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  1. College Basketball: Sweet and disappointing

    That Florida/Wisconsin game was nuts. Pretty disappointed that we lost with four seconds left on the clock and 3 point lead in OT, but on the upshot, I got to watch one of the most entertaining games of college basketball I've ever seen. Wow.
  2. Legion (FX's Marvel tv series) [SPOILERS]

    Gotta say, I was pretty disappointed with this episode. :/ And this is coming from someone who absolutely loved episodes 1-6 (yes, even 6, which I thought had a very enjoyable ambiance). I dunno, hopefully they can do better with the last episode, which is sure to be jam packed with action.

    But... it's Sunday. You already can basically sleep as long as you want. Whereas, the extra hour of sunlight affects every day for half a year (as does the lack of sunlight going in the other direction). If DST happened on a work day, then I'd totally be on the same page here
  4. US Politics: Everyone's Manipulating Everyone

    I don't really take him seriously, but I think the guy is still just funny, for all his bullshit. He knows how to deliver the pretty good one liners (that I'm sure someone else writes) on his shows, IMO. It's enough for me to overlook all the borderline (and not borderline) offensive things he says/does.
  5. US politics: Donny, you're out of your element

    God, I want to believe you but it's just so hard to take you seriously after how your reassuring words were so catastrophically wrong in the most important way so recently :/
  6. US Politics: Deep State Solution

    We call him "Sean Spicer."
  7. U.S. Politics: Courting Trump

    ^seriously though. Trump certainly did NOT make his attitude toward the judiciary "pretty clear" during the campaign. In fact, I avidly followed the whole shit show, and I don't recall him ever mentioning anything about specific judges... or judges as a whole... except accusing a judge of impartiality based on his heritage. I especially don't remember him saying anything REMOTELY related to the "judiciary" as a concept.
  8. I never liked oxford commas... until they became a requirement of my writing (theyr'e expected in legal writing.. despite the fact that every lawyer I've dealt with (under)utilizes commas terribly... lol)
  9. U.S. Politics: Courting Trump

    I like how you're worried about the judicial branch being "tyrants" instead of, you know, the head of the executive that's acting like a dictator in the making.
  10. NFL Superbowl: Dont Waste My Overtime

    Jimmy is definitely hotter. No Rodgers? These rankings are RIGGED!! Probably a bunch of undocumented immigrants voted tbh
  11. Video Games: Next Stop... Andromeda

    You'd like the SMT: Devil Survivor games then, methinks. Although, that may depend on your tolerance for JRPG plot/character tropes.
  12. NFL: The Politics of Superb Owls or Trumping the Fail-Cons

    This game was a microcosm of the 2016 election
  13. NFL Superbowl: Dont Waste My Overtime

    I feel your pain. I felt the same way when we lost to the Cards in overtime last year. It is what it is though.