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  1. That was awesome! Good job!
  2. Being raised in a rural county in Pennsylvania USA we were taught to walk facing traffic so the oncoming cars could see you and move over and cars on the other side wouldn't need to worry about at all. We were also taught to walk as close the edge as safely possible and not in the fucking middle! I generally step off the road when I see a car coming (if I can). Bikes are to go with traffic and defer to the larger vehicles (Although in the boonies that doesn't happen-they act they fucking own the road).
  4. I use my Kindle and mini iPad mostly to read. I have carpal tunnel in both hands so holding a real book can be painful after a few hours. I have cases/protectors that allow me to prop them up and I can read hands free; I couldn't use a book stand in bed or on the arm of the couch for a real book. All that being said, I miss real books. ETA:The kindle is easy to hide under paperwork at work if it's slow
  5. No, it started when they put their hands on him; which was WRONG WRONG WRONG. I've not read everything about the case but it's obvious he is an immigrant from Asia where most people have a healthy respect an extreme fear of the police/authority; any of us who grew up in a culture like that would be 'bleating' if they put their hands on us! Maybe he did do some shitty stuff but that shouldn't come into play with regards to this. Every sinner has a future and every angel has a past. Piss poor planning on your part (this case: United) does not constitute an emergency on mine.
  6. Thanks for the clarification. Unfortunately, I'm of no help because I have no power to fix it for you.
  7. Um, forgive me but how does it screw up your sleep? I have to be at work at the same time all year and therefore get up at the same time all year? The only difference for me is I can take my walk outside 3 days a week instead of on the treadmill.
  8. This is what the library here in Bucks County, PA does as well. I think they go through the donation box and keep what can be used in the library and sell the rest. I've a nasty habit of buying books from the sale, reading them then putting them back in the donation box for someone else. Most of the books I read have been passed around several people; there's one person I won't give a book to though, she'll read it then sell it on half or ebay instead of passing it along . Not sure how the library system works in the UK (OT-if Scotland leaves will you still be the UK?) but at least in the boonies pf PA it's on donations.
  9. While no one has said those words, the fact that many people in the thread have suggested that Dr Pepper put the exploding shit diaper in her car can lead some to the conclusion that that is what is meant. I was going to stay out of this but after reading the whole thing I just couldn't. Also, what larrytheimp said!
  10. So none of your moms/babysitters/aunts/grandmoms/general care takers watched soap it. Rey was left on Jakku without Luke's knowledge because Luke didn't even know she existed. He had a dalliance with some chick who had Rey without telling him. Chick hears about massacre decides to hide munchkin far away. Luke doesn't know she exists until her awakening. That solves that issue. Who's mom is another that I don't care about; I actually don't care who her dad is either but the main family is the Ewings Skywalkers so she must be one.
  11. And now the inevitable has happened:
  12. I have no doubt. People are fucked up!
  13. Ronald McDonald is now on a forced vacation:
  14. Coffee all over keyboard...thanks
  15. My school district has been on lock down all week because a neighboring district has a threatening clown. School was optional for that district yesterday because of some kind of threat. Supposedly there was an instagram post about he/she/it coming to our district soon. I'm not a parent so I'm not completely sure what the hell is going on at the school but one of the women I work with has a high schooler so she kinds keeps us posted.