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  1. College Basketball: Sweet and disappointing

    I'll be honest - when that happened my outlook for that tourney changed dramatically. Duke would not have been run off the court, but I would not have them favored in any way and would not have been surprised by a double digit loss. What it would do to Coach K's legacy? I think the only thing it would have done is put an asterisk on his name that he couldn't adjust to the short term college career players - still an all time coach, but just isn't able to get the factory like production that the UK's, etc get. (that's what I think would be said, not what I believe of UK, etc). The General went 20+ years without a title and that hasn't really impacted what his legacy was. Kicking chairs and strangling players.
  2. Exercise and Fitness: sticking to resolutions

    sigh. I got the same score as I did last year - killed my split times, but getting to the HSPU I just couldn't hit the standard. Not going to redo it - my hamstrings are still pianoable.
  3. College Basketball: Tournament Time

    It definitely is different for me living where I am, being a Duke fan. I don't have the lifelong investment of either going there or anything like that so if it was UNC and Syracuse (somehow) - I'd be rooting for UNC because I loathe Cuse.
  4. College Basketball: Tournament Time

    You'll note I couldn't even type the name....or initials...or even "lesser school from down the street"...
  5. College Basketball: Tournament Time

    It's funny cuz it's true. And sad. I knew Duke could lose any of the games, I really just didn't expect it til at least next round. Now, do I root for ACC or support all my Kentucky friends.
  6. College Basketball: Tournament Time

    going on against the refs is one thing, don't cost the game though - NW coaches need to control themselves whether they are right or not.
  7. College Basketball: Tournament Time

    Northwestern has come back to life - this has turned into a great game!
  8. College Basketball: Tournament Time

    I feel like the President at the end of The Fifth Element. "I have a doubt." I am honestly concerned that Duke is going to come out flat like they did a few years ago - they played up to win the ACC, their legs should be fresh but will their brains be in it. Even CBS is sort of saying it is a watchout. One thing I hadn't seen - there has been an 11-6 upset each year for the last 13 years, even more consistent than the 12-5.
  9. What happened to Saturday Morning Cartoons

    Saturday mornings were awesome, and really early on Discovery Family they still are! Transformers and GI Joe still showing at 5am! Bugs Bunny and all the others listed above were a ritual we went through every Saturday morning. I was also always disappointed every Sunday morning when only Davey and Goliath were on...friggin miserable. The Krofft shows were also fun to watch - The Land of the Lost, Electra Woman & Dyna Girl (mmmm...Deidre Hall...), Wonderbug, The Krofft Super Show... The best show of all time - Saved by the Bell - was a Saturday morning staple.
  10. The Ethics of Halloween Costumes

    you could do the same but make it more of a puzzle - dress up as a 2 cycle wwII tank with a beard and see if anyone gets the reference.
  11. Exercise and Fitness: sticking to resolutions

    deadlifts, wallballs, rowing and hand stand push ups on the menu for today. Last year I got 11 HSPU before the time cap, this year I am hoping to get into the 30s
  12. Watcha Watching? Tell me everything.

    Due to time I've only seen the first half of it...I let movies wash over me for the most part, but I'm a little scared about the 2nd half. Watched The Night Manager with Tom Hiddleston - really enjoyed it. Interesting antihero portrayal
  13. College Basketball: Tournament Time

    Dude, I'm a Duke fan and I can't listen to him. There's no reason aside from being assessed penalty time and having to sit through a video or something.
  14. College Basketball: Tournament Time

    oi...tried to get cute with some of the picks for upsets and that really didn't work out as planned. Well, it'll still be a fun tourney to watch!
  15. College Basketball: Tournament Time

    I remember when the Illini were that way - but good. They were all 6'5-6'8" and could fly all over the place.