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  1. In his dreams? More like all day, every day. Dude hears voices....
  2. I think DC is getting an undeserved bad rap, and I can't understand why. I just watched the 5 films in a row in chronological order, and I thought they were great superhero films. With the exception of The Dark Knight, Logan, and Deadpool; I feel like all of these films (X-men, Marvel, DC, Batman, & Spidey) are all in the decent to good action films range. And yet you come to boards like this and it's like DC shat on your front door, many times before the movie is even released. Am I missing something in the comic book world where this is the case? Or is this because Batman, Superman, and WW have been at the forefront of superhero worlds for so long that the bar is artificially raised; while the only real 'movie star' characters coming out of Marvel are The Hulk and Spidey? My wife and I really enjoyed Justice League and thought it had a great balance of action, seriousness, and humor. The surprising standouts were the Flash and Aquaman, and I also loved the direction they took with old batman. The only character that didn't click for me was Superman, and honestly, he was more like the Superman of old than the previous two movies, which felt forced and off in this setting. I wish they could keep a limit on how much they are spending, because I really want them to keep going in this universe. REALLY want to see Leto's Joker some more.
  3. #notallnazis
  4. The left has had the intellectual high-ground since the right started worshiping supply side economics in the 80s. Doesn't matter when people actively vote against facts and science.
  5. Ok, just finished Fools Assassin and I definitely will be continuing on with that series right away. Damn you Robin! I have other books to read!
  6. What has almost always worked for me is just asking "Hey, we should really hang out together sometime" as an opener and gauge the reaction from there. If it's positive, follow up with "how about dinner sometime this week or next?". Bam! Date.
  7. I enjoyed Silent Hill and Resident Evil is hugely popular worldwide.
  8. Yeah, have to agree here. If there were any moderates left in the GOP they never would have gotten rid of the SCOTUS filibuster in the first place. They did exactly what you describe, kabuki theater on the road to folding.
  9. Started up Hell on Wheels last night. Pilot was ok, will give it a few more episodes before I decide if I want to keep going for all 5 seasons. Might be something I leave on in the background as I finish up Zelda.
  10. You should really work on being more present. Everyone has things that they are postponing until the next best thing happens. You can continue that until the end of time if you so desire, but then you're letting life pass you by. You always have a choice to make an excuse, or make something happen. It's not just dating either, but life in general. Look for ways to take steps in all the things you want to change and gain confidence that you have enough control to move the needle in the right direction. That confidence will spill over into the rest of your life, which will include your dating life. I was in a terrible spot just a couple years ago. Broken hearted, fat, stressful job, floundering band.... life just wasn't great. Started dating a girl who got me into yoga and started being more present in everything I did and it changed my life. You got this and you've got a lot of support, so stay strong and figure out where you want to make changes and just go for it.
  11. Finished The Dread Wyrm audiobook last night and really enjoyed it. Thought it was the strongest of the three so far. Will continue with book 4 this week. Also almost done with The Fools Assassin and now that I have about 100 pages left I really like how the title fits it. I might take a short break after this one to read a non-fiction exercise book I need for a training I'm doing; and also have Fahrenheit 451 to read before the movie comes out. After that I'll finish up Hobb's wonderful world of elderlings. At 16 books total, it will be the longest series I've ever finished.
  12. I haven't read those ones yet. I actually enjoyed Jorg's story for the most part and actually appreciated how ridiculous the trilogy is. There are just some thing you have to kind of roll your eyes at and continue on and not really think about it.
  13. Yeah, that's where I'm at. This is a 'we're behind you 100% to win us to the Super Bowl over the next 3 years' deal, at which point we can decide if it isn't working out as a worst case, or we can talk about what's more important; money or a dynastic legacy if things work out better than expected.
  14. If you didn't like PoT, I doubt you're going to like the rest of the series. I think he really screwed himself on the age setting in PoT, where it just didn't make a whole lot of sense. That problem pretty much disappears as he ages, but there are other issues with the other ones that if you're bothered by the ridiculous nature of the first, you probably won't be able to get over the flaws in the other two IMO.