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  1. Yep - the horseshoe was going to fall out at some point, but they definitely earned that win. Allen needs to find his range again, 1-9 is going to be painful regardless of what Bagley does. It's a conference loss, but I'd rather see this than one of these to UNC, etc.
  2. New board, who dis?
  3. Love seeing Duke take the close games, would love more to see a full team effort and not just hang it on "get it to Bagley and get out of the way" or "pray he rebounds and get out of the way". Hopefully through December they can figure that out - they could easily be 5-3 instead of 8-0. Kinda surprised that they went 19-20 from the line, for (what feels like the 7th year in a row) the team that is supposed to be fundamentals based their FTs are still pathetic.
  4. Duke is up by double digits but their defense looks more matador than man.
  5. It is genetic - C's fans have to hate the Lakers and Sixers. I'm not a believer the Celtics can handle a series with the Warriors, but I did like that they fought back the way they did. Lebron is still Lebron, but the way Boston is hustling, their intensity - I do think they can get to the finals this year. Long way to go, but I like what I am seeing with them.
  6. Funny cuz it's true. Sad cuz it's true.
  7. I'll be interested to see how long the indefinite suspension for the UCLA guys are - and it would be fun to see Coach K squirm if he gets asked about Allen's indefinite that lasted like a minute and a half in comparison.
  8. A package deal for knee surgeries?
  9. It's never too early for the heart to get a good test as well as the teams! Obviously happy with the result from last night, happy that we can start to put the debacle of Allen trying to pump up the crowd out of the memory with him showing what type of player he can be if he an control his feet and temper. Would be close to a chalk tourney, but seeing those four again on 3/31 would be immense.
  10. Sorry, wasn’t avoiding it - hadn’t been on in a bit. I’m just gonna go out on a limb and say they need at least FF to make people forget that a little bit.
  11. Oh yeah, this one hits a little harder than I thought it would. Loved those shows.
  12. RIP Tom. Last Dance for some reason was an absolute favorite at parties my senior year in college - he had a lot of great stuff, but each time that one comes on I get just a little more nostalgic.
  13. Agreed with this - instead of taking the look of "when can I get back to working", take your recovery as the working - obviously within the confines of what a hammy injury means. Sorry to hear it's a tear luke, take the recovery work as hard as you take your training work and you'll come back just fine! Doing Wodapalooza online challenge to see where I stack up...apparently I'm on the lower side of the stack. Definitely ok with that, still learning the process of pacing myself in workouts, my general strength is fine for my age but I need to work on endurance and sticking to a plan.
  14. Did my first competition several weeks ago and came out pleasantly surprised. my partner had foot surgery in January and I've had various ligament/tendon strains this year. Our goal was to not finish last and we ended up finishing 4th out of 25 teams, 2 points out of a podium spot. Unfortunately we also found out that we finished literally two reps out of that podium spot - so if in 2 of the three wods we did we completed one more rep in each we would have been in 3rd place. really lit the competitive fire again. Not sure if I will do another one this year, but I have signed up for Wodapalooza in the old guys division so maybe I can get a trip to Miami in January out of it!