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  1. Of course the date has bearing on the substance of the article when the argument presented is that over time the issue will get worse. Time has passed, nobody is talking about this, it isn't a thing, so what has been presented has been shown to be wrong.
  2. The article was also 2 years old and I'd venture to guess that many of those students don't even attend college any more. It's a non-story that really has no bearing on current events.
  3. 1) Psychological issues are more prevalent now because we know more about them and can diagnose them better. ADHS was virtually unknown because 40 years ago those children were 'difficult' and 'rambunctious'. Just because it went undiagnosed for most of human history doesn't mean it didn't exist. 2) I'd love to see data around 'critical thinking skills' deteriorating over time. It seems like every generation has said the same, so I'm curious how one comes to this conclusion without resorting to some anecdotal story.
  4. And what about the alt-center? The alt-up? The alt-down? Good lord people! Don't you even CARE?!?!?
  5. And I answered. I don't have that impression and think that those that do aren't doing a thorough job of analyzing their own generation. I don't think you can say any of that, and you might want to look a little deeper at your anecdotal evidence to see if it's truly telling the things you think it is, or if it's bias that's coloring your view. The most common jobs required little to no education in the early 20th century. Even by the mid to late 20th century all that was needed was a high school diploma. 1910 had an 8.8% high school graduation rate. Most people didn't even graduate high school until the mid 40's, and we didn't crack 75% until the mid 60's. And even with those numbers you have to assume the average; that there's a top 10-20% who do extremely well and is interested in the things in the OP, a bottom that doesn't graduate or barely graduates, and 60-80% who don't know and don't care no matter which generation they happened to be born in. I'm of the opinion that we are more generationally alike than different, and it's those that are older who see the worst in themselves that complain the loudest about the younger generation.
  6. Took the master class on Friday and I was so lightheaded that I stayed in child's pose for what seemed like the majority of the class. It was so hot and humid that it was stifling. I did not enjoy it. Took a break on Saturday to do some demolition on the house, finished it yesterday and went to a class in the afternoon. Felt much better for that class. Tonight is our championship game for softball, then back to barre tomorrow. Already feeling much better.
  7. I think if you take an actual honest look at previous generations, you'd see on a whole that the vast majority of people are 'knowledge poor'. To say that 'the current generation' suffers from it more than others is a gross mischaracterization IMO.
  8. This is a great idea. Terrific. The best.
  9. Maybe try one of these? I took a class yesterday and felt absolutely destroyed. Played softball after and didn't get home til 11 and fell asleep about midnight. Slept terribly and 6am rolled around far too quickly. I'm supposed to take a 'master class' tonight, but I'm totally drained; so we'll see.
  10. What a moron.... we pay those people whether or not they are in Russia
  11. Yes, it's clear you don't want to understand what Kaep is presenting. It's clear that you don't want to listen to the words he says. It's clear that you want to police people's shirts, socks, and twitter accounts to deflect having a real conversation about real issues. You're right, your posts are very clear.
  12. What is with you and the Castro shirt? It's been like 10 posts now and if you actually researched it you'd know that he wore it as a statement about Malcolm X listening and trying to understand. Which is really ironic given the last few pages....
  13. Lost A LOT of strength over the last couple of months. Doesn't help that I have some extra pounds to deal with on every move, but damn did I feel weak. I think that's where my focus is going to be over the next month. Not weight loss specifically, but increasing strength while shedding the fat. Today is day 2, then my next to last softball game of the season.
  14. Didn't you just claim that you didn't know why he was protesting? But let's talk about his Castro shirt some more!
  15. The 'real' issue is that you're much more comfortable talking about how his socks and shirts offend you or how unpatriotic he is. Because that conversation you can have without having to defend your racial bias.