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  1. Exercise and Fitness - high intensity interval posting

    4 days into the challenge...I think I've gotten used to a lower volume by spreading it out over the day. Eating 6 times a day and it's starting to feel ok. Hasn't impacted performance so far - just hit a 5x deadlift at 405. Snatches still suck. Form has been getting better but still feel awkward.
  2. Mazel tov Inigima!

    congratulations Ini! Here's to many many many years of health, happiness and lots of love!
  3. NBA 2016 Playoffs Edition: Farewell, Kobe!

    Part of it I think was also that if he scored 67 in the final game his career average would end at 25.0 - as it was he finished at 24.9947. As with all Celtics fans, I'm bred to hate all things Laker, but respect them if they deserve it. His talent deserved it.
  4. Exercise and Fitness - high intensity interval posting

    starting off a nutrition challenge at the gym - going SAG free with targets for the macros for the next 6 weeks. Need to burn off some of the winter coat and hoping this will also help with some mobility issues I've well as get a little closer to seeing abs.
  5. Top 10 Favorite Movies

    So I'm stranded on a remote island with only coconuts to power the TV and DVD? OK.... Blazing Saddles Highlander Transformers: The Movie LOTR (I'm on an island by myself, give me a break) Godfather (same as above) Hunt for Red October Captain America Avengers Shawshank Bull Durham And like so many others, ask me in a week and it will be a little different.
  6. College Basketball: 2016 NCAA Tournament - Rock Chalk!

    Once again I got to see nothing of the games...but after seeing scrolls through of the scores.... None of the upsets really crushed my bracket - MSU obviously was a big one, but I only had them going one more game against Utah. Didn't make my MSU buddy happy, but considering what this year looked like I just about did my brackets with a coin flip for most.
  7. Harrison Ford to return as Dr. Jones...

    oh please, we let our waistlines go all the time. I won't hold Crystal Skull against the next movie until I see something about this one. If they do move it to the 60s it'll be something about the space race and a religious icon they believe is on the moon.
  8. College Basketball: 2016 NCAA Tournament - Rock Chalk!

    no, they needed to give Duke a break and get them the best chance to move up they could without being too obvious. Brackets are in....even with rampant homerism I don't think there's a repeat.
  9. Have fun embarassing the America East sacrifical lamb in rd 1 - that game could be the ugliest of the 1st found. Almost embarrassing Duke got a 4 seed with the way they played over the last few weeks.
  10. and they start hustling and get the lead back - schizophrenic hoops year.
  11. Cra-Cra-Craaaaaaazy Weather!

    Last night in W Mass I was outside in shorts at 1/4 of 9 at night and was completely comfortable - was still 51 degrees. 10 day forecast shows no weather cooler than 40 to finish out "winter".
  12. UK needs to remember to put a body on someone - getting creamed on the boards and just out hustled right now.
  13. Happy Birthday Connor MacLeod

    Well, really The Highlander - turns 30 today! And just like the Immortals, it hasn't aged any worse than Christopher Lambert did between the original and the sequel. (it's ok in this safe place to talk about the sequel, sometimes the biggest step is admitting there is a problem) One of my absolute favorite movies - action, comedy, some romance. While I do love watching this one I would love to see it rebooted now that they know the story is one that can carry forward - don't have to come up with some stupid bystory to make a series out of it or retcon how some were knocked out for several hundred years so the overpowering source of all power didn't know they were still around... David Bautista has signed on the play the Kurgan, no one yet for Connor but with all of the reboots and redos of the 80s movies that are happening (Christ, ROADHOUSE is being remade....and Rhonda Rousey is the new cooler)
  14. I'd have been really surprised if they had switched it so that Eretria was the seed. What I found funny was the thought after they had sex - did they just ruin the chance to save the tree? Though with how he was with his two companions - I don't think he would have believed Tree's a crowd. Bennett has been the highlight of this, but him having to be All Batman Voice All The Time got annoying as well.
  15. Exercise and Fitness - high intensity interval posting

    also, is it strength or mobility that is lacking? might find the strength is therebut the ability to leverage it is compromised by lack of flexibility.