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  1. Maybe everyone's just been taking turns misunderstanding each other heh heh
  2. Too many numbers. People are dumb
  3. This really puzzles me too. I haven't really seen this kind of push back with my IRL social circles, though; seems mostly confined to users here in my experience. Not sure which is more reflective of the actual progressive perception of single payer right now.
  4. Condescension or no condescension, I think at that point it's ceased to be a ribeye.
  5. Mmm, condescension thicker than a ribeye. How delicious
  6. That must have been facetious. There is no comparison, Madison is definitely a cooler place than Corvallis.
  7. No kidding. Glad to finally hear the speculations and worries quelled.
  8. Agreed that the penalty was total bullshit. At the same time, I'm not sure it would have really mattered if the Giants' performance thus far is anything to go by. It's painful to watch how quickly each of these offensive plays ends.
  9. It was pretty fun watching Green Bay watch a viable defense for once. We'll have to see whether it stands up against a better offense than Seattle. If it really is more than just a fluke, this could team could get scary if we get lucky enough to have Rodgers in the right temperament.
  10. Speaking of jokes, Cousins also looked like a hack this game. My picks were fairly fucked this week, haha.
  11. Andy Dalton looks like a fucking joke, jesus.
  12. Sooo to go back to this and eat my own words: yes, absouteo. Of the HIGH scoring kind! Wow.
  13. Stop. Fumbling. Punt returns.
  14. Are sales and property taxes not taxes? I think it's prudent to assume figures such as these are reached crunching all of the numbers available to help bolster the point of whoever is making them. I don't know if that's "misleading" or not in this instance, since the statement is not really incorrect, at least on a plain-text reading. Definitely a lines-blurred case to me.