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  1. Exercise and Fitness - Olympic spirit!

    hit a PR on the clean at 265lns and almost had a C&J pr at 255, got too excited and pushed forward instead of...well...doing it right. Get that one soon. Snatch is still lagging, but getting better. Feeling a lot more comfortable getting the bar up and punching up. Pretty excited for my coach - he is going to the University World Championships in a few weeks competing in the 105+ division. He swept the US competition and should have a shot at a medal, which would be amazing!
  2. How much money do you reserve for emergency expenses?

    If you're cashing out part of the pension are you going to be penalized for early withdrawal? If you don't have one of the exceptions, might be more expense to fund the rainy day fund than it is worth.
  3. College football 2016 - aSECendency

    Derwin James looks like he is going to be out at least until FSU's matchup with Clemson, if not longer. Should give plenty of time for others to step up, but not a great game to be his first back. Looks like he will have a full recovery, so long term things look good for him.
  4. Exercise and Fitness - Olympic spirit!

    Been taking a an Olympic lifting class 3x a week, finally hit a clean and jerk PR at 240lbs. Snatch still is horrendous, but being able to have the focus each week has helped a lot to figure out what the problems have been.
  5. The Workplace as Highschool; or We Never Grow Up

    We are dead center in high school here - and it is recognized by the management as well and not discouraged. There is the fraternity ( a group of about 10 guys) that basically drive what is acceptable in the department of ~100. They are not managers - they are the front line. Just with some of the things that I know they have done - none that actually go against company policy - it is vile. People picking on each other, them refusing to do what the managers ask and require of them, it is laughable how much the "inmates run the asylum" applies.
  6. Are Selfie Sticks inherently narcissistic?

    So we can ask other people to take a picture of us, but don't dare talk to us when we are reading a book they also know about? As has been said many places on this board, some people don't want to or aren't comfortable with approaching other people. The selfie stick is fine - I was never a big picture taker, but since my son was born I've found I enjoy pictures more. Gives me so many more opportunities to share what he is doing with is grandparents, etc. I look at the selfie stick like I look at a cane - don't hit me with it, do whatever else the hell you want.
  7. Gene Wilder Dead at 83

    RIP Mr. Wilder, the number and hours of laughter you provided is immeasurable. The time I spent watching Blazing Saddles with my brother, father and cousin are some of my best memories ever. "Are we awake?" "We're not sure. Are" "Yes, we are." "Then we're awake....but we're very puzzled."
  8. What's annoying you today? Part the grievous

    Today was supposed to be the day my house was getting everything moved out to go into the new house. Because the attorney for the buyer didn't do the paperwork before they went on vacation we had to move our closing....
  9. It's watchable like watching a car crash. You really don't want to see it, you want to make sure everyone is you have to keep your eyes on it but hate yourself a little bit for it.
  10. Unfortunately...I think this IS our nice things.
  11. Exercise and Fitness - high intensity interval posting

    DU are a pain. literally...when I was trying to get them I looked like I had just walked out of Helga's House of Pain. One of the things that helped was doing them without shoes - not just because I didn't want to hit my feet but I also felt I got more consistent jumps. They really finally clicked in a workout when I didn't have time to think about them but just had to go. They still come and go to some extent but instead of failing on 2s I'm atleast getting to teens before I trip.
  12. Exercise and Fitness - high intensity interval posting

    NIce! We had 20 wall balls, 30 double unders and 10 burpees AMRAP for 12 min. Prescription was 20lb wall ball and 30 DU, I tried it at 30lb wb and 50 DU. Was miserable, but a great workout. Got through 4+10 rounds. 30lb wall balls are no joke.
  13. New D&D movie(s) on the way

    Like the TransFormers, I will go to watch it but I'm not holding out hope that it is going to be any better than the first few that have been made. I agree that they should take one of the existing and modify it - there will always be backlash that it isn't perfect (see North of the Board) - but I think going with known characters and settings will have a better chance of succeeding. THe first had Jeremy Irons and Thora Birch and still was painful to sit through, so names don't impress me with this story.

    yes it does - I literally started a rewatch yesterday!
  15. Babylon 5: Always listen to Ivanova! Redux

    RIP Mr. Doyle....Garibaldi was a fantastic character in a great ensemble.