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  1. To be fair, I saw a ton of gross reveling in Rogers's injury from Vikings fans on social media. As a Packers fan, both of these fan bases have really put me off at various points, and I try to tune them out generally.
  2. Yeah, I mean... if the Bengals o-line's performance this year is any indicator of his success as a coach at all, I'm not sure why anyone would go near him with a ten-foot stick...
  3. I think that's the joke, lol.
  4. Lol, wow. This game isn't OVER, but it's sure looking that way.
  5. That was an amazing pass and catch from B to B. Normally I would be rooting for the Jags, but I really want someone to upset the Patriots next week, and I don't have confidence in the Jags to do it (not that I have confidence in Pitt to do it either, but if I had to hedge my bets between the two, it'd be with them).
  6. Really, Steelers? Is it really gonna be another week 5 game?
  7. Same here, I think these are the "easy" picks, will be interesting if there are any upsets.
  8. Beautiful. And completely true. If it's any consolation, the Vikings/Saints match up seems to be widely considered to be the premier match up of the entire postseason this year on the NFL subreddit, at least. And most people are favoring the Vikings, which I'd agree with. I'm extremely excited for this game. Though, I think there is a non-zero chance that the Vikings basically shut out the Saints in a low-scoring game since Andrus Peat got injured in the Panthers game.
  9. Do you mean "ineligible?" Otherwise, this makes no sense, even facetiously.
  10. I just... I can't even. This idea is colossally terrible. And I don't possibly see how anyone could come to the conclusion that a third-party run by Kasich would have a more deleterious electoral effect on Democrats rather than the GOP.
  11. Wow. Just wow. Did not see that game winner coming on that play. Well, I really wanted Alabama to lose, but it was an entertaining as hell game, at least.
  12. Holy fuck he missed it!
  13. Well, definitely not a dull game
  14. Haha that TD was so awesome