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  1. Official Testing Thread

  2. The End of Summer, Winter is coming.

    Agreed. But don't forget Nymeria! Leading a pack of hundreds of wolves? That's something.
  3. The End of Summer, Winter is coming.

    That's my point, if it's just as difficult now as it has been then there is no reason not to do it. I still believe that, yes, direwolves are smart and they are big. But as it says on the wiki: 'The interaction between the skinchanger's and animal's mind will influence both personalities.' And I don't believe Bran to be the hasty one to rush into a fight he would loose. And you say that your dogs would protect you, even in the situation where you wheren't there? Because Bran had already left with Hodor when Summer made his stand. If you/Bran flee, why would your dog/Summer stay? I see your point but I still believe that it was an irrational move by D&D.
  4. The End of Summer, Winter is coming.

    They have already been doing it for quite some time so it can't be any harder for them now than before. And I don't know if you've ever had a dog but one loner would never in its right mind attack a flock of other beasts.
  5. The End of Summer, Winter is coming.

    I assume that the idea of having Summer stand fast was to buy Bran, Meera, Hodor and Leaf time to escape. But what the f**** good does it do for a direwolf to stagedive into a flock of World War Z super zombies?!? He/she (can't remember what gender?) didn't even stand a chance, we all knew that! And what, Summer took down one wight before getting torn apart? That's like having Barristan the Bold die in an ally! Scr** y** D&D!!
  6. The Manderlys?

    It depends to be seen! If they even are to join the series which IMO is: Not likely ---------------------------x------------------------------------------------ Very likely
  7. The Manderlys?

    - Smaller houses and the Manderlys: I do not really believe that smaller houses would be greedy to rise against Umber/Bolton/Karstark for lands or titles. That is not how D&D have depicted them or the books IMO. And the strategy that Jon and Sansa should gather smaller houses first, nah. What if the Boltons approach Manderly's first and make their threats, then they have to join in (Frey pies coming?). But as Sansa said about the Karstarks (what an idiot thing to say) the Manderlys haven't had another alternative to the Boltons yet. If the CB crew doesn't go for them first off they might have a tougher time helping out the Starks (notice the plural). And on the note of House Manderly's appearence... Nah, I don't believe that just because D&D mention them that they have to appear. Could be just a shout out to fans of the books, wouldn't surprise me. - Blackfish and Knight's of the Vale I see no other reason for Jaime to go to Riverrun other than to rid himself (the Crown) of an enemy while LF takes care of them up north (as he has promised). And as seen in the trailer, Brienne and Pod are standing in front of the Tully banners. What other reason for that if not being inside of Riverrun with the Blackfish. The Knight's of the Vale though, I believe they will help out no matter what in the Battle of the Snows. No matter if his feelings towards Sansa, the promise to Cersei or the fact that he already got the army up to the north and Robin behind him. He has to go. I foreshadow that Blackfish won't make it, being caught up with Jaime (read the synopsis for Ep. 7) and that while the battle goes Ramsey's way the Knight's of the Vale comes to the rescue a la Tywin by the Blackwater.
  8. (Spoilers) Where the hell is (BLANK) going?

    I would say that they're just fleeing for their lives as of now but DAMN that was a lot ships! Despite that all (the few) that attended the Kingsmoot cheered for Euron they somehow forgets that in the spann of some minutes and goes with Yara instead.
  9. [Spoilers] EP605

    If D&D makes Hodor AND Summer come back with blue eyes... I don't know how I could emotionally survive that but of course they will! Those bastards love to torture us poor viewers...
  10. Looking for a good quote

    That is an awesome speech. It might be the: "even a man who have survived a hundred fights can breake in his hundred-and-first". Hard to tell, thanks though! I would say it was a smart quote, something worthy of a tattoo. And it feels like it's probably from the Kraken's chapters or Brienne's. That would limit the number of possibilities. So any smart quote from around the Kingsmoot or Brienne on her travels around Maidenpool would be appreciated.
  11. Looking for a good quote

    Hey guys, I was reading the audio book during a road trip last week and heard an awesome quote from a character in the books. I thought to myself that it might be one of my favourites. But when I tried to recall this quote this week I drew a blank, nothing came to mind! So therefore I need your help if possible. I'm a bit to lazy for re-reading the chapters again. I know that it was from the beginning of the book. Maybe either of these chapters or the chapters inbetween: The Iron Captain (ch. 18) -- The Reaver (ch. 29) Not easy but just blurt out awesome quotes that you know from the beginning of the book! You have my blessing, may you always rise again, harder and stronger!!
  12. [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    I've read some that didn't like the choice of end scene, I myself thought it the best one out of them all. Not sure if I can say "the least anticipated" (for Unsullied) but anyways. BUT! Wouldn't it have been more awesome to, after Jon's "death", pan over the wall to see/travel north and see a mighty host of wights and in front of them, A SMILING NIGHT'S KING?!?! :drool:
  13. [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    But you did get to enjoy the incredible, the fabulous, the extraordinary...Ray Hudson!!!
  14. Official Testing Thread

    A question: Didn't know where to appropriately post this but why do some threads become locked?
  15. A Compendium of Theories v.2

    That is something of a start! Would be cool to get a closer look to all of the material. After-exam-plans in the making!