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  1. I don't think the technicality of the legality of Cruz being able to run matters to Trumpers.  Facts don't matter with them. They believe the sound-bites Trump feeds them because he merely reinforces their ignorant, bigoted and ingrained beliefs. 
  2. Translation: I have no evidence to back up my opinion therefore evidence does not matter.  My opinion is fact.
  3. Me feelings exactly.  It's unfortunate because if the NRA stopped freaking out and fighting every possible "gun reform" suggestion and instead became part of the solution, we could get a to a safer solution more quickly. 
  4. The Morality of Uber

    ^^^ This. I've used Uber a handful of times in Boston and cab service as well.  The Boston cab driver experience is one of the most frightening driving passenger experiences I've ever had.  And they're less convenient than Uber.  Every Boston Uber ride we've taken we've spoken with the drivers and they said they were happy.  Most were people looking to earn extra pocket money.  However, the husband talked with an Uber driver out in Denver and the driver and his wife quit their jobs, bought expensive vehicles to qualify for the higher "class" Uber services, and now things aren't going well for them.  Not sure I can blame Uber for their obviously risky decision, imo.
  5. Killing Cecil

      Preach it!
  6. Marijuana Enthusiasts

    The love of Dr. Who is strong around here now, too. Hope to see you again soon! ;)
  7. That's fucking horrible, Liff. I'm so sorry. Being injured sucks enough but coming back from an injury makes it 100 times worse. :(
  8. Barbell Apparel Expensive but I hear good things.
  9. Adding my voice to the kettlebell love. Greywolf, nasty! Fight Gone Bad is just nas-tay! Friday was Mr. Spectacular, 50 reps heavy kettlebell clean and jerk (both arms), set them down outside your feet, walk out on your hands to plank, do a full release push up, walk your hands back, repeat. I used the 15KG bells and ZOMG. Took 20 minutes for me and it took me 3 minutes to get up from lying on the floor when I was done.
  10. Fountain Pens

    Jay gave me a gorgeous Parker for Christmas a few years ago and it works best on finer paper. I have a couple Lamys (fine and extra fine) that I use as often as I have an excuse to actually write! Great thread, Ini. I'm a bit of a pen fetishist. ;)
  11. Tattooing: The Sequel-Not Loved Enough as Children...

    That's heartbreaking. I am so sorry. I hope, with Kay's advice, you are able to salvage it to something you will be proud of. The most important advice has already been given and it sounds like you will follow it - do not go back to that "artist". And if you can, write a review to save others from the same trouble.
  12. Ebola part 3: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T PANIC!

    Okay, now I understand how my boss and I sound to others when we wax poetic about taxes.