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  1. Public transportation & tolerant communities

    If someone a borderline racist with limited mental faculties, I think sometime on public transport would stop them fearing the Muslims that live in America. .Mothers with young children clearly place high priority on looking after their own child and a low priority on blowing up someone else's. However public transport would not stop a xenophobic politician demonizing other countries, The only thing racists no about other countries is what racist demagogues tell them.
  2. U.S. Politics: It's Torture

    I have to agree. Trump = wrong is easy to argue Hitler = wrong is well established However (Trump = Hitler)=wrong
  3. is jaimeL a bourgeois pig?

    It is easy to find experts on communism. It is a simple checklist with only two boxes too tick * Are they un-American or non-American ? *Do they use French words instead of English words for example they use clever French word such as bourgeois instead of simple English phrase such as "city dweller". ?
  4. I will try giving the formal definition as well as quick discussion of p hacking (It is easy to find John Oliver's quick discussion) However I will mainly make sure they can interpret computer output.
  5. Sorry for the narrow technical topic but I know there are few people with a strong stats background on the board. I would claim a statistics lecturer should not discuss p-value unless students understand how to work out the distribution of the test statistic. If students that do not have a complete understanding of the distribution of the test statistic, only a rough understanding of p-value is possible. I think you should just roughly explain that a probability can measure evidence , for example if you have a sample of 10,000 companies and only 1 has a managers that is a teenager then the proportion of managers that are teenagers is only 1/10000=0.0001 So if you know someone is a manager you doubt they are a teenager, This argument can be understood without explaining what the probability actually means, trying to explain what the probability actually means could only cause trouble.
  6. In my experience Arabs are more "dramatic" and "exaggerated" than Westerners and in many cases you have to tone things down a bit to get understand their real sentiments. . (Similar to how a Westerner would say "things are bad" and a Japanese would say "things are not ideal") For example if I ask them about a movie I expect them to say "it was wonderful like a mothers love for there new born baby" or "it was horrible, like a nuclear war " I do not expect them to say not something like "It was good overall but it had boring bits" or "A typical Hollywood movie you have seen 100 times before but it had its good parts"
  7. What is your point? If you nation dissolved itself would other Nations be free to Annex it.
  8. Are you saying Arafat and Abbas represent all Palestinians ? Also are you saying nobody on the planet would support anything the camp David accords because they are scared of being assassinated? I really does seem like you are focusing on individuals and specific deals in attempt to point out the obvious fact that some people that support the Palestinians commit evil acts. Ghandi Was killed by a Hindu extremist and deplore the extremists actions. However it would be crazy to say all the Hindus living in India are Genocidal.
  9. Robert Strong is Gregor's shadow.

    Perhaps Robert strong is a shadow and Headless Gregor necromancy means using magic on the dead I really think Gregor is dead The maggots would not go near Gregor's wounds, However he was not wounded in the head, A carrion beetle can eat what a leach cannot, even if you dispute that maybe some carrion beetles ate some flesh and died just like the leeches and they kept on being replaced that is why it took so long So my counter theory is the Robert strong is a shadow And Gregors Body. This agrees with Brans dream The shadow baby is the ash shadow and Sir Gregor is represented by a bright shinging shadow (A bright shiny shadow is not a shadow it is a night) , The both combine to make a giant without a face. So my Recipe of making invulnerable warrior is as follows Ingredients: One unlucky large Man One unlucky lady Directions 1) Take the seed from the large man and combine it with the lady to make a shadow baby 2) Cut the mans head off 3).... 4)..... 5)..... 6).... 7) Combine headless corpse with shadow baby
  10. Total and absolute immersion in a work of fiction is a wonderful thing, However the spell can get broken which is a shame I assume this happens to most readers because the books are so long My "honeymoon" with the series ended with ADWD, It had way too much Magic In my defence GRRM sort of understands my viewpoint , He did consider having no overt magic To be more precise he said "The dragons were one aspect that I did consider not including. Very early in the process, I was debating, should I do this just as like historical fiction about fake history, and have no actually overt magic or magical elements, but -- my friend Phyllis Eisenstein, a wonderful fantasy writer who lives here in Chicago, I happened to be talking to her at very early stage in the process. Phyllis has written some great fantasies herself. She said, "Nah, you have to have dragons. It's a fantasy, you know!" And I dedicated A Storm of Swords to Phyllis, who made me put the dragons in, and I think that was the right thing to do. " Refer to 47:50 of the podcast
  11. What do you think of the following article, it says New Zealand should copy Israel and give Maoris their own state.
  12. Should Netanyahu declare war on countries that support UN resolutions he disagrees with?
  13. Small Questions v. 10105

    Are the Greatswords in the books just a bigger version of the longsword or are they like Medieval Greatswords with a really big hand guards and an extra hand guard further up the hilt. For example