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  1. You mean our underfunded education system in a society that vilifies rather than supports its teachers?
  3. The thread title takes on a whole new dimension. James Comey tried to blend in with curtains to avoid Trump's attention
  4. That's an overly simplistic and narrowed interpretation. It's far more nuanced than that. And I wouldn't scoff or be dismissive of the concepts of "emotional labor" and "soft skills" since being adept in these types of skills is increasingly sought after by employers.
  5. Hey! That's *my* saying for Republicans! "I got mine!" (Like in Idiocracy, "Carl's Jr. Fuck you! I'm eating!")
  6. Again, this really is a subject for a different thread. I agree that everyone has a different way of working their own shit out. I, as a woman, am actually really private about my problems and prefer to work them out entirely on my own. My husband comes to me for advice and help all the time.
  7. Without derailing the men's thread, basically it's the work, generally done by women, involving smoothing over emotions for others - usually men. But the more self-realized the person, the less emotional labor they require, imo. My hubs has come a looooooonnnnnnggggg fucking way in this regard. Now he tries to help others, particularly his male friends but even some female ones, navigate their emotions and human interactions. Though he still has a couple friends who suffer from their fragile masculinity and they constantly try to emasculate him for being self aware, compassionate and empathic. He's actually stopped being friends with one of them and this is a big reason why. (They also hated that he attracts more women than they do because he <gasp> treats women like human beings.)
  8. Sure. We all are to some degree or another. It isn't inherently a male trait to be more shallow.
  9. not all men Thank the gods.
  10. Yeah, yeah had me that there does seem to be a supportable correlation between men and women and risk aversion, in general. But the jumping onto a train track to save someone is a shite example. Jumping to someone's aid without thought is a very different behavior than running a risk assessment on a situation such as jumping off a cliff for fun or driving recklessly.
  11. ^^this
  12. I don't have anything against conservatives, per se. However, I do have a lot of feelings against Trump supporters because even if they don't think they're racist, sexist, etc. they are still supporting an outright vile human being - an admitted sexual predator who has made outright racist statements and supports extremely racist policies.
  13. Why bother delving any further into TERFs and misandry in this thread, though? It's been clearly and thoroughly stated by many that these fringe-feminists are just that - fringe - and not widely accepted as the face of feminism. I'm sensing the need to set up an easy punching bag to further derail a discussion with easily manufactured criticism. Let's not.
  14. Love the slip at the end there! Hahaha Riding a *tracker*, eh?
  15. Emotional labor is fucking exhausting.