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  1. 6 games?! The betting over/under on the Jags for this year is 6 wins. You think that wouldn't go up if they had Leonard Williams, Jaime Collins, Mo Claiborne and Myles Garrett? With decent coaching they have a top 5 defense without a doubt. On offense the Browns O line is probably a top 10 unit this year, that would be a dramatic improvement from what Jacksonville has, let alone adding in whatever pieces the Jags and Jets could contribute for depth. Even with a journeyman quarterback, this is a playoff team. If things really gel on defense, they could win a Super Bowl. Don't tell me a great defense can't win a Super Bowl without a quarterback, the Broncos did it less than two years ago.
  2. Not neccesarily start, but he would contribute, the guy can play. Didn't know about Beachum; I'm not a Jets fan so I just went with the guys I could find quickly that I know had some talent. EDIT: Also, the main reason the Jags are the Jags is because of their miserable quarterback situation. Thier defensive DVOA was 12th in the league last year, and with plenty of young talent there's reason to think it'll continue to improve. Their WR/RB situation isn't bad either.
  3. Keeping abortion safe and legal is absolutely a priority. However, I think that electing Pro-life democrats in more conservative areas can help protect the right to choose. Any state legislature with democrats controlling even one house is not going to be passing abortion restrictions, even if a few of those democrats are pro-life. The problem is that there are way too many state houses where Republicans have the trifecta and every two years they revisit the question "how can we make it harder to get an abortion?"
  4. The Jets are the least talented team in the league, but it's still the NFL. DE Mo Wilkerson, CB Mo Claiborne, RB Bilal Powell, DT Steve McLendon, DE Leonard WIlliams, OT Kelvin Beachum, and S Jamal Adams would all be contributors to this hybrid superteam.
  5. They would be very good at every position except quarterback. Hard to say who wins the quarterback job. Cody Kessler maybe?
  6. For precisely that reason? I think Trump's age was a nonfactor in 2016. Part of the reason it was a nonfactor was because he and Clinton were both approximately the same age. Are you arguing that if Trump had been 10 years younger he would have lost the race? If Trump is on the debate stage with a man/woman 15-20 years his junior, I think it will make his word salad nonsense look that much worse. I also think that President is an incredibly demanding job, and picking someone younger than 70 seems prudent.
  7. The democrats absolutely need new blood. I am not going to support anyone over 65 for President whether it be Sanders or Biden or whoever. I don't know whether that extends to Pelosi specifically, because the question is whether she can be effective as minority leader in helping Democrats win back the House, and pass legislation if that happens. On the latter, her track record from 2006-10 was excellent. On actually winning back the House...hard to say. I don't think that we should be getting rid of people just because Republicans view them as toxic (they can always make the next person equally toxic). But I don't put much credence in "great fundraiser" since the Democrats weren't having any trouble fundraising in 2016 (for all the good it did them) and I don't think they'll be having any as long as Trump is in office. What we need is someone who helps motivate Democrats to the polls, and Pelosi isn't great for that.
  8. The Obama-Trump voters still get too much press IMO for how many there are (answer: not many). The problem for the Democrats is turnout. In 2008, Obama got 69.5 million votes. Between 2008 and 2016, the US population had increased by 6.3%, but Clinton got only 65.8 million votes. That is a LOT of people who stayed home. And it's not that the Obama-Trump voters doomed Clinton's chances. Trump got just under 63 million votes, compared to 60 million for McCain. So Trump's gain in voters was slightly below population growth.
  9. I'm halfway through episode 5. While I thought episode 1 was really weak in terms of writing and really everything, by episode 3 things were getting moving. It is enjoyable watching the characters play off each other. Not surprising that Iron Fist is the weak link, but at least the show makes fun of him a lot. I agree that The Hand are not terribly compelling or threatening villains. The Black Sky is really overhyped, but it seems like she's just a very skilled ninja, which is a little overmatched by someone like Luke Cage. In fact, I feel like Luke Cage alone could take on virtually everything the Hand has, or at least from what I've seen in the first 4.5 episodes.
  10. Ok, so board hive mind, what do we think? Did Trump fire Bannon because of the fallout from Charlottesville? Or because of those weird and surprisingly unflattering interviews he gave about both Trump and his supporters? The official word is it was the latter, but the timing of all this is very strange.
  11. I think it's too early to say that. It looks to me like it was last week's North Korean brinksmanship that helped Trump improve a couple points at the polls after the health care debacle (which remember, was just three weeks ago). I don't think that the immediate impact of Charlottesville is going to help Trump. If the question is "Nazis - Always terrible or some of them are good folks?" that is a loser in America. Trump is trying to turn this into a culture war over Confederate monuments, which is much firmer ground politically. Thus far it looks like Democrats have taken the bait, which is really stupid of them. If that continues, then yes, Trump can expect his position with the Republican Party and Republican leaning independents to improve over the next couple of weeks.
  12. So any chance the Jags sign Kaepernick? Their quarterbacks are Blake Bortles (who has looked so horrible in two preseason games home fans are already booing) and Chad Henne (who sucks AND hasn't started a game since 2014). Surely Kaep is a significant improvement, right? The Jags have spent a lot of money on upgrading that defense, presumably to start winning. And you could hardly have a more wide open division than the AFC South - Luck is probably missing some/all of the season, Mariota is coming off surgery and Houston is probably starting a rookie. If Jacksonville could get production from Kaep like he gave the Niners last year, they are very likely to make the playoffs. Now, maybe Kaep couldn't pull that off in a new town with limited practice reps before the season, but it is virtually guaranteed to be an improvement of some sort. The fact that Kaep is still out of a job is increasingly hard for me to believe. There are about 5 teams in the league that would have a significantly better chance of making the playoffs with him, and none of them are willing to pull the trigger? If I were a fan of any of those teams, I would be pissed as hell.
  13. I would also like an invite.
  14. Yeah, I did that one year, I was sorta on the fence about it this year. But sure, I'll join up.
  15. I'm right with you, I'm stubbornly avoiding FF. I'll do pick em sorta games, but to me, what matters in sports is who wins, not who scores the points. Fantasy sports leads to ridiculous conversations like this: Me: Oh man, the Falcons just won on a hail mary! Awesome play! Fantasy Sportsfan: Was it Julio Jones? Me: