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  1. First: 8. Prophetic royal or promised hero?...enjoy fucking Ygritte. Second: Pretenders rise, Others prosper. Heroes enshrouded, victory yonder. Third: Parry Robb, o' parry Hoat, eschew queen's yearning! Fourth: @sansa_shmansa Prince’s rotten, old Petyr’s hypocritical. Escape! Save yourself!
  2. Hm, I actually thought fishtails was pretty clearly pointing to Manderly due to their sigil (even though I also checked like every other house with a fishtailed creatre on their coat-of-arms), my problem was the woman cook or rather the grammar of the clue. Fishtailes was one person for me, the subject of the clue, the woman cook another person that was harboured by Fishtailes. And I just couldn't figure out which woman had been harboured by any specific Manderly. In the end I kind of ignored the woman cook part, learned that Wylis was not the answer thanks to the prelims and guessed Wyman, since being lord he probably was an oldest child... Wynafryd, living in her grandfathers castle just didn't seem in the positon to be actively harbouring anyone yet.... Nope, I didn't know that iron meaned ironborn. It was my fist guess, but after Alebelly was not the answer to the clue (ok, ironborn only overran his corner as in his corner to watch, not his corners but yeah), I figured that iron might also refer to Stannis and guessed Cortnay Penrose. As castellan of Storm's End it's corners were his duty and Stannis(' shadow) overran (ok, underran) them and killed him. And Cortnay and corner both start with "cor". Um. Well, I had fever last week, don't expect clear thinking from me
  3. At least I understood the part about the extension till Monday.
  4. So, the Acro-Demon is the good cop, and you're the bad one, did I get this right?
  5. First: 1. Overland always wonderful. #LoveTraveling Second: 6. Outdoors. Adventure. Warfare. #lovingthis Third: 7. OMW ASAP. WF? LMFAO @Tyrionnical Fourth: 4. Offering “astronomical” wages? LMAO @Tyrion
  6. It was very rainy and pretty cold till Thursday in Saxony, but on Friday the sn came ot again and with it the temperatures rose. Early afternoon today I was feeling fine outside with just a T-shirt (and I tend to be cold easily).
  7. First: @mini_valonqar...FTF ASAP...KL! #hesmine – LCKG Second: My vexing family always keeps homelife most libertine. Third: Mockery! "Villainous" fornication AND kingslaying? Hahahahaha! #MimicryLancel Fourth: My valiant F*ckerAroused @Kettleblack, @Hound, @Moony, @ Lancel!!?
  8. It's about a month old, I think.
  9. I had more obscure characters before. Rhaena gave me Hammer before she disappeared... edit: apple
  10. Given that you don't point it out if you realize that a clue fits several characters, and thus it is more likely that a clue fits several characters equally well, I like the easy version, i.e. being told which one's are correct, better, I think. Otherwise it might simply not occur to one, that an answer is not the intended one, because the clue fits perfectly. (Like "Cripple's proxy has links". It never occured to me to consider if it could fit any other character, because it fitted Oberyn so well. The intended answer was Luwin, though.)
  11. First: 3. STARK'S DEAD?! STFU @_catlover_LXIX! Really need Lady #(f)Arya #YOLO #wedding Second: 4. @_catlover_LXIX Sweetie, drop silly, ridiculous nicknames! #LysaForYourWife Third: 7. Secret Daughter Studying Ruses Nimbly. LORD FATHER you'll watch! Fourth: 9. Scamming daddy? #StarkRedemption Needle lashes for you, weasel! Funniest handle: 8. Patchface @Fool4You Most unexpected character: 5. Ser Aliser Thorne @PrickofAThorne
  12. Except for one week we had a warm and pleasant September, but October is cold so far.
  13. Yes, get better soon! Anyway, I'm torn... More letters are certainly good for creating a distinct clue, on the other hand it is nice not to be stck with one set of letters... Ah, well, I'm voting for long acro.
  14. True. And then you get some ideas how to improve the hosting, but when you try them, you find that they make things better for some people , but worse for others... optimal hosting mode is hard to find. That said, I greatly enjoy DC's game, and I enjoyed yours, too, even though I was so lazy.
  15. How many letters does a short acronym have? And how many does a long one have?