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  1. No, the decision would still stand. Which makes this measure look even more petty and vindictive than it already would.
  2. Under no reasonable definition of the word "directly" can Russian election meddling be said to have directly caused Heather Heyer's death.
  3. Lol. One of the great scientific minds of our generation passes and one of your first thoughts is "I wonder if he was really that great, or if all the praise he gets is just 'cuz he was all DisAbled and ppl felt sorry for him..." What a strange way of thinking. I don't even know what you hoped to get from this post that you couldn't have just gotten by doing some cursory google searching yourself.
  4. As someone invested in neither Pitt nor the Bengals, I would be happy to see this trade happen simply so that damn rivalry woulc no longer have this piece of ammo for use in their ridiculous hate-fueled annual quarreling.
  5. What are you referring to?
  6. I've only recently gotten into basketball, so my knowledge is limited, but I have watched a fair amount of games this season and I'll say that you guys seem like you'll be a serious threat to the East next year if you can get the turnovers under wraps. 21 turn overs this game, and still only down by 3 in the end! The turnover numbers are insane.
  7. I mean, he does think Trump is a fucking moron. I wouldn't be surprised if and hope that he does dish some dirt now. I don't know that he is going to necessarily be depending on favors from Trump after working his administration for a year. He probably doesn't think Trump will be in a position to give out any favors in the not-so-distant future. I could be wrong, though.
  8. I (naively, I admit) thought that the GOP members of the committee would stall the investigation from reaching any meaningful conclusions until after the midterm elections to avoid shredding any semblance of credibility/neutrality on this issue that they have with the general populace, as opposed to their base. Then, if they retained the majority, they could end the investigation with their seats safe for another term, or if they lost the majority, they could put the onus of the investigation and its conclusion on the Democrats and smear it as a partisan witch hunt. Obviously, I was wrong, heh. There are multiple potential explanations for this move, all speculative right now. One is that the move is just short sighted and nothing else. That's always an option with the GOP. Another is that the White House is aware of just how bad the Mueller investigation is looking for the President and has been ramping up pressure on the Committee to new levels to end the HIC's investigation, in order to lay the groundwork for dismantling the Special Prosecutor's investigation.
  9. https://thinkprogress.org/deripaska-at-daily-caller-9fb7c0bb52e0/ Holy shit, Daily Caller. Hiring Oleg Deripaska to do an op ed about Russia? That's pretty fucking brazen. What a shitshow rag.
  10. Michael Cohen is the name of Trump's attorney who was involved with the Stormy Daniels Nondisclosure Agreement, so it's easy enough to mix up the surnames.
  11. Even if Trump comes out of all of this unscathed, it would be fucking delicious if War Profiteering Overlord Erik Prince went to jail due to this investigation.
  12. Nothing but anecdote here, but my parents were both born in '51, grew up in Missouri, and ended up being very liberal, even now at 66.
  13. Given his behavior since taking office, why would you possibly think that? Anyway, no, I do not think anything will come of this. The recommendation from the Office of the Special Counsel is just that, a recommendation, and this administration has shown absolutely no hesitation in breaking a multitude of uncodified political norms up until now. I don't see any reason why that wouldn't continue to be the case, especially given the huge, recent staff turnover in the White House. ETA: Ninja'd... didn't know that the issue had been to put to bed so quickly, but there ya go.
  14. I am glad to see some movement on this front, state charges are definitely a key piece of leverage for the special counsel's investigation.
  15. It's especially ironic given how Trump himself told an interviewer a story about how he watched a man dying on the ground and did nothing to stop it. Especially great is the part where he talks about how "horrible" it was - not that the person was dying, but that his blood was mucking up the beautiful marble floor. I can't believe I still get surprised on the weekly over how much of a shitstain he is, you'd think I'd be used to it by now.