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  1. NBA 2017: The Kings of Comedy

    Since Magic was put in place I've been thinking about this. We're having an all time/HOF draft but not just for the playing years, also for their coaching/management/front office after they retire. So you're picking for the next, say, 10 years as a player and then their front office skills for maybe 20 or 30 years. Who ya gonna call? Does anyone compare to West? All time player, 2x exec of the year? 7 championships to his credit in the front office (with two teams)?
  2. NBA 2017: The Kings of Comedy

    Ignoring I want the C's to win, this is a perfect reason to not want the Cavaliers to go anywhere.
  3. College Basketball - Year of the Blue Bloods?

    yeah, I was just coming in to post about the same thing. My guess would be in the Geology, etc classes they do teach based on scientific data and mumbojumbo like that. However, you probably need to attend classes to learn the things real good like. It seems like the same story for Duke again - this team could be a title contender or they could lose in the first round. I like that they have been playing and winning close games, but some of these shouldn't be close games.
  4. College Basketball - Year of the Blue Bloods?

    Well, if anyone knows anything about cheering, it is UK. Annoyed that the DoL Fiduciary rule has taken up so much of my time, but it looks like I really haven't been missing anything with Duke. Tomorrow will be a really good barometer for what this team really is. Went from a title contender to a "yeah, they could get to the 16 with the right bracket" fast enough to give whiplash. Again on the other side of the court, UConn women closing in on 100 consecutive wins and just broke the road wins streak I believe.
  5. Not surprisingly, I'm going to say the same. A-Team would not hold up. Used to love The Fall Guy but that just wouldn't work today.
  6. RIP Richard Hatch - Galactica

    RIP Mr. Hatch - loved you as Apollo and loved to hate you as Zarek. As said above, I was surprised with the range he showed. Time for a rewatch.
  7. Exercise and Fitness: sticking to resolutions

    recovering from tweaking my back several weeks ago...finally feeling better, but my god have I been bored and frustrated without being able to do what I want to.
  8. College Basketball - Year of the Blue Bloods?

    The irony of Allen getting tripped on a fast break.
  9. Exercise and Fitness - Olympic spirit!

    Dude, I'm 45 - screw getting old. My goals for this year are BS 400+ and DL 500+. Unfortunately wrenched my back the wrong way and am on the bench for a few days, but if nothing else we need rest days now and then.
  10. Double Parking

    See, someone parking like that I don't mind if someone with an extended bed parks out of the way and takes up two spaces length wise. It's that jackwagons that decide they need 4 spots and park over the lines like they are trying to center their vehicle on it. That's part of the problem though - I don't think people necessarily do it because they are douches, but when it snows people want more space around their vehicle so instead of there being 2 feet between cars, there's 5 or 8 and all of a sudden we have the gap toothed grin parking lot.
  11. Charity

    OK, need new contacts. Read this as "the irritable @Xray the Enforcer"....which, ya know, might be valid but doesn't really fall into a charity conversation. as far as publicizing if you donated - I don't have a problem with it. For some things it's not about getting credit for doing something, but maybe for letting someone - or an organization - know that I individually support what you do and will put my name next to it. My FB feed has been filled since 11/8 with people listing different organizations and charities they have made donations - I think that's a great thing.
  12. College Basketball - Year of the Blue Bloods?

    Yeah, I'm really disappointed in them - recovering from a sore back takes longer than he was suspended for. Glad they played the way they did last night, but his ass shouldn't have even been on the bench for it.
  13. College Basketball - Year of the Blue Bloods?

    yeah, I'm wondering if this is more like a hernia surgery or something. Not sure why they would cover up one for another but with Allen not playing and K not on the sidelines, this will be a far tougher stretch than expected. Unless it is a "screw it, we're getting into the tournament with everyone healthy" and are just waiting for all the freshman to be back and Allen to undouchebag himself.
  14. College Basketball - Year of the Blue Bloods?

    Laettner is sitting somewhere right now thinking, "motherfucker, I'm being out hated." He deserves it - unfortunately he will be "recovered" by, latest, middle of February. Now, I hope he does get actual help and it can get him to have more impulse control. But until he can go (and I'm making this up just as an example) 40 minutes of someone bumping, banging, pulling and taking him out of his game without even blinking an eye then he stays off the competitive court.
  15. Carrie Fisher has passed away

    RIP Princess, though I will always also remember you fondly from When Harry Met Sally. Way too young...60 is just too young.