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  1. What is strangest about the Chicago trade is there was no pressure to make that deal right now. Butler is under contract through 2019. Next year's draft is supposed to have some talent in it. Why sell now for such a crappy offer when they could just wait until after the draft? Or during the season? Or next offseason? They had far more leverage over Butler than Indiana does with George, and yet they sold for pennies on the dollar.
  2. Yeah, due to the student makeup, the discussions can have a strong liberal bias. But I had several professors who would play Devils advocate and say "well, people in the Bush administration say that we need to do this because..." and they could do a credible job of arguing the other side. Which is good because you don't learn much if everybody is just agreeing with each other.
  3. It will not be law two weeks from today. That timeline was always pretty crazy, and everything I'm seeing from both the centerish Republicans and the far right republicans indicates deals must be made, and that will take time. We'll see whether it will pass in the next 2-4 months. Tough to call at this point, but I'd give it a better than even chance of getting done somehow.
  4. Wow. You should ask her about the melting point of steel beams, see if she suddenly does her best impression of a structural engineer.
  5. In my college it was pretty obvious that the econ department was mostly conservatives and the poly sci department was mostly liberal. Which made for some interesting differences in assumptions. Both sides of the aisle did a generally good job of challenging people without pushing their views. There was one poly sci teacher that was just terrible and everybody knew you could get her all riled up with statements like "some people need an SUV". But she was pretty universally considered a joke by liberals and conservatives alike. People mostly just took her classes because they were an easy A.
  6. I think that the Special Elections are overblown for another reason. Special elections give a good indication of where the country stands eight months after Trump's election. We can extrapolate (with some accuracy) where the voting public is now based on these elections. But where the country is now doesn't matter. What matters is where the country will be in 2018 and 2020. For all of Trump's bluster, the economy has changed very little in 8 months. That may or may not be the case in Nov 2018, and almost assuredly will not be the case in 2020. Likewise, Republicans haven't done much of anything legislatively. If Health Care actually passes, that is going to be a HUGE deal, on the mind of virtually every voter. But it hasn't passed yet, and it may not pass at all. Then there's the unexpected, which happens to every president. Whether foreign or domestic, outside events always have a huge impact on the Presidency, either positive (fall of Berlin Wall, winning Desert Storm, killing OBL) or negative (Iran Hostages, Hurricane Katrina, Waco siege). Nothing like that has happened to Trump yet, and it will. There is no such thing as a "quiet presidency". So the result is that what voters felt in May and June of 2017 is probably going to be pretty irrelevant when 2018 rolls around.
  7. My partisan blinders make it very difficult for me to understand either. I get why some people would hate Obamacare - it imperfectly solves some of the problems of the American Health Care system, fails to solve others, and is very disruptive and cumbersome to boot. But Trumpcare is just an astonishingly bad solution to either the problems remaining in the Health Care system (spiraling costs, rampant waste) or the problems of Obamacare (limited choices, poorly structured incentives). It is hard for me to believe that even a majority of Republicans (citizens, not Senators) will actually support this bill once they figure out what is in it. Let alone the rest of the country, who by and large already hate it.
  8. I've read that too, and I would have expected the last holdouts to be Collins and Murkowski. Paul has always been a pushover on votes that actually matter. If this goes down because of 3-4 senators and Paul is one of them, I'll be very surprised.
  9. That's definitely still a possibility. That's why I'm not 100% that this is going to pass, becuase if it actually comes up for vote, I would give it at least 95%. A few weeks ago I thought this bill would die a quiet death, but now I'd give it 2 to 1 that it's gonna get through the Senate (and if it gets that far, I'll be pretty surprised if it doesn't become law).
  10. I think it's gonna pass. If it were going to fail, I don't think it would look like this, I expect instead it would just stay in committee, and then die a quiet death where everyone says "we couldn't get the votes to meet all of our goals on health care of reducing premiums, cutting taxes, etc. Vote more Republicans in the Senate and we'll have health care in 2019!" That scenario would be a setback for McConnell, but only a minor one. If he could follow up it with a successful tax cut bill (which he can find the votes for), then all would be forgiven. But to vote on it and fail looks really bad. It is looking more and more like this is coming up onto the floor, and if it does, expect it to pass.
  11. The text of the bill is supposed to be available on Thursday, and the CBO is being rushed to get out their estimate by Monday or Tuesday. Supposedly the bill is similar enough to the House Bill that getting the revised CBO score out in just a few days is possible. Obviously McConnell et al think the public reaction and the CBO score are not going to help this bill get passed, so compressing the timeline as much as possible is essential.
  12. Iguodala is better than Bowen offensively, no doubt. But Bowen is probably a better defender, with eight first/second team ALl-NBA defense teams vs only two for Iguodala. And Bowen's a better 3 point shooter (39% career vs 33% for Iguodala). That's also true in the playoffs (42% vs 35%). I don't think comparing the two is an insult at all. Bowen is the kind of player that always helps win championships, as is Iguodala. I said 5th best because of how important Bogut was to that GSW team in 2015, although his importance was bigger in the regular season than the postseason, and has been largely forgotten now. And yes, Iguodala was huge, absolutely essential in that 2015 championship. The adage "the NBA is cruel to the young" is very apt. Talented as that GSW team was, I think it was only a combination of good injury luck and Andre Iguodala's versatility that won that championship in 2015. I think that team would have fallen to the 2014 Spurs, the 2016 Thunder or the 2016 Cavs. But they didn't have to play any of those teams.
  13. I am a big Iguodala fan, but this seems like a stretch. Ginobili was part of the Big 3 in San Antonio that won 3 championships (and then another once Leonard joined). Iguodala won NBA finals MVP because all of GSWs stars played kinda bad in the Finals, and he succeeded in the thankless task of trying to slow down Lebron. But he was the fifth best player on that 2015 team, and it's not like he was past his prime by then (he was 31 at the time). In comparison, Ginobili was the third best player on those Spurs championship teams. That's a big difference. I would actually compare Iguodala to a different member of those Spurs squads: Bruce Bowen. Iguodala is more versatile offensively, and has less of a reputation for dirty tricks, but they did mostly the same job. Both even covered Lebron in an NBA Finals while letting their teammates shoulder the load offensively.
  14. Oh, no offense taken. If people dont want to hear the random musings or random fans, they're in the wrong place. I enjoy hearing from fans of lower profile teams like the TWolves, Rockets and Raptors. If only we could get a couple of Bucks and Pelicans fans in here.
  15. Better than talking about the Lakers, which is all that ESPN wants to do.