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  1. I wish I were more eloquent, but fuck. I'll remember him as the complicated human he was, and my heart is breaking for his other friends and family. The infamous towel story.
  2. Going back to the medical studies issues, there are a number of studies and articles out there to reassure us that this really is A Big Deal. Luckily, it seems to be an issue that's gaining visibility, so hopefully soon study designers will take it into account better. Of course, it turns out that the NIH has required studies to be broader than just white men since 1993, and we're still struggling, so.... 1994 paper: 2010 article: 2015 article: FDA resource page from two weeks ago, plus a roadmap [though it's unfortunate that it's still a "Special Topic"!] :
  3. I've read a few articles that posit it's not "that girls are worse", it's that society in general, particularly parents and teachers, tend to tell girls "yep, it's hard, so don't feel bad for having problems" and tell boys "try harder, and you'll figure it out." It's not new, either -- here's an article from 2011 talking about research stretching back to at least the 1980s.
  4. If you see me, it'll only be your imagination 1.5 days out of the 4. Pipped one of the last memberships.
  5. You can check whether it will be partial or total where you are with this map: As mentioned, if it's not genuinely total, it's not safe to look at. NASA also has more guidelines here: Honestly, if you can, I would recommend looking up local astronomy clubs that might have viewing parties set up. They may have some of the camera lenses / welder's glass / solar mylar that make it safe to observe. If nothing else, a pinhole camera is a great way of watching the eclipse's progress before & after totality.
  6. That's probably best. I'll try to do up an input form, so everyone can input their own data and just get the graph after. Including the actual test is probably beyond me for the moment, since I don't know the scoring algorithm.
  7. And enjoying lots of europop... for now. Kalbear's right that new data will mean we'll have to re-examine our SCIENCE! and see what music groups are covered and where the divisions are.
  8. I don't have free time today, but let me see if I can get everything organised/reorganised this weekend. I don't think that this website was the test site we used, but it should give you an introduction to the EQ & SQ concepts from Baron-Cohen (Simon, not Sacha).
  9. I tried a number of SK II products, though I can't remember for sure whether I bought the facial essence. Probably, since it's the main product. While I liked it, I have to say that I didn't find it all that special. And yet I think it works wonders for others, so my skin might simply have been contrary as usual. At least it didn't cause any adverse reactions.
  10. That's what I figured -- it would be *really* early to be worrying about party suites for bids. :lol:
  11. I think I just heard Philip volunteer to chair the NYcon bid committee.
  12. Belfast have a bid? Did you mean Dublin? :P I hope it is, but 2019 is a long way away. I think there will be strong competition, whether Helsinki win or lose. (If they win, people will whinge about two non-NA cons in such close proximity, and/or some of the other 2017 bids might move to 2019; if they lose, they might decide to throw their hats in the ring one more time. It sounds like Beijing plan to keep bidding until they win, too.) As for killing the on/off pattern, I think it's because there was no guarantee that there were enough groups (on either side, though particularly the non-NA/non-US side) to actually put together a Worldcon every other year. They also wanted the flexibility to choose their own years, etc, rather than slot into a particular schedule. The zone restrictions have been dispensed with for similar reasons, I think. Edit: Apparently 1970's Worldcon was held in West Germany, and 1990's was in the Netherlands. But it's predominantly the UK, for sure.
  13. FYI: Here's Sasquan's current (pretty bare) info on site selection voting. Lots of info on bid eligibility, not much on the bits actually applying to voters. There is always on-site voting and mail-in voting, and voting is open to anyone who holds at least a Supporting Membership of the vote-holding Worldcon. (In this case, that's Sasquan, who'll hold the vote for 2017. Supporting rates through August 31st are $40, or free if you voted in site selection in 2013.) I believe that online voting may be offered but is not required. Loncon had it, but I see nothing whether Sasquan will offer it or not. This is copied from Loncon's site selection page. Sasquan's details will probably change with different rates and voting methods, such as including Military memberships in the eligible voter categories.
  14. Totally understandably, since (almost?) all of the other bids use city names.