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  1. yeah, I didn't really intend the word "stupid" to be taken too literally - more like, "caught in a moment of ignorance." your point further reinforces the not-very-funniness of this "classic comedy gold," though, so cheers!
  2. yeah Whoa so funny and edgy i've never seen people be stupid before thanks for introducing me to this fascinating New Comedy Idea
  3. A rare coincidence... Your eloquence is in a league of its own. I will retroactively take you up on your beer mug emoticon by drinking more then five beers in the last four hours, though. Because Paul Ryan is 150 lb of pure extracted essence of bullshit packed into an inhuman polystyrene shell. Calling Paul Ryan on his bullshit is basically the highest form of existential threat to him that exists. I would know, after all, I live in the state he's helped to ravage along side Derpy McDerpface Walker.
  4. ... stop laughing
  5. i can't even
  6. What the hell? The phrase "fake news" experienced a major resurgence in use precisely because the Russians hand tailored a huge amount of factually wrong "news articles" into American citizens' social media feeds to influence the outcome of the election. I'm confused. Do you think that the only thing that the Russians are accused of doing is releasing DNC emails? I can't possibly imagine that you're that... not-well read. I don't know how else to phrase it. You seem to be demonstrating willful ignorance. It's also funny that you're using the IC's "opposi[tion] [to] the current administration" as a factor to delegitimize their reports. That's patently ridiculous, since the IC as a whole demonstrated clear bias against Hillary Clinton, and converse preference for Donald Trump, during the actual 2016 election campaign. I think the simplest explanation is that the information they're working on is simply true, or compelling, or some combination of the two. Also, the IC's investigation into Russia's involvement in the election predated Hillary's loss, when the IC was still firmly in Donald Trump's camp. So basically your reasoning here doesn't hold water at all. Also, not only did they attempt to hack voting machines, but this has been widely accessible information for at least a month. Except you don't believe anything that comes out of our intelligence community so I guess you can just hand wave that away. I have to say, I'm pretty disappointed. Although I have a strong negative reaction to the views that you usually posit, I almost always respect your posts, because they are usually well thought out and measured. But.. you're just wrong about EVERYTHING here.
  7. There's nothing theoretically appealing about this plan. It's fucking appalling on every level.
  8. Pretty sure they're right though. Just sayin'. I highly doubt that the average voter will: 1) hear about; 2) fully understand the implications of; and/or 3) care about 2).
  9. I don't know much about the MLB as an organization, but looking at the NFL, for instance, it's clear to me that the general approach of leaving this to the court of public opinion and a professional sports organization is not going to stop many, many terrible criminals from being celebrated members of said organization.
  10. Honest question: Have you ever thought about doing stand up? Because that's some shit I would actively go to see!
  11. Holy fuck. I don't see how either these additional charges, nor the sentences they carry stand up on appeal. But I've been shocked and disgusted by the happenings in our country almost daily it seems, so who knows at this point honestly.
  12. If you live in a big family and have a good amount of cold storage space, sure. If you are a single person living within a large inner city, who can't drive, not true. The amount of calories I can get out of buying something like ramen in bulk compared to the amount of food I can feasibly make and store for myself before it goes bad is not even close. Disgusting? Sure. But you seem to be making almost purely a "people aren't budgeting efficiently enough" type argument, which I'd say is not necessarily true. Even McDonalds, while foul shit, is pretty calorically packed and inexpensive.
  13. No, he isn't. Ormond was making a semantic correction when he knew the substance of what Kalbear was saying, but his correction was not, in fact, semantically correct. "Functionally the same" is not same thing as "semantically the same." Not that any of this matters. But I didn't start it...
  14. "Indictment" is a term specific to criminal proceedings, and "impeachment" is a term specific to legislative proceedings. They are akin with respect to their function within those proceedings, however.
  15. No, the true irony is that he would have a true safe space only if everyone heeded Commodore's admonishments. AKA the hypocrisy of ridiculing "safe spaces" whilst simultaneously deriding political expression via protest as mere "virtue signaling."