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  1. #xkcd

  2. Based on his seemingly heartfelt blog posts and taking him on his honest word (which no one here has any reason to deny or suspect untrue because none of you know him personally)... when it's all said and done I expect his biggest regret will be the deal with HBO. If he hadn't made those commitments based on their timeline his mind would have been clear to do whatever he wanted with the only real pressure being his own. That appears to be how he wants it and I think it's the direction he's trying to move. It's the reason he posted what he did in the first place. Everyone needs to get over it and let it be.
  3. RT @KyloR3n: you can't truly appreciate the imperial march until you hear it on vinyl

  4. So uh.. Picked up a #PS4.. and uh.. I already had a Z3 Phone.. and.. well.. This is too cool.. Also #Minecraft is fun. Why did i do this?

  5. huh?