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  1. Can we have "Red Don" as the next topic title? Inspired by this, off course.
  2. I was in tears. I was away from my screen when the hip-hop music started, so I didn't see where it was. When I saw it, I was like "The fuck"?
  3. Before the kids from South Park took over.
  4. You reminded me of this 2:36
  5. All books that stop at chapter 11
  6. LMAO, no lie, this might be the most badass post i've read all year.
  7. Not what he is saying. He means people who arent productive while at work.
  8. Understood. I wanted to know how far this board would go for victory.
  9. To the Kennedy part: I am certain he still would have won, his speeches energized millions who didn't even care about politics. To the Harris and Bullock part: They're not even close. Question to the folks in this thread: Would you welcome Anthony Wiener back to congress if he ran?
  10. Yeah, but that junior Senator from Illinois had more charisma in his pinky toe than all of congress combined.
  11. Uhm, no. That is now how it works. It's a huge problem and it often DOES make it so that people's opinions lack the impact it does. You might believe they deserve it and that is completely your right as a human being. You would also be very wrong to do so, but it's your right.
  12. But how? At this point it seems to me like the Republican = State authority and Democrat = federal government narrative is way too strong. People are eating that shit up.
  13. Yeah, im really getting tired of people bringing up IQ tests as measures of intelligence in 2017. It leads me to think of the embarassment that is Mensa.
  14. I was honestly asking, I wasn't sure if it was real.