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  1. One time my wife was all fired up and said “I’m the boss” and I replied “ any king who has to say “ I am king” is no true king at all”. She didn’t quite know how to come back after that haha
  2. This may have been pointed out in the past, but I just noticed the name Abel rearranged is Bael, as in Bael the Bard.
  3. Manderley had Little walder killed. He hates freys and little walder was betrothed to his granddaughter
  4. Not sure exactly how it will work, but I do see hints that time travel will occur. I have seen the evidence for the boar being skinchanged before and I love that take on bobs assasination!!
  5. I just noticed in Dance, that when Mel is talking about glamors to Mance, and how they work, she mentions a bag of finger bones. I though that was curious because she personally knows someone that lost theirs
  6. "I am the fire" by hailstorm for Dany
  7. I look exactly like an overweight Jon snow