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  1. Will we also be graced by the company of Mrs. Stego?
  2. Already have attending memberships for both events. Barring financial disaster in the next two years, I will use both of them.
  3. Ah, but those are rack rates. Convention rates are much lower: "Standard rooms are $199 Single-Double/$224 Triple/$249 Quad Occupancy. Deluxe (larger) rooms are $239 Single-Double/$264 Triple/$289 Quad occupancy. Fairmont one-bedroom suites (bedroom plus a standard parlor) are $339. Note that suite reservations for parties will be administered by Worldcon 76." Convention rates for all hotels, btw, can be found here: http://www.worldcon76.org/travel-lodging/hotels
  4. Bill, At the present time, are there any other contenders for 2021, or is DC currently unopposed?
  5. What is this "show section" of which you speak, O Pebbly One? The only valuable part of this board is the BWB section. It is known.
  6. House Bannister supports this bid. It is known.
  7. I'll be there, but can't provide crash space.
  8. Best of luck. And, maybe, next time announce the con here further in advance, so folks have a better shot at attending? (If I missed the announcement, apologies in advance.)
  9. Those coming from out of town may want to purchase their DC Metro passes in advance from their website: https://www.wmata.com/fares/farecard-options.cfm
  10. If you want to travel to DC with a group, here's a good way to start: http://rallybus.net/Booking/Event/womens-march-on-washington Note that this also effectively offers an option for long-distance travellers to avoid the DC airports by landing somewhere else.
  11. Also, you can often find folks who bought early and then discovered that they can't attend for one reason or another, and who are willing to sell their memberships for their price (as compared to the increased prices that come at regular intervals).
  12. >>Cider and long drinks are not equated with beer. For those who are wondering what a "long drink" -- referred to as a "lonkero" in Finland --might be... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long_drink http://www.originallongdrink.com/
  13. Yeah, it looks like the con runs from the 9th - 13th, and all the hotel rates are for the 8th-13th. Just enough time to maybe get over your jet lag.
  14. An interesting tidbit from their website: "Members who join before January of 2017 may nominate for the Hugo Awards, whether they are attending or supporting members. " I'm not an expert on Hugo voting rules (nor do I play one on TV), but this looks very early to me. It will certainly prevent those who don't join until after nominations open up from having any effect on who gets on the ballot.
  15. Did they really say the blocks will be up in September? That's would be remarkably early -- most Worldcons don't have them ready till mid-Winter. The hotel closest to the venue is relatively small -- it's a Holiday Inn, and has 244 rooms out of the 1400 total they plan to make available. According to the con web site, it only has some easy access rooms, but it is attached to the convention center and is thus definitely a choice location. One suspects that non-accessible rooms there will go to the Guests of Honor and top-level convention staff, and only the remainder will be available for attendees in general.
  16. Not likely for me, as that's when I normally throw my big summer party.
  17. They say: "We have preliminary contracts with two large hotel chains in Finland, and have in total of 1400 rooms reserved. These include all the 244 rooms in Holiday Inn Messu­keskus, which is attached to the con site and has some easy access rooms. The door to door travel time from the farthest of our hotels to con site is 22 minutes." So it's only one hotel that's 22 minutes away. (I'm assuming that's by public transit, since they make a point of saying that there will be a free travel pass for all members, courtesy of the City of Helsinki. But they don't indicate if that time estimate includes waiting for transit to arrive, which is a tad misleading. I would expect the remainder of the hotels to be a bit closer, but still likely to be dependent on transit. Those with accessibility issues will have to look closely at which transit lines are needed to reach the various hotels. The local transit system only allows mobility scooters on the Metro, commuter trains, and a ferry, but not on buses and trams. (Wheelchairs, both electric and manual, are OK on all lines.)
