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  1. The only consolation is that their indiscretions are all on court.  I didn't see talk about Trey Lyles getting suspended when he punched the kid from Wisconsin, so I wouldn't see why Allen would be suspended here.  If I were in K's shoes I'd have played him and then run him until he puked the next day after practice.
  2. Got to catch the end of the MSU-Purdue game - great finish but a stupid foul gave Purdue the shots to win.  I'm not sure I'd have called a foul in the situation - going over the top of a screen instead of under - but there was contact. Duke did have a win over a real team, so maybe there is a pulse in Durham after all - though I'm not holding my breath for that.  
  3. Cutting the cord

    We've gone back and forth about it - getting rid of cable and just having phone/internet and using some of the Hulu/Netlfix services.  Unfortunately not all the shows my son likes to watch are on Amazon Prime but I think we're getting into a show change anyway, so we might make the cut soon.  For a few years we had done the cancel dance with HBO, but I think after this season for GoT we might do the cancel and no dance.
  4. You're going to have to be more specific - nothing about anyone in the top 35 makes any sense this year.  Though it does make for what should be an interesting March.
  5.   There are books with this name, sort of, and characters that have those names....but other than that they're not really following too closely.  The concept of the Ellcrys is still there, the demon army, Amberle and Will as names. The sword from the cellar?  Nope.  What happened with the sword?  Nope.   It's a train wreck but I will continue to watch it just to see how they do the armies, etc.
  6. Frantic end to the NC-UL game.  Thought that three for NC was going to go down - that would have made an interesting last 10 seconds.
  7. UNC is 0-6 at the FT line; I just can't fathom how a player isn't a minimum of 80% at this level.  Even the bigs.
  8. without being able to see it, I think you have our answer about your shoulder.  Give it some time to rest and heal and then go with bottom of the chest, elbows in to help reduce stresses on the shoulder. For your squat, where is the strain?  Is it in holding the bar in the back rack? As far as your weight loss, most likely there will be a leveling, but a lot will really depend on how much you are eating, how intensely your workouts and days are, etc.  If you are getting to the weight you want to be at it may be time to add some back into your diet so that you level off the decrease.
  9. Jeopardy!

    yeah, that one isn't too difficult - though I guess in front of the lights the tension would be a bit greater.   I've always loved watching the show, back in the 80s this and Wheel of Fortune were on back to back and loved them both. One of my friends has been on Jeopardy and loved it, course he's a game freak.  He's also been on Millionaire, Million Second Quiz (or something like that) and a few others.  
  10. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: To Kill a Mockingbird

    don't really disagree - thankfully though FitzSimmons do come into their own; Fitz in S2 was pretty much amazing.
  11. RIP Abe Vigoda

    He was born old - and I loved him for it! RIP Abe, you've earned the rest.
  12. Seriously - have the teacher/guidance counselor tell the kid "don't be a dipshit" and move on.  If the child does it again, the message gets harder - does it a third time and get some authority in place to handle whatever the situation deems.
  13. I'm in sales management now and while it is painful to see and experience, it is also a huge opportunity to help people really set themselves for their future and how they are going to get there.  Financial planning is a must
  14. RIP Glenn Frey

    I like the Eagles, but for me Glenn Frey will always be Miami Vice and his 80s music.  Another part of childhood gone. RIP Mr Frey.
  15. 19 losses by top 5 teams to unranked opponents this year.  Is there something going on where the top ranked teams this year actually have to play in the Her Sister of the Blessed Alley Oop tourney instead of the NCAA tournament and no one wants to do that?  The only unbeaten can't play in the post season....