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  1. What is the problem with media? The message was the North Koreans had a strategy to charm the South Koreans away from the Americans and it worked.
  2. Is there any chance that there will be a surge of independents that are fiscally conservative? Based on by rough observations of the US and my own country Australia, political parties don't want to commit to paying down the budget.
  3. Intelligence improves your ability to gain wisdom
  4. I really had fun thinking about this so I hope it amuses people. Suppose they invent smart pills but you are allergic so everyone else gets smarter but you don't improve. For me it would reduce my employment prospects but I would still be better of, I think a bit more intelligence would drastically improve politics and it would be fun to watch society as a whole improve. Relationship wise it is not a problem, but I imagine some people find it very important to get intellectual stimulation from their spouse so introducing a gap in intelligence would cause problems. I also think superhero movies would get better because their lack of depth would no longer be tolerable.
  5. I always thought any particular currency was only valuable because people are sure it is valuable, Wouldn't there be self fulfilling hyperinflation if people lost faith in a currency. So I would argue an inherently worthless investment could become stable if people grew it thinking it worthwhile , An example are Picasso painting, You can get a tv to display the same image but they HAVE to sell for millions because everyone Knows they will sell for millions, Currently plenty of people think Bitcoin is a scam so it is not inherently worthwhile.
  6. It is not a joke, Howards Changes to the marriage act were the opposite of the postal vote.
  7. ??? Howards changes to the marriage act were the opposite to Turnbull's so I did not consider them relevant.
  8. I Think I understand and agree with the first and last sentence. I don't understand the middle part, I assume it is not directly related to the first and last sentence and it is basically a separate point.
  9. Why would you assume I was saying there was no ugliness? It is very well known there was ugliness, Shouldn't you give me the benefit of the doubt and assume I think there would have been inappropriate behavior no matter what?
  10. I would argue the result is strong enough to make it effectively binding. The people opposed to same sex marriage don't expect the politicians to fight it any more, they just want to change the freedom of speech rules. If I had a time machine I would not stop the postal vote, I think it resolved an issue reasonably well. That being said I hope we don't make a habit of it.
  11. One of my mature age students almost ran over a Young John Howard with his car, John Howard was the Prime minister of Australia , The prime minister is technically not the head of state but the Prime minister is the one that meets with the other heads of state.
  12. As a non-American it baffles me that American politicians get to pick judges, in really simple terms: An independent body such as the electoral college to decide the results of elections, you cannot give politicians control of the outcome of the elections. Once again in really simple terms: Countries outside the US let independent bodies pick judges as well, Why do Americans let the politicians pick the judges?
  13. whoops , forget I said anything
  14. I demand a complete and utter retraction of the statement "the first 3 seasons are ok", Because you won't bother looking through the first episode (link is below) and mentioning the parts that don't suck As for the question , I don't see how Time Machines or other weird stuff like changing Realities stops you applying the Golden rule, How would you feel if someone did it to you.
  15. The sluttiest one would match with the sluttiest one.