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  1. Another issue with smoking...

    While nicotine itself is not a carcinogen, it is a known carcinogen enhancer.
  2. The Circle

    Just read the book and enjoyed it. Plot is around a company that's an evil'ish google and the culture these giant tech companies push. I'm intrigued as to how this will translate to the big screen or if they change the overall tone. It's a pretty bleak story.
  3. What is your definition of "meme"?

    Static picture w/ some sort of text, with either the picture or the text to be easily recognizable; typically a pop-culture reference.
  4. It's the same GOP bullshit. Tie changes to laws they don't have votes to pass to short term budget crisis and then blame democrats when they don't pass and crisis hits. Likely they'll be rewarded again for it.
  5. But this flies in the face of all those people claiming both parties are the same! FAKE NEWS!!!!
  6. Why do we have to control them or declare war on them? We had countless opportunities for diplomatic relations that we started shitting on before the war even ended. But really, it's besides the point and getting off topic. Even if you think it was the most awesomest awesome that was ever awesome, which I happen to disagree with, that's one time since WW1 with little to nothing to show for being even half way decent at anything after blowing people up since.
  7. Obviously the US came out great, there's no denying it. But you also can't deny that half of Germany and most of eastern Europe was under USSR control for 40+ years and that the post WW2 politics led to a major arms race where the entire world was gripped in fear of a nuclear holocaust. But yeah, if you ignore the rest of the world we're awesome at post war stuff.
  8. Just want to say that the US has never been good at post-war for the last century. I wouldn't even qualify WW2 as a success in that regard. We're REALLY good at blowing shit up though.
  9. I agree. She should have stepped down after 2010 as leader. She hurts the Democratic party as the face of the House.
  10. Batman v. Superman VI, why was it sooo bad?

    I enjoyed it and have re-watched it multiple times. Neither my fiance, nor myself thought it was significantly better or worse than any other superhero movie. We've never left one disappointed because we get pretty much what we expect.
  11. Oh definitely. It was basically the universe telling me "YOU ARE WRONG!". Lol.
  12. Wow. Mouth.... insert foot here.
  13. He's not going to war in Syria as long as Assad is supported by Putin. Let's not get ahead of ourselves here.
  14. I wouldn't count it out yet. We've never seen such an unpopular President.
  15. 2 things. 1) The 'obstruction' by democrats so far has been basically zero. This has been the only real test. 2) The GOP has played the blame game for the last 8 years with zero accomplishments and have been rewarded with majorities in all branches of govt and the states. I also believe they could have gotten Gorsuch through without this. They didn't even really try any other option, they just did it as fast as possible, by any means necessary. I think this is just gives another reason for Dems to show up at the polls in droves for 2018 and 2020. So yeah. While in the end they get to hang their hat on one accomplishment, they did so in the worst way politically and will be one of many things that will cost them their majorities across the board.