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  1. RIP Tom. Last Dance for some reason was an absolute favorite at parties my senior year in college - he had a lot of great stuff, but each time that one comes on I get just a little more nostalgic.
  2. Agreed with this - instead of taking the look of "when can I get back to working", take your recovery as the working - obviously within the confines of what a hammy injury means. Sorry to hear it's a tear luke, take the recovery work as hard as you take your training work and you'll come back just fine! Doing Wodapalooza online challenge to see where I stack up...apparently I'm on the lower side of the stack. Definitely ok with that, still learning the process of pacing myself in workouts, my general strength is fine for my age but I need to work on endurance and sticking to a plan.
  3. Did my first competition several weeks ago and came out pleasantly surprised. my partner had foot surgery in January and I've had various ligament/tendon strains this year. Our goal was to not finish last and we ended up finishing 4th out of 25 teams, 2 points out of a podium spot. Unfortunately we also found out that we finished literally two reps out of that podium spot - so if in 2 of the three wods we did we completed one more rep in each we would have been in 3rd place. really lit the competitive fire again. Not sure if I will do another one this year, but I have signed up for Wodapalooza in the old guys division so maybe I can get a trip to Miami in January out of it!
  4. Yeah, they definitely should have gone - any experience for a team like this is going to be a benefit. Maybe there's other reasons that compiled and they just used the knee as the excuse
  5. I think he used the reason of a knee surgery to stay at this time so that he could try to get Bagley. The surgery was needed, but the timing of the entire process - this is just plausible deniability of putting that one recruit/potential for next year above the current roster. Where this really gets good for me is if he is eligible to be there in the fall then he is eligible for the '18 draft and may be something the Celtics need to look at.
  6. No need to be shocked - he went the wise decision to partner for 35 weeks to be with the best coach in all of coaching history. Obviously very happy that he has selected Duke, but it's still tempered with they can have all the talent in the world, can they put it together one year at a time since the team will be different in 2018.
  7. "/Black for him is okay, I didn't even mind how anachronistic the costume was because it was such an improvement over the potato sack look from last year. " This was my nitpick for Euron - he looked like he just walked on to the set and they said "Meh, that's fine, he's a pirate." I wasn't looking for Captain Barbossa but he just looked...bleh.
  8. I give it a 7 - thought it was a good start, don't want to overrate it and just be happy it's back on. Given some of the things we have seen with fast transitions of travel, messages, etc I'm ok with Arya going full auto on the Freys as was done. More build up would have been nice, but there's only 52 minutes to get plot moved. I'm of two minds about Sansa & Jon interaction. On one hand it shows that she does have a strength she didn't have before, on the other she also has seen enough of the political game to know that the potential of showing a weakness in front of the court isn't a wise thing to do. This is a nitpick - fully a nitpick, completely a nitpick. I get it. I hated Euron's costuming. To me if felt more like he was getting ready to go out for a night in New York than coming off of his ship.
  9. No sure if this is in a final order but it's close. MASH (great ending, one of the best ever) Cheers (ok ending, homage to the first scene but could have been more powerful) Family Ties (really good ending) Night Court (I liked the ending, but not sure if it was good) How I Met Your Mother (loved how it all tied together, but one of the worst endings ever.) Yep, it's got a 70s/80s slant but that is when I watched more - over the last 20+ years I haven't been too consistent on a lot. All in the Family - Carol O'Connor was fantastic in the role, weakest character was Gloria. the spin offs themselves were strong as well. Cosby show should be in there, but I'm having a conflict in promoting Cosby given everything going on. Barney Miller was amazing. Frasier was a great show and never overused the tie to Cheers. Friends - was fun, but was not great (just adding for commentary) Goldbergs - not a great show, but I love watching the 80s portrayed. Fox New at 6pm. Comedy gold.
  10. Thank you MisterOJ - that's a great memorial to him.
  11. It's been tough trying to really internalize the news because it can't be real - I mean, it's Bones. He'd just tell whatever was affecting him to fuck off and he'd go on. Thanks for sharing that @Arbor Gold. Though now I will never get the picture of him in a towel wearing a strap on out of my head.
  12. he changed his user name - used to be Jace. Friends aren't people you're always standing next to, but they know you're always standing with them.
  13. Maybe karma or yin/yang is real - with all the bad shit going on in the world, the only thing that could possibly offset it is Maverick and Goos...well, Iceman returning for a 2nd flight! Cruise and Bruckheimer have confirmed that it is happening so we will see what Mav has been up to for the last 30 years!
  14. Yeah - we finished that one a bit ago, I was really entertained by the whole run. We used to play WoW, so when I saw Warcraft was on I decided to give it a watch. It was fun to see the live action versions of places in the game and some of the in game references/easter eggs but unlike some parts of the game it did not leave me wanting more or to wait for the reset and run it again.