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  1. First viewing last night and I was seriously underwhelmed. When I saw TFA I couldn't wait to get to the theater to see it again. Now I have a 2nd viewing tonight and I'm not even looking forward to it that much. And I LOVE Star Wars. There were just so many bad choices made that the superior acting just couldn't overcome. Most of the complaints have already been stated, but the two big ones for me is the Leia force space scene is probably the dumbest star wars scene ever thought of. Holy shit was that just terrible. The other is why go through all the trouble with Luke's final 'battle', just to have it be a force image and then kill the character off anyway? It made zero sense. I am looking forward to a Rey's Jedi Academy fight vs Knights of Ren in 9 though
  2. They believed it because there was a demand for the result the products achieved that existed before the products. Fake News? Hardly. It's common sense.
  3. The demand for all of those things absolutely existed before the products did. Demand for cars didn't exist, but demand for faster travel did. That's why there was a lot of effort put into faster horses at the same time. Demand for computers didn't exist, but demand for something to do calculations and automation did. Demand for smartphones didn't exist, but demand for cell phones, GPS, mobile gaming, etc did... That statement is absolutely 100% correct. Supply never creates demand.
  4. I just watched 7 last night and you're misremembering things. 1) There was a monster on the front of the MF and it definitely tore in half during that scene. And 2) the cargo ship was open for the MF to take off through. They also talk about flying through things in hyperspace in the original as well. "This aint like dustin crops boy!"
  5. Yeah, because no automatic registration means you can't vote
  6. Automatically register everyone that files a tax return. Should be a no-brainer.
  7. That's been their only play for 40 years. The only 'true conservative' they've had in 100 years is Reagan.
  8. You act like he wasn't representing Vermont for his entire political career. But I'm sure he's just the racist monster you paint him out to be.
  9. If it did, hopefully it was enough.... because per their registration laws, voter registration ended a week ago.
  10. Reading Sanderson's Wax and Wayne series and am just not getting into it. After reading most of the Cosmere this year I'm seeing way too many patterns that are currently rubbing me the wrong way: 1) 2D characters 2) Atrocious dialog working FAR to hard to seem 'witty' 3) 90% setup for one big ending event 4) Too much focus on 'figuring out' the magic system So I think after the first in the series I'll shelve the rest and Stormlight #3 until I get through some of the heavier stuff I have on my plate.
  11. This is 100% true. I work at a big retailer and there is a TON of bloat. I worked for a private company of ~1000 people before this, and that company also had a lot of bureaucracy and too much upper and middle managers trying to justify their existence. Before that a company of 100 that could have easily gotten rid of 1/2 it's people and functioned just fine. If you really want to compare, look at how much administrative savings there is in Medicare vs private insurance? There's 5x as much administrative costs in private insurance. When people talk about govt bloat, they are almost always using it as a code word for poor people and minorities getting too many benefits.
  12. Spliced together and it's my favorite of all the books.
  13. There are multiple reasons. 1) Square has published multiple games they've developed from the ground up utilizing 3D techniques for years. The last FF games didn't need to be split into chapters. You've even stated it's not a very long game. This is as obvious a cash grab as I've seen. 2) The excuse they are giving that it needs to be done for the story's sake sounds like hogwash. Everyone knows the story. More cash grab nonsense. 3) I won't support the industry going the way of splitting popular games into incomplete chapters, just so they can rake you over the coals for more content. So yeah... I'm not going to get this and have no qualms about it. I'm not going to spend $1-200 on a single game.
  14. It's a bunch of bullshit and they won't see a dime from me.
  15. Just finished Republic of Thieves and really enjoyed it. Plowed through it in about 10 days. Can't wait for this new one. Finally getting caught up on all these wonderful series'!