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  1. It was great, and now I'm on a definitive bourbon kick. So many great choices in the $20-30 range. Can't find a decent scotch or irish whiskey for under $40.
  2. Went to Cinci last weekend for a wedding. Bourbon country. Every bar knew how to make a proper old fashioned which led me to getting whiskey wasted with the groom the night before the wedding. Two day hangover for that one which led to a very unpleasant 11 hour drive home. Worth it
  3. Isn't Judaism a religion? Is 'Jewish ancestry' just that you have ancestors that practiced Judaism? How is that in any way meaningful?
  4. This honestly was not hard to find.... Australia: UK:
  5. It's how the gun control act of 1968 was passed and supported by the GOP and NRA.
  6. So you're just going to deny that systemic racism just doesn't exist?
  7. The same most groups of people get over similar groups of minorities. Police interactions, general populace interactions, interactions at homeless shelters.... I mean.... seriously. This is really a dense question to ask.
  8. The key to the definition of racism though, is the belief that one's own race is superior. It's a difference that makes racism very difficult to find in non-white groups, and is different than general bigotry and stereotypes. What you'll see then is people believe that equality + anger of the lack of equality = superiority. You see this kind of reasoning all the time on the right when groups are looking for equality, but get labeled as wanting 'special' rules, then declaring themselves the victims.
  9. The price of milk is $4 a gallon today in China.
  10. Context is important, but if you want to ignore that and pretend all words are said in a vacuum, go right ahead.
  11. Because he wasn't talking about the Vegas shooting or gun violence, but the inability of the United States Government (the leaders which we elect to represent the entirety of the US) to pass any kind of legislation despite events like this. It isn't bigoted. It's the truth of our leadership that is there to represent the whole.
  12. Because they've never been 'small government' or 'states rights', government always seems to grow faster under GOP control. It's always been a bunch of dog whistling bull shit.
  13. Yeah, Endymion and Rise of Endymion are two of my favorites. Despite the ret-conning, I think the overall story is beautiful.
  14. Oh man, I really get this one. It took me a while to even warm up to the liveship traders, and even then I think it's significantly worse than the Fitz & The Fool stories. TLPQ I kept waiting for that moment to really drag me in. Something. Anything. Then I finished and wondered why I spent so much time on it.
  15. This is a bunch of dog-whistling racist bull shit, right here. Athletes earn their money like anyone else. They get paid to do a job at the rate the market deems their value is worth. They didn't 'get' their money 'from this country'. Trump is a fucking billionaire and was literally given his money by his daddy. When Obama was President, Trump attacked American exceptionalism all the fucking time. Let's just stop with this charade and call it what it is. White people take issue with black people protesting in any form and will find any excuse to declare why 'that' type of protesting is wrong, and it's because of deep seeded racist beliefs. So just stop with the arm-chair quarterback dog whistling analysis.