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  1. Bayaz - Just an aboslute bastard, but you have to respect his utter bastardy. Kellhus - I think like a lot of great villains, he thinks hes doing the right thing, even if it results in the deaths of millions. Rike - Just a mindless rapist tbh
  2. Am I allowed to say that Jezel being so stupidly unaware of what is happening is actually hilarious? Or would that be frowned upon?
  3. I cant see him scaling the hights of the first trilogy. I dont know if I am down for a third tbh. The Unholy Consult hurt me. I loved bits of the preceiding books as well.
  4. I've thought this, but I dont know how they could film it. Similar to Dune, a lot of it takes place in peoples head.
  5. Given the success of LoTR and GoT, what other works of fantasy do you think would actually succeed and in what format? For me, The First Law seems the most filmable, perhaps working best as a trilogy of feature length pieces.
  6. The First Law would work far better than PoN as a TV show, I think even something like Thomas Covenant would work better. Likeable characters are few and far between in PoN. Cniur is probably my favourite, and he is an unredeamable rapist and murderer. He is an awful human being on every level. Compare him to Logan Nine Fingers, who is also a complete and utter bastard, but he's redeemable, theres more to him than 'murdering rapist'. I really enjoyed PoN, but honestly, its too brutal to film. The torture and blinding of Xinemus is a fantastic scene (I know not this man) but can you imagine it on film? If it was up to me, I'd go for the First Law to do an adaptation.
  7. Achamian, Mimara and the Skin Eaters just makes me think even more of how dissapointing the Unholy Consult was (And The Great Ordeal to a lesser extent).
  8. I cant see any adaptations being in anyway watchable. They will follow the formula they have, which is not a good one IMO. Look at the money they were making when they were making a nuanced, grounded drama (Season 1, 2 and 3)... Now look at the money they are making now, when the show is a fan pleasing pile of absolute wank.
  9. Thor is 6'9 and weighs 400lbs to be fair. He is actually much bigger built than the mountain is described if I remember correclty. The hight to weight ratio of real life Thor is bigger than The Mountain that rides, who would need to weigh an extra 200lbs to look as big at 8 foot tall.
  10. Someone tried to stab me in Jarrow once. Attacked me with a crowbar first. All entirely unprovoked. Lovely place.
  11. I live in the outskirts of Newcastle, England. Its really nice. I love Newcastle, I would never want to move away. I live 20 minutes drive from town centre, its quiet (Deathly quiet at night), there are loads of great places to eat, drink etc. I think places in the North have a reputation for being awful, but I just cant see it. Newcastle is a beautiful city.
  12. There is far to much rape, far too many throbbing phallus', far too much absolute atrocity after atrocity. I dont think they could do it justice tbh. It would make Game of Thrones seem extremely tame in comparison.
  13. I am actually reading Lord of the Rings for the first time right now. My introduction to fantasy novels was actually the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant I am enjoying it. I am near the end of Fellowship now. As I have seen the films, I am unsure if I will read Two Towers straight after or read something else in between, maybe Mordants Need as I have never read it.
  14. I dont understand: Exactly how the arc functions What the No God actually is How the sarcophogas works Why the No God is a whirlwind How technologicaly advanced the Inchoroi are etc. I have no idea why they need an Anasurimbor to reboot the No God either. You honestly wouldnt think I had read 7 books in this series
  15. I just meant 'at the end' of the story