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  1. I pretty much agree with the opening post. It felt very flat for me. I didn't understand Steve's point of view - as an enlisted soldier he would have had to have followed orders and gone where he was told. Why is following the UN's orders any different? It sounded like he wanted to be a mercenary (with a conscience) instead of a soldier. I thought Ant-man was the funniest part of the movie. Spiderman was pretty lame to begin with but got better during the fight scene. The most interesting character for me was Black Panther - having read this thread and peoples excitement to see him in action I was looking forward to this the most and I wasn't disappointed! His background needed to be fleshed out more but I understand that this wasn't the movie to do it.
  2. The Flash - Alleged Superhero

    So I posted on the Arrow thread that I couldn't watch past season 1. Gave this show a try and couldn't get past episode 2. So many face-palm moments! Does it get any better? Or is this a show for the true fans only?
  3. A bit late to this party - I've finished season 1 and have just started season 2. Does it get any better? I thought the 2nd half of season 1 was pretty ordinary. The acting is really bad - especially Oliver! Characters take massive leaps of logic because the plot demands that they be suspicious of someone... Should I just accept this as part of the show's charm? I first watched Daredevil and Jessica Jones and really enjoyed those so I thought I'd give this comic book TV show a try but have been a bit disappointed so far.
  4. Greatest movie scenes

    Absolutely Ride of the Rohirrim in RotK - sends chills every time! Luke hammering away at Vader in RotJ after Vader threatens his sister - so much emotion from Luke, The score in that scene is perfect! The crane move in the final fight in Karate Kid - cutting away to the different groups in the audience - so much at stake!
  5. How about old Indiana (Harrison Ford) on his deathbed recounting an adventure that his younger self had. The movie would be a series of flashbacks - similar to Rose in Titanic. Young Indiana never found the treasure. The people he just told the story to have to finish the adventure.
  6. Video Games: Doing Archaeology With A Shotgun

    So I'm part of the way through Witcher 3 and loving it! Just arrived at Novigrad and so far am enjoying the city scenery as a change from the farmlands of Velen. Am obsessed with Gwent! Sinking lots of time into travelling around finding NPCs to play. My deck is only 4/5 strength so cant join the high stakes tournament yet... Am making an effort to clear all the side-quests on or around my level before proceeding with the main quests but the more i explore the more i find so I'm getting over-levelled for the story missions...
  7. Video Games: Doing Archaeology With A Shotgun

    So I got a bit bored of Fallout 4 - I've gotten to the part where I start permanently angering certain factions so not quite finished the main story. I might eventually go back and finish the main story while ignoring the side stuff... but not for a few weeks! I've gone and bought Witcher 3. Hopefully I can see this through to the end!
  8. I just saw an article about Far Cry Primal and it looked interesting. I have never played any previous titles in the series before - what is the gameplay comparable to? I would be looking to purchase it on PS4 btw.
  9. Sherlock

    I enjoyed it After watching this my fiance told me she hadn't seen season 1 so we watched that afterwards. I didn't realise while watching the Victorian episode - but a lot of the scenes and dialog are copied from the pilot. There was even a jibe from Sherlock about Mycroft's weight.
  10. Star Wars VII - The Spoiler Menace

    Saw it for a second time in the cinemas - maybe 3 weeks after my first viewing. 100x better the second time! I was able to relax more while watching it without worrying so much about quality. I was able to enjoy the movie for what it was!
  11. The Revenant: Spoilers Tagged For Now

    This movie was hardcore. Maybe I've been watching too many Marvel movies but the scenes kinda shocked me! I felt that Hardy had the better presence in this film - I just wish he would stop mumbling! I enjoyed the scenery shots - I interpreted that as nature saying "no matter what you humans do and no matter what you think is important I'm just gonna keep on doing my thing"
  12. Star Wars Episode VII THE SPOILERS AWAKEN

    It was fun. But the similarities with ANU were distracting for me. At least during the planning of the attack you could see the characters almost laughing at what they were saying - Han saying "there has to be a weakness - these things always have a weakness" made me chuckle. Then the talk about the landing party, disabling the shield, then the fleet arrives got my eyes rolling. Flying along a trench? Phasma - waste of space really. Hopefully she has a big role in the next one. I hadn't thought about it until someone a few posts up mentioned that she was locked in a garbage compactor when the planet exploded - wtf? Also, required a massive suspension of disbelief when they explained the Star-Killer sucks up a star to power up. Um... gravity? Black holes? Doesn't seem likely or remotely safe. Also, does the base move around? What star did they use for the first blast? Did the system have 2 suns? I absolutely loved the chase scene with the 2 tie fighters and the Falcon. Favorite scene for me I think. I liked Kylo. Some guy in the cinema gave a ha-ha when he took off his mask - got the rest of the cinema laughing. But I think Driver pulled it off. I liked how he seemed so calculating and in control but then would totally lose his shit. Maybe a bit heavy-handed but it helped show how the character is in constant conflict within himself. Interesting how he said that he felt seduced by the light side. Goes to show that evil is really based on a point of view which is what Anakin was saying. Do people think that he would have turned good if the sunlight hadn't disappeared at that moment?
  13. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: To Kill a Mockingbird

    There was a brief Ant-Man tie-in. In the first episode Fitz mentioned that he investigated Pym-tech as a possible explanation for what happened to Simmons. Not much, but it was there! Also - I'm predicting Coulson has some sort of amnesia since he hit his head when he landed on the planet.
  14. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: To Kill a Mockingbird

    So why were the Inhumans from last season so scared the Shield had the stone? Were they afraid that Shield would bring back this super-inhuman? Daisy's new boyfriend is on the base now so I would expect him to have some sort of reaction when he hears about Simmons' adventures. Registration of fish-oil Inhumans could be a tie-in to Civil War. However, casual MCU viewers who don't watch the show may not understand the reference.