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  1. NHL 2015-16 - Because we still don't need a new thread!

    Yeah. To me, it looks like he was dazed/might have suffered some form of concussion prior to hitting the ref (just like kairparavel said above), so I'm not sure he was aware of what he was doing. Still, Wideman is responsible for his actions when he's on the ice.
  2. NHL 2015-16 - Because we still don't need a new thread!

    I don't think Wideman's hit was intentional, but maybe the league will throw the book at him. If it was up to me, his suspension would be 10 games. ETA: That photo of Scott with his daughter in Sharks jerseys is wonderful.
  3. Watch, Watched, Watching: The Director's Cut

    I'm also currently watching season 2 of Black Sails, Captain Flint is just a fantastic character.
  4. Vampires, differing lores- whats your fav ?

    I'd also like to know if it's any good, it sounds interesting at least. I'll recommend Byzantium, directed by Neil Jordan.
  5. 2016 NFL Wildcard cont: Their Bones Will Turn To ICE!

    Like Fez, I'm also going with the Patriots, Cardinals, Panthers and Broncos.
  6. The Best Films of the Year - The 2015 Version

    My three favorites are Ex Machina, Mad Max: Fury Road and Beasts of No Nation.
  7. I'm going with the Chiefs, Bengals, Seahawks and Packers.
  8. NHL 2015-16 - Because we still don't need a new thread!

    Is that a rhetorical question, or didn't you know that Sprong have been sent back to juniors? My guess is that with Kessel, Hörnqvist, Perron, Kunitz, etc. the Penguins thought Sprong would get more playing time and develop more in the QMJHL. Having said that, I still don't have any answer to why Cullen is on the second line.
  9. NHL 2015-16 - Because we still don't need a new thread!

    I also like the Panthers, they have Jagr and many young talented players (Ekblad, Huberdeau, Barkov).
  10. NHL 2015-16 - Because we still don't need a new thread!

    Calgary is currently third in the division... with a goal difference of -22 (tied for worst GD in the league). The Pacific Division is weird this season, with only one really good team (Los Angeles). The Sharks should be able to finish top three in this entertaining mess of a division.
  11. Best Music of 2015

    Some songs that I like... Florence & the Machine - Ship to Wreck Father John Misty - Chateau Lobby #4 (In C for Two Virgins) Julia Holter - Feel You Kendrick Lamar - King Kunta Kurt Vile - Pretty Pimpin' Sleater-Kinney - No Anthems Alabama Shakes - Don't Wanna Fight (I just discovered this band, thanks for mentioning it)
  12. European politics: Into the "right" futur

    The DN article you posted seems to say that while 82% lacked some form of ID when seeking asylum, but that 50-60% of them submits some form of ID later on. So I don't think the 82% statistic should be seen as some form of unquestionable truth.
  13. The Browns are ahead of the Gabbert-led 49ers by 21 points, so it looks like some other team will technically be the worst in the league after today (probably the Titans).
  14. Fargo Season 2: you betcha!

    Also, it'll be interesting to see how (if?) the finale connects to its title, Palindrome.
  15. Will it take 10 wins to get a wild card spot in the AFC? I think so. Chiefs (7-5): Chargers, @ Ravens, Browns, Raiders. Jets (7-5): Titans, @ Cowboys, Patriots, @ Bills Steelers (7-5): @ Bengals, Broncos, @ Ravens, @ Browns