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  1. Jesus, this guy is such an idiot! Only way to get his ban passed is to not call it a ban, so what does he do? Go to twitter and call for the Travel Ban, in caps, to thwart terrorism. This was already decided to be unconstitutional and now his own stupidity has killed any possible chance of it passing.
  2. I'm not talking about leaders. I'm talking about the people of the world, and it's not an exaggeration. And you're more naive than I thought you were if you think that a generation of people who have a piss poor view of America won't have an impact here. 9/11 was due to decisions made in the 80's; these types of decisions and American grandstanding by Trump won't show their ugly head for a decade or longer, but it will happen; and all so a bunch of conspiracy theorists think our stupid President is doing something for them. It's idiotic.
  3. But didn't you hear? 3% growth is just around the corner because of coal. COAL!!!! This administration is so fucking stupid.
  4. This is one of my favorite shows, and I'm about halfway through S2 right now and it's SO DAMN GOOD! I heard this yesterday and am pretty disappointed. Hopefully they get to do some sort of end movie so it's not just hanging, like I expect the season to end.
  5. What I find most boggling is what purpose this serves? First off, the agreement is non-binding. Secondly, he's already taken the political steps to reverse course on what has already been done, so you don't need to make this announcement at all. Third, it solidifies most of the world against us. Lastly, it is neutral or net negative politically in the US. He didn't need to make the announcement at all and still basically pull out without actually doing so. It's just ridiculously stupid and the cheerleaders for this look even more stupid.
  6. Ugh, hurt my leg diving for a ball last night, and working out this morning didn't exactly make it feel better. Probably in for another night of ice....
  7. Yeah, if anything I see this as hurting his popularity. At least in my area, there are quite a few hunters who voted for him because of 2nd amendment crap, but ultimately understand that they kind of need a good environment so they have something to hunt. There's also a lot of business leaders coming out against this since it's a missed opportunity to lead in the emerging market. If he was actually a good businessman, which it's pretty obvious he's not, he would want new markets to take advantage of. But this is a 70 yr old guy whose only success has been in a business that was handed down to him and every other venture into other areas were saturated markets and added no innovation.
  8. Sure do carry a lot of water for a guy you supposedly didn't vote for. And nobody was talking about Hillary. We were talking about Joe Biden and your frankly ridiculous analysis of his long, storied career in public service.
  9. You voted for a guy who is the oldest president ever. A guy who has never had a struggle in his entire life. Who was born rich. And literally can't empathize with anyone. So yeah.... this is just a bunch of bull shit.
  10. And the Trump clusterfuck just keeps getting better.... So much for draining the swamp.
  11. Been playing the game a very long time. Been throwing at batters since I was 10 and have had multiple coaches tell me to do so through college. Had a coach that would tell us to hit batters instead of intentionally walk them. Some guys deserve a plunk in the middle of the back. Some pitchers deserve to get thrown out of games for doing it. Umpires need to make sure it doesn't get out of hand. Like I said, it's all part of the game.
  12. I'm really loving Farpoint. Been playing it a few hours every night and it's been great fun. There seems to be a bit of an issue w/ gun tracking that gets annoying, but I think that can be patched out. The co-op is SUPER difficult. I haven't completed a single mission yet, mostly because my teammates always want to go too far in and end up getting surrounded. The single player game is fun, but I am only getting through a mission a day before I'm kind of over it and move on to co-op. I just hope they continue developing on the engine, because it has a TON of promise.
  13. Pitchers getting any suspension at all for throwing at someone is absurd. It's not a 'problem', it's part of the damn game.
  14. Congrats on the PB Isk! I know those are hard to come by. I've gotten to 6 straight days of classes and am working on 'floating' into a crow arm balance. Takes a ton of core and balance to pull off, but when you do it feel like magic as you lightly land your knees on your triceps. I have to remind myself that I have to be further forward than I expect, otherwise I end up using a foot to balance and push myself up into the pose; but have to be careful not to go too far forward, otherwise I end up face-planting in front of the entire class.
  15. Saw Logan over the weekend and I think it's my favorite superhero movie to date. It's gritty, has some dark humor, the action scenes were awesome, and the setting, story, and characters just 'fit'. I think it even surpasses Dark Knight for me and blows every X-Men, Marvel, and DC movie out of the water. Just incredible. Also started S2 of Sense8 and my fiance and I are loving that as well. Such a good show.