichever definition makes the mounted numbers more bigly.
  9. It literally can't be. That was the only thing that made anyone go to war. The conditions were in place long before that but no one did anything. Says everything we need to know.
  10. Manpower is very much a limiting factor. There is a reason why medieval armies were small, partly because they were expensive but also partly because the more people they withdraw from actual work, the less food everyone will have to eat. It's not just the army. People need to harvest the grain, run the mill, et al. There is a much larger pool of manpower than gets called up, but that statement as is it completely false. They literally can't feed them and if they try they will starve the rest of the population. There is a direct relation between the supplies available and the manpower available.
  11. 1) The northern foot and the Frey levies (both quality and bad) are all of the above. That said, there is a marked difference between the quality Frey and Northern foot and what gets sent north with Roose: “Behind her came Ser Jared Frey, Ser Hosteen Frey, Ser Danwell Frey, and Lord Walder’s bastard son Ronel Rivers, leading a long column of pikemen, rank on rank of shuffling men in blue steel ringmail and silvery grey cloaks.” “The larger part of the northern host, pikes and archers and great masses of men-at-arms on foot, remained upon the east bank under the command of Roose Bolton.” “A crescent of enemy spearmen had formed ahead, a double hedgehog bristling with steel, waiting behind tall oaken shields marked with the sunburst of Karstark.” “Tyrion saw Shagga catch a spearman full in the chest as the fool came on at a run, saw his axe shear through mail and leather and muscle and lungs. ” There is way more I could include but every single northerner we see march south with Robb and the Frey infantry all have quality armor, a good polearm, and shields for some of the spearmen. The ADWD Frey levies that march north are at least in part literally armed with field implements. So we have two options: Either the Freys didn't care enough to arm people who aren't a part of their normal levy -- this typically doesn't fall to the lord anyway -- or the Freys sent the bottom of the barrel north for some reason (eg they are meant to be arrow fodder like the wildlings were for Stannis). I've said this in many threads before, the infantry across the kingdom is generally comparable to each other. The only exceptions we see are the mountain clansmen and some of the Frey peasants.
  12. They will fight whether or not they are given weapons, so why give them weapons? The Freys clearly don't care if the peasants live. They were commanded by the crown to send 2000 men north. If they did, they could barely scrounge up enough men to do it. Instead it looks like they sent a token force of mounted men and a bunch of bodies. The Freys don't need their contribution to be effective. Roose needs them to be effective. That's the crux of the issue. The Freys weren't commanded to retake the north, merely to send men to assist Roose. Why send half of your levies North to battle a usurper in the middle of a short autumn? Does Walder Frey seem like the kind of guy who'd do that, especially with Tywin dead and gone?
  13. Why are you arming and equipping peasants you are sending off to die with valuable arms and armor? Answer: You are not. Your men-at-arms are taking them as plunder or you are selling them / holding them to sell
  14. Gavrilo Prinzip shot Archduke Franz Ferdninand, which is generally regarded as the cause of WW1. Do we want to blame the person who manufactured the faulty grenade or the cook who make his lunch instead?
  15. You can't buy supplies that don't exist. That is my point. The land can only yield so much. There is some magic in the world of ASOIAF but I have yet to see a spell that conjures up food. Where are you getting food if you're land doesn't have food, the place you're in is burnt up, and the food takes a month to reach you? You can't. It doesn't matter how much money you have if the food just can't get there.