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  1. whoops , forget I said anything
  2. I demand a complete and utter retraction of the statement "the first 3 seasons are ok", Because you won't bother looking through the first episode (link is below) and mentioning the parts that don't suck As for the question , I don't see how Time Machines or other weird stuff like changing Realities stops you applying the Golden rule, How would you feel if someone did it to you.
  3. The sluttiest one would match with the sluttiest one.
  4. Exactly what attitudes do you think the left leaning people on the board have a problem with. For example If I made a post about the benefits of small government I don't think anyone would casually dismiss me as a fool.
  5. Was it a gentle clarification such as "'It is all well and good to dispel the misconception that the timeline for the civil war was "the slaves were freed and the south attacked' However it should be acknowledged that the war ended slavery."?
  6. I hate most of the dialogue in the Arya and Theon chapters, To be true to POV most of the dialogue should be replaced by the phrase " person X and Y and Z said a lot of things that were not related to my main priority of staying alive so they were ignored " and break POV and add some traditional narration.
  7. Ghengis Khan executed some pesky trouble makers by pouring molten silver into their eyes and ears Molten metal would transfer heat really really fast, the eyes and inner ear would get very hot and fry brain cells. If his mouth was open and he was face up there would be molten gold near his brain stem
  8. I am curious , Why isn't a government debt that is 100% of your GDP and the fact your large yearly deficit is going get worse because of social security and medicaid commitments worth talking about?
  9. If someone a borderline racist with limited mental faculties, I think sometime on public transport would stop them fearing the Muslims that live in America. .Mothers with young children clearly place high priority on looking after their own child and a low priority on blowing up someone else's. However public transport would not stop a xenophobic politician demonizing other countries, The only thing racists no about other countries is what racist demagogues tell them.
  10. I have to agree. Trump = wrong is easy to argue Hitler = wrong is well established However (Trump = Hitler)=wrong
  11. It is easy to find experts on communism. It is a simple checklist with only two boxes too tick * Are they un-American or non-American ? *Do they use French words instead of English words for example they use clever French word such as bourgeois instead of simple English phrase such as "city dweller". ?
  12. I will try giving the formal definition as well as quick discussion of p hacking (It is easy to find John Oliver's quick discussion) However I will mainly make sure they can interpret computer output.
  13. Sorry for the narrow technical topic but I know there are few people with a strong stats background on the board. I would claim a statistics lecturer should not discuss p-value unless students understand how to work out the distribution of the test statistic. If students that do not have a complete understanding of the distribution of the test statistic, only a rough understanding of p-value is possible. I think you should just roughly explain that a probability can measure evidence , for example if you have a sample of 10,000 companies and only 1 has a managers that is a teenager then the proportion of managers that are teenagers is only 1/10000=0.0001 So if you know someone is a manager you doubt they are a teenager, This argument can be understood without explaining what the probability actually means, trying to explain what the probability actually means could only cause trouble.
  14. In my experience Arabs are more "dramatic" and "exaggerated" than Westerners and in many cases you have to tone things down a bit to get understand their real sentiments. . (Similar to how a Westerner would say "things are bad" and a Japanese would say "things are not ideal") For example if I ask them about a movie I expect them to say "it was wonderful like a mothers love for there new born baby" or "it was horrible, like a nuclear war " I do not expect them to say not something like "It was good overall but it had boring bits" or "A typical Hollywood movie you have seen 100 times before but it had its good parts"