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  1. Mancunicon - EasterCon 2016

    If you see me, it'll only be your imagination1.5 days out of the 4. Pipped one of the last memberships.
  2. Solar eclipse on Wednesday

    You can check whether it will be partial or total where you are with this map: As mentioned, if it's not genuinely total, it's not safe to look at. NASA also has more guidelines here: Honestly, ifyou can, I would recommend looking up local astronomy clubs that might have viewing parties set up. They may have some of the camera lenses / welder's glass / solar mylar that make it safe to observe. If nothing else, a pinhole camera is a great way of watching the eclipse's progress before & after totality.
  3. Un-stealing an Identity

    That's probably best. I'll try to do up an input form, so everyone can input their own data and just get the graph after. Including the actual test is probably beyond me for the moment, since I don't know the scoring algorithm.
  4. Un-stealing an Identity

    And enjoying lots of europop...for now. Kalbear's right that new data will mean we'll have to re-examine our SCIENCE! and see what music groups are covered and where the divisions are.
  5. Un-stealing an Identity

    I don't have free time today, but let me see if I can get everything organised/reorganised this weekend. I don't think that this websitewas the test site we used, but it should give you an introduction to the EQ & SQ concepts from Baron-Cohen (Simon, not Sacha).
  6. Amazing Book Deals

    Kate Elliott's four-e-book Jaran bundle is apparently $5 for today only.
  7. Sasquan Spokane 2015 Worldcon

    FYI, there's a sale going on from Friday the 28th to December 1st. $20 off attending and family memberships. Don't forget that you'll need at least a supporting membership to vote for the 2017 Worldcon. Eventually Sasquan should have something out on how they plan to handle voting (i.e. online options, mail-in and on-site only, etc.), but the membership has to come first! Also, it seems that all outstanding hotel room requests are supposed to have been dealt with. If you haven't heard, email hb at sasquan dot org. I share this because I have *not* heard anything, and thought there might be one or two still in the same boat.
  8. Sasquan Spokane 2015 Worldcon

    Really? When I emailed the housing bureau, they told me they were going through additional nights in order of receipt, and I haven't heard anything since. Which hotel were you booking?
  9. Makeup V: Inspired by a Diva

    I tried a number of SK II products, though I can't remember for sure whether I bought the facial essence. Probably, since it's the main product. While I liked it, I have to say that I didn't find it all that special. And yet I think it works wonders for others, so my skin might simply have been contrary as usual. At least it didn't cause any adverse reactions.
  10. Sasquan Spokane 2015 Worldcon

    Has anyone gotten an update about shoulder night requests?
  11. Archipelacon - GRRM is GoH

    Cap half full - 400 memberships sold so far! Whee!
  12. Sasquan Spokane 2015 Worldcon

    Doubletree's already gone for one day before to one day after (18th to 24th). In fact, it's gone for the 19th to the 23rd. That's absurd.
  13. Sasquan Spokane 2015 Worldcon

    30 minutes to reservations, if my time zone conversion is right. This is one time I wish there were a countdown timer on the site itself.
  14. Sasquan Spokane 2015 Worldcon

    Just a couple of reminders: * rates go up tomorrow * if you voted in site selection 2013 (the year that Sasquan was chosen), you already have a supporting membership * you'll need at least a supporting membership in order to vote in site seletction for 2017
  15. Sasquan Spokane 2015 Worldcon

    Redacted a bunch. Unhelpful and unnecessary. Great! Thanks for the information. I'm also looking forward to see what you do with non-GoT items, of course, from local outreach and first-time panel ideas through to the long-running, more traditional items. And yes, I put my money where my mouth is and volunteered, too. ;) ------- Perianne, good to hear it!