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  1. JFC, he's such an imbecile. Yesterday I heard on NPR from one of his big Muslim supporters in the states about how genius he is and he's on pace to broker peace for the entire world. She seemed smart, and yet I just couldn't understand how she was coming to her conclusions at all.
  2. I'm not sold either, but I think Farpoint shows promise of where it could go. There's definitely room for improvement, but I'm getting a similar feeling as when I first played Halo.
  3. PlaystationVR. I think Farpoint is only out on that system. It's kind of a steep price-tag since you need the PS4, VR, eye, controllers, and headphones if you really want the full experience. Then it's another $80 for the game and gun controller. I got the VR at launch and haven't really played it since, but this game is REALLY fun (and also the game I was most excited for when I bought it). I'm hoping it's just the start of some really good games to come out for it, but it's really just a hope at this point and the game selection is pretty bleak.
  4. Ok, got to playing the multiplayer and it is awesome. I got paired up with someone and took on two different missions. Didn't finish either of them, but had an absolute blast for the hour or so that I played. You really do have to take breaks due to vertigo, but man is it worth it. The player models suck pretty bad, but the gameplay is just amazing. This setup is the starting point of what VR can do and is really going to push the tech IMO. I also heard they are basically sold out everywhere, so I'm glad I was able to snag one as Best Buy opened up. Can't wait to suit up again
  5. This title is weird. Couldn't tell from the first page if this was about video games in general, or the cluster$%^ that is ME:A. Now I see it's the former. Picked up Farpoint yesterday and played for about 4 hours total. Laughed my ass off when one of the smaller aliens jumped at me facesucker style and made me jump. My arm was tired from holding the gun up for so long, which provided some nice, much needed breaks in my gaming. Gonna try out the multiplayer tonight, but overall I have to say this is BY FAR the best VR game I've ever played. I know it's not saying much, but man is it fun and hits the right notes.
  6. PS1 is definitely my favorite. Resident Evil & Final Fantasy is all I really need, but there were SO many other great games and genres that were initially developed on the PS1 that it's hard for me to not say it was the greatest of all time. It was such a big jump from the 16 bit games too.
  7. Linux has been around for 30 years with broad developer support across the entire world. And even with that market demand for hardware/application/driver support, major companies simply forego that market. Not only that, we're seeing a major shift in technology away from personal computers except in cases that require good processing power. The days of a regular joe needing a PC for day to day computing is nearing an end since nearly everything can be done from your phone. So not only has it had plenty of time to catch on with viable alternatives aplenty over decades of time, the need for it will become less and less as the next generation looks to do more with their phone. This scenario just doesn't look plausible.
  8. Part of that division though is the continued hero worship of people who actively pushed for slavery, would you not agree? How many decades should black people be forced to commemorate these stains on American history? And they should keep doing it because it might hurt the feelings of white supremacists who have been at the breaking point since the end of the civil war? This should have been done 100 years ago.
  9. That frustration exists today for most people humping their shitty job to make money for their shitty boss. But I guess that's ok because now they get to occupy their life doing something they hate in order to survive.
  10. The ACA took over a year and the GOP still claims it was rammed down our throats. Now that they are in charge writing a bill 24 hours before voting on it without anyone even looking at it is just peachy. I don't think there's a bigger bunch of hypocrites in the world than those that rah rah for the Republican party.
  11. I think lumping Trump/Brexit/Le Pen voters into some all encompassing group is a mistake. Since we were talking specifically about Trump and Sanders, I'll choose to stick to that election. The election was incredibly close and was decided by less than 100k votes, so it doesn't have to be all that significant for the difference could be made. And the argument presented was that there are plausibly 100k voters that voted for Sanders, but didn't vote for Clinton; not that they necessarily voted for Trump (though there are some that fall into that category). I think it's dismissive to say that it isn't plausible for that to happen. Among my left leaning friends in the midwest it was quite pervasive.
  12. I'd like to think that if there is a God, she wouldn't be so petty as to say "you lived a really great life, full of love, great deeds, and always thinking about others; just as Jesus taught. But you didn't come to the right church and didn't say the right words at the right time, so unfortunately you have an eternity of damnation ahead of you. Sorry, it's just policy."
  13. It's really bad. I don't see how anyone thought this would be a good idea. You can't tout that the 100 day mark is a made up benchmark with no value and then spend $1.5 million on an ad touting how great your first 100 days are.
  14. Come on. You can't make the claim that the theory is incorrect due to lack of evidence, and then propose a different theory utilizing the same lack of evidence. Either they are both possible and there's no clear evidence to prove otherwise (which is true), or there is evidence to support your theory. And given that your theory is based solely on suggestions with no clear evidence, how about we move on and just say we'll never know and there will never be enough evidence to prove it one way or the other?
  15. The gameplay was great on consoles. The story was good, but I didn't replay each one a dozen times because I wanted to hear the story over and over.