  18. Not much time left for those mail-in ballots, folks... SO YOU WANT TO VOTE FOR NASFIC SITE SELECTION Here’s how to do it. Step 1 Get yourself a membership to the 2016 Worldcon, a/k/a MidAmeriCon II You can do that here: http://www.mac2business.org/events/midamericon-ii/ If you plan on attending, you probably want to get the Attending membership. If not, you need at least the Supporting level, which is $50 right now. Step 2 If you plan on attending MidAmeriCon II, you can vote while you’re there. Voting closes at 6PM on Friday the 19th of August. It will cost you $35, which you can pay in cash or by check. Fill in your ballot, sign it, and turn it in. Hooray, you’re done! This $35 isn’t just a voting fee. Along with a valid ballot submission, it also gets you a supporting membership at the winning convention, which you can eventually upgrade to an attending membership. If you don’t plan on attending MidAmeriCon II, or you won’t be on-site Friday before 6PM, continue to step 3. Step 3 If you aren’t attending, or if you like to do things in advance, you can submit a mail-in ballot. To do that, buy a voting token. It also costs $35. Do that here:https://midamericon2.org/2017-north-american-science-ficti…/. As covered in step 2, this money isn’t just a voting fee. It -- plus your valid ballot -- also gets you a supporting membership at the winning convention, which you can eventually upgrade to an attending membership. Step 4 Print this out: http://midamericon2.org/…/uploads/2016/01/ballot-2017-nasfi… Step 5 Fill it out. Don’t forget to put a big "1" in the box for Valley Forge 2017. Sign it. Check it again, just to be sure that you’ve followed all instructions on the form. Step 6 Mail it to the address on the form. The deadline for the Site Selection staff to receive your ballot is August 6th, so make sure your ballot is in the mail by the end of July. FAQ: Why do I need a membership in MidAmeriCon II? Technically you need to become a member of the World Science Fiction Society, but the only way to do that is to buy a membership to Worldcon. Worldcon’s name changes every year, and this year it’s called MidAmeriCon II. Why does Worldcon’s name change every year? The short version is because every year it’s in a different city, so it gets a different name. The long version involves talking about decisions people made seventy years ago and is outside the scope of this FAQ. What if I pay $35 to vote but then your bid loses? I don’t want to go to Puerto Rico. It’s usually not that hard to find someone to buy your membership, and anyway even if you don’t attend the convention a supporting membership usually gets you stuff like a souvenir program book and… uh… emails. Look, I’ll be honest, if you don’t want to go to Puerto Rico your best bet is to make sure that we win. Do I really have to mail my ballot? Like with a stamp and envelopes? Yes. Well, just one envelope, unless you feel like creating the TurDucKen of stationery. I can vote for the Hugos online, which is also run by the World Science Fiction Society and also comes with a Worldcon membership. How come I can’t vote for site selection online? It wasn’t our call. But if you ask the people whose call it was, they will tell you that secure online voting is really hard to get right.
  19. Men's XL for me, please, Mr. X. And a Men's Medium for Dr. Katie, who is avoiding the boards due to spoilers and international internet.
  20. We're pleased to announce the Valley Forge 2017 Mobie Fund! Mobie Fund Mission: The Mobie Fund will provide monetary assistance to those fans who have difficulty attending NASFIC due to the financial burden of mobility scooter rental. We will seek donations from all who want to help make NASFiC accessible. Valley Forge 2017 will match donations to the fund, up to $500. After the site selection vote at MidAmeriCon II, the 2016 WorldCon, we will accept donations in cash or through Paypal via our website. At the same time, those who wish to apply for financial assistance for mobility scooter rental can contact us through our website. Please note: The Mobie Fund is first-come- first-serve. We will confirm that your spot is available, but it won’t be secured until we receive your registration for the con. Upon arrival at the hotel, you can pick up your pre-paid mobie at the mobie rental spot. If, at the end of the con, the Mobie Fund still has a balance, we will reimburse that money among the other mobie riders at the con.
  21. Pics or it didn't happen!
  22. Though not attending MDF, I shall be at the nearby Balticon. It is rumoured that there will be some sort of BWB gatheraciousness during the weekend, fostered under the so-called aegis of the Werted Heade and the Maid of Woodlyne. It is there, methinks, that I shall hope to cross paths with the sordidly drunken lot of you. (Or drunkenly sordid, as the case may be. I'm not all that picky about the order in which you admix your ingrediments.) But y'all might want to cast a random eye on the Balticon thread for party planning info, in case it's not fully cross-garteredposted.
  23. And if there are ghost chilies around, some of us are like Texas fire ants.