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  1. Alright, Indy has to win 2 more and this nightmare is over.
  2. So far GOW is great, but the thing about the combo system being complex or very creative just isn't true. The combat is cool, don't get me wrong, but nothing extraordinary. The world looks fantastic and I can definitely see it being one of the better games this year.
  3. Because it is.
  4. I need release dates for Soul Calibur VI and Kingdom Hearts 3 and I need them soon. Do not fail me E3.
  5. The Houston Rockets "collapse" is gonna be epic. I can't wait to finally see this Cleveland disaster end and see LeBron leave this dumpster fire. Welp, David West retiring with a second championship is cool, I guess.
  6. What I find amazing is that they talk about liberal shows having torture and portraying the US military in a negative light. Then they praise 24.
  7. I decided to look up this list Not only are the description of the series i've seen hilariously wrong, but so laughable that im almost forced to watch some of the shows I didn't know about.
  8. A hypothetical for you dudes and dudettes. Now, several years ago on 24 season 5, President Charles Logan was part of a larger conspiracy involving nerve gas and a false flag operation to blame Russian separatists for the gas. In the process of executing this plan, one of Logan's guys had ex-president David Palmer assassinated. Logan didn't want this, but he did cover it up. Now, Logan's downfall and arrest came, when his wife secretly recorded an audio-file in which he admitted to covering up Palmer's death and it was sent to the Attorney General, one of the few guys in his administration who was not corrupt. Now, if this same scenario happened today, with the audio-file and everything, would Trump get away with it?
  9. I just finished season 1 of B the Beginning. I tend to give Netflix series at least one season before I draw conclusions, as I feel like I need to get the full picture first. Holy shit, it was awful. The protagonist (and the rest of the cast for that matter) just won't shut the fuck up. Rather than giving me the chance to think about what is going on and draw my own conclusions, he keeps force-feeding you information. It ruined any sense of immersion. The fight scenes were good, but that's not nearly enough to save this for me. I won't be back for season 2.
  10. Rest in peace, you beautiful bastard. Managed to have several affairs while in a wheelchair, all while solving scientific mysteries of the universe. You, sir, are my hero.
  11. Im really looking forward to it, my local book store tells me Veil of Spears might come in around the 18th. 3 more books after this.
  12. Don't remind me. I had to check if somebody hadn't spiked my drink.
  13. Second half I agree. The first half, though....
  14. The last time Revis was a pro-bowler, he was 29 and he was released by the Chiefs after six games. The examples you gave are some very, very, very rare outliers and those guys were known for being ageless wonders.
  15. This makes a ton of sense. I keep forgetting that 29 is actually old as fuck for a DB. Bennett is a defensive lineman, but he is 32 years of age.