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  1. Feminism - Post-apocalypse version

    Love the slip at the end there! Hahaha Riding a *tracker*, eh?
  2. Feminism - Post-apocalypse version

    Emotional labor is fucking exhausting.
  3. Careerchat II

    As far as a defamation suit, I was thinking more against those people spreading the rumors. There seems to be a case for lost employment opportunities.
  4. Careerchat II

    Yup. Could she lawyer up and sue for defamation since these rumors are clearly costing her employment opportunities? Also, maybe she's so fucking awesome at her job people feel threatened and that's on them not her. Sounds more like you lost out on some amazing talent.
  5. US Election: Saint Bernard the obstinant

    Agree. As much as I more closely identify with Bernie's politics (if not necessarily the implementation of them), it would be improper for him to debate Trump prior to being selected as the Dem nominee. I can also understand the tremendous pressure from the momentum behind him to stay in the race to the very end. However, I would prefer it if he and his strategists were working on/executing a pivot plan to start funneling that momentum into influencing Congressional elections - especially in areas that could really make a difference in repairing the mess that is Congress.
  6. US Election: To NY and Beyond

    That will be lovely.
  7. Feeling like the worst parent ever

    Real quip and this may have already been addressed: Being able to focus on a specific interest wouldn't rule out ADHD. In fact, it's a common "symptom" that those with ADD/ADHD have brilliant focus but it's got to be something that the person is extremely interested in pursuing.
  8. US Election: To NY and Beyond

    The other Republican candidates virtually ignored the northeast. My state (RI) is one of the most politically corrupt and we are still clawing our way out of the 2008 mess. We have no industry besides tourism and our governor's disdain for our state is appalling. We are pissed at the establishment so naturally our state went with the two candidates that best represent anti-establishment positions.
  9. US Election: To NY and Beyond

    With all due respect, kal, that's your opinion. I appreciate that he is sticking around to keep the dialogue open for the disenfranchised left.
  10. Not to mention that us in the USA have become so accustomed to cheap goods produced overseas...
  11. I interpreted it more as though "what are the motivations behind the options?" Being well-behaved implies, to me, obeying or being good being that's what you were told/taught to be "because". Whereas in being considerate, you may still be well-behaved because you are considerate.
  12. US elections: The Trumpening

    I had a conversation about Trump with a friend of mine and she didn't even realize he inherited his fortune. So there are people out there that think he's a successful, self-made billionaire.