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  1. You keep repeating things and not actually addressing any criticism. Please address why and how before repeating again.
  2. Yes I do believe it. Given that he was trying to get her replaced *before* Robert had his accident, it's pretty obvious he was both trying to curtail Lannister power and save his own life. Yes he does think it's a change that can be made to stick. No need to write anything else. Unless someone has a compelling theory or some contrary evidence, it's blindingly obvious what he's doing and we hear it from the character's mouth and others. This is kind of like the Bran catspaw question. We know the reasoning, see it from multiple POVs, and there are no remotely good explanations or alternatives. Not everything has to go moonbat or crackpot.
  3. Which he literally does because he thinks Cersei will try to kill him, which we later see confirmed. You can't separate the two
  4. I mean literally spells it out. The Lannisters are not merciful and will try to kill him (and Stannis). He tells this to Ned and Cat, and we later get a POV from cersei saying she wanted to kill Stannis and Renly before Robert. He wants the Lannisters gone so he can continue leaving and breathing. He doesn't even believe the twincest when Stannis brings it up at the negotiation
  5. I've linked to it before. Long and short of it is that they have the equipment, training, and wherewithal as good troops. The ones we see who don't are literally used as bait/sent to die.
  6. Well until the second book. The shadow babies are prolly the two most powerful things we've seen so far in action, other than a dragon. But we don't know if a shadow baby can kill a dragon -- based on Renly's wound I'd say so -- or vice versa -- how do you kill mist?.
  7. I know Braavos is well ahead of anywhere in Westeros. They are still 5000 miles away, have to ship the wood in from central Essos, and don't have an unlimited supply of money and men. A few ships might travel together but coordinating huge fleets is damn near impossible. Both the IB and Volantis fleets get completely scattered by one storm, and they both end up at half strength with piecemeal strength elsewhere. If Braavos could dominate the seas thousands of miles from home, they'd have done it already. And you're still ignoring how many ships just straight up disappear when sailing around the continents. I don't know how to put it any more bluntly, but the logistics are damn near impossible to achieve AND the south part of Dorne lets the Westerosi defend straits and narrow portions of the sea. Raiding the eastern part of Westeros, yes the Braavosi and FCs could easily do a lot of damage. I don't see them easily burning the White Harbor, KL, or others. Too easy for the military forces of Westeros to hold high walls and supply the cities from inland while denying it to the Essosi military forces.
  8. Yes and I am saying the sunset sea would pretty much be out of play because of logistical and numerical reasons. Braavos is a seapower but unless they continuously build ships and send fleets to the sunset sea -- which is like 5000 miles as the ship sails and somehow escape getting broken up by storms which has been done by pretty much no one we've seen -- they are not going to outnumber the IB + the Reach navies, let alone be able to dominate and blockade over 3000 miles of land. On top of that, it's fairly easy to build a protected naval yard where an amphibious assault would need to be combined with a land assault to make any headway. Manderly does it in under a year. That kind of force projection works on occasion but there is a reason why the Italian city-states didn't dominate the Caspian Sea or the Arabian Gulf, and those are 2.5x closer than the sunset sea from Braavos.
  9. Narrow Sea maybe, but keeping ships sailing and paying the sailors for essentially war duties means the Free Cities would bankrupt themselves. More importantly they'd be able to do little and less about the western shores of Westeros. It would take months or years for the ships to get their full strength there and they'd be fighting on someone else's home waters.
  10. We've covered this and I don't recall any kind of consensus on this. What I do recall is basically the most prevalent opinion is that the fighting would be pointless because any invasion force would be trashed by whichever side was defending.
  11. Varys has to be Reek at this point. Only explanation
  12. Well none of those would count, so it would not come close to a million.
  13. The irony of this post is amazing.
  14. The US did reconstruction very poorly, both from an external governance perspective as well as an internal governance perspective. Both the US government with its carpetbagging, and the, let's call them regressive, policies enacted by the southern states. It's a bad comparison honestly, in at least a like for like analysis.
  15. I think Stannis would have felt slighted no matter what Robert did. Politically it was the pragmatic move. Personally it was, as GRRM put it, an example of his careless generosity. It's pretty much the textbook example of looking a gift horse in the mouth.