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  1. He's definitely entertaining but I feel like they've missed a trick by ignoring all the creepy / spiritual / borderline insane stuff from the books.
  2. Marina Hyde's brilliant. She's been on top form since the referendum.
  3. Why would you want to visit the forum when you could be reading the book?
  4. Theresa May is still favourite. All things considered that would probably be the least bad option, bearing in mind she's just abandoned her pledge to withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights. Although Gove has the backing of the Sun and the Mail which might help his campaign (but how many Tory members actually read either of those papers)?
  5. Apparently Owen Smith is considering standing for the Labour leadership. Seems like a decent bloke and would probably have a better chance of beating Corbyn than Angela Eagle because he's not tarred by the Iraq vote.
  6. I'm simultaneously delighted for Iceland and thoroughly pised off with England. That's by far the worst I've ever seen them play. They seemed to mentally collapse in the second half, particularly Rooney, Kane and Alli. That's twice in a week now we've been the laughing stock of the world. Oh well, can't wait for the Iceland v Wales final (there's a whaling joke in there somewhere).
  7. I'd quite like Corbyn to go but it's ridiculous to blame him for the referendum result. The problem wasn't that he wasn't campaigning hard enough, it was that the Labour Party had nothing to say on immigration. The exact same thing would have happened with a different leader. Completely disingenuous from the PLP.
  8. Well this is depressing. You're only supposed to have this feeling once every five years. Bad things ahead. No doubt withdrawing from the European Convention on Human Rights will be next on the agenda. Lots of Labour MPs turning on Corbyn for his lacklustre campaigning. Because telling more people that he was pro-immigration would really have helped them win it. This was New Labour's failure more than his. I'm not too worried about Scottish independence. The SNP don't have a majority, the oil prices have plummeted and I'm not sure the Scots can be bothered with another referendum.
  9. Ha! No that's not me.
  10. Yeah I live in Newcastle and I've had the exact same experience in some of the poorer areas. It does my head in.
  11. Well this is a bit worrying. Could easily be counteracted though by a few bigger than expected Remain votes down South. There's something depressing about the North East (one of the areas with the lowest levels of immigration) being so Eurosceptic.
  12. Potentially a cracking set of quarter finals. Poland v Croatia Wales v Belgium Germany v Spain France v England
  13. Fucking mental! Best game of the tournament. Unfortunately that means the mighty Iceland are now playing the mighty England. I might have to ditch Gylfi and the boys and go back to my real team.
  14. The Guardian have come out unequivocally in favour of Remain. They might criticise the EU, but most Remainers have problems with the EU. It's just better than the alternative.
  15. I don't think there'll be any upsets today. Wins for Italy, Belgium, Portugal and Austria.
  16. I said France before the tournament and I'll stick with them. They haven't been brilliant but they've got matchwinners in the team. Of course with the draw unexpectedly opening up there's a big chance of a surprise winner. One of the following teams will definitely reach the final: Croatia, Belgium, Wales, Portugal, Switzerland, Poland, Austria, Iceland, Hungary, Wales, Turkey, Ireland and Sweden.
  17. So Croatia have rested a load of players tonight. Might not bother watching that match now. Here's the team by the way: Subasic, Srna, Corluka, Jedvaj, Vrsaljko, Rog, Badelj, Perisic, Rakitic, Pjaca, Nikola Kalinic.
  18. So Northern Ireland could go through tonight. A draw between Czech Republic and Turkey and they're through. Turkey win by less than four goals and they're through.
  19. Oh England, why do you do it to us? Our crossing was abysmal today and we didn't create many clear cut chances. Definitely a mistake to rest Rooney who's been brilliant so far. Even when he came on he was playing his traditional England role (surging from deep to little effect) instead of sitting back and controlling the midfield. Oh well. Chances are we'll avoid Portugal in the next round but we've only got ourselves to blame when we lose to France in the quarters. Delighted for Wales and in particular Sam Vokes (Burnley legend).
  20. Bertrand and Clyne are as good as Rose and Walker anyway, and swapping Wilshere for a tired Alli makes sense. Rooney for Henderson is the only strange one. I still think we'll win comfortably. We'd need to lose to Slovakia to finish third which just isn't going to happen.
  21. No. Apparently the line-up will be Hart, Clyne, Smalling, Cahill, Bertrand, Dier, Henderson, Wilshire, Lallana, Vardy, Sturridge.
  22. England v Slovakia should be a comfortable win for England. With Sturridge and Vardy up front we basically need to keep it simple and get the ball up to them quickly. I know we're resting players but Clyne, Bertrand and Wilshere are more than adequate replacements, and Henderson's a decent all-round player. 2-0 England. Wales v Russia could be a tricky one for the Welsh. Everyone's expecting them to win which is not a position they're used to being in, and the Russians could be tough to break down (like they were against England). 1-1.
  23. Are you sure? The commentators would normally mention it.
  24. 1-0 to Albania. They had the miss of the tournament so far (it was unbelievable) but since then they've played some nice stuff and dominated the game. Romania have been shocking. Might switch to the France game now.
  25. I'm not sure which match to watch tonight. Both the French and Swiss will be happy with a draw, and France are apparently planning to rest Giroud and a few others, so it might end up being quite a boring game. On the other hand Romania and Albania need the win, but neither are the most exciting teams. As for Group B, I expect a comfortable win for England and a nervy draw for Wales.