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  1. HE RELEASED FREYS WHEN THEY WERE ACTIVELY AT WAR WITH THE LANNISTERS. Honestly at this point I don't even know why I am debating this. You think he's going to wipe them out after they abandon Robb's alliance? GTFO
  2. Abominations and threats to his potential kingship. But yes he hated him some incest
  3. Please make a partial list of who. You can separate it into "People who know", "People who verbally or POV suspect" and "Everyone else." Please strike through anyone whose thoughts come AFTER Stannis' suspicion
  4. Let's just agree to disagree Renly doesn't know what the hell Stannis is doing. Barely anyone does. Nor does he know his purpose. The forces of the Reach are 100% not irrelevant. Even going by the typical timeline they'd have, what, 25K between the two of them? Tywin is at HH. He can and will still march down and strike them in the rear. And that ignores that Mace is still independent and this point so he can still offer the same Joff/Tommen marriage needed to cement the largest army in the realm. I'm guessing it's because we paid attention in middle school, high school, college and when we read the books. Aerys had already murdered 10 nobles, including an LP and his heir, for little provocation. I am not talking about Robert claiming the throne but the civil war he fought to stay alive. You might remember Aerys calling for Robert's head for no reason. But as to your ludicrously sophomoric notion of "strong legal case" inheritance was rarely neat, especially in an era modeled after the War of Roses and when GRRM said it's a messy situation. It isn't common knowledge. It's known by a few. Varys, LF, Jon Arryn, Stannis, and Ned knew but that's about it. Even if Renly has heard it, he dismissed it outright. Then you have the facts that: Robert recognized his children, no one can really dispute it with a confession from Jaime/Cersei, and Ned Stark "confessed" that he was rebelling and Joff was Robert's son. Renly should do exactly what he did. Anything you'd ask him to do is asking him to sew himself in a rock-filled sack. 1) Cersei confirms thats he was going to kill all the Baratheon brothers on Arryn put Robert Baratheon in her bed, and before he died he'd begun sniffing about her and Jaime as well. Eddard Stark took up right where Arryn had left off; his meddling had forced her to rid herself of Robert sooner than she would have liked, before she could deal with his pestilential brothers 2) Stannis would have accepted Renly being the subordinate, which immediately loses the support of Highgarden. 3) No See point 1 4) Mostly wrong and completely refuted 5) Will all the swords of the SL come to defend Renly when he's denounced as a traitor and the armies of Westeros come for him?
  5. The biggest issue with Rodrik is not believing a northern house will aid him but how he handled the prior affairs. Leaving the capital of the North and the King's heirs basically undefended (when he has 900 men with him) and then stripping (or allowing to be stripped) TS of its garrison to fight at WF were both moronic mistakes.
  6. Yes. I was kind of confused why you brought it up. Pretty much irrelevant.
  7. Olive groves were all around Mereen and there are farms for days rides outside of it.
  8. He's not going to get any more power with Robert as king. He can get pretty much anything he wants now. Being besties with the Queen's brother isn't as good as, ya know, being the king's brother. Stannis ran away from the danger without telling anyone his suspicions and left renly and Robert to their own devices. Not only was Stannis not there in KL, he actively refused to respond to anyone including Ned and had actively been raising sellswords and sellsails before Robert had even died. Even if Renly had allied himself with Stannis, either way they get steamrolled. Stannis can barely raise an army and the Stormlands didn't even send their full strength with Renly when he was the prime candidate. If Renly isn't king, he doesn't get the Tyrells. Robert had no legal case either. It was a battle for survival. Overthrowing Joffrey means little and less if Tommen and Myrcella are still alive. Skipping one spot versus skipping four hardly makies it worse. Renly's best chance for survival (and Stannis' too) was to ally himself with the Tyrells. That's what he did. He cannot get the same protection. 100K swords is more than 20K swords, no?
  9. And they are most likely all dead or broken men somewhere in the RL.
  10. Without getting into the politics of an ugly era, sharecropping and similar practices are not slavery but it is an option that Dany and the economies of slavers bay at their disposal
  11. I'm sure that's the big plot twist that is keeping GRRM up at night and preventing him from finisihing WoW
  12. Other civilizations have ended slavery before. What did they do? I don't recall Russia, Brazil, or the US -- some of the last countries to make it illegal -- imploding on themselves.
  13. It's been argued, debunked, argued more, and then denied by Theon in text. The Freys said that Robb attacked Wendel Manderly. It doesn't mean it's true. We know that Theon doesn't consider it kinslaying and we know they are alive.
  14. That's the least of the differences.