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  1. Small Questions v. 10105

    Are the Greatswords in the books just a bigger version of the longsword or are they like Medieval Greatswords with a really big hand guards and an extra hand guard further up the hilt. For example
  2. Please give me some reasons for voting for Trump?

    Thanks for explanations how Trump should mainly thank Hillary/Obama/Failure of the democratic party for his win, , Can anyone give an example of something Trump did right?
  3. Please give me some reasons for voting for Trump?

    Maybe My standards are way to high I really admire the famous speeches by FDR, Nixon and JFK and I really like how Ike handled himself. When you compare Trump to the big players he just seems like some random crazy person that walked in front of the camera by mistake.
  4. Sorry for yet another Trump thread but many Americans voted for him and I really want to know why, When give your explanation I will be grateful if you give as much explanation as possible
  5. References and Homages

    There was an ancient civilization in crete that was wiped out in a volcano.
  6. References and Homages

    These historical events seem strangely familar to me, does anybody have any more. Genghis Khan executed many of the inhabitants and executed Inalchuq by pouring molten silver into his ears and eyes, as retribution for his actions. (taken from Tyrion probably read about The Seige of constaninople to get the idea about the chain "Emperor Leo III provided the tactical solution in the form of the famous barrier chain. Made of giant wooden links that were joined by immense nails and heavy iron shackles, the chain could be deployed in an emergency by means of a ship hauling it across the Golden Horn from the Kentenarion Tower in the south to the Castle of Galata on the north bank. Securely anchored on both ends, with its length guarded by Byzantine warships at anchor in the harbor, the great chain was a formidable obstacle and a vital element of the city's defenses." As for using napalm that was used as well "On two occasions, from 674 to 677, and again in 717-18, Arab armies besieged Constantinople by land and sea. Superior military organization, the leadership of Leo III (the Isaurian) and the timely intervention of one of history's most decisive weapons, a medieval form of napalm dubbed "Greek fire," enabled the Byzantines to weather the storm. The cost to both sides was high. Byzantium lost most of her territory south of the Taurus Mountains and much of the remainder of the empire lay devastated. The Arabs lost untold thousands of men through futile attacks against Constantinople's defenses, as well as a series of disastrous defeats on land and sea. Many more perished of disease and cold in dire encampments before the Land Walls. Of the 200,000 Muslims who laid siege to Constantinople in 717, only 30,000 crossed back into Syria the following year. " Both of these are taken from