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  1. Mouth, meet foot! I was expecting the birds of prey to win, but not quite this much of a blowout.
  2. Wentz is looking... off tonight.
  3. Good luck @Tywin et al.. Weird as it may sound from a Pack fan, I'm pulling for the Vikes here (my ex is from Minnesota and I have a fondness for them, and in the absence of the Packs having any realistic playoff chances, I've adopted them as my second team for the nonce). This should be an excellent game; I think the Vikes have a bit of the upper hand, but a lot will come down to the respective performances of Goff and Keenum.
  4. Why does that make the show problematic? The relationships are clearly supposed to be one sided and abusive in nature. That's party of what it makes it absurd, and funny. Do you think the show is trying to impart a moral lesson that abusive relationships are acceptable? I'm genuinely curious.
  5. I would say he's going to claim he was forced by fsociety to do it (not sure if that's what you meant by the first question).
  6. I'm not sold on Mr. Robot being in the dark, but it's certainly a possibility. The "derp" was mostly at the purpose of the other 71 buildings being blown up. I hadn't made the connection to the facilities housing the paper records until now. I agree that Whiterose is the only person we can know with certainty was in on the plan. Tyrell probably too, although I'm not for sure.
  7. Okay, so, it's pretty obvious that Mr. Robot was in fact aware of the broader plan to blow up all the E-Corp buildings, and in fact helped orchestrate it, right? Edit: D'awww, no shit. 71 buildings blew up because he distributed the paper records to 71 other buildings. That building didn't blow up because there were no paper records in it and Mr. Robot wanted to preserve them. Derp derp
  8. I see. Our disagreement, then, is semantic, so I won't press the issue further.
  9. That was so. fucking. good. FUCK! This show is on track to become one of the best serious television series of all time for me. God damn fantastic.
  10. That due process of law exists to prevent the arbitrary administration of law is not a weak interpretation of due process. Due process is a standard that applies to all criminal proceedings. Therefore, I don't see how a constitutional protection against arbitrary arrest is a "fairly weak" interpretation of the Constitution. It's literally applying the accepted standard of what constitutes due process of law and applying it to proceedings that are explicitly deemed applicable by the text of the constitution.
  11. You're not gonna hear an argument from me that the US healthcare industry isn't fucked up, nor that it isn't in need of massive overhaul. I agree. But, it's a little galling watching you tell someone else who's on government subsidized health insurance how "good" he has it, given (what I am, I think correctly, assuming to be) your financial situation. Snark was primarily aimed at the sentiment. Moving on, I'm not sure what remedial options we have in the current framework of health policy that has government in only an auxiliary role.
  12. Tywin said Keenum looked like he was going to be benched "last week." Last week, if you take that to mean before the Redskins game, the Vikings were on bye, and before that, they had won 4 games straight. Candidate for benching? Naw, pretty sure Jace read it the right way. And I agree with Jace, you don't put 38 points on the board and clinch a 5th straight win this far into the season and get benched.
  13. Just like they made it easy for Republicans to pass ACA repeal three times this year? I agree leadership is... milquetoast, to say the least, but I think you might be exaggerating here.