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  1. Now that I can believe.
  2. I'm not even mad, that's amazing.
  3. Yeah right. Cousins has every right to want out of this dumpsterfire.
  4. Meh. If Pompeo isn't confirmed someone equally terrible will be nominated in his place. He's more qualified than Tillerson was. And unless you're secretly from North Dakota, I doubt she much cares about your opinion. Most senators take pride in ignoring the protests of out of staters.
  5. If you estimate who will win the house using Cook's current ratings with the following formula: Solid = 100% win Likely = 90% win Lean = 75% win Toss up = 50% win Then based on the current rankings, Democrats win 217.6 seats and Republicans win 217.4. So you might say that victory is in the bag
  6. The books they picked from Gaiman and Abercrombie are really strange. No American Gods is just inexplicable on any best of list, and The Blade Itself is probably Abercrombie's worst book. In addition, excluding Abraham is just ridiculous, the Long Price Quartet sticks with you the way most fantasy does not. I'd also say excluding Bakker, Stover and Mieville is really weird, although I guess if you're really trying you could call all of those sci-fi (but I wouldn't).
  7. I back when I was in high school I used to work at a nature bookstore that sold binoculars and I got really familiar with the different brands and features. When I looked to buy a pair of my own a few years ago I was shocked at how much the quality had improved, particularly with mid-range binoculars. The Nikon Monarchs I bought were less than $300 and they were both lighter and better than a $500 pair from 2000, and almost as good as the $1,000 dollar binoculars from back then.
  8. Charlie Dent isn't just foregoing the 2018 reelection, he's resigning. If Dent retires May 1, then the earliest the election could be held would be sometime in July. I gotta say, having a special election in July to fill a seat that is up for election in November just seems wasteful. And I can even see an argument that having a special election could backfire for Democrats. This special election will be held on the old PA district map, which is definitely Republican leaning (although not as much as PA-18 was). If a good Republican candidate is able to win a special election on the old map it would boost his/her popularity for a race in November on the much harder district map. Really, I think leaving the district vacant is the prudent thing to do.
  9. I wish the Democrats would spend 200k on voter outreach and registration in that district. It probably would only make a small difference for Tipirneni, but it lays the groundwork for the must-win Senate battle in November. Arizona only has nine congressional districts, it's not like they can afford to write off AZ-8.
  10. If Lesko lost it would be a straight up disaster. This district is not only +20 Republican, it also has no history of ever being close. A loss there would probably convince some Republicans who have already declared for reelection that maybe they should be spending time with their family. I expect a Lesko win in the high single digits, which is still probably a good enough showing for the Democrats to win the Arizona Senate seat six months from now.
  11. Quickly the storm rages out of control, and a massive "duel tornado" appears! I know who I'm taking in the classic hand vs arm battle for arm wrestling supremacy. 100,000 feet sounds really high for a tornado. Quick, to the googlebox! According to the internet, the "height" of a tornado kind of depends on how you measure it, but if you're being generous about it a height of 12 to 15 miles is possible. So this 100,000 foot high tornado isn't too outlandish. But this tornado isn't mere set decoration, oh no, we've got some (sorta, maybe) foreshadowing. And surprising no one, Rock is sucked in! Stacey is really laying the pseudoscience on pretty thick: Uh huh. Like Vincent Vega coming out of the bathroom, Rock's circumstances have dramatically changed. Yes, Rock has apparently been transported back in time to 1980s Salt Lake City. Gone is the masculine, confident Rockson we all expect, instead we get things like: So...yeah, Rock is walking around like a stunned duck as the citizens of Salt Lake City yell at him for being homeless. Be sure to come back for Chapter four as we get more adventures of Ted Rockson - Confused Vagrant.
  12. Yeah, I feel you 100%. It is just so hard to continue to invest emotional energy in a team that demonstrably does not deserve it. I still live in the DC area, but honestly I just don't really care about my "true fan" bonafides much anymore. Anyone who says I'm a bandwagoner for giving up on this shitshow is just trying to justify their own abusive relationship with the Redskins.
  13. Firing the GM when it seems like the problem wasn't talent but execution does seem like a really weird move. What do you think of my theorizing about a portion of the Browns fanbase being ready to abandon the team if this current rebuild (led by whoever they pick #1 overall this year) goes south. Obviously I'm not talking about the entire fanbase or even the majority, but I wonder if there's a reasonable sized group that might jump ship. I ask because I definitely have seen that in Washington. Here on my board by myself and Jaime L. have taken a step back from the Redskins, and several of my friends that were pretty hardcore Redskins fans 5-10 years ago have walked away for various reasons. And it isn't just a matter of losing, it's the sustained organizational incompetence and arrogance towards the fanbase that turns people off. I'm impressed that Browns fans have hung on as long as they have.
  14. Ugh. And here I was having a good day today.
  15. The Browns have been sold on The Process - the idea they need to get worse in the short term to be better in the long term. Most fans can accept that and there's even reason to think it might be working - they have a ton of young talent and they'll acquire a lot more this draft. But if they still can't find a reliable qb, all that talent might be wasted. Then all the misery the fanbase has had to put up with the past two years will be for nothing. I expect a lot of people would be fed up at that point.