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  1. I have been a bit busy, but: If the source is the same... there must be coincidences? If you blow the fire horn, you get to control the fire elementals, with a little sacrifice, waking the dragons from stone. If you blow the ice horn, no sacrifice required so far, you get to wake up the giants from earth and therefore... control the ice elementals?
  2. Westeros is huge. Any travel is unbelievable long.
  3. Stark, because I believe the Starks grow in power as individuals, so there will be a comeback. Favorite character is Bloodraven.
  4. Westeros was never meant to be united (under feudalism, that is). Simply as that.
  5. No, Westeros world is not like ours. They had thousands of years to specialize in the way their live. It is just a foreign world. Dragons shouldn't be able to breathe fire, not the dead rise. It is part of the fantasy.
  6. I don't remember Mother Teresa burning Indian cities and forcing people to starve and die out of plague outside her fortresses.
  7. Valyrian steel is invaluable. It is not even honor, it is just how it is.
  8. The Dornish, with Arianne. Mostly because it tries to tell a lot, but tells so little. In the end, it looks like Doran is stupid, don't share his plans with his family and is simply waiting for his foes to die. What makes it worse is that he is badly diseased, so if he dies unexpectedly, all his supposed plans die with him. After Jon, mostly because I find the character unpleasant.
  9. Uh, the show? Maybe the show is considerable different from the book. Or maybe it means Bran lost his innocence, and will take it back by ice and death, then make the world peaceful.
  10. I am pretty sure by all promotional content, stills from the setting Jon Snow being resurrected or still alive is all but pressed on our faces. In any case, I am feeling inclined to finally start to watch the show. This time seriously. I wonder all the Jon Snow obsession must come from the show. Can anyone tell me if he is actually an interesting character there or just insufferable melancholic?
  11. Since no one is suggesting anything, lets spitball. Another one about my favorite character, Mr. Rivers. So, Bran chapters are heavily hinted to contain cannibalism. What if Bran is eating Bloodraven? What if it is a tribal ritualistic way to pass down the full potential of a greenseer? Maybe the weirwood paste is actually weirwood pasteā€¦ from the weirwood Bloodraven came to be. Maybe the wolf got its wings by consuming the dragon.
  12. The numbers may not be really accurate. But a civilization that draws a lot slaves to explore mineral wealth and somehow has an economy is also weird.
  13. Robb is dead. And it just shows how Ned was idealisticZ
  14. He grew out of the fear.
  15. Yes, but it was simplified for the sake of a best flowing in narrative. Pretty much all of Westeros is just First Man who adopted Andal culture.