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  1. I dont understand: Exactly how the arc functions What the No God actually is How the sarcophogas works Why the No God is a whirlwind How technologicaly advanced the Inchoroi are etc. I have no idea why they need an Anasurimbor to reboot the No God either. You honestly wouldnt think I had read 7 books in this series
  2. I just meant 'at the end' of the story
  3. Yeah, I love the ending of LOTR, Frodo succumbs etc. The fact it is destroyed anyway doesnt matter to me, Frodo is broken. I also loved the ending of The First Law, especially Jezel. In terms of it being a waste, I feel that a lot of characters have been on a journey, but a lot of those journeys were made to feel hollow I guess?! I cant put my finger on it tbh. For example, I am unsure what exactly Achamian did on the whole journey. He got the daughter of the woman he loved pregnant, behaved pretty selfishly in the 'woe is me' Acha way and I guess finally, at the death, he did something heroic. But he didnt learn anything new about Kellhus as far as I remember, even when visiting Ishual. The Judging Eye never really amounted to much imo. The helmet thing Sorweel wore, however cool, never seemed to play much part beyond set dressing. This isnt to say that I didnt enjoy the book, as I did, I just thought the ending (And the massive cannibal/rape fest) dissapointing. I loved the the Dunyain had fully taken over the Consult, even if it kind of made them appear as incompetent etc. I actually really appreciate your 'baby birds left to die' story, and it has honestly made me re-consider my opinion (Perhaps this is the first time this has ever happened to anyone on the internet!?). I dont know how I would have prefered it all to end if I am honest.
  4. Yeah I get that, but to me it just made the whole thing seem pointless in hindsight. Bad guys winning can be done, and it can be done well, but I didnt think 'And then everyone died' was a particulalry satifying ending. I dunno, but 4 books of great ordealing, a lot of which was a great ordeal to read in fairness (The slaughter of the Sranc went on and on and on), only to get there, and then everyone died, the main character essentially died off screen... I dunno
  5. I'd read Wet For Skuthula tbh. Who did Serwe think she was calling him a virgin? He is the God of Cunny and Mysogony. I would also read a book about Crabicus becoming a fantastic bard. I do hope TNG gets released. The end of TUC was very dissapointing. I always thought 'wouldnt it be good if Sauron/The Despiser etc actually won' and it turns out that no, it wouldnt. It kind of spoils the previous 4000 pages imo.
  6. Is there a realistic chance of The No God being published? I was disapointed with TUC, and the Aspect Emperor in general tbh (I loved parts, The Slog, Ishterebinth) but I think I would still read another series. I would just hope it was more PON than AE. But doesnt he have a lot of issues with publication?
  7. I don't like them. I find I zone out too much, get distracted etc. I also don't like it when the reader is doing silly voices for the characters, I don't know why. They ruined Lies of Loche Lamora for me tbh. I prefer reading in my head.
  8. If you're not enjoying it, just move on. You dont HAVE to read everything that has ever been praised.
  9. Does anyone else think Kellhus has a contingency plan for being salted? I do hope maybe his soul and Cnaiur's soul meet in some capacity.
  10. Cersei. I just re-read a few FFC chapters from her POV and she is actually infuriatingly stupid, not just stupid. It is funny how she thinks she's so clever though.
  11. I may be some sort of freak, but in a state of arousal, thats how I would describe mine. But I would use Chest instead of belly, and phallus instead of cock.
  12. I cant remember the exact quote, but I thought Mimara seen multiple Ciphrang through the juding eye at one point, definitely Kosotor and maybe some of the Great Ordeal? I may be wrong though. Whilst reading The Unholy Consult I longed for the Slog of Slogs… I also didn’t understand how Esmenet was such a beacon of light… I thought all prostitutes were damned? Also, she killed a lot of people getting Mimara back, she also hired an assassin to kill Maithanet and I think Kellhus (Cant quite remember). I know being damned isn’t related to being a good person so I guess that’s why. My favourite character in the Prince of Nothing was Cnaiur, A DEMON! But in Aspect Emperor I just thought ‘You fucking cunt’ all of the time, which I guess he also was in Prince of Nothing tbh but hey, he gave Conphas a literal explanation. Anyway, was Kellhus genuinely ‘broken’ as a Dunyain? Like, he ‘loved’ Esmenet in his own fucked up way? I need to re-read the entire thing tbh, but I don’t know if I can face it tbh…. It is a great fucking ordeal. The Slog of Slogs boys!
  13. I got halfway through the second Long Price Quartet book and just lost interest. I am about to stop reading the Lies of Loche Lamora, mainly because I only have it as an audio book and I dont like the narrator. I stopped Gardens of the Moon halfway through, picked it back up again about a year later and powered through it, but I didnt enjoy it at all. I stopped reading the Black Company as well, I cant remember why.
  14. Hi everyone, I haven’t posted here in quite a while, but I have just finished the Unholy Consult and I have questions. I have done some lurking but can’t seem to find answers for everything. Other than being a POV to follow Kellhus without us having to be in the Aspect Emperors head, why was Mallowebi decapitated? It was all a bit Areo Hottah. The voice in Kelmomas’ head… Was that the No-God all along and not his murdered brother? What was the whole ‘Head on a pole behind you’ bit about? I was hoping the Unholy Consult would have explained it, but it didn’t seem to (It may have, the book was very vague in places) What happened to Momum? A God brought down an Earthquake and killed everyone? Kellhus had struck a deal with Ajokli I believe, did he deliberately allow the skin spy to salt Kellhus? When Ajokli took control of Cniur, he didn’t seem to know Kellhus was dead? When Mimara seen the Scalpers through the judging eye, and she said they were all Ciphrang, I thought it was just a euphemism for the level of Damnation, but I am now thinking that if you are damned enough, you actually get to be a Ciphrang in the afterlife and devour and torture souls forever? I feel the No-God seems to be the best solution to damnation since its incredibly unfair how it all works. I probably have lo0ads more questions but these are just a few… Maybe this series was a bit complex for my tiny mind. I also feel the Aspect Emperor wasn’t a patch on The Prince of Nothing. Thanks everyone, I love lurking on these boards.
  15. I always read the nitpicking thread, I find it pretty over the top and childish, but largely fair and true. However, I really enjoyed this episode and would go as far to say it is the best episode since Rains of Castemere, maybe even Balour (My favourite). I have now read the nit picking thread and I had to stop after a few pages. This episode has finally cemented in my head that the show is not the books, and shouldn’t be judged upon them. I feel that as a stand alone 25 minutes of TV, the intro to this episode was one of the greatest things I have seen (I would rank it up with SPOILERS: The end of season 4 of the Wire, Andreas murder in Sopranos, Stringer Bells death in the Wire). Reading the nit pick thread, which I have enjoyed reading for years, I just felt it was petty and I noticed it was about 3 people commenting, instead of the usual droves. Anyway, this episode is not perfect. Varys teleported around to fast, the R+L=J reveal was a little underwhelming and Arya I cannot stand on the TV show (Story, actress, everything). I suppose if you want to nitpick, you could say Maderly was disappointing in comparison to his character in the novel, but this isn’t the novel, and they probably don’t have time to do that entire story (Which began its set up in the first book) justice, so why bother? Don’t get me wrong, I really began to dislike the show (Around season 4 and especially season 5) and I still don’t think that it is as good as season 1, but I do feel this episode was phenomenal. As I have said, its finally allowed me to separate the show and the books in my head, and its ended me seeking out the petty nit picking things that are ‘wrong’ with it. It feel liberating to be able to separate the 2 mediums if I am totally honest.