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  1. Officially yes. Unofficially, probably.
  2. https://media.giphy.com/media/pcIdLXJXwAQZG/giphy.gif Tyrion was on the verge of losing the battle and getting KL sacked. To be fair, there is not really much else he could have done. He credibly defended KL with a smaller force who was halfway to mutiny for much of the battle. Stannis had 4x as many men and several easy avenues of attack. If Imry Florent had done a bit more scouting AND not forced the Mud Gate instead of the Iron Gate, KL would have been toast.
  3. He committed treason against Robert and Joffrey, going by the official history. He definitely didn't commit treason against Aerys. You might be able to pin that on Jon Arryn but Robert and Ned were sentenced to die without a trial and without an indictment/accusation because of the deeds of their relatives (stretching Robert as a relative).
  4. *whispers "They're onto us" to no one in particular*
  5. Possible to defend? Yes Possible to be successful? No Ergo I burn everything down and move to Lys
  6. Wat?
  7. He bends the knee and is probably imprisoned. Depends if Joff or Tommen is on the throne and where Cersei is at the time
  8. They killed the Florent infantry that were at Bitterbridge (at least Tarly did). The messengers Stannis sent were imprisoned, as befit their rank as nobles and knights. That said, yeah your point stands.
  9. Dany with Drogon as her weapon
  10. Bethany was married when Dom was born and for several years before. Just wondering
  11. I'm just wondering why Roose is letting Brandon impregnate his wife, presumably in the Dreadfort. This is clearly a pet theory so some justification or inkling would help explain something so outlandish.
  12. How and why and where would Brandon have slept with Roose's wife? Keep it simple for you
  13. Agreed Definitely. Kevan said it best: “Aye,” her uncle said, “and from what I saw of Joffrey, you are as unfit a mother as you are a ruler.” Yeah. Do Amory and Gregor get to be the "director's friends?" Oh very much so. That's why I tossed in the GRRM quote as context. For me it's not really much of a question but I get why people find it distasteful.
  14. So how and when would Brandon have impregnated Roose's wife? And if Roose knew why wouldn't he have done something about it earlier, given he didn't seem to care if Dominic died? He's not a man to suffer slights, as we well know. He is cold and cunning.
  15. Renly clearly has a claim to the throne. It's just not the best one from a lineage standpoint. Robert didn't either. He says as much. He's definitely usurping a crown, so skipping Stannis versus skipping Robert's recognized children and Stannis is hardly worse than the other. "Renly was gonna seize those kids! That's dangerous!" Meanwhile Joff gets poisoned and Myrcella gets sent to enemies of House Lannister under Cersei's watch. At least Tommen is hale and hearty, minus the continual, detrimental beet exposure and casual and brutal beating of his only friend. Yes this is brutal and it's a huge point of concern for the council. Even Barristan basically agrees that the threat needs to be addressed, but merely on the battlefield versus using assassins or poison or whatever. So it's a matter of honor, not actual level of threat to the Baratheon dynasty. And if they fight in battle, as Pycelle puts it: “should war come again, how many soldiers will die? How many towns will burn? How many children will be ripped from their mothers to perish on the end of a spear? Is it not wiser, even kinder, that Daenerys Targaryen should die now so that tens of thousands might live?” It's distasteful to order it but frankly if it's my family versus a 14 year old girl, that's not a question, let alone a full realm against her life. GRRM has brought up as much (albeit Jaime in lieu of Robert): So I've asked people who do have children, "Well, what would you do in Jaime's situation?" They say, "Well, I'm not a bad guy – I wouldn't kill." Are you sure? Never? If Bran tells King Robert he's going to kill you and your sister-lover, and your three children. . . . Then many of them hesitate. Probably more people than not would say, "Yeah, I would kill someone else's child to save my own child, even if that other child was innocent." These are the difficult decisions people make, and they're worth examining. This is pretty much a non starter for me Yeah I'd definitely avoid that.