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  1. also, spears are also for the dragon (okay got it), the NK has a pretty good arm, good thing either the only stones are in that island, or the hound is the only one with the skill to throw a rock.
  2. tyrion tought he was sending myrcella to bookdorne, little did he know than show dorne is a dreadful place, were bastards can kill the prince and get away with it.
  3. maybe dawn is lightbringer and just went cold after the long night, needs a fresh sacrifice to flame on! again.
  4. maybe he is lyanna's and rhaegar's* but ned raised him as his own kid, the ned was his father and jon feels like ned's son. *i don't want him to be and after all this jahaerys deal and everything else i refuse to believe until i see it in GRRM's pages.
  5. i don't think jon dany will survive the longnight, and probably most of westeros will die.
  6. supposedly there's been at least one other sword named ice, and many readers think theres been many swords named ice after all house stark is 4000 years old (or so they say) so everytime ICE broke it was replaced by a new one. Ned's valyrian sword is just the newest sword in a long line of swords to carry that name.
  7. did hbo said it was jahaerys ? if so why the fuck they made lyanna mumble the name just to give it away 3 days later??? sometimes i just can't understand...
  8. he means dawn is ice the legendary stark sword from the age of heroes not the ice we see in the books/show.
  9. the name ice goes back thousands of years, the ice we meet in the series is the "latest" ice in a long line of swords with that name.
  10. go find more people, let's hijack this thread and make about the only cool lyanna on the show.
  11. and so we have a scene of a guy doing stupid jokes about cersei, but not even a glimpse of septa spoonella's kidnaping.
  12. he is a criminal, he is a kingslayer and broke the laws of hospitality he should be dead and would have if not for the lannister's backing him.
  13. wtf ? murder she killed the guy all the north hates, the guy who killed his king, the mother of said king and the sons and lords of many northern houses. she is a freaking hero of the north at this point. cold sick muderin' hero, but a hero! also it would be WAY of character for him to anything to arya or for arya to do anything to jon.
  14. the hodor thing was the big thing this season, arya killing freys was something i saw coming, the same with jon's parents. don't get me wrong i didn't knew that servant was arya and it was cool to see her (the pies i hated, just salt on the wound of what could've been the greatest plot on season 5 or in this one but they choose not to give us the awesomeness of the great northern conspiracy) and being on these forums from around season 1 i knew about r+l=j and that it was probably true (i still want to believe he is ned's and wylla's son, just the bastard son of a lord and some low born woman destined to kick winter in the teeth)
  15. pointless post in a pointless thread.