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  1. Mission complete!
  2. Yeah, announcing your campaign in front of an aircraft carrier is not a good idea, especially when you claim to be anti-war.
  3. There are times when I wonder how a Rand Paul presidency would look like. Then I remember, "oh right, he's on the Republican ticket, he'll cave to them when he's in office".
  4. I understand where you are coming from, but this is not the same. Sure in previous years they coasted, you're right about that, but this is a whole 'nother level of lousy. Also on LeBron being a drama queen, yeah that is one of his many flaws. Pettiness too.
  5. I was never a fan of him either. Not much of a passer, lousy defender, pretty good rebounder but didn't really become a post-presence like LeBron was for Miami, but hey as long as a player scores a ton of points people will love him.
  6. Oh im not mad and a loss does not bother me. Im disgusted because of the brand of basketball that is actually being played. I just don't like watching any of it. If a team I like plays a nice brand of basketball and happens to lose, so be it, but this is just overall lousy.
  7. Gronk was there against the Seahawks, but he was out against Atlanta.
  8. I just want this season to be over so LeBron can bolt to Houston or something. I don't even care if the Cavs don't make the playoffs, EVERY player on this team should seek another organization ASAP. Even when the Cavs win, watching this team play is just awful. I can't STAND teams that play lousy defense and rebound like shit. All these old legs and all this garbage about effort. Come on man, what does the media expect to happen, that this team is suddenly gonna find the fountain of youth. Gawdayumn, at least Kyrie is having fun on a team when he's healthy, but this is just miserable all-around. I am DISGUSTED.
  9. Id read that comic.
  10. Give up, dude. I did. On another note. I watched Darkest Hour. Oldman is brilliant, but it's really hard to keep track of what's going on at times.
  11. Oh I absolutely agree. If you already lived through horrible circumstances, chances are you will develop strong problem-solving instincts. On the first sentence, well, to an extent. His health took a nosedive when one of his sons died.
  12. If you think this shit has any sense, you haven't been paying attention.
  13. He had to be. He was a sickly kid and had to build himself up into a strong, healthy person. That's gonna have psychological effects on a kid. Im more surprised he lived to be as old as he did, considering the medical problems he had as a kid.
  14. I didn't care about Chappelle's current comedy, but I can still respond to an argument that just seems flawed to me.
  15. No....I was simply answering a question (or what I thought was a question) and from that came a discussion. If you actually look at the last couple of replies, you posted a LOT more stuff than I did, I was just gonna leave it at "Dave used to be funny to people for this reason". I don't feel much of anything while writing this, but im just gonna leave it at that because this is definitely not going where I thought it would.