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  1. Even a great D line coach isn't necessarily any good at D Coordinator, let alone capable of doing the top job. There's no shame in being a guy that is good at his job and needs to stay there, like Steve Spagnuolo or Bill Callahan. I'm glad he's our D line coach but still wouldn't want him at DCoordinator, let alone higher.
  2. Making fun of Jim Tomsula has fallen out of fashion in DC. Our D line looks much improved with him here, although he's got his work cut out for him with Jonathan Allen out for 2 months.
  3. Of course. I really struggle with how harsh to be in my assessment of the series. Parts of it are truly excellent, and I've enjoyed every one of his books. I like that Bakker aims high and actually challenges the reader. But I felt like every book of Aspect Emperor has been getting worse. I went back and read some of Warrior Prophet after reading TUC and I was like "oh yeah, I remember when this series was really great." I think my biggest issue with the last book was the Consult. I have always liked the Consult, I like their motivations, I like their loathsome alienness, I like that they have limitations and make mistakes. A pet peeve of mine is fantasy series with an all-powerful villain who inexplicably never wins. The consult is not that. I had no problem with the Space Janitors idea, but in the end, they weren't just regular guys who only half understood their technology, they were just nothing. They did nothing of consequence in the entire second series, and then they succeed through a weird combination of luck and deus ex machina (Why was Kelmo there at the exact right moment? Why did Kellhus bring Kelmo to Golgotterath at all? Why did Kellhus seeing Kelmo cause him/Ajokli to lose control of the Chorae? Why did Kelmo reactivate the No-God?) These aren't minor questions, and expecting the reader to just ignore them is kind of insulting. So much of this series requires careful reading and rereading to figure out what is going on, and then in the end the plot doesn't even hold together? Disappointing.
  4. I think "readers don't just get it" is even worse. There's nothing wrong with making something with lowbrow mass appeal that critics hate. Bakker has taken "the readers don't get it" to previously unattained heights, since he writes very ambiguously and then gives statements in his AMA that seem directly contradictory to the text. Or he includes things that no one could reasonably be expected to "get". I remember that when he was posting here as Pierce Inverarity (many years ago) that he said that the three women in the first trilogy were meant to represent the "whore, waif, harridan" triumvirate. But people pointed out that they'd never heard of this triumvirate of female characters, it's not exactly something people look for. And that Istriya (sp?) doesn't really fit for harridan, since she was actually not a woman but a skin spy monster. And why do all three women use sex as essentially their only method to get what they want? His answers in the Bakker and Women threads, showed that Bakker had thought carefully about how his characters are presented and what that means, but that he had significant blind spots which frustrated a careful reading. That criticism goes double for TUC. Bakker was ambitious, and at times he was very good, but really missed the mark on a lot of stuff. Surprisingly IMO, he was at his best when he was doing the typical fantasy stuff. The awe of seeing golgotterath for the first time or Kellhus destroying the Horn were great. But really all of Aspect Emperor suffers from poor storytelling, poor characterization, and poor plotting. Lots of things have buildup with no payoff. This series tries to achieve great things, but in the end the more you think about it, the less sense it makes.
  5. I'm hardly writing him off. His track record as an offensive coordinator is excellent; three different quarterbacks have had career years with him. But a coach can only do so much to help his QB succeed. At some point the guys have to make plays.
  6. It's looking that way. Shanahan is good enough to make a limited quarterback look pretty good (2009 Schaub, 2012 RG3), or a very good quarterback look excellent (Ryan) but he can't turn chicken shit into chicken salad.
  7. Maybe you could invite him to things that you're already going to? I think you should actually be proud of yourself for calling him on his bullshit. You resisted the urge to be passive aggressive ("I'm too busy to help you right now") in order to avoid confrontation and stay in his good graces. Or worse yet, you could have just done the work in the hope that being a doormat will get him to like you. But you avoided both those pitfalls. Great job, brain!
  8. A helluva lot less than most marriages (at least assuming you live in the same city). EDIT: Do you think that once or twice a week is too much time and effort? Because to me the work non-relationship you outlined sounds like a lot more time and emotional investment than that.
  9. In the most figurative way possible! Other than that I have trouble giving advice since I would find a "will we or won't we?" sexual tension relationship with a coworker to be hell. I guess the only thing I'd say is that there is a TON of middle ground between mutually supportive emotionally health marriage that leaves you suffocated and playing third fiddle with work d-bag. Maybe you could find an honest, low maintenance, see each other once or twice a week kinda thing and see if that works better?
  10. Otto Porter FTW! If you want a 3 and D guy who can never create his own shot and is only a pretty good defender, he's your man!
  11. I think it's kind of funny that a lot of fans in Washington are grumbling about letting the Niners back in it on Sunday, and that we looked pretty unimpressive at home against an 0-5 team. I feel like those fans should take a look around the league, because Atlanta, Denver and Kansas City were all big favorites at home, and they all lost. Hell, Denver wasn't even competitive against the 0-5 Giants. Sometimes you get some weird breaks, like the Niners fumble recovery touchdown (Davis was definitely down, just didn't have a good view on replay so the call stood), or a 3rd round rookie playing a very different style than Brian Hoyer, and thus changing the whole scouting report. Whatever, we got the win, lets move on. I am very concerned about the injuries going into a HUGE game @ Philly this week. First round pick Allen has been a beast in his first five games, but he's out for a month with a foot injury. Norman and Breeland are both maybes. Really the whole secondary is just hanging on. For most of the Niners game we had only two safeties able to go. Not ideal. On offense, our tight ends are so bad at blocking, it is frankly kind of astounding. Like our O line is crushing it, and we still can't run the ball AT ALL because the tight ends are getting destroyed. I think the solution is just to never put Reed or Davis in to block, because they're not getting it done. We need more running plays where our tight ends are split out wide so they can't screw everything up. Other than that, the two biggest games of the season are coming up, with games @Philly and vs Dallas. If we lose to Philly, we'll be 3-3, while they're at 6-1 with the tiebreaker, so winning the division is almost out the window. Then Dallas is always a big game, and there's a good chance we're both going to be fighting for a wild card.
  12. You can point it out, but it's a very silly thing to say. From the time he was given the starting job until this past weekend, he started 141/150 games for the Packers. That is an excellent ratio for anyone not named Brett Favre.
  13. I also loved that. IIRC, the Cowboys and Redskins did not take that one to court, they just took their medicine. But I agree with the sentiment that it is very unlikely that Kaep can win in court. The NFL's contract system is so dysfunctional, it is never going to be defeated by mere logic.
  14. This article is another good example of why the NCAA is a joke. That is straight up ridiculous. The inconsistency of the NCAA punishments is just staggering. Reggie Bush's father talks to an agent? 10 years of sanctions for USC. UNC has fraudulent classes for a full decade? Nothing we can do. For years, I have come to actually appreciate the cutthroat honesty of the NFL and NBA over the rank hypocrisy of the NCAA. The pro teams at least admit it's just a meat market and everybody has to look out for themselves. The NCAA always tries to act so sanctimonious. "These aren't athletes, they're student-athletes." Barf.
  15. I don't put too much credence in it.