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  1. If you live in a big family and have a good amount of cold storage space, sure. If you are a single person living within a large inner city, who can't drive, not true. The amount of calories I can get out of buying something like ramen in bulk compared to the amount of food I can feasibly make and store for myself before it goes bad is not even close. Disgusting? Sure. But you seem to be making almost purely a "people aren't budgeting efficiently enough" type argument, which I'd say is not necessarily true. Even McDonalds, while foul shit, is pretty calorically packed and inexpensive.
  2. No, he isn't. Ormond was making a semantic correction when he knew the substance of what Kalbear was saying, but his correction was not, in fact, semantically correct. "Functionally the same" is not same thing as "semantically the same." Not that any of this matters. But I didn't start it...
  3. "Indictment" is a term specific to criminal proceedings, and "impeachment" is a term specific to legislative proceedings. They are akin with respect to their function within those proceedings, however.
  4. No, the true irony is that he would have a true safe space only if everyone heeded Commodore's admonishments. AKA the hypocrisy of ridiculing "safe spaces" whilst simultaneously deriding political expression via protest as mere "virtue signaling."
  5. That's not tautology, that's just inductive reasoning with one data point.
  6. Can you explain what you mean by this? How can a tactic be tautology?
  7. Appreciate the breakdown, Fez. However, I think based on the 2016 presidential election alone, the DNC is still a problem. Just not as big of a problem as the DCCC, an organization of which I wasn't even aware until now!
  8. Yeah. The DNC at this point is an obsolete collection of complete failures that need to be replaced ASAP.
  9. I'm in the same situation. It's called "go back to sleep."
  10. On that, I agree. But I feel the same way about climate change. And I honestly have no fucking clue what the way to go about this is. It's mind boggling! Sometimes it feels like the total dissolution of the Republican party is the only thing that can move these issues forward. Which is obviously not going to happen anytime soon...
  11. That would be amazing! Sadly, I think we're rather in for a slew of underdeveloped films.
  12. Yes, yes they did. And that's all that really needs to be said to completely defeat your argument, @Tywin et al. I'm sorry, but Mormont is completely correct here. There were so many options available to the airline that did not involve violence. The airline made the decision to exercise their discretion that way, and no one else. Your point is completely asinine; "once they decided they were going to do that, what options did they have?" Like, you could literally say that about anything. "Well, once they decided they were going to take a certain course of action... what choice did they have but to take that course of action?" Well, obviously, none, since that's what they decided to do. The whole point is that there were a host of other, more desirable options they could have decided to take.
  13. Yeah, but it's not what you care about that passes legislation. And the pro-gun rights crowd will use any and all ammunition to decimate any such legislation, and that includes just what Swordfish pointed to. Which kind of ties into what Larry was saying too. I honestly think you all have good points here; they're all facets of why nothing has happened on this front, and why nothing will continue to happen.
  14. The issue isn't whether or not the article is right--most of us know that there should be shift toward a more preventative-based model of healthcare, especially in the United States--it's that the article doesn't support, or even attempt to make the hyperbolic claim you made in this thread: that "vaccinations, sanitation, and nutrition are the only reliable sources of health and longevity improvement in modern society," which is clearly not true.
  15. Yeah, to be fair, I've never bitten into a ghost pepper fruit before, I've only had it in salsas and sauces. But I immensely enjoyed all of the preparations that involved it. I've also had a peach IPA infused with carolina reaper that I thought was awesome as well.