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  1. It won't matter. The showrunners love Cersei/Headey for some reason and are trying to keep her on the show for as long as possible. Another example: Why didn't Daenerys just attack KL that is incredibly close and will go all across Westeros to attack Casterly Rock? Because Cersei can't be defeated in just 1 episode!
  2. Because they were following the book story in season one and then halfway through decided not to anymore.
  3. It's funny because in the books it's Tyrion who says he wants to kill Jaime. But in the show he would never do that. He's too nice for that.
  4. I miss Jaime Lannister the most.
  5. I guess just the fact that the leaks are awful should have been confirmation enough. Winds of Winter can't come soon enough.
  6. Hello everyone, haven't posted here in a while. Can someone tell me what the consensus is on these leaks? How likely is it that they are actually true?
  7. The inclusion of LSH has nothing to do with her importance in the novel. They could have made LSH as important as they wanted on the show without resorting to book plotlines. Best example: Euron. In the books Euron is shaping up to be the greatest villain of the series, maybe only surpassed by the white walkers. If the leaks are true he will only amount to Cersei's sidekick in the show. There was no need to specifically introduce Euron just for this, yet they did it. Mind you, I am not advocating for a LSH inclusion. To me it's just one less character the showrunners have gotten their hands onto. I just think that the argument that the showrunners always perfectly know which book characters are important is absurd. Speaking of which, when the Greyjoy brothers weren't introduced in season 5 a lot of people were saying that they obviously won't be important to the plot. But then Euron got into season 6, and people were like ''Oh, Euron will be important in the books I guess''. Even though it's turning out that they will play completely different roles in show and book. The showrunners don't always know best.
  8. I'm kinda late to this, so maybe someone has already said this, but IMO this is one of those events where the books and the show won't really diverge. In the books Daario's whole purpose is to highlight Dany's wild personality, that she is desperately trying to supress. At the end of the fifth book she finally embraces it though, so Daario will no longer be needed. I actually think it will go down exactly the same as in the show. Dany will just tell him she can't have him by her side anymore in Westeros. Which will be kind of sad, since Daario always seemed to be the type to hurt women, but now Dany will hurt him. This will be just one of many events that will lead Dany down a darker path in TWoW.
  9. Why would Dany be above allying with usurpers? And this goes for books and show. She is literally coming to Westeros with a horde of raping pillagers and a kinslaying dwarf besides her. I think in Twow Dany will become a much darker character and some fans of her are just unwilling to accept it.
  10. It didn't make any sense whatsoever. First we have to remember that Sansa is the only reason the Vale army even supports LF. In season 4 there was this scene where they wanted to kill LF and Sansa had to save his ass. So immediately after LF went away with Sansa and news got out that she's married to the Boltons now, the Vale lords should have offed LF anyway. Basically Sansa gave LF control over the Vale, and yet he gave her away, which already made no sense at all. Nonsense nr. 1. Next, if we somehow accept that the Vale lords were OK with giving away Sansa to her enemies, the plan still didn't make any sense. IF you will remember, Stannis was still alive at that time and LF knew he was marching to WF. So why not wait for Stannis to end his campaign before doing anyting? What if Stannis defeats the Boltons and takes Sansa for hmself? GJ LF, you just threw everything away you worked so hard for. Gee, it's almost as if he knew that Stannis will lose. Maybe he has D&D working as his spies. But yeah, nonsense nr. 2. Nonsense nr. 3 follows when LF goes to visit Cersei. If LF wants Sansa for himself, then this made no sense, since allying with Cersei means Sansa has to die. One could say that he was just hedging his bets and that he doesn't care about Sansa at all, but this makes him look like an idiot again. Why risk so much when all it takes is a Bolton or Vale guy to inform Cersei that LF was the one who had Sansa and LF loses the Lannister alliance. Also the scene turned out to be completely pointless anyway, since the Lannisters just lost the Tyrells and LF will never have to debate between giving Sansa over or not. Oh and even if that were a possibility, why would the Vale Lords allow that? Again, a completely pointless and nonsensical scene. And lastly we have the Boltons themselves. The Boltons say they need Sansa in order to have a hold over the Northern Lords. Then Sansa escapes, so the Northern Lords should have no more qualms about uniting against the Boltons. Yet when the time comes to choose, every Lord chooses the Boltons anyway, making the whole marriage pointless in the first place. Nonsense nr. 4. There's probably more, but I think anyone should see that the whole Sansa/LF plot of the last two seasons didn't make any sense at all.
  11. I thought it was completely unbelievable too. First of all it seemed like the show was trying to establish that Dany has some sort of a temper issue, with her struggling to heed Barristan's council and burning a slaver randomly in the next episode. Then Tyrion arrives and basically tells her to hher face that he is measuring her to see if she's worthy of his council. So now we have a teenage queen with a temper getting told, by a dwarf who belongs to the family that killed her father, that she is being evaluated by him. And instead of flipping out she invites him to a private audience where they drink and have pretentious small-talk.
  12. Lol. That's actually so true.
  13. Preston Jacobs uploaded a new video about his meeting with GRRM. Apparently a guy there asked GRRM if LSH will appear on the show, and he said no. So yeah, no LSH. I admire your perserverance though. Here's the video: Skip to around 7:20.
  14. Sure. But there's a difference between just typing this or providing actual argumentation. If someone says ''I prefered the show version because x and y'', that's fine. But Jack Bauer just seems to go ''D&D won so many awards and the books didn't win any hugos'' or ''GRRM will never finish his books'', which are no arguments and it makes it seem as if he just wants to start a flamewar. Do you even think while posting? First of all, I have criticised the books plenty of times, but on the book forums. Secondly, half of his posts seem to not be about the show, but the books. Most of them idiotic statements like ''that's why GRRM didn't win any Hugos while D&D won a bunch of emmys'', ''D&D did a greatjob improving the boks and cutting out the fat'' or ''GRRM will never finish his books''. If he wants to talk about the books he is more than welcome to go to the book forum. And lastly, of course people criticise the show here. These are the show forums. What were you even trying to say?
  15. Honestly, might aswell ban Jack Bauer then. The only thing he seems to be doing is posting ''hehe show did x so much better than books and books will never be finished'' in the show forums.