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  1. Maybe karma or yin/yang is real - with all the bad shit going on in the world, the only thing that could possibly offset it is Maverick and Goos...well, Iceman returning for a 2nd flight! Cruise and Bruckheimer have confirmed that it is happening so we will see what Mav has been up to for the last 30 years!
  2. Yeah - we finished that one a bit ago, I was really entertained by the whole run. We used to play WoW, so when I saw Warcraft was on I decided to give it a watch. It was fun to see the live action versions of places in the game and some of the in game references/easter eggs but unlike some parts of the game it did not leave me wanting more or to wait for the reset and run it again.
  3. Well, wasn't in a row - watched it one night then the next night since my wife wanted to see it and I wanted to watch her reaction to Harley. Yeah, not excited for a second movie if this does become a franchise.
  4. I just watched Suicide Squad twice. I was entertained by it but definitely my least favorite portrayal of Joker I've seen. He covered crazy well, but he didn't have the charisma that I associate with him. Fun movie, just not something I need to have on DVD or take any time to see later on.
  5. yeah, this was an invested decision on his part - gets the time playing with an elite team, gets some exposure and now can dip the toe in to the lake to see what the appetite will be for him. I agree with you - this might be his best chance to get to one of the teams who is competing for the title or atleast deep into the playoffs.
  6. Watson never spit in the cup after missing a putt.
  7. For the rope climbs, as quickly as possible get the legs involved. I still hold on to the rope in a death grip - kills my forearms. Had Fran yesterday (21/15/9 of thrusters & pull ups), took almost 1:20 off of my time. Went from 5:12 to 3:54. Definitely need to learn how to do butterfly pullups still.
  8. Sergio is my favorite player to watch lose. I don't think there are any other players I actually actively dislike - just him. Feel really badly for DJ - hopefully this doesn't linger and he can recover. He's in ridiculous shape, so he should be fine.
  9. God I wish people would stop giving him the time of day...WEEI had him on for an interview last week and it was just a train wreck - Lonzo can beat anyone 1-1, humble bragging that he doesn't need to be the coach anywhere but everyone knows where the plans come from. I'm torn - I'd hate to see his kid not succeed because his dad is a les sac du douche, but man would I also love to see him go down in flames at the next level. I could very easily see the NBA elite treating this kid like Jordan and Pippen did Kukoc in the Olympics just to help him learn.
  10. Same...I figure if my team had to lose, might as well watch the team they lost to win. Loved hearing Steven A say that because Cal has had so many first rounders and one and dones that he should have more championships (and I do get his argument) and not understanding at the same time, other schools and coaches are doing the same thing. Like earlier in the thread, one bad game for UK and a great game for someone else, that championship run is done - regardless of how strong they were through the year.
  11. No touch, ball game. What a game this has been.
  12. Wow, two huge shots back to back
  13. I'll be honest - when that happened my outlook for that tourney changed dramatically. Duke would not have been run off the court, but I would not have them favored in any way and would not have been surprised by a double digit loss. What it would do to Coach K's legacy? I think the only thing it would have done is put an asterisk on his name that he couldn't adjust to the short term college career players - still an all time coach, but just isn't able to get the factory like production that the UK's, etc get. (that's what I think would be said, not what I believe of UK, etc). The General went 20+ years without a title and that hasn't really impacted what his legacy was. Kicking chairs and strangling players.
  14. sigh. I got the same score as I did last year - killed my split times, but getting to the HSPU I just couldn't hit the standard. Not going to redo it - my hamstrings are still pianoable.
  15. It definitely is different for me living where I am, being a Duke fan. I don't have the lifelong investment of either going there or anything like that so if it was UNC and Syracuse (somehow) - I'd be rooting for UNC because I loathe Cuse.