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  1. Ghostbusters (2016)

    Could someone rank the Ghostbusters (McCarthy, Wiig, McKinnon and Jones) by how funny you thought their characters were?
  2. NHL 2016 - Off-Season Woes

    Their forwards are really good and they have Ristolainen on defence, however I'm not sure about Lehner and Nilsson in net.
  3. I said earlier that the winner of Wales vs. Northern Ireland would advance to the finals, and I hope I'm right about that.
  4. That would make her the Original Cersei, or as we in the soft-sciences say, The O.C.
  5. Knockout stage round of 16 (Full discusion)

    Wales vs. Northern Ireland - both great teams, I believe the winner will advance to the finals. Also, Allez les Bleus!
  6. You're probably right, but if we argue over semantics we risk forgetting about what is important: Northern Ireland advancing to the Round of 16.
  7. That's what I'm hoping for. Germany might win with one or two goals but I'm hoping they won't be unsportsmanlike.
  8. Who do you think will finish second in Group B?
  9. Which games to watch? (No Spoilers!)

    Did you watch that game? I heard it was quite boring, having only followed the game via radio myself.
  10. No need to be humble (does Zlatan usually make humble comments?), ROI will be crushed.
  11. NHL 2016 - Off-Season Woes

    Congrats to the Penguins, great to see Hörnqvist, Hagelin, etc. win the Cup (even at the expense of my favorite team).
  12. Request a team !!! (and let us know your new username)

    Oh, sweet summer child. I'll buy you a beer after Poland is defeated.
  13. Request a team !!! (and let us know your new username)

    I would like to personally congratulate john for his excellent choice to support Norn Iron.