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  1. I want to see none of Dunk's life, until after we see The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring.
  2. Yes. Because this is fiction. Fantasy fiction. With dragons.
  3. I don't think he's completely dull; it's his story that's boring and it's boring mainly because he's stuck in tedious Essos. Think how interesting it would have been if we had seen him in Dorne juxtaposed with Doran and Arianne. Or had him sent to King's Landing to Joffrey's wedding with Uncle Oberyn. I'd love to see him in Tyrion's POV, or Cersei's, or even Sansa's.
  4. I don't think any of the characters are dull. The thing I find an absolute bore is the entire continent of Essos and everything that has ever happened or will happen there in the future.
  5. Here's what I have to say about your understanding of Sansa:
  6. @Good Guy Garlan I very much agree with your points and would add that another drawback in my opinion is that GRRM spends way too much time and effort detailing ad nauseum the physical imperfections of female characters. Like, do we really need that many jokes about Selyse's mustache, or reminders of Lollys Stokeworth's bovine expression? Seriously, we can grasp the point faster than that.
  7. I'm not seeing how the discussion of the Citadel or Jaqen or Euron relates to Harry and Sansa. Perhaps this could be moved to a different topic?
  8. Hmmmmm, not necessarily. Somebody "musing on a different method of government for Westeros" is not the sole way that government systems change. It's been 300 years since the last shift in the ruling structure in Westeros, to be sure, but it was definitely a major shift. It's likely that nobody in Westeros, with the exception of Aegon The Conquerer himself, had spent any time musing on a different method of government up until that moment. Yet a very different method is exactly what they got. It's certainly possible that a changed form of government in Westeros could emerge by necessity out of the ashes of the war for the dawn*. In that case, it wouldn't really require somebody to dream up a whole new system, figure out its rules, etc. and attempt to apply it; people would have to just get on with doing what needs to be done, which very plausibly could be doing things very differently than they did before. It happened before. It could happen again. *That is what I really wish will happen. I just don't see the point of ending a long saga with the government/ruling system almost exactly as it was at the beginning of the saga. Otherwise, what was the point of it all?
  9. Not so. GRRM has said that all the Stark kids are wargs. Sansa's power is latent, due to the loss of her direwolf. But it exists.
  10. Well, time and more books will tell. But I think it's not an accident that the Vale lords were champing at the bit to get involved in the War of 5 Kings, on the side of Robb Stark against the Lannisters. There's definite set-up for the lords to care nothing about Cersei and her "justice" and might prefer to protect Sansa against her as the nearest relative left to the Young Wolf. I disagree that Sansa can be considered a kinslayer in her aunt's death, technically or otherwise. She didn't cause it in any way; "kinslaying" =/= "being in the vicinity of the murder of kin". Especially since Sansa was only acting in self-defense all along anyway. She's complicit in lying about Baelish's role and blaming it on Marillion. Easiest thing in the world to blame Baelish for that lie: "He forced me! I had no choice or he would turn me over to Cersei!", something the Vale lords might have little-to-no difficulty accepting.
  11. There are two reasons that make sense to me for LF's scheming to marry Sansa to Harry. The first is that winter is coming. Sansa was pretty isolated up at the Eyrie, with no way to escape (because it's so difficult to get down from there) and nobody to cultivate who has any kind of power who help her. She was so isolated, in fact, that Littlefinger felt confident enough to leave her alone there for periods of time. But with winter arriving, everyone needs to be brought down into the valley and there Sansa will have lots of contact with other people: the nobility and lords of the Vale, who congregate in the castles lower down. This leads to the second reason why LF is dangling Harry in front of Sansa. Due to Sansa having a lot more people around her, LF strongly needs her to remain loyal to and dependent upon him. He can't have her cultivate relationships with other lords who might figure out (or be told by her) who she really is, who she could then turn to for help in any way. So he's trying to bind her more closely to him, by promising her what he thinks she wants: a handsome lord and her birthright, provided she sticks with him and his plans, that is. It's only so she might be less tempted to extricate herself from him, not because he is sincere in wanting her and Harry to marry.
  12. Actually, not just Sansa and not just "people like that" we know - that's basically all of us. We all want to be attracted to the person we are going to intimate with.
  13. Not necessarily. I highly doubt that Littlefinger and the Tyrells were completely honest with each other about all of their plans. It's entirely believable that the Tyrells schemed among themselves to get their paws on Sansa and kept that little tidbit to themselves (why would they confide such a thing in LF of all people?). Likewise, Littlefinger had every reason of his own to get Sansa entangled in the murder plot - to have leverage over her once he had stolen her away - but he had absolutely nothing to gain (and everything to lose) by allowing the Tyrells to know this. Littlefinger always planned for Sansa to be made an (unwitting) accomplice in the murder. However, it makes sense to me that the possibility to have Sansa blamed for murder was dreamed up by the Tyrells later, after she had been snatched away from them by her marriage to Tyrion; a bit of payback from the Tyrells to the Lannisters if it had worked out that way.
  14. She's already left the Eyrie - and with her life to boot. The Eyrie has been closed up for the winter.
  15. Disagreeing with an argument =/= "refusing to hear any argument". People can "hear" and understand these alternative explanations and still disagree with them.