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  1. Eh, whatever.
  2. Yeah I know. It's just that you'd think people would learn by now that powerful entities are always a chaotic factor.
  3. ...I know im entering smartass mode here and I know you meant it as a metaphor, but what sane man would want to hold onto a tiger?
  4. Daeron II's wife, Mariah Martell, was heir to Sunspear. Maron became the lord of Sunspear without a fuss. Off course, we are talking about one of the parties being the royal house of Westeros.
  5. Why was this episode even called Eastwatch? I know it's Eastwatch in the North, but episodes usually have double meanings.
  6. Enjoyed it. Jaime's stupidity continues to annoy me, though.
  7. We need a nickname for these seven badasses. Magnificent Seven is taken. Any ideas?
  8. Jon = Aegon Targaryen confirmed.
  9. "My name's Gendry, your grace, my father killed yours at the Trident"
  10. Doesn't matter. My point was that Bernie seemed like a guy who woudln't have gotten much done while in office.
  11. I always thought that Bernie Sanders would just be Jimmy Carter 2.0, only with better speaking skills. Basically this.
  12. To each his own.